How use my apple tv like second  monitor

how use my apple tv like second  monitor
some very help me

About AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion
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  • Can I conect iMac 2012 with thundelbolt to iMac 2008 mini display port use this iMac like second monitor.

    Can I conect iMac 2012 with thundelbolt to iMac 2008 mini display port use this iMac like second monitor.

    This Apple article:
    What are the requirements for TDM?
    suggests that older iMac do not support Target Dispaly Mode.

  • How to use an iPad as a second monitor with Bluetooth?

    I know there are several apps that will allow me to use my iPad as a second monitor over my wifi connection. But is there a way to us it over blue tooth or with a special cord?

    I use a projector as a second monitor for a desk top. When the shutter is closed it is hard to minimize or exit a window. I would like to use my iPad as an additional second monitor so I can tell what I am doing.

  • Using a TV as a second monitor

    I'm trying to use a TV as a second monitor (for watching movies) with Windows through Boot Camp (netflix instant play isn't support in Mac yet). When I plug in the mini-DVI adapter with the yellow video cable, my screen goes blank for a moment and comes back on but nothing happens on the TV. I've tried updating the nVidia and ATI drivers in Windows, but they won't install properly. My System Profiler says I'm running Intel GMA x3100 graphics. I've tried what I can think of and what I've read. Can anyone offer advice?

    Robert Enyeart wrote:
    Thanks but what I am looking for is a wireless connection between my mac and my tv screen
    you might be able to devise a workaround (with old Mac or PC) using ScreenRecycler.

  • How to use i pad 2 as second monitor

    does anyone know how i can use my i pad 2 as a second monitor to my mac book pro?

    You can try Air Display.

  • How to use an iMac as a second monitor for an iMac

    I have two 21.5 inch iMac's (late 2009) and I want to use one as a second monitor for the other. I have a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort connector but when I connect it to both computers, nothing happens. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong once they're plugged in or if I have the wrong cable all together. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Not going to work, the ONLY 2009 / 2010 iMacs that supported Target Display Mode were the 27" models, 21.5" models simply will not work. Please read Apple FAQ on TDM and you will see I am correct.
    Target Display Mode: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    While Neil is correct, Screen Recycler's performance is not that good so the user experience probably will not be worth it.

  • Question about using an older television as second monitor

    I have the late 2006 iMac 24 listed below (Core 2 Duo) and would like to connect a standard television as a second monitor. The telly has (2) S-video ports and the usual RCA-type plugs. Are linkages available to allow this with my iMac? If so, could you direct me to the proper components? Will audio be available to me, as well? Can I acquire the components locally (Radio Shack, CC, BB, etc.)? Thanks for your assistance.

    Hi jjsea
    To connect a TV using S-video or Composite (yellow) cable you will need the M9319G/A Mini-DVI to Video adapter, which may be available at some BestBuy's.
    The iMac's Mini DVI port does not support the Audio, that will have to come from your Headphone jack using a separate RCA (red & white) cable and an adapter like the one in the next link:
    or an adapter/cable like the next one:
    I'm using this same set-up and it works great for watching all types of DVD movies, Q-Time movies, YouTube videos, iPhoto slideshows and more, but the set-up is a little rough for working in text documents.

  • Is anyone else experiencing problems with the thunderbolt port on their Mac Mini's regarding using it to connect a second monitor? I've got the Mini Display Port to DVI-D adapter along with a DVI-D cable and I can't get an image on the second monitor.

    I had an dual display image / setup working twice for a few seconds, but then it cut out. I think there may be a problem with the thunderbolt port.

    As far as I can tell you have only listed that you have a DVI monitor connected to the Mini Displayport socket (i.e. the Thunderbolt socket) via presumably the Apple Mini Displayport to DVI adapter and a DVI to DVI cable.
    You don't appear to have listed what the second monitor is and how it is connected (even though not working). As such I cannot tell what may be wrong.

  • Using an imac G3 as second monitor for intel imac

    I just purchased a 20 inch intel imac and was curious if I could use my old imac G3 as the second monitor.
    I already have the DVI to VGA adapter to use in the mini DVI port on the intel imac. Is there an adapter that I can use to plug this cable into the VGA out on the back of my old G3 imac?
    intel duo imac   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    The VGA port on your old iMac is output, not input,
    so what you are suggesting wouldn't work.
    To do it, you'd have to take apart the G3 and hack a
    connection from the gfx card to the display to
    work... probably more trouble than it's worth, given
    the quality & res of the old g3 displays.
    Thanks for the quick response. Looks like I will have to pick up a second monitor.

  • Use older 2008 iMac as second monitor for new iMac

    Hi all,
    I have one of these older machines that has no real purpose
    but would serve me very well as a second monitor for my brand spanking new iMac.
    The specs seem to note that there is a video output - but I'm not seeing anything about video IN.
    Is it possible to use this older iMac as a monitor?

    that looks cool, and there is a free trial.
    I am not keen on using the WiFi to do this - my old iMac has firewire but the new one doesn't.
    Besides using the ludicrously expensive Thunderbolt <-> Firewire 800 convertor
    is there any other way to create a wired connection between these devices? I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a USB <-> USB network connection.

  • Use composite input tv as second monitor

    Does anyone know how I would go about using a tv with RCA connections as a second monitor? I get how to do it with the mini-dvi to vga for expanded desktop but I don't think the mini-dvi to video adapter allows for expanded mode - I think it only mirrors.

    The Mini DVI to Video adapter allows either mirroring or extended desktop mode.
    You probably already know this but OS X doesn't look very good over composite video.

  • How open Adobe Reader 9 in second monitor by default?

    How can I make Adobe Reader 9.0 open always in my second monitor?
    With version 8 it was at least possible to open the first document on the second monitor if I had moved the window in an previous session to that monitor and closed it there. The second and following documents always were opened in the first monitor (annoying!).
    What I want is, that ALL documents always open in the second monitor. How can I manage this?

    I am also having this issue.
    First PDF opens on second monitor. Second one I open will open on main laptop monitor and 3,4,5 etc the same.
    Would like it to default full screen on second monitor for all PDF's.

  • How do i adjust brightness on second monitor

    how do you adjust brightness of the second monitor ?? just upgraded the graphics board to ati radeon 5770 and added a second monitor -

    Never mind - found the answer inside the answer to someone else' question - the USB was not plugged in which provided the nice slider

  • How can I set up a second monitor using the DVI, a mini Displayport to dvi?

    Hey guys,
    In my office I'm trying to set up a mac with two displays, Samsung screensync sa450s, using a Startech MDP2DVIW mini displayport to dvi, and the DVI port found on the ATI Radeon HD 5770.
    However, whichever monitor is plugged in through the mini displayport never shows video, and instead will just flicker sometimes, no matter which monitor I use, or which of the mini displayports i use. The system profiler recognizes both monitors, and has all of the specs on both monitors, but only the monitor connected directly to the DVI displays anything, even if it is the secondary monitor.
    The StarTech does still work with the macpro that used to be in this spot, and the only salient distinction I can find is that the old computer has Mountain Lion, while the new one is still running Snow Leopard. Is this a case where we should just update the OS? or is there another fix?
    I've also read online that many people have been not fully plugging in these mini displayports, so I'm worried that I'm doing that, but then I'd figure it wouldn't have worked when I plugged it into the old computer unless my predecessor had made some hardware adjustments.
    Let me know.

    A frequent solution to problems like the one you describe involves pushing in the Mini DisplayPort cable-end.
    It should be inserted until essentially ALL of the metal end disappears inside the jack on the 5770 board.
    Is this display wider than 1920 wide?
    EDIT:  The Startech MDP2DVIW adapter you cited is a passive adapter suitable for 1920 wide or less. You should be using ACTIVE adapters, about US$35. They cost a little more, but are much more trouble-free. The ACTIVE designation means they contain booster circuitry to raise the Voltage levels up to true DVI levels. The default converter produces good timing, but the signals are really low.

  • How can I extend to a second monitor

    I have a Macbook Pro  OSX 10.9.3(13D65)    17 inc early 2008    I have the ability to Mirror but can I upgrade to be able to add a monitor so I can work on an extended monitor instead of using mirror?Can I also open Garageband in both of those windows and work on 2 different projects at the same time.

    If you can mirror to a display you should be able to extend to it with no upgrade necessary; just turn off mirroring.
    I don't know the answer to the Garageband question. Can it open multiple projects on one screen?

Maybe you are looking for

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