HP PSC 1400 Drivers for windows 7 Professional X64 (bit) problem

I have downloaded full printer software and drivers for Windows 7 Professional 64-bit from HP site- but nothing so far has worked I have tried several times, neither i can locate any driver that will work for it, even after attempting to install from the HP program listed for my OS and this printer.Every time at the end of installation it installation stuck at a message configuring printer and it keep saying that for hours and do not finish. Finally I had to terminate the process manually to get out of it!   Please Please Please help!

Suhail wrote:
I have downloaded full printer software and drivers for Windows 7 Professional 64-bit from HP site- but nothing so far has worked I have tried several times, neither i can locate any driver that will work for it, even after attempting to install from the HP program listed for my OS and this printer.Every time at the end of installation it installation stuck at a message configuring printer and it keep saying that for hours and do not finish. Finally I had to terminate the process manually to get out of it!   Please Please Please help!Which PSC 1400 are you using? There a few different models: HP PSC 1402 All-in-One PrinterHP PSC 1410v All-in-One PrinterHP PSC 1410xi All-in-One PrinterHP PSC 1417 All-in-One PrinterLet me know which one so I can get you the proper download.Thanks,Sean

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  • Re: HP 15-d053sr drivers for Windows 7 x64 not installed

    I have the same problem!!! 
    Notebook HP 15-d053sr, Product No. F7R72EA#ACB, Serial No. [edited by Moderator], Bios Version F.11
    On clean install Windows 7 x64, Can't install all Chipsets, USB 3.0 and Video drivers! Error message: "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"
    On clean install Windows 8.1 x64 Can't install "IMEI" (sp64344) driver and maybe more!
    HP Support Assistant find only 4 drivers (Atheros Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, Synaptics TouchPad and Realtek Audio drivers)...
    Need working, supported, compatible drivers for Windows 7 x64!
    Please HELP!!!

    Hi @Ainars_LV ,
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    Thank you
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  • HP PSC 1100 drivers for Windows 7

    Are there already HP PSC 1100 drivers for Windows 7?
    I cannot use the scanner with my new Windows 7 machine.

    The PSC 1100 drivers should be pre-installed on Win 7 itself. If just plugging in the printer doesnt work, then go to the Devices window, click on Add A Printer, and when you come to the drivers window, click on Windows update to get the latest drivers from Windows update. This is a legacy product, so HP most likely wont release software and drivers separately.
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  • Need Drivers for windows 10 x64

    Hello, I need the proper drivers for windows 10 x64 for my probook 450 g1 laptop. I got the drivers from this page: http://us-support.external.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=5405166&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4192all the drivers are not present here like display, hot keys etc. So it will be very helpful to me if someone helps me to get those drivers. Thanks in advance.

    From Boot Camp: System requirements for Microsoft Windows operating systems - Apple Support please use Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5640.
    You can use Boot Camp: Install or repair Boot Camp drivers for Repair.

  • Drivers for Windows Vista 64-bit on Satellite L300-1AM

    When I can get drivers for Windows Vista 64-bit? Or I need to intall 32-bit drivers on my 64-bit Vista operating system?
    Please links ;)

    [Toshiba - Download Drivers|http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp]
    In the Drivers Search Page (the link above) select these filters:
    _Product type:_ +Notebook+
    _Family:_ +Satellite+
    _Product Series:_ +Satellite A Series+ (don't try the L series if you want to find anything useful)
    _Operating System:_ +Windows Vista 64 Bit+
    _Country:_ +World Wide+ (you have to select this in order to get rid of those multiple country options available for the modem)
    _Language:_ +English+ (obviously)
    Don't modify any other filter. The results will be about 100 (maybe more, but the site is set to show up to 100 results).
    1. Download the latest versions only (there's no point in downloading multiple versions of the same driver, yet they will be shown in the search results area)
    2. Download what's specific to your laptop only (network - RealTek, both wired and wireless; chipset and graphics - Intel; modem - Toshiba; webcam - Chicony; there's no point in downloading anything from otehr vendors - except maybe the touchpad, but Windows can handle it properly without aditional drivers)
    3. Don't download any BIOS or Firmware file; they might not be for your notebook, and installing the wrong ones is a sure path to screwing up your notebook (and losing the warranty); if you need them upgraded, go to the download page for your specific model, Windows XP or Windows Vista 32 Bit drivers (since they are OS independent anyway)
    Toshiba utilities (DVD Player, ConfigFree, etc.) should be OK too (again, download the latest version only).
    BTW, I own 2 Toshiba notebooks (L300-1AM and L300-1AN; quite similar, the differences are in HDD and CPU only) and I had the same problem: no 64-bit drivers (and the same "support"). Quite strange the idea that Toshiba is testing these 64-bit drivers before releasing them (according to a previous post), since the same drivers, for the very same chipsets - but installed on other models - are available. Windows Vista 64-bit is out on the market for nearly 2 years now, the production of these models has already been stopped (and I assume they have not been produced during one night only :) ), yet they had no time to test the drivers... High-class support from Toshiba!

  • Drivers for Windows 7 64-bit for HP Pavilion 15-p125ng

    Can any one help me with Drivers for Windows 7 64-bit for HP Pavilion 15-p125ng? I'll be very grateful for any answers
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    You should be able to use the drivers and software from this model on yours...
    When you go to install the graphics you have to install these drivers in this order and reboot after each installation.
    1. Intel chipset installation utility.
    2. Intel HD graphics driver.
    3. Nvidia HD graphics driver.

  • SAP Netweaver Download for windows 7 x64 bit

    I want to download SAP Netweaver for Windows 7 x64 bit. Can anyone give me a link or if someone has the software and can attach it here.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Arpit,
    Goto-> service market place->Click on software downloads->click on Installations and Upgrades-> click on Browse our Download Catalog->SAP NetWeaver and complementary products->SAP NetWeaver->depending on your Netweaver version select it->Installation and Upgrade->Microsoft Windows->Select your Db and download.

  • Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 model SB0100 drivers for Windows 7 64 bits

    I have a Sound Blaster Li've! 5. model SB000 with a Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500. I haven't found any driver for my sound card that works with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits.
    Is there any compatible driver for my sound card and for Windows 7 64 bits?
    If it's not, which creative's sound cards are compatible with my Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500?
    Thank you!

    I recently answered about the same question:
    If you?use Vista or Windows7, then there is no official driver. You can only use alternati've drivers like Vista Support Pack by Daniel_K or the one from KXProject (better). But if you have more than 2 gigs of memory installed or an x64 OS, then both drivers will be half-working (as far as I remember, Daniel's driver won't work with more than 2 Gb of memory installed in any OS, and with KX-driver there will only be a problem with MIDI playback with more than 2 Gb AND x64 Win7).

  • Z710 hotkey drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

    As the subject states, I'm looking for hotkey drivers for the Z710 ideapad for Windows 7 x64. The hotkeys all work but when I press the buttons, such as the volume key, the on-screen display does not show up. I installed a new SSD to the laptop and installed a fresh copy of WIndows 7 x64. I found all the drivers on the website and everything's running smoothly except this issue. Thanks in advance!

    You should be able to use the drivers and software from this model on yours...
    When you go to install the graphics you have to install these drivers in this order and reboot after each installation.
    1. Intel chipset installation utility.
    2. Intel HD graphics driver.
    3. Nvidia HD graphics driver.

  • Hp deskjet 5940 drivers for windows xp 32 bit

    who can help me find a driver for windows xp 32 bit for my hp deskjet 5940?? the drivers that you download from hp website is for xp 64 bit!

    thanks for your help!
    I tried this but it does not work for my windows xp 32 bit!
    I have tried many a driver but I can not find anyone!
    I do not know what to do ...

  • No drivers for windows 7 64 bit for PI21AG

    I just paid $170 for a Cisco Aironet  802.11a/b/g Wireless PCI Adapter ( AIR-PI21AG-A-K9 ).
    I was suprised to discover that it doesnt have drivers for windows 7 64bit. for the price of one of these it should be able to be supported on windows 7.
    ive tried to run it on compatibility mode for vista and still nothing. this is very fustrating for an expensive product.

    I have the same issue; the Vista drivers don't work for me, the computer hangs; what's worse is that they even hang a computer with Vista.
    What can I do? This is very frustrating

  • Drivers for windows XP 64 bit - struggling to get my machine working!

    I was calling Lenovo for the windows XP 64bit drivers, apparently, according to the answers i received 'they dont have it'? sounds a little strange how can they sell machines with 4GB and more and not support the 64bit? I am missing sound, Video and other PCI drivers, anyone can please help, I downloaded all the drivers, also tried the vista and the windows 7, none worked

    lirankornen, welcome to the forum,
    Lenovo has never supported or had drivers for XP x64 for notebooks, neither did IBM. I'm afraid you're sort of on your own here.
    There are some posts in these boards about this, maybe you could try a search for them. Another very usefull place to search is ThinkPads.com.
    Good Luck
    Andy  ______________________________________
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  • Hp g6-2034tx Drivers for windows 7 32-bit

    Hi everybody!
    Today i have formatted my Notebook and changed the OPERATING SYSTEM to Windows 7 (32-Bit) (Ultimate)
    Need basic drivers for the my HP Pavilion g6-2034tx Notebook for the following devices, currently being Yellow Highlighted by the Device Manager:
    1. Ethernet Controller
    2. Network Controller
    3. PCI Device
    4. PCI Simple Communications Controller
    5. SM Bus Controller
    6. Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
    7. Unknown Devices
    Your help is requested and reply is anxiously awaited.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,

    Hi there @arslan1 
    Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, both from other users, HP experts and other support personnel.
    I understand that you have installed a different operating system, and that you are looking for drivers. I am happy to help with this.
    Which operating system did you originally have installed?
    Also, did you make a set of recovery cds before starting?
    Here is the product homepage: HP Pavilion g6-2034tx Notebook PC. From here you can find the drivers for the supported operating systems.
    Click on the Software and Drivers link along the left side of the page, and then you can select from the two options to the right. If you select Option 2 with the blue Go button,  the system will detect your current operating system based on the computer you are using. If it does not match, because it is a different computer, click on the Edit to the right of the statement listing Your Operating System, and from the drop downs select the correct one, and then click on the blue Update button.
    The page should display all of the HP drivers available for your computer, for your choices.
    I hope this helps.
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • How can I install Mac Mini drivers for Windows 7 32-bit if I didn't install Windows 7 using bootcamp?

    Hello. I have a mac-mini (mid 2010) and with bootcamp, was successfully running XP.
    I then decided to upgraded to Windows 7 had lots of trouble installing it on my existing bootcamp partition.
    I finally was able to install Windows 7, by just booting off the CD and letting it install that way.
    But reading more on it, I think I was supposed to use Bootcamp to do it for me...
    I had thought the Bootcamp Assistant was for only fresh installs of a Windows O.S. where no partitiion existed previously.
    I had a partition so thought Bootcamp wasn't required for my needs.
    But now, inside Windows 7, I have 0 drivers installed. I have an AirPort Express, so on the Mac side, I downloaded
    and installed the Windows version of AirPort Utility and copied it to my USB stick. Then
    I exported my settings to a text file on a USB Stick, then on Windows was able to successfully install AirPort Utility and import the settings.
    But it still doesn't find my network. I am pretty sure I'm broadcasting my SSID...
    So I need to know the following:
    1) How to know I'm broadcasting my SSID - where do I find this in settings?
    2) How I can install my mac-mini drivers on Windows 7 so I can use my existing wireless network, now that I've gone through the installation without using Bootcamp?
    3) Do I need to set up network adapters and all that stuff in Windows 7 first? If so, how and what drivers do I need?
    One other thing I tried was downloading Bootccamp 4.x and installing that on Windows 7 to see if it gives me the drivers that were supposed to be written to my USB stick if I had installed Windows 7 using Bootcamp in the first place... However I think the message it said was that it couldn't install as it was the wrong version. So I'm still stuck without drivers and therefore no internet.
    And that is my main task - getting the Internet up and running in Windows 7.
    Other Info:
    I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8 with 2 GB of memory.
    I installed the 32-bit version of Windows 7 and I don't know what version of Bootcamp I'm running...
    I can tell you that BootCamp Assistant is v3.0.4, but don't know if that means Bootcamp is also 3.0.4.
    Hope you can help.

    I tried something that worked for me...
    Knowing that after my install of Windows 7 wasn't the correct method (didn't go through bootcamp), and the BootCamp 4.x package wouldn't install under windows 7, I tried reinstalling Bootcamp 4.x in Windows 7 to see what the exact message was it gave me. The message said it couldn't install because of a 32-bit O.S. vs a 64-bit version of the package.
    So that got me thinging - my XP version was 32-bit, and so is my Windows 7 installation. So I tried installing the bootcamp that came with my Mac OS X installation CD. This is bootcamp version 3.1.
    Not only did it install, but it practically took care of everything driver-wise for me. I was then able to see my wireless network, enter my password and I was connected. The only thing else I had to do to get on the Internet was bring IE8 online (guess it ships offline by default). Firewall and Antivirus are now installed, just a few more things to go.
    That's one thing that's just not clear that I'll be sure to note for next time... The Bootcamp packages you download are actually driver packages for Windows. That is where the Windows drivers exists that are necessary to make your Windows 7 PC work on a bootcamp partition!
    I didn't need the AirPoirt Utility at all (at least, I never went into it).
    Thanks VikingOSX for your post. I will not need to follow the steps you provided, but they may help someone else as all of these bootcamp issues I've been reading seem to be very unique per installation.
    Hopefully my solution helps others.

  • Drivers for Windows Vista 64-bit

    Hi all -
    I want to install Vista Ultimate 64-bit on my iMac intel 2.4GHz with 2GB of RAM. I read around that I will have to manually install the drivers for apple specific hardware. Does that include the apple keyboard (aluminum) and the mighty mouse? If so, where do I get the drivers from?
    Thanks a lot.

    Hi Steafan!
    I followed the instructions on the site you gave me and its successfully installed the ATI driver. However, using system profiler on my mac, it says my card is ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro, but Vista now lists it as ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT. Is there any problems? On the other hand, the keyboard is giving me enough functionality, but some things still don't work, namely the number pad and eject key.
    I also read on the net somewhere that the fans will not work? How can I verify that my fans are working?
    PS I've only got a measley score of 4.8 on the windows performance rating...

Maybe you are looking for

  • Image files are copied but SAPMMC not started

    Hi All,       I copied the Image file and paste in the my new server of SR2.after i clicked my ghost icone, selecte the Restore option and selected the Image files are orcale instances and  <b>XI instances but SAPMMC not started</b>.pls sugest me. re

  • Problems with TFPT on OS X Tiger (Workaround Bonjour error)

    Hello, I'm trying to update the firmware in my DCM-202 modem via TFTP and I keep getting an error "Workaround Bonjour Unknown Error 0". This occurs when I enter the following command lines in the terminal sudo service tftp start sudo launchctl load -

  • Business One add-on and Netweaver

    Hi all, I am developping an add-on for SAP business One and I would like to know if it is possible to use Web Services (via NetWeaver) to connect a Client to this add-on.Is there any documentation which deals with this topic? Thanks for your help. Re

  • Need default tick mark on exchange rate

    Dear all, At time on creation of new purchase order there is a one check box in dilevery/invoice tab, like exchange rate fixed  i want a default tick mark in this check box. Plz help me

  • IMac startup automatically opens Safari and Text Edit

    Whenever I start or restart my iMac, it automatically opens Safari and Text Edit in two small windows. This happens even even when those programs were off when the computer was shut done. Not a major problem but I'd like to fix it. Tom