Howto bapi calls

I am working on a scenario in which a client (abap proxy) sends a message to the integration server, which dispatches the messages to an rfc-adapter, an bapi call.
Therefore I have read the tutorial, which can be found on this site, but unfortunately I have run into problems. Maybe someone can help me at this point. This is what I did:
1.I have imported the BAPI_FLIGHT_CHECKAVAILABILITY as suggested in the tutorial.
2. I created an Message interface named: U2_BAPI_IF
3. For the output message I have chosen: BAPI_FLIGHT_CHECKAVAILABILITY and for the input:
BAPI_FLIGHT_CHECKAVAILABILITY.Response. I have left the fault message field empty.
4. I did no message mapping, since I want to work with the BAPI Response structure in the abap proxy.
5. The Message interface is defined as outbound synchron.
6.In the Integration Directory I created a Receiver Determination with a Service as a sender, the message interface is U2_BAPI_IF. Additionally I configured a "configured receiver" the client with the BAPI.
7.I created a Interface Determination, for the sender the same entries as above and for the configured Inbound Interface I have chosen BAPI_FLIGHT_CHECKAVAILABILITY and the receiver client
8.I created a receiver agreement.
9. Saved the change list.
10. I have generated the abap proxy for the message interface U2_BAPI_IF, without problems
11. I created the following abap program:
data: lv_msg_raus TYPE ZU2_BAPI_IF_BAPI_FLIGHT_CHECK1,
      lo_proxy TYPE REF TO ZCO_U2_BAPI_IF,
      lv_msg_raus-AIRLINEID = 'AA'.
      lv_msg_raus-CONNECTIONID = '0017'.
      lv_msg_raus-FLIGHTDATE = '20040801'.
      create object lo_proxy.
      call method lo_proxy->execute_synchronous
          OUTPUT = lv_msg_raus
          INPUT = lv_msg_rein.
12. I execute the program and I receive the following error:INTERFACE_REGISTRATION_ERROR, the SAP Stack says:
<SAP:Stack>No implementing class registered for the interface (type ifmmessif, name BAPI_FLIGHT_CHECKAVAILIBILITY, namespace urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions )</SAP:Stack>
So now my question, do I have to implement a class (proxy) on the receiver side to receive the message and pass it then via bapi call myself, or did I something totally wrong?
I hope somebody can help me,

Hi Oliver,
I was wondering if you finally got this scenario to work, if Yes. Could you explain how did yo manage to (solve your problem)setup your scenario as described in your earlier note?

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    I have imported RFC Interfaces from SAP system. Each interfaces doesn't  have fault message.
    How to get error message in BAPI call when error occurs?
    I can catch an exception in BPM but I need to get error message and send it to another system.

    Hi Denis,
    >>>I have imported RFC Interfaces from SAP system. Each interfaces doesn't have fault message.
    if you want to use fault messages
    consider using ABAP Proxies
    >>>>How to get error message in BAPI call when error occurs?
    most bapis have return table in which they
    return error messages (you can do it either
    in a sync way or in an async way if the call is too long - with corrlelation of course)

  • Bapi call in abap proxy reaching dialog timeout in async scenario

    Hi all,
    We have an XI interface to create sales orders. Legacy app sends a soap message async to XI with a group of orders. XI sends this group of orders to an Abap proxy async on ECC side. Into this Abap proxy we have a loop to process each order received in the group with BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2. Ending the loop, abap proxy start another async process to send the response to XI with an outbound abap proxy, and the response is redirected by XI to Legacy app.
    The problem is, this group of orders can have two or two thousand orders... so, the async process guarantee that no timeout limit will be reached. This is working for the whole process. But when this BAPI is creating an order, the time out of BAPIs execution seems to be the same as the timeout of dialog processes (now set to 10 minutes). This is our problem. Some orders spend more than 10 minutes to process (orders with five hundreds items, for example)... when this occurs, BAPI throws a time out reached error and the async process stops on the inbound queue with status sysfail.
    We are now trying to understand why this timeout is been triggered by the BAPI. As it is running into an Async process, it should execute without any kind of timeout limits...
    If anybody has any idea, please, help us.
    Thank you.

    May be I was not so clear... the total spent time in the process can be many many hours, days, etc... no timeout is reached. I can post 10.000 orders, no timeout is reached. The problem is that if the processing of only one order with BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 takes longer than 10 minutes, then the timeout is reached. This is the strange part. The processing of the bapi seems to get the same timeout of dialog processes, we already tested increasing the dialog process timeout and the timeout of bapi execution was the same...
    We already monitor on SE66 to see if it opens a dialog process to execute the bapi call function, but it does not.
    If anyone has any tip, please, provide us.

  • Integration Process not continuing after Synchronous BAPI call

    I have an integration process that splits up a batch file of purchase orders into single purchase order messages. This allows me to use the "ForEach" block to call the synchronous BAPI_PO_CREATE1.
    I have managed to get the process to call the BAPI and create the purchase order. The response message arrives back though the abstract synchronous interface and is mapped to the asyncronous response message. After that the process seems to hold where I am expecting it to continue on the process and be appended to a container storage list for mapping to a single return message.
    I have not set up any correlation sets as I thought they wouldn't be needed for a sychronous call.
    Has anyone got any advice on my approach to this process and how I might fix it.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Bhavesh,
    There are no errors as such in the SXMB_MONI but it gets as far as the Inbound Message (PE_ADAPTER) stage after the Sych BAPI call.
    Also the SOAP Header at this stage seems to be missing "sysnchronous" or "asynchronous" in the  SAP:ProcessingMode tags.
    The technical workflow is as follows
    FTP Batch file outbound to Integratin Process Receive (Async)
    Transform message into a Multiline list of BAPI_PO_CREATE1.request (async abstract)
    Enter "For Each" Block using the multiline list.
    BAPI_PO_CREATE1 mapped to synchronous abstract interface
    synchronous abstract interface mapped to BAPI_PO_CREATE.request and response
    BAPI_PO_CREATE.response mapped to async BAPI_PO_CREATE.response
    async BAPI_PO_CREATE.response appended to multiline list
    Exit block
    Transform multiline response list into single line response
    FTP inbound
    As far as I can make out I have not correctly configured the receiver of PO_CREATE1.response after it has been mapped from the sync to async so it just persists it and sits there waiting or it is waiting for somethign else to happen.
    Let me know if I can clarify anything further.

  • Problem with mutiple BAPI calls during the commit

    Hi all,
    I am trying to create accounts for a given partner i the transaction F9K1 using the BAPI BAPI_BKK_ACCNT_CREATE. After calling the BAPI I am committing it too.
    The problem is if I try to create multiple accounts like RCA, ACA, MCA, IOE and so on, the first time the BAPI is called to create RCA account it is successful an it is even committing. When I call the BAPI to create the the ACA account the return table from the BAPI shows success message but the commit fails. If I restart the program and try creation of accounts now the RCA will throw a error msg saying account already exist, ACA account will be created and then the MCA account creation fails in the same manner explained above.
    I see the issue is with multiple BAPI calls and I tried using all sort of methods like clearing buffers, start new task in local and wait command and all.  But none of them seems to be working for me.
    Can anyone please guide me on how I can overcome this problem.

    BAPI :
    Use this method to create an account in Bank Customer Accounts. This method returns the following values:
    Identification details for the newly created account such as the internal and the external account number, and the bank area details
    A table containing error messages
    To create an account by using this method, you must specify values for the import parameters Bank Area (BANKAREA) and Product (PRODUCTNAME).
    Note: You must also specify a value in the External Account Number (EXTERNALACCOUNTNR) parameter if you have defined an external number range for the bank .

  • Is it possible to compose XML in BPM from responses of multiple BAPI calls?

    Hi guys!
    I want to send into BPM an XML document, which will be parsed and it will call some BAPIs more times. And I need to get response. Is it possible, to compose an XML document from these BAPI return codes to be sent back as response? Concretely I will use SOAP->XI->SAP and response SAP->XI->SOAP...  I will use it as asynchronous call..
    Thanx, Peter
    Message was edited by: Peter Jarsunek

    Hi Peter,
    It depends:
    - what kind of bapi is it? (does it have some sort of number?) like delivery number or something else?
    if not you'll have to add something
    so you can correlate your bapi with bapi response
    if you want to know which response corresponds to which bapi call
    but you can do it with a bapi wrapper
    >>>>Is it possible, to compose an XML document from these BAPI return codes to be sent back as response?
    you you can collect message in a BPM - standard pattern
    (but remember about the "correlation")

  • Problem facing during BAPI call for an inbound interface.

    I have requirement where in i need to make a BAPI call from SRM system using RFC adapter.
    After importing the BAPI(Z_INV_REF_PO) in the Integration Repository the structure looks to be a follws,
    2.Response and
    3.Exception (fault) Message types.
        In my BPM i did a transformation for my source structure with BAPI request. But while doing a BAPI call it throws me Application error as follows,
    RFC adapter is working fine.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Inbound Message
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
      <SAP:P1 />
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions">Z_INV_REF_PO.Exception</SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage>
      <SAP:Stack />
    Please help me out on this. Itz very urgent

    As the error is Applcation_error, the data reached the target system but the BAPI call fails. So you mignt not be providing all the mandatory fields to the BAPI.
    Perform a standalone testing of your BAPI, with the data being passed from XI See if the BAPI call is successful..
    Hope this helps you.
    Siva Maranani.

  • How can I set a breakpoint for a BAPI call in SE37?

    I am trying to debug a BAPI call from an external system in R/3 4.6C.
    In SCM4.1, the SE37 transaction has an aoption under Utilities->Settings ABAP Editor/Debugging tab to activate external debugging. But in R/3 4.6C no such tab exists.
    Is there any other way of doing this in R/3 4.6C?
    Chris Brookes.

    Unfortunately I cannot chage the source code of the FM since it is not a development system so I cannot insert a BREAKPOINT statement.
    Also, just setting a breakpoint in SE37, even if logged in as the same user who calls the BAPI does not work.
    Btw, the call to the BAPI is done via .NET.
    It seems that SE37 in R/3 4.6C just doesn't have the same options as in SCM4.1.
    Any other ideas?
    Chris Brookes.

  • Multiple BAPI calls in RFC Adapter

    Hi, Dear Friends!
    I have asynchronous scenario File to RFC(BAPI).
    File contains raws. For each raw I need to execute BAPI.
    With the help of each raw I need to construct one document in R/3 database with the help of BAPI.
    But now my scenario provide only one document (only one BAPI is executed).
    I read file to xml structure. This structure contains elements. The elements represent raws of file. But BAPI is executed only for the first element.
    How to explain to XI that I want it impement BAPI <b>N times</b> - as number of raws in file (or elements in xml structure).
    So how to implement multiple BAPI calls. Have you any idea?
    Thank you in advance.
    Natalia Maslova.

    Hi Natalia
    have a look on these links
    Best Design : for a SOAP -XI - BAPI ( Multiple )
    Re: RFC adapter...How it handles multiple calls...
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    Multiple BAPI calls in RFC Adapter
    may be helpful
    Thanks !!!


    We have a sales order workflow for exceptional demand.
    In one of the steps of the workflow,the corresponding task executes in background.
    Sales Order Change BAPI is called within this task.
    Now the problem is that in case the sales order is locked for execution by some other user, the BAPI call returns a message of type 'E'.
    Currently we send a mail to the concerned people to indicate that the sales order change has failed. However the users are concerned, since there is no immediate feeback on the errors.
    Is there any way that the user's can be informed instantly that an error has occured and also a retry option so that the BAPI call can be reexecuted at a later time.

    You can do this in two ways
    1. Put the BAPI call after a WHILE loop, that always checks for SY-SUBRC and within it you call the FM to lock the order
    2. Do this in workflow by using the return message type E to start the same task with some delay, say 30 mins or so...
    Good Luck

  • BAPI call to actual cost of work order

    Is there a BAPI call to actual cost of work order operations in PM?
    I am looking for to read these actual cost in a PM order and populate the data to the none-SAP application.
    Any helps appreciate it.

    I think I have just found it:
    But, thanks anyway for your quick reply and helpful tips.
    points rewarded.

  • IDOC, created via BAPI-CALL?

    Hey experts,
    I´m looking for a way to identifiy, if an IDOC has been created via a asynch. BAPI-Call or if it is a usuall IDOC.
    Can anyone help me?
    Thx a lot!

    He is not talking about any Idoc. He is talking about the acknowledgement. Check this help on this:

  • Bapi call for Storage Location????

    Is there any Bapi call which would display the stor location of Material.
    in the Bapi_mat_availabilty.. It shws the total amt of stock and stor_loc is an opional input parameter..
    Thanks in Advance,

    Please find the answers to your questions.
    Thanks for you reply!
    Ques: What does FUNCTION 'ZPM1_GENERATE_SRM_DOC_ID' do wns why do you ignore the SY-SUBRC?
    Ques: what are the values of c_rms_id c_d_elem_name c_d_srule_name c_d_srule_type v_document_id at run time?
    These are all constants based on the record structure of client.
    Ques: Which BAPI is not working for any of the Office 2010 documents?
    Ques: Do you use mime type XLSX - application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet or XLS - application/
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  • BAPI calls for DMS in CRM system

    What BAPI calls are available on CRM system to support DMS? Where can I find more info on this?

    Interesting question.
    A survey of transaction bapi reveals no DMS bapi's in CRM2007. However, In SPRO there are controls for DMS and transaction CSADMIN can also be found in the system.

  • Keep alive a session between 2 BAPI calls

    Hi -
    I am calling several BAPIs to maintain data. I am calling from an outside system as I published the BAPIs as Web Services.
    I would like that the session between 2 BAPI calls is kept, so I don't miss some session info between call #1 and call #2.
    Anyone knows a way of keeping alive a session between 2 BAPI calls?
    Thanks !

    Try this..
    <b>ARFC with Resource Management (Parallel Remote Function Call)</b>
    TABLES ...
    communication_failure = 100
    system_failure = 101
    resource_failure = 200.
    IF sy-subrc= 102.
    wait and retry...
    <b>Define ‘PRFC’via RZ12</b>

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