HP DV6c63sl USB ports problem, (Unknown Device)..

I have a problem with my USB ports, when I connect my phone with it's USB cable, it's shown as "Unknow Device" and that's just in my laptop.. My other laptop and Desktop PC can detect it without any problem or drivers, and I have the same exact OS ( Windows 7 x64 Ultimate ) on my 3 PCs.
I have the same problem with a Game Controller (PowerPad), it works on all the PCs I've tried it on except my HP DV6c63sl. There's just my USB Mouse that works fine, and almost all other USB devices that I've tried are detected as "Unknow Device", And I've got also a "SM Bus Controller" shown in the "Device Manager window" -when I plug in my USB Game Controller- as undetected, I don't know what it is..
Here's some screens that I think they would help to identify my problem :
& Thank you very much for your help !
I really wants my Laptop to detect all the USB devices like my others PCs ( I'm talking about USB mouses, keyboards, game pads, phones with USB cables.. that get detected automatically without installing any drivers )

Hello Huntrz,
I understand you are having issues with your Windows 7 not recognising a USB device when it is plugged in. I stumbled across a thread on social.technet.microsoft.com titled USB Device Not Recognized on Windows 7 - USB mouse where they discuss a solution that resolved their issue. Now I know your mouse works, but the point is that a USB device should automatically install that is the whole purpose or USB on a computer devices are to be plug and play. Anyways, what they discuss is that what is called a Hard Reset resolved their issue. I am providing you with an HP Support document: Performing a Hard Reset or Forced Reset that will walk you through the steps to performing a Hard Reset on your Notebook.
Please re-post with the results as I am curious as well. Thank you for posting this issue on the HP Forums. Have a great day!
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    Hello good evening, I have a MacBook Pro and my problem is that one of the USB ports and the device does not detect this and inactive but can not find how to reactivate.
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  • Bluetooth Windows 7 USB port problem

    I am using a class 1 bluetooth dongle (unkown manufacturer) with the toshiba bluetooth stack V 8.00.03 Premium, and a bluetooth headset. The specs for the dongle are : Bluetooth V1.2, USB compatible with V1.2/2.0
    I have a strange problem when changing the USB the dongle is plugged into. If I change the dongle to another USB port, searching for devices fails. I have tried uninstalling the stack, and of course deleting the device from the bluetooth manager window.
    Also, strangely , when I plug the dongle into a USB extension on the same port, it doesnt work either. When I put the dongle back into the same USB port it works fine as usual.
    I want to change the USB port so that I can get better reception , as its plugged in at the back at the moment. Also, I want to use the usb extension for the same reason, to bring it out above the desk. Weirdly though,as I say, it doesnt work with the extension (just a regular cable with USB male on one end and female on the other to plug the dongle into.
    Is this something to do with voltage drop down a cable? And regarding the changing of the usb ports is this something to do with the bluetooth ports being installed on that USB port only? I dont know exactly how bluetooth ports work so, how they get installed etc.
    Thanks very much for any help.

    Few questions at the beginning:
    Do you use Toshiba notebook?
    I ask this because, as far as I know, Toshiba supports BT stack on Toshiba notebooks but if you get it as part of package of some other manufacturer they are responsible for support and functionality.
    Until now Ive always used Toshiba notebooks and there is no problem with BT device so I cannot say much about your problem but what you can try is to remove preinstalled software, clean u the registry and after notebook/PC restart install Toshiba BT stack but put BT dongle in the port that you want to use now.

  • X6 8gb Usb Port Problem

    My x6 usb port not working and i took it to nokia care to fix that problem and they told me that we don't have that type of IC to fix your problem and we can't fix your usb port problem .....if u can't fix the problem they why the hell your running service centre i am totally fed up with this nokia ....guys pls tell what should i do now

    Can't they arrange for the part ? Insist on that.. if they agree, you may be asked to pay for the part upfront..If they do not, contact Nokia by using the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of this page and hope for a favourable resolution.

  • USB Ports - Mass Storage Devices - Unknown Device

    Model: Satellite A135-S2276
    OS: Vista
    I recently tried plugging in my media card reader that I've had for several years now and has worked many dozens of times.   Windows responded with an 'Unknown Device'  response.  I thought this was odd, so I changed and tried each USB port.  To no avail the device wasn't recognized.  I tried it in another computer and it worked fine. 
    I began to try two other mass storage devices that I know used to work, up until recently, on the laptop.  Both now are 'Unknown Devices'.   I now have a strong feeling that someting was wrong with windows vista.  So I search around and find methods to force the driver (inf) cache to reset which should reload any corrupted drivers.   Tried many methods, nothing worked, same results.  I saw that Vista Service Pack 2 just came out, I installed that hoping that it would fix.  Nope.  
    I gave up on it being a software issue after I did a fresh reinstall of the OS and with the base OS with no other software installed same results. 
    Is there a way to diagnose if the USB is malfunctioning from a hardware standpoint?  Is it possible the USB, even thought windows recognizes it, is dead on the motherobard?  If so, how do I get this fixed?  Motherboard replacement?

    It sounds like it is working enough that it can recognize that soemthign is plugged into it.
    You say you did a fresh install of Windows.  Did you use the recovery disk or a retail Windows copy.  If oyu didn't use the recovery disk then maybe you are missing a driver.  Best woudl be to use the recovery disk.  If a USB mouse doesn't work after that then the hardware has an issue.  Assuming the BIOS is OK.
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  • Satellite L645D-S4030 second USB port problem

    Hi, I'm having trouble with the second USB port that's connected with the VGA port on my Satellite. I try to use my external hard drive, flash drive, and wireless mouse receiver on this port, but I've noticed that when the external hard drive is plugged in the light flashes on for only a second or two and the port itself never recognizes anything plugged in.
    Can anyone help me figure this out? I've looked everywhere for a topic covering this problem and have turned up nothing
    2013-05-30 00.57.12.jpg ‏1546 KB
    2013-05-30 00.57.32.jpg ‏1472 KB

    I am attempting to resolve a similar problem on a friend's L655.  Except that no USB device connected to any of the USB ports are recognized.  I do have an unknown device in Device Manager in the USB Controllers section that I have been unable to resolve.
    You may just need the driver installed.  Have you tried that?.

  • USB ports problem

    Hi all,
    I have got a brand new laptop Pavilion dv6-2060ea and have noticed problems with the usb ports. I generally use linux as a primary OS but I have noticed the same problem on Windows 7 as well. The laptop sometimes doesn't recognize usb devices as a mouse or an external harddrive, it means when I turn on the laptop boot on an OS, the mouse doesn't work and I have to reinsert it to get it work. It happens 2 or 3 times from 5 boots so it's quite often I would say. The same problem is with the external hdd, have to reinsert it and then it's all right. I have noticed that there has been a new BIOS released and this should fix some problems with usb ports but I already have upgraded to that BIOS(F.13A) and problems persist. I also miss more options in the BIOS about the CPU settings because the laptop has Core i7 and there is no any option to configure the CPU.
    Be patient with my English, please. Cheers, Pepe
    Dv6-7000 /Full HD/Core i5-3360M/GF 650M/Corsair 8GB/Intel 7260AC/Samsung Pro 256GB
    Testing - HP 15-p000
    HP Touchpad provided by HP
    Currently on Debian Wheeze
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    hello mate,
    Try to check in the BIOS if the udb always on is enabled and in the boot order if the usb is not in first otherwise u could have problems to boot with something plug in...
    Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.
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  • HP 6730s - Boot & USB ports problems

    I'm having some problems with my HP6730s.
    1. First problem I noticed is that if I keep it running for a long period of time, 2 UBS ports (right side, near DVD drive) stop working and Windows keeps informing me about malfunctioning devices if I have any device connected to those ports. Since I usually have  a wireless receiver for my Logitech connected to one of those ports, I can't get rid of the error not even if I disconnect it. The only thing that works is to turn off the laptop and remove the power cable for 30-60 minutes. This makes me think those USB ports don't get enough power.
    2. I seem to be having problems when I'm trying to boot up using a Linux CD/DVD/USB. I insert the media I wan't to boot up from and I can see the DVD Drive/USB led flickering and then it stops. The Caps led starts flickering and that's it. I have to force shut down so that I can boot up again. At first I thought that it's the media I'm trying to boot up from or the BIOS settings but then I noticed that sometimes it boots up and sometimes it doesn't. I manage to boot up Ubuntu CD after 10 tryouts. openSUSE(11.xx)(the distro I need & use) is very problematic. LiveCDs won't boot up and install DVDs will simply hang on boot. If by any chance I manage to boot it up it pops out a error message and it forces me into failsafe boot/install. I also managed to install openSUSE once but it failed to auto configure videocard so I got stuck in text mode. Trying to manually install ATI drivers failed because it was unable to detect the video card. Same thing happened in Windows when I tried to upgrade the driver using the one on AMD website.
    I bought the laptop in January 2009 and in December 2010 I replaced the battery. 
    I'm now running Windows 7 Professionas SP1 x64 up to date  Also, HP Tools is up to date and I used to test the laptop for hardware issues and nothing was found. I also tested the video card and everything seamd to be fine.

    I found out what's causing this but not how to fix it. I can only prevent it.
    It seams that if you keep the device plugged in too much, those ports won't get enough power.
    The best way to prevent this is to remove the battery when you keep the device plugged in and to also remove it when you turn it off.
    I noticed this won't happen if I keep the device plugged in and ON for a long period of time but only if I keep it plugged in when turned off and if I also keep the battery inside.
    But this will only fix the USB problem, not the Linux boot one.
    What is you problem, exactly? Also, have you found a solution? 

  • TS1538 On Windows Vista, everything works through the USB ports except IOS devices.  This just started and I can't get things to work.  Help!

    The past few days I find my IOS devices don't show up in "My Computer" and they don't show up in iTunes.  All other USB devices work well.  I am using Windows Vista.  I have tried several troubleshooting things, including unintalling and reinstalling iTunes, stopping and starting the Apple monitors, etc.  Nothing is working.  Ideas?

    It's really great that you're taking the time to help me.  I did several of the tests you recommend over the last two or three days.  It always shows that the iPod/iPhone/iPad isn't present.  Here's more.  I got a Norton tech to help me yesterday and it isn't the anti-virus, as we uninstalled everything and it still didn't work.  I went deeper into the system through the control panel, and found the device detected on the appropriate USB port, but it won't show up in "My Computer".  Two of the three devices show up on another PC, (I didn't test the third) so I'm leaning to something in iTunes because every other USB device I plug into the Vista ports shows up quickly and works perfectly (thumb drives, wireless mouse, camera, etc).  I already unistalled all Apple software and downloaded new, but the problem still exists.  I have restarted, unplugged, you name it and the devices aren't showing up.  I can't wirelessly sync either because one has to set that up through iTunes prior to doing it.

  • Splitting the Time Capsule USB port for 2 devices ??

    So if i have and external HD plugged into tc usb port and I also need to plug in a netflix ready blue ray player to the same port- is there a splitter I can buy to do this or what other options do i have?
    I have an extra airport extreme I am not using-could I run an ethernet cord to it and use that usb port for my second device without and problems?

    First, yes it is possible to attach multiple devices to the TC's USB port. You will need a USB hub though. Some users have discovered that not all hubs are compatible with the TCs USB port. So you may need to shop around if the first one doesn't work.
    However, the USB port on the TC is designed primarily to handle external HDs or printers. That is, it is designed to make them available to your local network, not to the internet. So I have doubts that the BR player will be able to have full interest access via the TCs USB port.
    See this KB article:
    Hope this clarifies things a bit. Cheers!

  • 945P internal USB port problem

    Power exceeded on USB Port 945P motherboard - NO DEVICES CONNECTED
    Part Number: MSI 945P Platinum Socket 775
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 640, 3.2 GHz
    Memory: Corsair 512MBx2 PC4300 DDR2 533MHz
    Operating System: XP Pro
    On the motherboard, I have added more external USB port (case mounted), these ports are connected to the mobo on the connector JUSB2.
    Now, Windows gives an error stating that the power has been exceeded and must reset or close the port.
    There is no device connected to these USB ports, only the wires that lead from JUSB2 connector to the case mounted USB ports.
    Did any of you had the same problem?? Thanks.

    Have you checked to see if the USB, that is mounted to the Front of the case has any Shorts?
    You might also want to remove the USB that is plugged into the Header on the MOBO.
    One more thing you might have hooked up the USB header wrong.

  • GT683 USB Port Problem

    I have a External HDD USB 3 compatible device (WD 500 GB 2,5"). I'm pluging it to USB 2 port and Windows 7 say: "this device can perform faster". But when I use the USB 3 port of my device, Windows 7 can not recognize my device.
    Any idea?

    Any USB 2 flash memory works in this USB 3 port.
    My 2th problem:
    All USB ports of GT683 not work with 3,5" HDD (WD MyBook Device) !  But this HDD work with my desktop PC succesfully!

  • Mac Pro 2008 USB port problems - persistent

    Hello all,
    I have a 2008 Mac Pro - standard config : 2.8Ghz 2Go Ram ATI 2600.
    At the outset I did a clean install onto a 1To Seagate drive.
    From day 1, and before adding any third party applications, the aluminium keyboard would suddenly stop working. If I changed this for my old G5 plastic keyboard, I had no problem. The aluminium keyboard would work again sometimes if I changed USB port, sometimes only after rebooting.
    This problem occurred randomly, a few, or many times a day.
    Apple, after going thru' a number of tests with me over the phone, finally sent me a new keyboard (after having sent 2 white plastic models). This changed nothing. I then had a problem with the white plastic keyboard and one day, with a USB drive linked to a USB port I got the error message of having disconnected the disk without having ejected it first. That told me that the problem was not with the keyboard but with the USB ports (power to them?).
    I did a clean install (with erase disk 1 pass) under 10.1.5 - the problem didn't go.
    I then did a clean install again 10.1.5 followed immediately by upgrade 10.5.2 and the graphics upgrade. I installed no third party apps for 2 days. I had no problems. I installed some apps. No problems for 3 days. I ran all this time on a plastic keyboard. Today I plugged in the aluminium keyboard. No problems for 8 hours and suddenly tonight everythings starts over again.
    I've had to do 4 reboots in the last hour. I'm back on the plastic keyboard. But if I lose that like last time I'm pretty convinced that this is a hardware issue.
    Curiously I have not seen this problem cited in any forums on the Apple boards and other Mac
    Any ideas ?
    I wan't this machine changed. It's my work tool and I can't afford to lose so much time…nor to get so frustrated.
    Apple, Help ! Please !
    P.S. My first Mac was a MAC SE !!

    I think there is a problem with the usb ports on the MacPro which I also think is causing some of the bluetooth problems that are being reported around. Here's why.
    I have a "base" new MacPro (2xQuad 2.8, 320G drive, etc.). After getting the unit going with the standard usb keyboard and mouse I then paired my Apple wireless keyboard and mighty mouse. All worked fine. Then the problems started. I have security set that requires a log in when booting, however after restarting, or rebooting, the MacPro the wireless keyboard and mouse were no longer recognized and I was stuck at the login screen. If I then connected my original Mac usb keyboard it would not work. The ONLY way I can get the usb keyboard to work is by having it connected when I reboot/restart. Calling Apple support was...well let's just say less than useless. So I have been doing a lot of experimenting on my own. I have finally found out that if I have nothing at all connected to any of the usb ports then the MacPro will recognize my wireless keyboard and mouse (although it does take some time to recognize it). If I connect my usb devices again and reboot...back to the same situation. No connection to my bluetooth devices and my usb keyboard will not work (unless I again reboot with it already attached). Now before you say it's my other usb devices let me tell you what I have....just a Canon printer and a Western Digital USB drive that I use for Time Machine. Both of these units have been working fine for over a year and work absolutely fine when connected to my Mac Book Pro.
    I believe the bluetooth device inside is connected to the usb bus internally which is why I think the usb bus is the "root" of the problem. When certain usb devices (and heck it my be almost any usb device) are attached then the usb internal hardware screws up, which kills the bluetooth connection. I believe that this problem may be borderline (not sure if its power, timing, etc.) which is why we see so many issues that are similar, but hard to pin down.
    I also believe that Leopard exacerbates this problem (but not sure yet and way too long to detail now....I'm babbling enough).
    Right now the only way I can get my machine to work properly is to disconnect my printer and drive, boot the machine and then reconnect them after I have logged in. That sequence seems to work.
    I know that isn't any kind of an answer, but you are certainly not the only one and I think this is just another symptom of a larger Apple USB issue. I'm continuing to investigate.
    Good luck all,

  • Mac Pro USB port problem

    The front USB ports on my 2010 Mac Pro aren't working. Every time I boot the Mac, I get a message window - twice - saying they were drawing too much power, and have been switched off, even though they're empty.
    I've tried resetting the PRAM, powering off and unplugging everything and removing the battery from the logic board. Nothing has worked. The two front-facing FireWire ports are working, but the USB ports just won't come alive. Does anyone have any further ideas?

    I would run the Apple Hardware Test:
    Checking for a Hardware Problem
    If you suspect a hardware problem, use the Apple Hardware Test application to help
    determine if there’s a problem with one of the Mac Pro components.
    To use Apple Hardware Test:
    1. Disconnect all external devices from your Mac Pro, except the display, keyboard,
    and mouse.
    If you have an Ethernet cable connected, disconnect it.
    2. Restart your Mac Pro while holding down the D key.
    3. When the Apple Hardware Test chooser screen appears, select the language you
    want to use.
    4. Press the Return key or click the right arrow button.
    5. When the Apple Hardware Test main screen appears (after about 45 seconds), follow
    the onscreen instructions.
    6. If Apple Hardware Test detects a problem, it displays an error code. Make a note of the
    error code before pursuing support options. If Apple Hardware Test doesn’t detect a
    hardware failure, the problem may be software related.
    You may also consider replacing the front panel board.

  • USB port problems on eMac 1.4 ghz

    Howdy all,
    I have been having numerous problems with my USB ports. Most recently, when I plugged in my ipod to one of the ports, I got a message that said I had plugged the ipod into a USB 1.0 port, and for better performance I should plug it into a USB 2.0 port. I thought all the ports on the 1.25 and 1.4 ghz machines were USB 2.0.
    I have noticed previously erratic problems with my USB ports as well. For example, sometimes when upgrading the firmware on my iphone, I will get disconnect messages, and my the external hard drive frequently disconnects.
    I am running leopard 10.5.5 and currently have 1.5 gigs of memory in the machine.
    Any thoughts? Has this been a consistent problem on the eMacs, similar to the screen flicker issue? Possibly a software problem? Thanks in advance for any responses.

    Restart your machine while holding down the D key to start up in the Apple Hardware Test (no DVD required), and run the extended test.
    If that reveals no problems (of course it may not, if the problem is intermittent), then consider taking the MBP to a Genius Bar for evaluation, along with your misbehaving devices (at least the iPhone). The Geniuses have more advanced diagnostic software available to them than we do. But intermittent problems can be hard to pin down, so be prepared for the possibility of disappointment if nothing shows up during the testing.

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    I've been using Incontext Editing on a site for around 4 mos. All of a sudden, the people who I've set up with editing or publishing (as well as my account) can't access Incontext Editing. I've tried the following: Changing their permissions from edi

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