How to: "Zoom" picture to forefront and create "highlight" circle?

Hey everyone!
I'm trying to edit a film for a class. I'm new to the movie editing so I'm trying to learn on the fly.
I'm using iMovie and I've been doing pretty good but I'm stuck at two points but know where I'd like to get them to.
The first:
I applied a freeze frame to a clip of my video and inserted an image in the middle of the freeze frame. What I'd like to do is apply a "zoom from (point)" type animation. The image is a .jpg of a sign I made on the computer to use in the video. I freeze framed a point in the video where I'd like to zoom from the freeze frame to the inserted .jpg image. Boy I hope that makes sense. I would also like the image to zoom "away" after a few seconds just before the freeze frame ends and the video starts back up. I'm thinking Microsoft Powerpoint style with this, how you can apply animations to images (zoom to front, zoom to back, etc.) Can I do this in iMovie? If not, is there another way I can achieve this result?
There are a few points in the film where I slowed down the segment to 25% speed. In these clips I'd like to "highlight" the signs in the frame. Ideally, I'd like to grayscale/black&white the whole screen/clip EXCEPT where the sign is (ideally I could draw a circle around the sign and have just inside that sign be in color and the rest of the screen outside the circle be in black and white)
I hope those made sense. Any help would be most appreciated.

From what I'm finding, it looks like plugins are not an option for iMovie '11. So if these types of edits above are not possible, is there another program I should look into? Or is there maybe an older version of iMovie that I should look into when the allowed plugins?

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          data_tab            = xml_tab
          others              = 1.
    ************uncomment this and comment the call of SCMS_BINARY_TO_XSTRING if you dont have this fm in your system.
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    *    exit.
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    Just to be clear, are you talking about the Apple ID that you use to purchase Apps in the App Store?
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    Without access to the original email you can't delete it. See this KB:
    Can you get in to the account to change the email address on it? If you know the password you should be able to change it at See this KB:
    If you can't change it, or delete it, then all you can do is create a new one. In order to log in to the same device with a new BBID you have to perform a security wipe on the device. See this KB:
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    Here's one I've not been able to deduce. After creating a small JPEG label, I want to place it on the lower portion of the video as a title, but one that has been custom made. In this case the logo needs to cover the lower right of the screen. Therefore, I need to bring this photo over into IPhoto, import it into the video, and be able to manipulate it to sit exactly where I want it to go. Picture in Picture doesn't work because that deals with two video elements. Crop doesn't work partially for the same reason but also because the crop box won't go that small or that wide.
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    If you upgrade to iMovie 09, you could do this with the cutaway feature.
    You would create the lower third title in Photoshop or the like. Make the slide in the same dimensions as your iMovie project and the same aspect ratio. Set the lower third title exactly where you would want it on the frame. Use PNG not JPEG so you can make the only thing showing your title. Everything else in the frame should be alpha-channel transparent.
    Drag this over your video in iMovie 09 and select Cutaway.

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    Brand new to the community.    I'm confused as to how all of this works, but since we're using the same Apple ID, we seem to be getting eachother's information synced to our phones including contacts, music, etc.  I'd like to separate our accounts, but how do we retain the appropriate information for each individual?

    On person can keep the current account and the other two can migrate their devices to new accounts.  To migrate a device to a new accoun, start by saving any photo stream photos that you want to keep to your camera roll (unless already there) by opening your my photo stream album, tapping Select, tapping the photos, tap the share icon (box with upward facing arrow), then tapping Save to Camera Roll.  If you are syncing notes with iCloud that you want to keep, you'll need to open each of your notes and email them to yourself so you can later copy and paste the text into new notes created in your new account.  Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account (which only deletes it from this device, not from iCloud; the person keeping the current account will not be effected by this), provide the password to turn off Find My iDevice and choose Keep on My iDevice when prompted .  Then sign back in with a different Apple ID to create your new account and choose Merge to upload your data.  If the same person has other devices to migrate to this new account, on the other devices they can save the photo stream photos to the camera roll, delete the iCloud account, choose Delete from My iDevice (since the data is already in the new account), the sign into the new account.
    Once you are all on separate accounts, you can go to and delete any data that you don't want in your accounts (such as other people's contacts).
    If you're getting each other's music it may be because you have automatic download turned on, which automatically downloads purchases made any other device signed into the same iTunes ID.  To prevent this, go to Settings>iTunes & App Store and turn Music off under Automatic Downloads.

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