How to work on the same iMovie project on both desktop and laptop?

I would like to transfer my unfinished iMovie project from my desktop to my laptop, so I can work on it while traveling. I know I could export it as a movie, but it's not finished, so what I'd really like to do is transfer all the elements of the project in its current state so I can continue to work on it.  Anyone know a way to do this? Thanks!

See this User Tip by AppleMan1958:
In particular, follow the instructions in the last paragraph regarding using the FILE/CONSOLIDATE MEDIA feature (after moving the project as described earlier in the Tip).

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  • How to work on the same project on two machines at the same time and also exchange progress seamlessly using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014?

    We are working on a film project on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. Two editors are working on the same film project (same pproj file ) on two machines. As a result the bin structure and the file structure is exactly the same. We even bought two licenses for the respective machines to make matters simple (at least we thought it would).
    Now when we share a sequence between the two machines, every time we have to import and re-link media. Also each sequence import comes with its own set of files, which are actually already present in the project. Basically the new sequences are looking to re-link the media to the original/ source files only and are completely ignoring the file structure present in the project.
    In all editing softwares, timeline/ sequence sharing is a very common practise when working on multiple machines. Why is it so tedious in CC 2014? Every time we share a sequence between the two machines the media gets doubled and tripled in the project. As a result the project file size is increasing perpetually. Already Premiere CC 2014 is extremely laggy and slow, and this stupid bug is making it more difficult for us to finish our work on time.
    Has anybody ever faced this issue? How do we solve it? We are willing to try out any workflow that you can suggest.

    Concurrently working on the same project it requires a specific implementation in all editing programs like Avid's Unity/ ISIS shared storage. That's what you are simply not considering. none of your issues would be any problem if your projects resided on a commonly accessed server or something like that. Check respective hardware solutions.

  • Technical question:  Is it possible to work on the same Lightroom catalog across two computers and have the catalog sync? If so, how??

    Technical question:
    Is it possible to work on the same Lightroom catalog across two computers and have the catalog sync? If so, how??
    Here's a little more information on what I am trying to do.
    I have a desktop computer with 4tb worth of pictures that has Lightroom and Photoshop on it. I also have a laptop with Photoshop and Lightroom. I would like to be able to edit those same pictures with their current edits that are currently on my desktop on my laptop. If this can be done, I'm sure I need to be on the same wifi network for my laptop to be able to access my desktop's photo library. I am technically savvy enough to map a network drive, but how do I get my two Lightroom catalogs to sync when I make a change on one of my computers? Would i be working only on one catalog? Or two separate catalogs that would need to be manually synced to the other computer? Would it be beneficial to put my lightroom catalog on something like dropbox?
    I'd appreciate any information or tutorials if someone knows how to do this.

    I do this by having my LR catalog and photos on an external drive that I swap between the two computers.  I am on Windows and have the same drive letter assigned to the drive on both computers.
    Because the photos are on a portable drive I back up the portable drive to another hard-drive every night or after important work, because portable drives are susceptible to damage or loss.

  • How do I get the Time Capsule to run both 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks at the same time.

    How do I get the Time Capsule to run both 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks at the same time.

    Thanks for digging out the facts.
    You have a 1st Generation Time Capsule.
    Your model can produce two bands....either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz....but not both simultaneously.
    You would need a Generation 2, 3 or 4 Time Capsule for simultaneous dual band capability.

  • How do i setup the same email address on a mac and an ipad

    how do i setup the same email address on a mac and an ipad

    Must be a POP account then?
    No idea where the setting might be on an iPad, but see if it's similar to the Mac...
    Mail>Preferences>Accounts>Advanced tab, it has a box for Remove from Server once downloaded.

  • I just synced my iPhone and lost all the info in notes from my phone. It was replaced with whT was on my iMac how do you make the sync go from phone to desktop and not the other way around

    I Just synced my iPhone and lost all the info in notes I had on the phone. How do you have the info sync from phone to desktop and not the other way around as I usually make contact changes etc on my phone. I would then like to be able to sync that info from desktop to ipad thanks

    It does make sense.  The iPhone is a one-person device and just syncs to one computer.
    The way it should work is as follows:
    Old computer content ---> New computer
    New computer <---> syncs to iPhone
    But the way you are trying to operate sounds like:
    Old computer content ---> iPhone
    ... and ...
    New computer content <---> iPhone
    So simply move your old stuff (either directly from iTunes, or from a computer backup) to the new computer, have it all there, then sync your iPhone to the new machine.

  • Can anyone recommended an app for excel spreadsheet. One that I can username iPad that can do the same functions as excel of desktop,or laptop ??

    Can anyone recommended an app for excel spreadsheet. One that I can username iPad that can do the same functions as excel of desktop,or laptop ??

    Thanks for the advice. Just don't want to waste money on apps trying to get the right on. Not looking to do too much, just add filters maybe create a pie chart. Will the app you mentioned give added sums at the end of the spreadsheet like it would on the windows version?

  • Where can I find a retail copy of MAC OSX Snowleopard, that has all the drivers, for both desktop and Laptops?

    Where can I find a retail copy of MAC OSX Snowleopard, that has all the drivers, for both desktop and Laptops?

    No. 10.6.3 was the last retail release of Snow Leopard. Download the 10.6.8 Combo updater and put it on a flash drive to make it easier to install the largest part of the update.
    Also, don't push the same disk image of SL to your Macs unless they are exactly the same model as it was originally installed on. The wrong hardware drivers will otherwise be in use.

  • Multiple developers working on the same application/project

    Hi All,
    We have multiple developers working differnt components of the same application/project. As most of them are working on their local systems within their local projects which later has to be integrated as one application project I am afraid the integration would be a big challenge.
    Can someone suggest a way this can achieved without much additional effort and code/ functionality loss.
    Best regards,
    Divya Rao

    Hi Divya,
    I this can be accomplished by using JDI.This helps in easy integration ,version and change management.
    For more details refer to:
    <a href="">SAP Help</a>

  • How do I use the same Icloud address on my Ipad and Iphone ? I went to put my icloud address on my Iphone, but ttells me it is already being used and to create another one, which I dont want to do

    I have just bought an Iphone 4s to compliment my Ipad Air, I want to use my Icloud address on both machines but cant get my iphone to accept my icloud address, it tells me it is already in use and to create a new one, which is not what I want.. How do I get the same email on both devices?

    it tells me it is already in use
    You will need to contact the previous owner of the iPhone in order to change the Apple ID.

  • How to work on the same catalogue with 2 different HDD's

    This must have been asked many times but I have no idea how to search for it because I don't think I can articulate my question well enough but I'll try it here.
    The case is that I have my laptop with LR4, I'm using an external HDD to store the RAW data from my camera. This HDD is fed by an external power line so it's not as portable (WD My Book3.5")
    So the setup is that LR4 is linked to the external HDD. Whenever I download photos from my CF card, I tell LR4 to copy the images to the external HDD because I don't want my laptop to be filled with RAW. I only export the JPG's to my laptop.
    Now here is the tricky part. When I travel, I take my laptop and my lighter external HDD (WD My passport 2.5") because it's portable and needs only USB power.
    While traveling I import my photos using LR4 to the secondary HDD (my passport) and I edit them. When I get back home, I would like to "merge" my edited images from the portable HDD (my passport) to the primary HDD (my book).
    So essentially I would like to streamline my work as if I'm managing one catalogue on two separate HDD.
    I hope I was clear about my question
    Is it possible?

    How does the last paragraph differ from the second?
    The second paragraph describes how you would work while travelling, if you wanted to keep separate catalogs. The last paragraph describes what steps you would do when you returned.
    If I'm connecting both HDD's and while in LR4 I drag the folder from My Passport to My Book, I not only change the physical location of the RAW data, I also make LR4 keep my entire edit info and metadata changes so I can revert whenever I want, much as if I have always used the same HDD all along.
    Correct. The information that LR holds about a given image (including keywords, editing, etc) - is a completely separate consideration, than where the file is physically located. Changing LR's addressing of the image does not affect the image metadata, current edits, or the editing History.
    Whilst using the "import from catalog" I get the same result, isn't it? Or if I choose this option, LR4 essentially create a new catalog?
    Import from Catalog is used when you have already made a separate Catalog, and now want to merge (copy) its contents into the main one (and then delete the separate one).. It depends how you want to work.
    I think the 2nd paragraph provides the best solution to this scenario.
    It does have the adavantage that you can still see ALL of your pictures (at least, in Library). And while you are travelling, you can organise your new pictures into the same kinds of collections, keywords etc... those aspects can be immediately integrated (apart from the physical file locations, which in this scenario have to happen on your return).
    I would tend to take a copy of my main Catalog with me just for reference, but put the new images into a new separate one - a question of personal preference only. The end result is, as you say, the same.

  • HT1711 I have an itunes account with my own music (non purchased).  I have loaded the playlists to my iphone and ipod.  How can I load the same music on my wifes iphone and ipad

    How do I syn my own music (non purchased) from my itunes account to my wifes iphone and ipad

    Does your wife sync her phone with a different computer or iTunes.
    If so you need to copy that music to that iTunes
    If she syncs with the same iTunes as you do just select your music and sync as normal

  • I have Firefox installed on both desktop and laptop. Firefox is NOT recognizing my settings (to open with previous tabs, etc) on the desktop only. How do I fix this.

    I have opened/closed browser numerous times, after "updating" and resetting my preferences. The settings "match" on laptop and desktop. Laptop works like a charm; desktop not at all.

    Since you have encountered the problem at other sites, not just Firefox, I'd bet that it is an Internet Explorer problem, not the web sites. Actually, I am sure it is an IE problem.
    Try running Windows Update, perhaps there are some updates for Internet Explorer that might resolve the problem. If you don't know how to run Windows Update, use the Help on your system to look for information on Windows Update.
    If that does not help, use Google to search for information on IE9 locking up when downloading.

  • How to work with the same Object in different computers?

    I'm working with Players, and I have to pass them to the server from the can I meke that?

    Just to clarify, the OP is talking about "".
    (He previously discussed the question on a different forum).

  • Why does the same page freeze on both ipad and iphone, but I can go to an android and it works perfectly

    I have an ipad 3rd generation 64 and iphone 5. both operating on ios 8.1.1. The problem is when I attempt to submit an order to avon, it freezes. I can fill in the numbers for the orders but only to the point of SUBMIT ORDER. I can't even log off the page..I can go through the whole process on an android phone perfectly. I don't understand why it freezes at that point.Is it safari causing  this problem? I have cleared history and website data. Restarted the devices to no avail..Probably started when updated at ios 8... believe it run ok on ios7...Any solutions to this problem will be greatly appreciated.....THX

    To add to Arron's question. I have also updated my IPhone4 with the IOS 5 and ICloud. The photo albums I had on my phone are now gone and I have recieved an email from ICloud that my storage is nearly full. When I try to access photo stream it indictes no photos. What happened to my photo albums and how do I access what is being stored.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Wrong order on cd after burning

    for some reason, the playlist that i have is not burning in the same order onto a cd... the songs have numbers on them and i made sure that i clicked the album order in the playlist.. but it still burns in the wrong order... alphabetically help? plea

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    I have a requirement to create a report + form for a database table. In the form, there is mandatory database column that needs to be displayed but it should be read-only and its value derived using values entered elsewhere on the screen. It tried Di

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