HP 15-g049AU Notebook PC OS not supported by HP Service Center

I recenlty bought a HP 15-g049AU Notebook PC [K5B45PA], from Flipkart on 19th October 2014. It came with Windows 8.1 preinstalled. In the box I didnlt received any CD. Now , when I tried to reset the Laptop it got stuck in between the process and after that for all the options it didnt moved a bit. Day before yesterday I visited HP Support center , requesting the fresh Installation of the OS, without even seeing my laptop, I have been directed to call to HP Notebook support number and ask for a Recovery CD which cost around 1000/-.
After that I installed Windows 7 32 bit from one of my collegue, then found that all the network device drivers are not matching as the Notebook support only 64 bit OS. From HP website also got the information if drivers are not available for 32 bit that means for the specific model the OS only support 64 bit.
Now my question is that where to go for getting the OS installed. Is not it HP's Support's responsibility? May I get a onsite support engineer who can resolve this.
Dear Members please guide me how to come out from this sitiuation.

This is a consumer to consumer forum.  You will not get any answers from someone on behalf of HP here.
When you first got the notebook, you were supposed to make a set of recovery media by following these instructions.
That is why no HP consumer PC's come with recovery disks.
You will have to see if HP will send you the recovery disks under warranty.  If not, you will have to fork over the cash
Now, what I can try to help you with would be to get W7 32 bit to work on your PC.
Most of these W7 32 bit drivers should work for you...
First, install the amd chipset drivers and reboot.  You want the first file listed on the webpage.
Next, install the AMD graphics driver and reboot.
Card reader:

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    As advised, you need to call Apple about this.
    No one here works for Apple (no one who will reply, anyway) so there's nothing anyone here can do to help you with this issue.
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    "...go for a Geforce 7600 GS graphics card which is a AGP 8x compatible graphics card. This graphics card is just 129$ graphics card. Please visit the given link to know about the details of this graphics card."
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    Kind Regards,
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    kaanenson wrote:
    I was wanting to ask someone from Apple this directly.
    Then you're in the wrong place.
    FWIW, I think it is supported, but not sure.

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    This is a user-to-user community support forum. We are not RIM employees, but volunteers who enjoy assisting other users. RIM personnel rarely comment on queries posted here. You would have noticed this in the EULA and message upon registration.
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  • Hp the system recovery media does not support this computer, WIN7 GS72 Notebook

    HProduct: GS-B66US (17" I3 notebook)
    OS:             Win7
    Bios Rev:   F.47
    Error message: "hp the system recovery media does not support this computer.  You are not able to restore this system"
    Changes made to system:  Updated bios (I think).
    Getting error messages (at system boot, as windows start, and from the intel hard drive controller) warning me to backup data and hard drive my fail.
    I replaced the harddrive and inserted the first of my 4 recovery DVDs (created before I updated the bios).  After booting from the first recovery disk I get the following message
    "hp the system recovery media does not support this computer. You are not able to restore this system with the media"
    The computer still boots with the old hard drive (with drive failure imminent messages)  I do see support assistant offering another bios update but I did not install it with the hard drive problem

    I think there could be two possible reason. wrong media or systemboard is changed.
    did you create any recovery media yourself or you ordered the recovery media from hp? also, was there any systemboard replacement done before?
    media created on some other computer (same model) may not work on your computer.
    you can order the media from hp.com here.
    also once systemboard is replaced you need to get the configuration settings done for BIOS(only HP can do it).
    hope it helps
    “I am an HP Employee“
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    Here are the system requirements for desktop/laptop based devices and our certified device list for mobile devices.

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    I had this same problem.  What worked for me- not sure which one did it, but I went to System Preferences-Displays, and I turned off "Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available" and I also changed my resolution from "Best for retina display" to scaled "More Space".  The other scaling options seemed to do similar.

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    It only work on Windows 2000, it's not supported by Windows XP and Bios, so i can't boot with.

    Could you please provide some information (name) about you notebook?
    Did you bought this drive or was this drive delivered with the notebook?
    If the drive cannot berecognised by BIOS then in my opinion the drive supports wrong master / slave / c-sel settings.
    You should know that not all drives are compatible.
    The settings cannot be changed because the drive dose not supports any jumpers but only the firmware.

  • Lenovo V200 does not support 1920x1080 resolution

    I have a Lenovo V200 (0764-33G) with a LG W2343T external monitor attached which has a native resolution of 1920x1080. For some reason this resolution is not supported by the notebook. It is not a chipset issue as the Intel GM965 chip does support 1920x1080 and I have a number of other notebooks from other vendors with the same chipset that display perfectly on identical external monitors. It cannot be a performance issue becuase the display settings on the V200 allow me to select a resolution higher than 1920x1080.
    According to various posts on the internet, this is a BIOS issue. For some reason 1920x1080 is excluded at a BIOS level. Is this indeed the case?
    I have updated the BIOS to version 65ET60WW and have installed the latest drivers from Intel without any success...
    Is there a fix for this, or has anyone been able to solve the problem?

    Hello rgarnott,
    you might have already seen my other post regarding this issue.
    I came to the same conclusion as you did, that this is BIOS related. But as you, I couldn't find an explanation or confirmation.
    However, I found a way to circumvent this restriction. See the above mentioned post.
    Lenovo 3000 N100 0768-BYG; OS: XP

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    Hi After installing Itunes 10.3 I receive this message:
    "You can't open the application iTunes because it is not supported on this type of Mac"
    does anyone have any idea why?
    I am running Mac OS X 10.6.7 on a Mac Air with 2GB

    See if making this CD patch will take care of that issue.
    If not, you may have to resort to installing a plain version of W7 using the following method if you can read all 25 characters of the windows 7 product key on the bottom of your notebook:
    Use the Windows 7 USB/DVD installation tool to compile the ISO file you download from Digital River. Link  below. You need a DVD or a 4 GB flash drive to use the USB method of compilation.
    Use the 25 character windows 7 product key to activate your installation.
    Then go to the PC's support and driver page to install the drivers you need.
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    According to this post the 6670m does fully support open GL 4.1
    And AMD says it does also

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    Some prefs have been reset to empty values.
    You can check and change these prefs on the <b>about:config</b> page
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    browser.gesture.pinch.in.shift cmd_fullZoomReset
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