How we can get the values  from one screen to another screen?

hi guru's.
     how we can get the values  from one screen to another screen?
          we get values where cusor is placed but in my requirement i want to get to field values from one screen to another screen.

Just think of dynpros as windows into the global memory of your program... so if you want the value of a field on dynpro 1234 to appear on dynpro 2345, then just pop the value into a global variable (i.e. one defined in your top include), and you will be able to see it in your second dynpro (assuming you make the field formats etc the same on both screens!).

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  • How can i get the values from one JSP to another JSP

    Hi All,
    I am very new to JSP technology, I have one jsp having radio button, i want to accecc the state of this radio button to another JSP page, How can i do this.
    Could anybody help me.
    with Regards

    Try page import <%@ page import ="index.jsp" %> or include <%@include file="index.jsp" %> methods perhaps they might work.

  • How do I get the values from a form?

    How do I get the values from a form?

    You can try using request method..
    Try this.

  • Passing the values from one pgm to another pgm (Calling pgm has no sel scr)

    Hi gurus,
    In my requirement i need to pass the values from one program to another program.
    I am using SUBMIT statement . But , the program which i am calling has no selection screen.
    So how can i pass the values?
    Please help me ASAP.

    Export your internal tables or work areas to a memory id in ur program before u use submit.
    Then in second pgm you have to import from memory id given above.
    EXPORT gs_header FROM gs_header to memory id 'HEADER'.
    EXPORT gt_item FROM gt_item to memory id 'ITEM'.
    In your second pgm you can write
    import gs_header TO gs_header from MEMORY id 'HEADER'.
    import gt_item TO gt_item from MEMORY id 'ITEM'.

  • How to get a value from one item into another

    How can i get value from one item into another item.
    Ex: I have a report, in there i have check boxes, and when i have checked some rows, and press submitt, a prosses computates it into a item on another page, and a branche redirects to page 3. Then i'm going to use the value in the item into a PL/SQL script in an report to show the submittet items.
    How can i do this?
    Computation script, pages and all that is fixed. But i dont know which PL/SQL statement to use to get th value from the item.

    Hi Fredr1k,
    Use the V() function from pl/sql.
    e.g. V('P3_MY_ITEM')
    will return the value of that page item.
    As long as the pl/sql is called from within the Apex environment.

  • Please, How do i get the values from a h:selectManyCheckbox ?

    How do i get the values (selected or not) of a <h:selectManyCheckbox> tag and show them .For instance
    i have the folowing options :
        <h:message styleClass="validationMessage" for="newsletters"/>with my faces-config.xml:
          <value>As bruxas</value>
          <value>Gusman Park</value>
      </managed-bean>Thanks for the atention!! All the best!!

    In your backing bean you will need to add a new variable to bind your control to, I think this variable needs to be of teh "HtmlSelectManyCheckbox" type. The on your jsp page you can add binding="#{myBean.myVariable}".
    When you want to get the values of the selectMany in your backing bean, you can call the getSelectedValues() function on your HtmlSelectManyCheckbox variable.
    in backing bean:
    private HtmlSelectManyCheckbox hsmc;
    public HtmlSelectManyCheckbox getHsmc(){
        return hsmc;
    public void setHsmc(HtmlSelectManyCheckbox hsmc){
        this.hsmc = hsmc;
    public void someFunction(){
       Object[] obs = hsmc.getSelectedValues();
    }On jsp page:

  • How do I copy the style from one control to another?

    I need to programmatically copy the style from one graph to another. I'm currently using the importstyle and export style functions but I'd like to avoid that since: 1) I'm creating >100 of the same graphs in a scrolling window and execution time is a concern, and 2) it makes it harder to redistribute the application, and 3) you shouldn't have to import/export from disk just to copy a graph style.
    I noticed the copy constructor was disabled so you can't just create a new one from the original. I suppose I could iterate through all the styles and transfer them from the master graph to all the copies but is there an easier way to do that? If not, is there some sample code for that?
    I'm using MStudio 7.0 for C

    One way that you could do this would be to create a helper method that configures your graph rather than configuring it at design-time, then use that helper method to apply the settings to the new graphs that you create. However, this would only work if you wanted all graphs to be configured exactly the same way - this would not work if the settings of your master graph are changing at run-time and you want the new graphs to be configured with the current settings of the master graph.
    Another approach is to query each control for IPersistPropertyBag, create an IPropertyBag, pass the IPropertyBag to the master graph's IPersistPropertyBag:ave, then pass the IPropertyBag to the new graph's IPersistPropertyBag::Load implementation. I'm not aware of any implementations of IPropertyBag that are readily available for use in applications, so the tricky part is creating the IPropertyBag. Below is a very simple implementation of IPropertyBag that should be enough to get the job done for this example. First, add this to your stdafx.h:
    #include <atlbase.h>
    CComModule _Module;
    #include <atlcom.h>
    #include <atlcoll.h>
    Here's the simple IPropertyBag implementation:
    class ATL_NO_VTABLE CSimplePropertyBag :
    public CComObjectRootEx<CComSingleThreadModel>,
    public IPropertyBag
    CAtlMap<CComBSTR, CComVariant> m_propertyMap;
    STDMETHODIMP Read(LPCOLESTR pszPropName, VARIANT* pVar, IErrorLog* pErrorLog)
    HRESULT hr = E_FAIL;
    if ((pszPropName == NULL) || (pVar == NULL))
    hr = E_POINTER;
    if (SUCCEEDED(::VariantClear(pVar)))
    CComBSTR key = pszPropName;
    CComVariant value;
    if (!m_propertyMap.Lookup(key, value))
    hr = E_INVALIDARG;
    if (SUCCEEDED(::VariantCopy(pVar, &value)))
    hr = S_OK;
    return hr;
    HRESULT hr = E_FAIL;
    if ((pszPropName == NULL) || (pVar == NULL))
    hr = E_POINTER;
    m_propertyMap.SetAt(pszPropName, *pVar);
    hr = S_OK;
    return hr;
    Once you have a way to create an implementation of IPropertyBag, you can use IPropertyBag and IPersistPropertyBag to copy the settings from one control to another like this:
    void CopyGraphStyle(CNiGraph& source, CNiGraph& target)
    LPUNKNOWN pSourceUnknown = source.GetControlUnknown();
    LPUNKNOWN pTargetUnknown = target.GetControlUnknown();
    if ((pSourceUnknown != NULL) && (pTargetUnknown != NULL))
    CComQIPtr<IPersistPropertyBag> pSourcePersist(pSourceUnknown);
    CComQIPtr<IPersistPropertyBag> pTargetPersist(pTargetUnknown);
    if ((pSourcePersist != NULL) && (pTargetPersist != NULL))
    CComObject<CSimplePropertyBag>* pPropertyBag = 0;
    if (pPropertyBag != NULL)
    CComQIPtr<IPropertyBag> spPropertyBag(pPropertyBag);
    if (spPropertyBag != NULL)
    if (SUCCEEDED(pSourcePersist->Save(spPropertyBag, FALSE, TRUE)))
    pTargetPersist->Load(spPropertyBag, NULL);
    (Note that "CreateInstan ce" above should be CreateInstance - a space gets added for some unknown reason after I click Submit.)
    Then you can use this CopyGraphStyle method to copy the settings of the master graph to the new graph. Hope this helps.
    - Elton

  • I redeemed a giftcard in one of my accounts, and realized I wanted to redeem it in another. Is there a way I can transfer the money from one account to another, without being billed to my credit card?

    I redeemed a giftcard in one account and realized I wanted to use it in another. Is there a way I can transfer the money from one account to the other without billing my credit card?

    You can't transfer money between accounts.  You can, however, gift items by clicking the arrow to the right of the price, which will achieve the same ends.  It should work for everything except rentals.

  • How do I transfer the data from one iPad to another

    How do I transfer all of the data from one ipad to another one?

    The best way IMO is to sync each iPad with your computer. Having all your stuff backed up on a computer is a good idea anyway. Just read how many folks here are trying to recover lost stuff that could easily be copied back from either backup or iTunes on the computer.
    Sync both iPads to the computer. Transfer all photos to the same computer. Then sync again selecting which items you want on each iPad.

  • Copy the value from one item into another

    I have a page with 2 items on it: Field1 and Field2. When the user enters a value in Field1 and tabs out, I want to copy the value to Field2.
    I have changed the setField1 method in the VORowImpl to call setField2 passing in the same value.
    In the JHeadstart definition file I have set the Depends On Item property of Field2 to be Field1.
    When I run the page and put a value in Field1 the page autosubmits as expected and the setField1 method runs. Unfortunately, the value does not appear in Field2.
    Any ideas?

    Hi Steven,
    Checking the box does indeed get the value from Field1 into Field2.
    What I want to do, though, is to populate Field2 from Field1 only if Field2 is empty. Unfortunately, Field2 is now cleared before the setter of Field1 executes and so it always overwrites Field2.
    Any ideas?

  • How to get attribute values from one view to another

    HI all,
    Thx in Advance..
    I have 2 view like v1,v2.In v1 i used one attribute values from "get single attribute" method.And i need the same values in v2 screen.For this i did in v1 outbound plugs , i mentioned the parameter name . How can i get the same values in  v2.

    Hi chandru ,
    you said you declare the parameters in the Outbound Plug of V1.  now go to view V2 inbound plug Tab and creat one inbound plug
    double click on the plug name .it will navigate you to the event handeler method . Now add the outbound parameter variables in the
    For example : V1firing the navigation plug
    a type string " defined in parameter
        a =      'ABCD'                           " string
    you can retrive the value freely in v2 inbound event handeler
    a type string " defined in parameter
    *   set single attribute
          name =  `TEXT`
          value =  a )." here you will get the 'ABCD'.
    Chinnaiya P
    Edited by: chinnaiya pandiyan on Jun 23, 2010 7:12 PM

  • Unable to pass the values from one report to another using navigation links

    Hi All,
    I am facing a strange issue where I have to pass a column value from one report to other.
    I have kept navigation link in the 1st report and 'is prompted' option in the 2nd report
    Issue was , I'm not getting the filtered result in the 2nd report (all the records are being displayed)
    Can anyone advice where I was going wrong
    Thank you,

    The column which you have given navigation link and 'is prompted' column should same and exist in both the reports.You have to give the guided navigation in the value interaction of the column in the report1.
    mark if helpful/correct.........

  • Can i copy values from one object to another ?

    One more help..
    How do i compare the input values with the ones in an object of another class ?
    Can i copy values of one object of a class to different object of another class ?

    How do i compare the input values with the ones in an
    object of another class ?By getting and comparing them?
    Can i copy values of one object of a class to
    different object of another class ?Yes, you can. But you shouldn't, as you're breaking encapsulation all over the place. You could use setter methods (if available) to set the values.

  • How do you get all downloads from one computer to another

    How do I get everything on iTunes from one computer to another?

    You've posted to the iTunes Match forum, which your question isn't really related to. However this KB article will help:<>.

  • How do i get my music from one computer to another on itunes?

    I am trying to import my itunes nusic library from one computer to another. Is there a way to do this?

    See also this migrate iTunes library post.

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