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HP 5520 all in one new drivers for windows 8.1 does not work!!!! I have been on your chat and had a tech on the phone work on it and it still does not work!!!! It will not print text, email or important web pages of the internet. My ink said it was olittle low but that is not the problem cause I took it off my windows 8.1 machine and put it on a windows xp machie and it prints great!!!! You need to get with Microsoft and fix these drivers before people stop buying the HP printers, You make a great product, but it just does not work with Windows 8.1. you can see more peple are having probles on windows 8.1 compatibilty sight. I know you're not the only printer having problems, but I hope your the printer company that fixes it. I use the usb port and windows 8.1 and the print are not talking to each other right, Please again fix this problem, I like my HP and don't want to buy a cannon or epson if I don't have to

Hi folks,
I would suggest uninstalling  the printer software and reinstalling with a fresh start.
Installing the Printer Software for a Wireless Network Connection. Prior to reinstalling I would restore the printer wireless to defaults unless it is currently on the correct network. 
If the printer is not on the right network and you are going to restore the defaults, follow the  instructions below.
Touch the wireless icon on the top of the printer screen ( it is the 2nd icon from the left)
Arrow through the menu and look for Restore Network Defaults
At this point the printer will be broadcasting its auto wireless connect and you can proceed with the software install using the auto wireless to reestablish the wireless connection.
Hope this helps.
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  • Purchased an HP Photosmart 5520 all in one printer last year and a Macbook Pro in Jan. They worked together up to June. In Sept. when I tried to print wirelessly, it would not print. The laptop had been updated. Tried to update the printer via HP,couldn't

    I have an HP Photosmart 5520 all in one printer and a MacBook Pro. Bought the MacBook Pro in Jan 2013 and the printer in Dec 2012. I was able to print to the wireless printer up until June 2013. In September, when I tried to use them together, I could not print. During the period between June and Sept., my laptop software was updated. I have tried to update the HP software on my laptop, but could not. What can I do to use this printer with my MacBook Pro? Please help!

    The MacBook Pro is running at least 10.7.

  • I am unable to stop auto delivery of apps. on HP Photosmart 5520 all in one printer

     I am unable to stop auto delivery of apps. on HP Photosmart 5520 all in one printer
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    To add on to what sabertooth04 stated, here is a link to a document that addresses print apps for your model of printer. Click on the drop down titled "Managing Scheduled Delivery Print Apps" and the option to cancel or remove an app will be available for you to click on and review the steps to remove that app . I hope that this helps.
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  • Photosmart 5520 all in one printer

    Can't seem to be able to get wording to be readable on the paper.  Put in new Black Cartridge today, Color Cartridges are ok, according to the printer diagonstics report that was just done.  Prior to this issue, I was able to print reports.  Used the HP Prit and Scan Doctor app---letters and numbers are not able to be seen on the paper

    Welcome to the HP Community , From my understanding by your description, the black ink does not seem to be functioning very well since changing the ink cartridges. I wanted to pop in to suggest that you try the troubleshooting guide below to see if the steps can help bring the black ink back to printing again. If you find the issue continues, consider getting in touch with HP at their info below, to see about a replacement printer or trade in. Printer Prints a Blank Page or Does Not Print Black or Color Ink for the HP Photosmart 5520 and Deskjet Ink Advantage 5520 e-All-in-One Printer Series  Step 1. Open link: www.hp.com/contacthp/
    Step 2. Enter Product number or select to auto detect
    Step 3. Scroll down to "Still need help? Complete the form to select your contact options"
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: HP contact options - click on Get phone number
    Case number and phone number appear. Best wishes to you!Show thanks for my reply to help you today by hitting the "thumbs up" icon below!  

  • HP 5520 all-in-one will not print alignment page

    Printer printed page as if there was no black ink. Replaced cartridge and tried to align but would not print a proper alignment page. Replaced all cartridges.Page it prints is not recognized in scan. I have tried everything. UnPlugging, reload paper, new driver, new install, I need to print tax info and the **bleep** thing will not align, will not copy, will not print. Help

    The post here has links to a troubleshooting document for the Photosmart 5520.  If the steps there do not resolve the issue please call HP Support, even if the printer is not longer under warranty.  In the US or Canada call 1-800-HPINVENt, elsewhere see the document here for contact information.
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  • HP 5520 all in one printer: Problem installing software

    Nightmare trying to install software - have tried from CD and from web.
    Installation error
    Call to DriverPackageInstall returned error 1627 for package 'C\Program Files\HP\HP Photosmart 5520 series\Driver Store\Pipeline\hpvp109.inf'
    Any advice would be appreciated
    Many thx

    Hello DebbyDo,
    Welcome to the HP Forums.
    I will be more than happy to assist you with the installation issues you seem to be having.
    So I can better assist you, please respond with which Operating System you are running:
    Which Windows Operating System am I running?
    Mac OS X: How Do I Find Which Mac OS X Version Is on My Computer?
    Write me back when you have time and I will be happy to help.
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  • I have a hp 5520 all in one printer

    just bought this home from the shop a week ago this is the second one had to excange the first because of a differant problem .firstly it only prints of the pc not of my memory card then now it is saying cartridge problem one or more cartridge seem to be missing or damaged install or replace they are brand new ink cartridges plus cannot pull back the cartridges back to remove or replace how do i pull them across when the whole thing seems to be jammed not a happy bunny 

    HI @peppapig 
    It sounds like something maybe jammed in your printer so try the link below, 
    If this doesnt resolve your problem i would advise returning to the store as your printer will be within warranty for 1year from date of purchase.
    Although I am a HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

  • Hp wireless all-in-one 5520 printer stopped connecting to the internet

    my wireless hp photosmart 5520 all-in-one printer will print from my wireless laptop, but it no longer connects to the internet. I cannot download apps. i ran a wireless network test and everything is good, except for the internet (not connected) what can i do

    Hi Lars,
    I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems connecting your printer to the internet.
    I have included a document about maintaining wireless connectivity.  Please follow the steps in "Solution two: Assign the printer a static IP address".  When you reach the steps about setting the DNS servers, for the Preferred DNS server please use and for the Alternate DNS server please use   These are Google's DNS servers. Once you have set the manual ip and dns servers, please try to enable web services. It should go through.
    Printer Does Not Maintain Wireless Connection
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  • Photosmart printer -all-in-one 5520 and windows 8.1 - INSTALLATION ERROR

    I have a photosmart printer - model: all-in-one 5520; code number HPC57CC4  and my operating system is windows 8.1.
    I had problems with the scan function and so I decided to disinstal the printer (from the Control Panel) and I even cancelled  the HP folders.
    Then I tried to reinstal the printer with the original CD but I got the message: INSTALLATION ERROR - DRIVER PACKAGE INSTALL GIVES THE ERROR -536870329 FOR THE PACKAGE  C:\Program Files\HP\HP Photosmart 5520 series\DriverStore\Pipeline\hpvpl09.inf   (that's the translation from Italian)
    I have tried endless times to install with the online software from the HP assistance (hppsdr.exe, hppiw.exe, ps5520_1315-1.exe, hpscan and doctor) but I always get the above error message, the system recognizes my printer, but gives the error message few seconds after starting installing it.
    If i use the printer from other PCs it's ok, I've also tried both in the wireless modality and with the USB cable but the result is the same: no installation!
    thanks in advance fot your help.

    Hi @denig,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I noticed that you are having trouble installing your HP Photosmart 5520 on Windows 8.1. I am happy to help you with this installation issue!
    Please try the following solutions:
    Uninstall the software. Uninstalling the Printer Software. (In case any was partially installed).  
    Clean boot the computer. How to perform a clean boot in Windows.
    Make sure no antivirus programs are running. Turn Windows Defender on or off.
    Make sure the firewall is disabled. Disabling the computer's firewall on a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 computer.
    Re-install using the HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows.
    Hope this helps you resolve your issue, and have a good day!
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  • Paper jams in HP Photosmart 5520 e-all-in-one

    Why do I keep getting paper jams in HP Photosmart 5520 e-all-in-one? It won't even take in the paper without jamming.

    @ Petee - There is a document that shows the steps on how to clear out a paper jam in the Photosmart 5520. There are a few doors that allow one to access the rollers in the printer and the document shows these steps.
    PrintDoc linked the document in Message 2 of this thread, but I will link it again below to ensure it is easily found.
    Paper Jams in Photosmart 5520
    Hope this helps.
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  • Officejet 6500A Plus e-All-in-One Printer - E710n Sharing without a homegroup

    I have a HP netbook DV7 with Windows 7. A Dell 15R 5520 (the last of the netbooks) with Windows 7 and a HP 6500A all in one printer. I would like to use the printer on both computer wirelessly without creating a homegroup. Is this possible? If so I would appreciate any help on the setup.

    As long as printer is connected to a router and has a valid IP address, computers connected to the router will be able to access the printer even if there 2 or more computers connected to the router.
    Please refer following link for more info.
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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  • Adjusting color saturation hp 5520e all-in-one

    Some time ago, I had a HP c4580 photosmart all-in-one printer, which had the option available to adjust color saturation, warmth, brightness, etc.  I later purchased a HP 5520e photosmart all-in-one printer, which doesn't seem to have that option.  Is that option available on that printer, and perhaps I just haven't discovered it?  If not, does HP make a printer that does have that option, or that compares with the old c4580?  The option is seldom needed, but occasionally it is a MUCH needed option.

    Hi @blubrd,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    It's possible the Photosmart 5520 may not have the same features that the older software for your Photosmart c4580 did. To check though, you just need to be in the program you want to print from, select File then Print. Then on the print dialogue window you want to click on Preferences (may say Properties) and anything you can change will be on those tabs. You also have the option to click on Advance (or Advanced Options) for a few further things to change.
    If you don't see what you're wanting under those screens, it is most likely not a feature that can be changed on the printer any longer.
    With that being said there may be an HP printer out there with the features you need. To get more advice on what printer will have the features you're wanting you can always contact our Sales team (1-800-473-4732) even just to inquire
    Hope that helps, have a great day!
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  • What is best all in one printer for my new MacBook Pro ? Needs to make very high quality photos.

    What is best all in one printer for my new MacBook Pro ? Needs to make very high quality photos. Using USB connection.

    That's a difficult one but I'd always go for HP as they make so many excellent models that you'll always be able to buy the cartridges from almost anyone.  Theyre darn good printer too.  I have four in the office here and one of them is a very neat flatbed with exceptionally high tonal qualities.  One of their cheaper models is the HP 5520 A4 inkjet all-in-one - CMYK.  Good value at £70 and 4800 x 1200 DPI. 

  • How do i use my mac book with my HP 6510 e all in one series printer

    how do i use my mac book with HP photosmart 6510 e all in one series

    Hello Marilynatsea,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    To learn more about printing in OS X on your Mac, and how to add a printer, take a look at the article linked to below.
    Mac Basics: Printing in OS X - Apple Support
    Alex H.

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    I have photos I want to group together in one album, but can't do this because some may have the same number. How can I combine them all into one album? I was trying to move several albums onto a USB drive and it stated all other files exist at this location.  They are pictures taken at different times and have the same number I guess.

    In iPhoto albums may contain photos with the same file name - iPhoto handles that just fine
    If you are exporting them to move somewhere else use the sequential file name feature of export to give each file a unique name

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