Hp pavilion 783 error when turned on, keeps restarting

I have just set up an old HP Pavilion 783 desktop PC (it has been in storgae for a while) and when I turn it on I get the following error message:
Winlogon.exe Application error
The instruction at "0x75978dc1" referenced memory at "0x000000", The memory could not be read.
I get two options - OK and Cancel. I have tried both and all that happens is the system reboots and gets to the same point and same message, so just going round in circles.
I have tried turning it all off, unplugging everything and re doing but no different.
I have also tried running in 'safe mode' but still get this eror message.
Could it have been damaged whilst packed away? is there anything I can do to get it working again?
many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I kind of know but we really need to know what kind of laptop you are working on here. Seems like it is an old one with XP and 256 megs of RAM. 

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    This is something where iPhone tools written by the jail break community could actually come in handy to self-fix your phone's issues.  The primary thing to realize though is that Apple may be able to help with the problem themselves.
    I don't personally jail break anymore, as I have no need to now, but I have experience with some of the tools out there.  If you are having this issue and your phone was jail broken, then you might want to deal with it yourself rather than taking it to Apple.  In many cases, it's totally solvable without too much trouble, and most likely you keep everything on it too.  Before I go into details on that solution, let me exhaust the Apple support logic.
    If your phone isn't jail broken, then Apple is going to be more cooperative in helping resolve this.  If it isn't under warranty anymore, then that is a possible coin-toss.  If it's not under warranty, but you purchased AppleCare+, then you might have a real good chance.  Either way, you might just take it into an Apple store (you can make a reservation ahead of time), then explain the problem to them and see what they do.  If it is under warranty and not jail broken, then they're absolutely going to find a way to make it right for you.
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    I have used said tool myself in the past and it worked great on several occasions where my previous phones acted up.  Having said that, I think Apple would appreciate me reminding you that they do not condone the use of such programs or tools which they have not authorized.
    Good luck!

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    I kind of know but we really need to know what kind of laptop you are working on here. Seems like it is an old one with XP and 256 megs of RAM. 

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    Check these out.
    iPod shows a folder icon with exclamation point after disconnecting.
    iPod shows a folder icon with exclamation point when you turn it on.
    If it needs to be replaced, the iPod Classic will still be under the 12 month warranty.

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    Motherboard OC Jumper set to default
    C1E: Disabled
    Green Power: All Disabled
    Multi-Step OC Booster: Mode 1
    DOT Control: Disabled
    Intel Eist: Disabled
    intel C-State Tech: Disabled
    Adjust CPU FSB Frequenxy: 400
    Adjust CPU Frequency:3200
    CPU Multiplier: 8
    Advance DRAM Configuration: Manual
    CAS Latency: 5
    tRCD: 5
    tRP: 5
    tRAS: 15
    Advanced memory Setting: Disabled
    FSB/DRAM ratio: 1:1.33
    Adjusted Dram Frequency: 1066
    ClockGenTuner: No Changes Done
    Adjusted PCI Frequency: auto
    Auto disable DRAM/PCI Frequency: disabled
    CPU Voltage: 1.3875v
    CPU GTL REF0: 0.8694
    CPU GTL REF1: 0.8694
    Dram voltage: 2.2v
    DDR_VREF_A: 1.104v
    DDR_VREF_B: 1.104v
    MCH Voltage: 1.48
    MCH GTL REF: auto
    VTT FSB Voltage: 1.38
    ICH Voltage: 1.58
    Spread Spectrum: Disabled
    Q6600 G0
    msi p45 platinum
    2*2gb team xtreem dark 1066mhz @ 5-5-5-15(2.1-2.2v)
    FSP everest 600w.

    may i ask a question how many voltages i will add if im try to go to 3.4ghz to 3.6ghz..TIA
    That is impossible to answer as it is something you will have to find out yourself through systematic testing,

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    I from chile, I don't speak much English but I will attempt
    when I turn off the PC he appears me the following error:
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    I already downloaded the it finishes version of the driver, but it doesn't pass anything  
    also the operating system one this updated
    please help.
    thank you

    I posted about this a long time ago. If you use the search engine here (provided it works currently) you'll see what I did.
    As mentioned, it's an IRQ issue. This card and it's drivers, do not like IRQ sharing in some configurations. Some share without problems, and other configurations simply wont tolerate it.

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    When i turn on my nano it shows an icon saying www.apple.com/support..help please? what do i do?
    Sony   Windows XP  

    I wish I could help you too. I've run into the exact same problem and nothing that I'm following in the manual is helping. My screen actually says "Do not disconnect." If I toggle with it and try to reset it, then the same screen as you described comes on.
    I'm waiting for someone that can help me too.

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    Everytime i turn on my N95 it comes up with the 'welcome to your new phone' message. It then procedes to try and install the software, but comes up with an error message 'unable to complete installation...' (can't get the rest of it because it disappears too fast.. something about the memory card i think).
    Any ideas on the problem? Or how i can fix it?
    Go to Solution.

    It looks like you have software installed on the memory card. This sometimes creates this kind of problem.
    I suggest you back up what you want to from the card (photos, audio, video etc.) and then reformat it. You can then restore the data you just backed up and install your applications in the phone's memory.
    Was this post helpful? If so, please click on the white "Kudos!" star below. Thank you!

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    Try downloading an installer from the Apple website using a different web browser:
    If you use Firefox instead of IE for the download (or vice versa), do you get a working installer?

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    The warranty entitles you to complimentary phone support for the first 90 days of ownership.
    If you bought the product in the U.S. directly from Apple (not from a reseller), you have 14 days from the date of delivery in which to exchange or return it for a refund. In other countries, the return policy may be different. If you bought from a reseller, its return policy applies.

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    Tried Google?  iPad error 1600

  • I keep getting an "unknown error" when I am trying to install an app. After I have put my correct apple ID in.

    I keep getting an "unknown error" when I am trying to install an app. After I have put my correct apple ID in.

    First, turn off your CAPS lock.  Typing in all CAPS is considered screaming/yelling and many will simply ignore your posting.
    Are you currently having issues?  Is it when trying to purchase only on the device?  Are you able to complete purchases via iTunes on your computer?

  • TS3274 I keep getting an error when trying to download a tv series right on my iPad from the iTunes store. I am able to download on my laptop then synchronize but it's a hassle specially if my laptop is not with me. All other Apps seem to be working fine.

    I keep getting an error when trying to download a tv series right on my iPad from the iTunes store. I am able to download on my laptop then synchronize but it's a hassle specially if my laptop is not with me. All other Apps seem to be working fine. Help!

    If anyone is reading this still looking for what caused the issue and how to fix it here is what I discovered.
    The antivirus program our company uses, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, was causing some of the PDF files not to open. After troubleshooting the different modules and settings the culprit was..
    Scan SSL in Privacy Control Settings. Turning it OFF solved the problem and all the PDF files that previously would not open now open just fine. This issue has been sent to Bitdefender for them to review. If you use a different antivirus program and are having this issue try locating the Scan SSL setting and see if turning it off solves the problem.

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