How to work with multiple users accessing one database

I am a newbie in oracle.
I want to give access to my oracle database for more users.
I created oracle connection with c# project. The application allow to user to insert data to a database table. Now I want to give access to the different users with a login. Is there any way to give access other users to the same database using their username and passwords?
I'm confused. Please help.
thank you.

In the database, set up your data schema with data tables, views, and stored procedures to support your application.
That schema owner should only be a trusted data administration person.  Let's call that schema APP_DATA.
Then you set up another schema called APP_DATA_USERS with no privileges and no data.
Then you create an Oracle ROLE object called APP_DATA_ROLE.
You grant the app_data_role to the app_data_user account.
You then grant object permissions in the APP_DATA_ROLE that you want the app_data_user to have for the app_data data objects, like Create SESSION, SELECT on TABLE X. or SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE on TABLE Y.
Now the APP_DATA_USERS only has specific permissions needed on specific app_data data objects that you control by the app_data_role.
Then your application only opens connections to Oracle via the single APP_DATA_USERS account
which is constrained by the APP_DATA_ROLE permissions on what can be done in the data schema APP_DATA.
in your web or app config you create the connection information for the single app_data_user account.
Putting the database aside, you now create the application layer with login controls so many users can use the application.
But when they need data, the application only makes a connection to the single APP_DATA_USERS account
Oracle ODP.NET auto handles the multiple session connections by the multiple application users to the single APP_DATA_USERS account.
In summary the multiuser access is controlled by the application
all making connections (sessions) with a single, limited privilege app_data_user account on the database side.

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    * We just got a second iPhone. This means that both of us will be taking photos/video separately and trying to synch back to the master data store.
    * Basically, I'm trying to minimize data duplication as much as possible, and just synchronize the systems to each other.
    Thanks a ton in advance. If anyone has any suggestions at all, I would love to hear them. Including "This is in the wrong forum, go ask here instead..."

    So you have a desktop Mac and a laptop Mac, right? Two user accounts (and a third admin account) on each computer, right?
    I profess that I haven't tried this, but here is how I would approach your problem:
    Sharing Music and Photos between multiple user accounts on the same computer: 
    See if and provide any useful information to assist you in this endeavor.
    Sharing across multiple computers:
    Turn on file sharing on the Desktop (System Preferences > Sharing). Now you can mount the Desktop as an external drive on the laptop's Desktop. Copy the music and photo folders across. Will take awhile to do the first time. Then, for future use, get a copy of the donationware CarbonCopyCloner or equivalent. You can use CCC to selectively sync specific folders from one computer to the other. There may be a hassle with digital copyright issues on music and movies, though.
    As you have suggested yourself, publishing yours and subscribing to hers is probably the best way to do it, on the same computer. Across computers, syncing with CCC or equivalent would probably be the way to go.

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    - Have folders & sub-folders with files to share.
    - Wish to give individuals access to the shared folders, each with their own account (and access logging).
    - Shared folder and files should be visible via web to authenticated users only (so no special client or setup is needed).
    Right now, have added a Website via that points to the folder with files to share, and that works somewhat, but doesn't support individual user accounts separately?
    Thought maybe to setup VPN but that seems like massive overkill for this (and is a pain in the butt for non-technical users to setup).
    Editing httpd.conf for user support is a possibility, but seems /etc/apache2/httpd.conf only applies to the default web server (on port 80) not the one i set up in
    Can anyone recommend the best approach, given the above needs?

    I have a related question. i created 2 websites/domains then i went to users and created 2 seperate "network" users then i went to ftp and selected each website and added only user A to site A and user B to site B. what's weird is that when i try to ftp using either of the users it seems to land on the same site. i looked at shared security for the folders and it only shows user a on site a folder and user b on site b folders. am i doing somehitng wrong or is this how it works in mountain lion server? i just want to give the domain owner ftp access so they can manage their files and only thier files. i also had to turn on open directory so that it would not create a local user but a network user. do i need to turn that off and just deal with having a bunch of local users as ftp user? i want to host multiple websites on the server and NO users remote on to server besides ftp.
    edit 1: i only have 1 IP running on the server which i don't think it has any affect on this but thought i mention it :-)
    edit 2: i just noticed one more thing that may help. i used filezilla to remote in using both users, one at a time. it seems to allow both users in but then it shows same directories. i then created a file using the one that was not supposed to have acces and it never sows up. but if i remote desktop to server i can see the new file in the correct folder. so it may have something to d o with the directory listing.

  • How do I have multiple users on one itunes?

    I have one computer and 3 ipods. I pay for all the downloads on my childrens ipods, but I am having difficulty on connecting and using all 3 ipods. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to do this?

    When the iPods belong to different people, there are basically three ways of using multiple iPods on a computer and these involve:
    a) Sharing a single iTunes library
    b) Creating Multiple Libraries in a single user account
    c) Creating multiple user accounts.
    Note: When you are sharing an iTunes library, you don't have to set each iPod to update in the same manner, you can mix and match from the options below as each iPod has it's own update settings
    Sharing a Library and/or User Account
    If you want to share the one library, you can set either or all of the iPods so that they only get updated with only certain playlists (you can update from more than one if you wish): iPod - Syncing Music
    Choosing the update option "Sync Music - Selected playlists" allows you to create a playlist specifically for the iPod and drag the tracks you want into it. If you tire of the list and want to change it, you just add or remove the songs you don't want. The ones you take out out remain in the library to be used some other time if you choose. You can read more about playlists at these links:
    iTunes: Creating playlists of your favorite songs
    How to create a Smart Playlist with iTunes
    Or you can choose to update any or all of the iPods manually and just drag whatever content you want to them: Managing content manually on iPod
    Loading the iPod shuffle differs slightly but it can still be used with the others, for details have a look at this page:
    Adding songs to iPod shuffle - Windows
    Multiple Libraries
    It's also possible to have multiple libraries in a single account. To create or access a second (or more) library, hold down the Option key (or Shift key in Windows) when launching iTunes 7. In the resulting dialogue you will get the option to create a new library or navigate to the other Library.
    Note: You can only have one Library open at a time and iTunes will default to the last library opened if you don't use the keyboard command to choose one. This can prove tricky when using multiple iPods, if you don't use the keyboard command you can risk syncing to the wrong library: Using multiple iTunes libraries -Windows
    Separate User Accounts
    Another option is to create a separate User account for each person on your PC or Mac. Different accounts by definition would give you completely separate libraries. Each account has it's own iTunes folder, Library and iTunes Music folder and you load it with CDs etc just as you did with your original one. The iPod can be set to update however the owner chooses, sync all, manual or sync specific playlists
    I don't use Windows so I can't give you a step by step on that one, however I can point you to another web page which should help you out. You can read about Windows user accounts here:
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    After removing the FP installation (as being user A) and then install FP as user B (who has also admin rights) , FP works fine for user B, however for user A, FP is not installed/recoginzed (?), and user A is being asked to install FP, however that installation the fails, and so on and so on , . . . . .
    Any suggestion to resolve this irritating behaviour?

    Hi busy, there is a thread that discusses this very issue with links, that includes screenshots which  you may find helpful.

  • How to set up multiple users on one MAC

    OK, new user here.  Two users sharing one machine and trying to keep contacts, iTunes, etc. happy as we have our own separate data.

    Create two separate user accounts. One account for each user. See Mac OS X 10.7 Help- Create a new user or group account.

  • How to create schema to enable work with multiple users during developmet

    My goal is to enable all developers in the team to work on the same database and schema name installed on some server in the company but each developer will have a "personal" instance of the schema (so changes made to the database will not harm the other developers) and the connection to the schema will possibly made through different port (1521, 1522, 1523 etc). This kind of work is needed on developing time and possibly for the QA team. The oracle server is installed on some server and client installation can be installed (if needed) on each developer machine.
    What do i need to do in order to achieve this goal (if it possible at all) ?
    I am using Oracle 9.2
    Thanks a LOT for any help.
    Message was edited by:

    > Oracle and JBoss and Hibernate which is my
    persistence layer so Pl/SQL is not needed (right?)
    Simon, I would have taken a virtual lead pipe to you if you worked in our dev shop and made that statement. :-)
    Data persistance layers in the middle tier are fundementally flawed.
    Why? Because they attempt to do what the database is already doing. The database's core function is data persistance, data integrity, data processing.
    It does this better than any other piece of software in the architecture. If not, then why use a database tier (usually the most expensive one) anyway? What are the benefits? Why not simply persist the data in the middle tier and use file-based (not database-based) storage mechanism?
    Simple example. An employee object persist in the middle tier. Performance becomes a problem. JBOSS and other app server s/w scaled by adding more h/w. So now you have that employee object persisting as copies across several app platforms.
    One of the fundemental relational principles of dealing with a single copy of data is violated. Multiple copies exist. They need to be kept in sync'ed. Locking needs to be handled in a distributed fashion. And what happens when a batch process on the database, oblivious to the persistant copies in the app tier, changes that employee's data?
    Guess what.. the database does all this for you. Locking. Data integrity. Scalability. Etc.
    So to answer your question. I write entire applications and systems in PL/SQL. Yes, PL/SQL is a capable language. Yes, anything you can do in Java (as far as data processing goes), PL/SQL does better and faster with more inherant scalability - with less development time. Fact and not opinion.
    Oracle has in excess of a million lines of PL/SQL source code for the Oracle Applications product suite. So PL/SQL is a "serious" language.. not something that is simply used for the odd thing.
    Performance wise? Oracle Replication is entirely written in PL/SQL - and not in something like C/C++ (which usually also outperforms Java).
    90% of all the code that we write, is PL/SQL. The remainder is Java (JBOSS) and Perl with some Pro*C legacy stuff (most of which is rewritten as PL/SQL). In fact, I think the guys now write more Perl code than Java (doing processing that needs to be done totally outside Oracle). And JBOSS is an integrated architecture that we're using... (we even have a JBOSS cluster with a Linux Virtual Server/Director as gateway)
    Not using PL/SQL? That will be a critical mistake. (I suggest that you visit for more details on PL/SQL, Java, application tiers and database tiers).

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    I have iWork '09 on my new iMac.  It works fine on my my admin account, but I am trying to set up a user account for my wife on the same computer and I am having problems getting it to allow her to use it on her account. When I open it while logged in under her account it starts with the try/buy screen.  I have already gone into the get info panye and changed the permissions for 'everyone' to read&write.  But it did not work.  Please can anyone help me out.

    When you install you get the opportunity to install it for "All Users".
    It sounds like you have a demo version on your Mac however, you need to delete it: ntrick

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    In order for the music to show up in iTunes even for the first user account, I had to "add" the music to library from the new location (the alias) essentially creating a new library. I guess that is due to the location of the extra files (e.g. library, extras, etc.). For the above method to work, where exactly do the library files (not the actual music files) need to be? Also, is there a way to use that folder called "Automatically Add to iTunes?" And lastly how do I reset some features, like playlists, using Time Machine? There doesn't seem to be much info into the advanced use and trouble shooting of iTunes.
    I appreciate any help someone can provide.

    Thanks but that doesn't really answer any of my questions. That method does not allow you to add songs from any account. You still have to manage multiple "library" files, add songs to the library manually for each user, and you end up with duplicate songs. The method that is linked in my previous post is a great one, I just need to know where the library files go in relation to the actual songs (meaning inside or outside of the iTunes folder). I guess I need to know how iTunes is set up "out of the box" since I have moved some stuff around and the data files and the music files are in different folders than they were (or would be) in a new installation.

  • Working with multiple user accounts on the same folio/article

    i have the follwing issue:
    - User A owns the folio (the one that publsihes it), the folio is shared with user B and C
    - User B is the graphics designer. He does the Artwork
    - Usee C should do the textutal corrections
    - User C cannot access the Articles User B has created
    Question: What is the right solution for this kind of problem? Two (or more) people should be able to work on an article using their personal account. The only solution I see at the moment is to create a specific "designer-account" per folio project that all these people share.
    Are there any other options

    Thanks for the quick responses.
    The sharing of the data is not the problem, in fact, cloud storage can be one of the solutions. But regardless, if people work on different locations or in the same intranet, it can always happen, that designer B goes on holiday and there needs to be done a change on one of the articles inside the folio that B has been working on. It is a pitty, that Designer C cannot take over and do the changes without either having to have user/password of B or "destroying" the folio settings, removing the article completely and re-entering it drom scratch (with all correct settings, namings etc) what makes B having to do the same, as soon as he comes back. This might also have to do with the absolute path references used in folios instead of logical ones (every user can set as "folioroot" on his computer) what also would make the dropbox (or adobe cloud) approach work, as everybody would share the same subfile structure and could "jumpstart" working on the folio.
    Nevertheless, thanks for the answeres, things work as they do. I was just wondering if I am doing something wrong.
    We will now create shared working users per project, so everybody involved in the project will use that user.

  • Multiple users access one iPhoto library and view and edit

    I have 3 Macs and 5 users in our family. I'd like to have one iPhoto library that any user can access from any of the machines and view and/or edit. I don't need simultaneous access (which from reading posts I can see is not possible in iPhoto).
    If I move the library to external HD will I be able to access the libary from each Mac over Wi-Fi? From what I read I'd need to hold ALT when opening iPhoto in each user account, on each Mac, and choose the library on the external drive.
    If I set it up like this then once photos imported any user can see them, and edit if they want to? Presumably any Projects would be in the one central library rather tan being specific to a particular user?

    Yes and no
    the hard drive that the iPhoto sits on must be formatted Mac OS extended (jorunaled)
    iPhoto is not a multi user program and if two different people edit atthe same time it will not wrok correctly
    Most importantly WiFi is not a reliable connection and has many dropouts - if you edit over WiFi you are highly likely to lose data and corrupt yoru library - it is not a good idea - viewing is slow but will work

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    You have written the code in when-window-activated? If yes then as soon as the window of xyz is activated the code starts running and populating the data (i.e. department code and its name) from table to the block, one by one. It seems that the block 'xyz' is like detail block. Am I right? U want the record row by row, isn't it?
    In this case, have you been able to populate your xyz block more than 1 records by the help of the code you have written ? If yes then use commit_form in the when-button-pressed trigger associated with the proposed button.
    I just can't understand how your code populates xyz block when you are writing :
    instead of fetch DEPARTMENT into :xyz.DEP_CODE,:xyz.DEP_NAME;
    Pls tell me the detail result you r getting.

  • Multiple devices with multiple users on one itunes account

    How do I get my daughters iTouch on my same itunes account so we can share apps/music but so that I don't see her imessages?  Also - I don't want her messages coming across with my name.  Thanks!

    It's an all or nothing feature as long as everyone has full access to the Apple ID. But every device can have a custom build. You don't have to put every bit of content in the libraries on every device.
    Otherwise, you need a separate Apple ID for business.

Maybe you are looking for

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