Hp pavillion dv6700 webcam problem with windows 7

I have hp pavillion dv6700, which had Windows Vista originally. I upgraded to Windows 7 and the webcam doesn't work amymore. When I launch Cyberlink Youcam, i get message " No video detected, please install camera" I have updated BIOS and all windows update and nothing works. "Image Device" in not shown under device manager.  Please help

Hello Abzozo1.  I understand you're getting the "webcam not detected" error.
What is the exact product number of the notebook?  This document can show you where it is located.
Has the webcam ever worked since you upgraded the operating system?
To ensure that you have all of the software installed properly I suggest installing the HP Software Framework and HP Support Assistant.  You can then run HP Support Assistant and it will automatically install any missing software.  If that doesn't resolve the issue I suggest you take a look at my thread located here.  This thread covers the common solutions to this error.
Take a look at that thread and let me know if any of the steps help.
Have a great day!  I'll keep an eye out for your next reply.
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  • Ideapad S10-3 Webcam Problem with Windows XP

    Hi folks,
    I own a Ideapad S10-3 shipped with Windows 7 Starter.
    Because Windows XP is much faster on this machine, I installed Windows XP Professional SP3.
    After Installation I downloaded all S10-3 Windows XP drivers available at the lenovo site for S10-3.
    No installations problems so far, the webcam was working and recognized as Lenovo EasyCamera
    Vendor ID: 5986 Product ID: 0190 Rev: 1409. Driver Provider is displayed as "Vimicro"
    After a few days using the netbook, one day i started windows and the new hardware found wizard started and recognized a new USB Video device and installed the UVC driver from Windows. This "new" device has Vendor ID: 0ac8 and Product ID: 3450 Rev: 0130. The old webcam with the old IDs isnt shown anymore in the device manager. (only if you set var "devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1" and enable "show hidden devices")
    When i try to use the webcam the light beside the webcam turns on, but no picture is displayed. No matter which program i try, the webcam isnt working anymore.
    Because of the different device ID it isnt possible to install the lenovo webcam driver, but basically the webcam should work with the UVC driver provided by windows. I find it totaly strange that the webcam is showing up suddenly with a different device id.
    When windows is running theres an process VM322_STI.exe running, its part of the Webcam driver and gets installed.
    This is the second S10-3 Netbook on which i have this problem, i returned the first one because of this problem.
    Is someone here, who is also using the S10-3 with XP or has an similar problem ?
    EDIT: I read about the firmware update problems/issues with the old S10 models, but theres no Firmware on the S10-3 website i think, so i didn't think that i accidently flashed a wrong firmware to this webcam. I only used the Device manager to install the webcam driver. Or is it possible that the firmware is included in the driver package?

    IT's working again... very strange ... the driver on the lenovo site for this webcam seems faulty, i uninstalled it, and after the reboot the old cam with the old device id is back in the device manager ... i now use the uvc driver and NEVER install the lenovo driver again... just because of the driver i returned my first s10-3 .
    Also very interersting: After the cam didnt work in Windows XP anymore, i recovered the original Win7Starter from an complete hdd image (which i made before installing win XP) and in Win7 the cam wasn't working too. Because of that i never thought that it was a driver problem, because the driver and windows xp was deleted when i recovered the original win7.
    so my recommendation: DO NOT install the lenovo driver, let Windows XP use its own UVC driver.

  • Webcam problems with windows 7 profesional (64bits) RTM

    hello the reason why I write this post is because last week my laptop model pavilium dv3-2155mx I put the windows 7 Professional (64 bit) RTM, everything is going well but the only problem is I can not use the webcam , windows 7 is the default options when download the drivers and see if the driver of the webcam is installed appears to me as if I were in the device manager under 'imaging devices'. The problem occurs when I open the "HP MediaSmart Webcam", to open that program should be off the camera from my laptop and see the image that is generating the webcam but the following appears:
    "MediaSmart Webcam can not make the connection to the video device (HP Webcam). Select another capture device in the closed configuration options or applications that may be using this video device and restart SmartWebcam"
    I do what that tells me there but nothing ... again receive the same message also tested with the "Cyberlink YouCam" and leaves the same, the same happens when I try to put it on Messenger, getting an error that can not start the webcam ... I would like to know what is happening and give me a solution for this problem because the windows 7 looks great and I do not want to go back to Windows Vista because Windows 7 is much faster and much better job with this, want a solution please to use my webcam in windows 7 I hope your answers thank you very much!!

    oops sorry, my mistake, well the exception says "System.NullReferenceException"
    the code:
    string oradb = "user id=" + login + ";password=" + password +
    ";data source=(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)" +
    "(HOST=" + ipServer + ")(PORT=" + port + "))(CONNECT_DATA=" +
    "(SERVICE_NAME=" + bdName + ")))";
    OracleConnection conn = new OracleConnection(oradb); <---------------------------- here the error start
    OracleConnection conn = new OracleConnection(oradb);
    return conn;
    catch (OracleException ex)
    switch (ex.Number)
    case 1:
    throw new ArgumentException("duplicate data");
    case 12545:
    throw new ArgumentException("not database available");
    throw new ArgumentException("Error: " + ex.Message.ToString());
    catch (Exception ex)
    throw new ArgumentException(ex.Message.ToString()); <----------------------------- error: "System.NullReferenceException"
    I hope this be more clear, Oracle works on Windows 2003 Server rc2, ver. 10G
    Edited by: user1322277 on 04-ene-2010 12:06

  • Problem with windows and my monitor in after effects

    HI . before any thing excuse me for speeking english.
    i have a problem with windows in after effect in my monitor
    my monitor is 15.6 and resolution is 1366*768
    for example when i open interpret footage window i can't see that complete and amount of size window dont visible.

    Your system doesn't meet the requirements and that is that. AE has required 900 pixel height ever since CS4. Other than changing your screen res or shuffling around windows there is nothing you can do.

  • Hi anyone having a problem with windows 7 and itunes

    Hi has anyone had a problem with windows 7n and Itunes...My Itunes was working now wont open says files missing reinstall...which I have done several times also other programs that were working now have error message your side by side configuration isnt correct any ideas!!!

    Yes, I am also having trouble with my windows 7n.  I tried to install the download but it didn't have 32 bit for my computer and I don't think it will help me see my phone on my external devices. I can't transfer my photos. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Problems with Windows XP SP3 in Boot Camp

    I have recently received a 21.5" iMac; it is the higher-end of the 21.5" standard configurations. The problems I am having, I believe, specifically relate to drivers.
    Firstly, I get no sound whatsoever in Windows XP SP3 (boot camp); I have tried removing and reinstalling the drivers from the Snow Leopard install disc, but no success. I have no yellow question marks in the device manager window, but the absence of audio still persists.
    Secondly, I cannot gain access to the special functions of the Apple wireless keyboard in Windows XP SP3 via Boot Camp. Again, I have tried reinstalling the drivers, but no success. I have read an Apple support document which states that the keys are only supported on late 2009 Macs; I own one of these Macs, so that cannot be the problem.

    Problems with Windows XP SP3 in Boot Camp
    Boot Camp forums are here: http://discussions.apple.com/category.jspa?categoryID=237

  • I am having a problem with Windows Fusion installed on a MacBook.

    I am having a problem with Windows Fusion installed on a MacBook OS 10.  When attempting to use a Browser, (either IE, or Chrome), under Windows Fusion, I cannot browse to ANY page except Gmail.com.
    I checked all security settings, and found no problem. Neither browser will allow me to do ANYTHING other than go to Gmail.com!!!
    I am not sure if I have some virus on my Windows side, because Google and Safari both work perfectly on my Apple side, just not when running Windows Fusion.
    Is there some setting I am missing, or do you think I have malware/virus issues?? My Internet connection is DEFINITELY working fine - I can send, receive, open, and close all my email on Gmail only, and can navigate freely on Gmail, but cannot get to any other site even hyperlinked to Gmail.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

    HartEJ wrote:
    ...Neither browser will allow me to do ANYTHING other than go to Gmail.com!!!...
    If you've already tried my previous suggestions, it may be that something has tampered with the DNS settings in your Windows VM, which might bypass the settings your Mac uses. Assuming you're using Windows 8, these instructions explain how to check and change the DNS settings. There's also a link in those instructions listing a variety of suggested DNS settings. If you do try changing the settings, record what the settings currently are in case you want to return to them.

  • Looking for a site that shows problems with windows patches or updates.

    Looking for a site that shows problems with windows patches or updates...so I know what not to install.
    Plenty of sites list and summarize individual patches, I want one that consolidates problems and complaints so I can better assess the risk. Currently I'm waiting to install patches several days and doing google searches. That works, but I'd rather find a place
    that does it with expertise.
    Which forums would be best to look for such problems.
    Thanks in and advance for suggestions

    I agreed with Cyber and Rick.
    Windows update helps to keep your PC safer—and your software current—by fetching the latest security and feature updates from Microsoft via the Internet.
    Although there might be some problems when installing it, Windows update is not the one to blame.
    For troubleshooting Windows updates, if needed:
    Fix Microsoft Windows Update Issues
    Best regards
    Michael Shao
    TechNet Community Support

  • Has anybody had the following error while trying to download iTunes 10.5? There is a problem with Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run.

    Has anybody had the following error while trying to download iTunes 10.5? There is a problem with Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run.

    Go to "control panel" then "add or remove programs".  Highlight "Apple software update"  Choose "change" click "Repair"  This should do the trick.  Then download and install iTunes 10.5 again.

  • Tried to install iTunes 10.5 this morning but an error appeared saying "problem with windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run." Can someone please help

    I tried to install iTunes 10.5 this morning but an error appeared saying "problem with windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run." Can someone please help

    Firstly, are you installing iTunes for the first time or are you updating your current version of iTunes?
    If you're installing iTunes for the first time have you tried redownloading the installer package? Perhaps the file you downloaded originally is corrupted...
    If you've tried that, then try installing iTunes as your computer's administrator. To do this right-click the install package and choose "Run as administrator".
    If you're updating iTunes to the most recent version try repairing the Apple Software Update program on your computer. It's under the add/remove programs.
    1. Open the control panel
    2. Open Add/Remove programs (called "Programs and Features" in Windows 7)
    3. Navigate to "Apple Software Update" in the list and click on it
    4. Click on "Change" then select "Repair" (or just select the repair option in Windows 7)
    Once you repair this, try running iTunes and the update again.
    Fingers crossed!

  • Problem with Windows Media Player since installing Firefox 4.0

    Problems with Window Media Player. When I am using Windows Media Player to view a video from another source I am having problems. When I hit pause and then go back to hit play it does not have any sound. The player is not on mute and it keeps going from pause to play with no sound most times. Please help. Thank-you. I have Windows Vista programs.

    What can I do to get the Windows Media Player to work properly?

  • Problems with Windows VISTA and WPA-2

    Hi Guys,
    I am using a Linksys router supporting draft-N; it seems that after some time of usage; Windows Vista stop being able to connect to Linksys using a WPA-2 PSK.
    Everytime you search for the SSID and attempt to connect, the ''network is taking too long to connect''' and Windows always informs the user that ''limited or no connectivity'' even though the signal strength is excellent.
    Is that a common problem in Windows Visa (I am using Home Edition)?

    Yes thats the basica command problem with Windows Vista while connecting to the Wireless Network.... In this you can need to update your Windows Vista OS with all the Latest Patches and the Service Pack to improve more stability on your Vista Computer to get connected to the Wireless Network..

  • Photo sync problem with Windows Vista?

    I did some searching and was wondering if there is a solution to the photo sync problem with Windows Vista. I have gone the route of changing some of my photos to bitmap files but this is was way too much work just to view on ipod. I like to email Apple but could not find a link to do so. As far as I know I have all updates but still the iPod does not sync photos. Is there an update to this that I am missing or am I stuck changing all my photos to .bmp files?

    I checked out the article and not much help, thanks anyway.
    Would it make a difference if I purchased Adobe Photo Album or would I still be stuck with changing and saving files to .bmp extensions? I have Adobe Photoshop album starter but still have to change file extensions.
    If someone has a solution to this problem I would really be greatfull. I did contact Dell as this is a brand new computer and that was a wash. They did give me a number for Apple but of course I bought the iPod off of ebay and has no warranty on it so unless I pay a fee I'm not calling. It just blows my mind that Microsoft and Apple can't or won't come up with a fix. But I guess when Microsoft wants you to buy the Zune or Apple wants you to buy the overpriced Macintosh why would they waste time on having there products compatible with each other.

  • Problem with Windows 8.1 and Corseca Byte BT headset

    I recently bought a Corseca Byte bluetooth headset.
    The headset works fine with phones.
    Initially when connected to the laptop running windows 8.1 it works well and continues to flawlessly for hours.
    The problem is when the headset is connected to the laptop but there is no audio streaming (e.g paused a movie playback for attending some other job) and resume playback after 10-15 minutes the audio starts stuttering/ becomes choppy. If I switch off the headset
    and restart it works fine unless it lays unused for some time.
    Windows recognizes the device correctly. I've turned off power management for BT devices and tried to update the drivers without any positive result.
    Initially I thought the headset was defective but since it works flawlessly with phones I think it is a problem with Windows 8.1.
    How to solve the issue?

    Have you also tried to disable power management on wireless network connection adapter? Since some OEM computers also combine some features of Bluetooth to wireless network connection adapter.
    This issue can be mostly caused by drivers. Please contact the menufacturer's to see if the latest driver is compatible with Windows 8.1.
    If not, I suggest you find the driver for Windows 8 /7 and install it in compatible mode in Windows 8.1 to see what's going on.
    Also, post back the C:\Windows\Inf\setupapi.dev.log and event log you can find in event viewer related to this issue here for our research.
    Kate Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • Problems with Windows 7 home premium and ovi

    Excuse me for my english.
    I've a big problem with Windows 7 and NOKIA N97 32G
    I install the latest version of Nokia Ovi Suite When I connect the phone with USB and select PC suite mode in the phone, OVI don't see the phone and say method not compatible.
    I can't synchronize the phone.
    Help me.

    I just want to say that many Nokia Ovi Suite problems have showed up for me recently. I tried everything (including many reinstalls, cleans, etc.) and nothing helped.
    Finally I found the solution:
    I realized that I have installed Service Pack 1 on Windows 7 (32-bit), and this stopped Ovi Suite from working correctly. The solution is to run Ovi Suite in compatibility mode as "Windows 7"
    (You may be surprised to run an application in "Windows 7" compatibility mode on Windows 7. But after installing Service Pack, it is no longer "Windows 7" but it is now "Windows 7 SP1"! This is different. So "Windows 7" is the old mode without the service pack, and in this old mode Ovi Suite works.)
    Concluding: After installing Service Pack 1 just use compatibility mode as "Windows 7" to run Ovi Suite, and this program should work OK (at least for me it works on a 32-bit OS).
    PS. My version of Ovi Suite is

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