HP 3310 and wireless printing from Tiger - It doesn't work

I went through it with HP Support team but they are too bad to help me out.. I'm just hoping that I can find a solution here.
Basically I just bought this fantastic printer, using the USB cable it works perfectly.
If i try to use the built-in wireless connectivity, then I have some problems. If I try to print a test page from the HP printer utility then after few minutes the test page prints. But not right away like it does connecting the computer to the printer using a USB cable.
However if I try to print a page, any page from any application, then it doesn't work, it says Starting printing... and then it goes to Idle.
I have no idea what to do, I've tried to reinstall every single HP program but nothing.
I'm hoping on your solutions! Thanks!

i solved my problem ages ago... you just need to download the updated drivers and software from the hp website.. don't install from the cd.. and all works fine

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    How can I print to my HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless Printer from my iPhone 4S which used to work (on prior iPhones) before AirPrint printers were even available? (running Mac Lion OS, all software and HP sw updates are all performed)
    I don't get it, I read one post about why would we have to buy an AirPrint Printer when we have used the "print to a wifi printer" just fine in the past?  Yes I feel that's exactly what's happening to me now too. I want to print from my iPhone and iPad to my WiFi Printer which is also now connected to my Airport Express WiFi network just fine. No problems.

    Very glad you added that bit of information because I see different problems similar to this.  I want to share with them what you did and hopefully you not only fixed your specific problem but you can lend some more advice to others with problems like this. Thanks!
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    I'd appreciate any help.
    P.S.  Incidentally, I can't install a viable Airport Utilty (AU) on the Air since the versions that will work with my older AEs (5.5.3 and won't install on the Air.  The Air will only install 6.1, which won't talk to my older AEs.  Apple suggested I install 5.x on another Mac and then port it to the Air via a stick.  But I don't have another Mac.  Grrr.

    Unfortunately, connecting your printer to the AirPort Express does not make it AirPrint compatible. You need to have a specific AirPrint compatible printer to be able to print directly to the printer using your iPad.
    Check this Apple support document for more details on AirPrint.
    If you have a Mac, you might be able to use a workaround using an app like Printopia. There is a free trial, so you will know in a matter of minutes whether this will work for you or not. Just remember that your Mac must be running in order for this to work.
    Printopia - AirPrint to Any Printer - Print from iPad - Print from iPhone ...

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    I have a time capsule that is the wireless router for the house and my iMac and laptops use the wireless network beautifully. I installed a Dell 1320C color laser printer by connecting it to the usb port on the time capsule. The airport express utility did NOT recognize any USB printer connected to the time capsule. I was however able to wireless print from my iMac by asking the printer utility to find all available printers which it did and then installing the printer drivers (thanks google). So, while i cannot find my printer as being connected to the time capsule through the airport utility, i can find it through the print utility as a connection through bonjour and i can print just fine to it.
    Now i installed bonjour on my laptops and found and selected the 1320c just fine. When i try to print through the laptops (pc), nothing happens and the file stays in the print queue.
    I am willing to live with the first quirk as I can print wirelessly from the iMac. I however need help to print from the laptops.
    Any suggestions?
    thank you so much in advance

    Mukund SRINIVASAN wrote:
    Once I connect the printer via ethernet to the time capsule, how do I
    1) see the printer on my iMAC - what utility do I run etc?
    It is connected to your network. Check your printer setup manual on how to set it up. Or go the the Dell website for printer support if you can't find your manual.
    2) can i then run bonjour from my windows laptops and see the printer through the network?
    Via ethernet, it shouldn't need Bonjour to set up.

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    same problem here.
    turned off ipv6 ( i have a working implementation)
    print a page from aperture or iphoto.
    try to print again, just sits in the printer job as having passed 0 bytes
    never prints.
    delete job
    print test page, ok cups page prints
    print again from iphoto, fails, try again fails, wait some more Maybe works
    annoying, just bought the printer today, same problem on mb and imac

  • HP C6180 not responding with wireless print from Mac OS X 10.9

    My Printer does not work with wireless printing from my Macbook Air OS X 10.9
    I tried all the normal stuff I can find.
    The text that is there is: The Printer is not responding.

    Hi XavierMaassen,
    I understand you have a Photosmart C6180 that you're having issues using in Mac 10.9. I'm sorry to hear this has been happening, but I will certainly do my best to assist you.
    I'm wondering how you installed the printer. If you had it installed prior to upgrading to 10.9 that could be part of the problem. There are currently no HP drivers available for this printer for 10.9, so you need to uninstall the HP software and install the printer via the Apple updates. Once you do that you should be able to print normally and scan using 3 different methods.
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    Wireless printing from virgin mobile android to to go officejet pro 8600

    there are 2 ½ ways to print
    1. the printer support AirPrint and it works out of the box
    2. one get a printing app from app store which support the printer
    2-½ one get the free software from netgear called netgear genie which will make the computer display all printes it's know act as AirPrint printers
    no other things in the known universe will make printing possible

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    Check the wireless adapter drivers on internet .... try upgrading it ...
    Let me know the model number of the Print Server ... so that i can tell you few more settings ....

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    ...multiple times per day.
    WIN 7 Pro 64-bit, SP1
    Network Magic 5.5.9195.0-Pure0
    Motorola Surfboard  model SB6120 Cable modem
    Windows Firewall configured by Norton Security Suite
    Linksys WRT54G2 router ver.1
    My problem is as stated in the header.  My router needs to have the power cycled multiple times a day because it is dropping my internet access.  This problem did not occur until I purchased in installed Network Magic.  Also, the wireless printer needs to have the cycle powered almost as often.  I've had both the router and wireless printer for more than 2 years and never experienced this problem before installing Network Magic
    I manually changed my MTU setting to 1472 from Automatic.  This has not helped.
    Any other suggestions?

    From what I know, the network magic software won't affect your internet connection since it is just  a software to use to manage your network. You may want to isolate the problem first. You can try uninstalling the network magic software from your computers and try to observe your connection again.

  • My Cox Cable/Telephone splits to a telephone modem and a broadband modem.  The BB connects via ethernet to a Cisco Linksys E2500 wi-fi (whatever).  Can I plug my usb printer into the E2500, configure, and then print from my iPad?

    I have just purchased an iPad 2.  I have wi-fi for roku and have connected the iPad to it.  I want to print to my usb printer.  My connection is:  Cox Cable spit to telephone and broadband.  The broad band feed goes to a Cox modem and feeds the wi-fi.  The Cisco Linksys E2500, wi-fi's the Roku and iPad.  Can I USB from the wi-fi to the printer, configure (however), and then print from my iPad?
    If not, how?
    All comments will be appreciated.
    Alan G. Watkins

    the ipad cannot airprint to a non airprint printer.... i think that the only solution is to install helper software on a computer that has an attached printer and share it through the computer only...computer would have to be always left on
    try this....http://www.collobos.com

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    Hi JCMCCM,
    You can get started with your iPhone by going to this link: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c02796271&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&product=5063582&tmp...
    I am an HP employee

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    Cannot use safari even though I have 4 bars.  It works fine on lap top and wireless printer.  Happened after downloading IOS7

    Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
    After that Reset let the iPad reconnect to your Wi-Fi.

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    have a Brother HL-2140 that would print and show up as the "printer" when printing from an iPhone/iPad thru an Airport Extreme. Everything worked fine till upgrading to ios5 ... now the option for printing is replaced with an "no airprint printer found" ... meanwhile I can still print through the network wirelessly through multiple MacBook Pros and MacBooks around the house. I have re-installed the driver from the Bother website ... I have the Printer Sharing on ... the network allows wireless printing from laptops ... just NOT from iPhones and iPads.

    Today's iOS 6.1 update fixed the printer problem.

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    I bought the print central app have a Lexmark s300 wireless printer can't get it to work with my I pad any suggestions

    To print from an iPAD using the Lexmark S300 series,you need to download the LexPrint app from this link: LexPrint
    Hope this helps.

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