How would i acquire signals from a philips viridia patient monitor?

i'm looking for a simple way to acquire patient vital sign trend data
(BP, pulse, etc) from our Philips Viridia patient monitors in the ER.
How can I capture these signals using biobench?

You can use a software application called MECIFView.  It uses the MECIF protocol to acquire these signals from certain patient monitors (such as the Viridia).  You can download a demo version at 

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    In MAX, I can only test one feature: pulse counts. So I connect a TTL signal between the source and the digital ground, and it counts a random number, of around 20-30 pulses, for each trigger. Same in Diadem. When I try period measurement (connected at the gate) or others with Diadem, I don't get anything.
    I believe my wiring is correct as I'm used to counters with the PC-TIO-10 c/t board.

  • How do I acquire images from my usb webcam ?

    Hi all ,
    How do I acquire images from my usb webcam (logitech quickcam express ) ?
    I use Labview 7 .

    Pedrus wrote:
    > Hi all ,
    > How do I acquire images from my usb webcam (logitech quickcam express)?
    > I use Labview 7 .
    This seems a very popular question coming up about once every week at
    least. And there are many good answers in the developer Zone on
    Check out:
    Irene He's IVision Toolkit:
    Pete Parentes WebCam library:
    The first is a rather impressive Video Manipulation library with a
    nice video capture interface to VfW too, and the second is a simple
    video capture library to access any VfW compliant device.
    Rolf K"
    Rolf Kalbermatter
    CIT Engineering Netherlands
    a division of Test & Measurement Solutions

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    How to capture (interrupt) signal from JVM in case of JVM termination due to Error/RuntimeException in shell script (Unix/Linux OS). Is it possible?
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    Using the POSIX signal java program , We can trap the JVM signals.
    Addition info
    Use sun.misc.SignalHandler - interface
    and MEthod sun.misc.Signal.handle( new sun.misc.Signal(signalName), this );

  • Generate and acquire signals from Walkie Talkies

    Hello, i am a Portuguese Student and i have some problems in a Academic Project.
    The following project consists in two Walkie Talkies that are link to a USB 6009.
    One of the Walkie talkies are attached do AO0 and ground with the objective of generate a signal to the 6009 then the other Walkie talkie connected to Ai0 and GND have to acquire the same signal that i generate in the other one, this two signals have the main problem that needs to be represented in the same Chart or Graf.
    Please can anyone help me in this question and send me a (vi), i would greatly appreciate.
    something send me a post or email for [email protected]

    Hello Lynn,
    Sorry about the late response, but only today i have access again to the USB 6009 in the LAB.
    In below are the graph from the input signal, the first is the graph from the Walkie Talkie (receiver) when the button from the Walkie Talkie that send the signal are not press. What we see is only noise and others frequency's.
    In the other graph we can see a different graph this graph is from the  Walkie Talkie (receiver) but when the button from the Walkie Talkie that send the signal are press where we can see that is a different kind of signal and the receiver are ready to receive the signal and are receiving some signal from the other walkie talkie.
    First I need some help for this first steps
    1- But how can I generate a signal wave and send it from the other Walkie Talkie (transmitter), I used a Basic Function Generator
    2-How can I see in  the Walkie Talkie (receiver) if he receive the Signal that I generate in the transmitter, The graph changes of frequency and amplitude always that I press the button of the transmitter Walkie Talkie.
    3-How can I put the two signals in the same chart or graph, The main problem is like you said the USB 6009 is too low sending signals.
    Sorry my English, I appreciate any help
    input data.png ‏33 KB
    input receber.png ‏37 KB

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    The OP would like to "record audio from the iPhone", not copy audio files across.
    Once we find out which audio (existing files or live through the mic) we'll be able to offer suggestions.
    For exisatinf audio, the first choice is obviously iTunes and sync, but I suspect it's the latter, in which case I'd recommend the free app: Megaphone Free.
    It directs the sound picked up by the microphone to the headphone socket, so you can then just record the Line-in signal on the Mac.

  • How LabVIEW get interrupt signal from microcontroller

    I try to write a LabVIEW program to test PC Oscilloscope using microcontroller and parallel port.
    The program will triger the microcontroller and wait for the interrupt signal from the microcontroller.
    Then read the data and show the display.
    I defined my ECP port as bi-directional and IRQ enable.
    The problem I faced in here is how to get interrupt service in LabVIEW 5.1 without DAQ board.
    My computer's IRQ is 07 and I would like to control interrupt service by using parallel port.
    Thanks in advanced.
    Best Regards,

    I was very interested looking for possible answers to your question - no feedback from other people - o.k.
    I think, that I have some experience with LabVIEW and
    the use of printerport on different operating systems (Win9x,WinNT,W2k). But I would solve your problem with
    polling of that "filtered" bit on printerport. If some- body has a better idea - let me know. If you have questions about interfacing @ printerport - please write to: [email protected]

  • Acquire signals from a monitor

    How does one acquire the physiological signals from a medical monitor? The monitor is a non-national instruments monitor. The patient monitor records ecg, invasive blood pressure from a patient and displays this on a screen. This information is relayed to a central station. Is there a way to obtain these signals and see the ecg and blood pressure waveforms in labview and thus analyse these waveforms. Thank you

    Sssantosssh wrote:
    How does one acquire the physiological signals from a medical monitor? The monitor is a non-national instruments monitor. The patient monitor records ecg, invasive blood pressure from a patient and displays this on a screen. This information is relayed to a central station. Is there a way to obtain these signals and see the ecg and blood pressure waveforms in labview and thus analyse these waveforms. Thank you
    Is reading the manual for this medical monitor something you are not capable of doing?

  • How do I acquire signal few seconds before triggering

    Hello guys,
    I am working on impact test and I want to acquire signal few seconds before trigger starts. How do I configure my DAQ assistant to do that?
    Go to Solution.

    Well usually you configure your DAQ device (Which one do you use?) to continiously capture data into a ringbuffer and set the triggerposition to 20%-50% (related to the number of samples you want to read). After the trigger is set the start of your data will be set by the driver. 
    All this is done by the DAQmx or scope driver. Just set the samplerate, number of samples, trigger and position of trigger.
    Greetings from Germany
    LV since v3.1
    “ground” is a convenient fantasy
    '˙˙˙˙uıɐƃɐ lɐıp puɐ °06 ǝuoɥd ɹnoʎ uɹnʇ ǝsɐǝld 'ʎɹɐuıƃɐɯı sı pǝlɐıp ǝʌɐɥ noʎ ɹǝqɯnu ǝɥʇ'

  • Problem in acquiring signal from LVDT.

    I have connected Lvdt to SCXI module 1540 with TBX 1315 , my PC is detecting hardware but the problem is i am not getting sensible output in labview.

    Sorry to piggyback on this topic, but I am having a similar situation.
    I am new to using LVDTs but have used labview several times before. How would a counter help in understanding if there was a problem in the acquisition? I believe that my connections are correct, but the output signal does not seem to fluctuate with movement/displacement of the sensors like I believe it should, even in automated explorer.
    What would others recommend the best measurement setting be in, a generic voltage measruement?
    Thank you for any help you could offer,
    Arthur J.

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    I've just purchased by first e-books and have read the six max computers authorised rule.
    I've loaded digital editions onto the first one, and done the authorising thing.
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    I too would like a comprehensive answer to this question.  I'm about to replace my desktop computer.  At which point, I'll remove everything from its harddrive including Digital Editions.  This is fine because I'll be able to authorise a new machine, but what if I keep my eReader for several years, and in that time work my way through a number of different computers (and/or operating system reinstalls)?  At some point I will reach my limit and, if machines can't be deauthorised, my eReader will become useless.
    So can you deauthorise a machine AND 'reclaim' an extra authorisation?
    If not, what are you supposed to do in the senario above?

  • Acquiring signal from PCI 1428 card

    I'm new to labview and been tryig to acquire the trigger signal from the PCI 1428 card. Is there anyway to acquire the trigger signal internally without using an external cable (breakout cable)? Can labview acquire this signal without using the external DAQ card?

    Hello DjBiomed,
    It may help if you can provide more information regarding your application.  What are you ultimately trying to do with this trigger signal?   With the 1428 trigger line, it needs to be wired to something (either externally or through RTSI).  LabVIEW cannot automatically detect this unless it is connected.  You can look at the trigger examples that come shipped with the driver in the LabVIEW Example Finder for a better understanding.  They can be found on the browse tab under Hardware Input and Output >> IMAQ >> Signal Input and Output.   I hope this helps.

  • How can I acquire signals in telemetry way?

    Dear all,
    There are three or four force sensors mounting in a rotating axis, and they need power supply (11-30V, 10mA) as well. Is there any facility in NI can accomplish this project? Or do you have a similar signal acquisition telemetry system in project?
    1. get 3 or 4 channels of voltage/current signals from force sensors in  the rotating axis.
    2. provide power for components in the rotating axis.
    3. provide driving signals to components in rotating axis.
    Thank you very much! 

    Dear Jinghang,
    I would have thought our cRIO products would be able to make up the main body of your system.
    Deterministic controller and FPGA technology perfect for control applications. Furthermore, there are plenty of high sepc "cseries" modules, each with inbuild converters, amplifiers, signal conditioning and font end connectivity.
    For example, we have modules built specifically for accelerometer/force sensors. For example, the following module has inbuilt IEPE signal conditioning and very high performance converters.
    I would highly suggest giving your local branch a call to discuss your requirements further.
    If you are from the UK or Ireland, please call 01635 523545.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Rich R
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments UK & Ireland

  • How do I add signals from different modules to the same waveform chart?

    When using build array to connect signals from different FP modules to the same waveform chart, the array type is not the same as if all the signals come from one Read Array. Only one digital indicator on the chart displays with the build array method. Why

    Hi gencell,
    There are two ways to plot multiple plots on a Waveform Chart, a 2D array and a cluster of doubles or integers. I would suggest that you use a Bundle to create a cluster.
    This information is in the Context Help of the Waveform Chart terminal (from the Block Diagram).
    Chad Evans

  • Read/acquire signal from remaining empty channels of NI9205 by modifying the vi of ATI Force/Torque Transducer which uses the first 6 channelsof DAQ card.

    I am using force/torque transducer by ATI Automation. It provides me with its own vi to measure and write the data of the 6 signals (3 axes Forces, 3 axes torques)
    Following is my Ni system: -
    cDAQ 9172 chassis: Slot 5 - NI 9401, Slot 6 - NI 9205, Slot 8 - NI 9237. (Excitation voltage to the sensor/transducer (0-5V) using 9237).
    I connect the 6 signals from the transducer cable to channels ai0,1,2,3,4,5 in NI 9205(differential). The vi uses a calibration 6*6 matrix to finally display the calibrated voltage data.
    Now, I wish to use the remaining availabe channels that empty in 9205, namely ai17, ai18, ai19 for other signal measurements.
    ai17 channel is connected to Hall sensor  that gives out a square waveform corresponding to the rotor rpm. ai18, ai19 is connected to rotor-motor power supply's voltage and current signal respectively.
    But I am not able to access these 17, 18,19 channels from ATI company's vi. The vi loads the complete DAQ card (9205), uses only first 6 channels, hence the array data wire consists of only 6 channels. I can split these into 6 individual signals only.
    If I use a separate DAQ task to read channels ai17,18,19, then I get the error that this channels are reserved for some other task. Please tell me how can I access all the remaining channels apart from the first 6.
    I am attaching the vi here.
    Steps to run the "MEASUREMENT" : -
    Load calibration file:-;
    Load DAQ card: NI 9205
    Load ctr0 of NI 9401 (I am using this counter for rpm measurement purpose, this is my addition to the actual vi) 
    DAQ - ‏574 KB

    There's nothing I can do to help.  I don't have your hardware to be able to modify your code and to set it up to make sure it runs properly.  Most people on the forum probably don't either.  This is where you'll have to put your programming and LabVIEW skills to work to solve your problem and make it run the way you want to.  If you run into a specific problem and get stuck, then please post back.

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