HP8600 Auto Load Tray for Fax

I use the HP8600 Officejet Pro Premium. The auto load tray is reliable anytime I use the scan or copy feature.  There is about a 25% success rate with the same auto load tray with fax attempts.  Any advice or support would be very much appreciated.

Hello csc05c,
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Typically when you have issues with the tray or the hardware on the printer, it is usually a power issue or a lack there of.
Please make sure that you have the printer power cable connected directly to a wall outlet and not a power bar/strip. Here is a document that uses a LaserJet printer as an example but it is meant for HP products in general. Please click on the following link that explains the Issues when Connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply/Power Strip/Surge Protector.
Try having it connected to a wall outlet for a few days and let me know if any change takes place.  If the troubleshooting does not help resolve your issue, I would then suggest calling HP's Technical Support to see about further options for you. If you are calling within North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions, click here: click here.
Thanks for your time.
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    I wonder if anyone can help me.
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    The problem I have is that ever since I took a holiday in June 2013 I'am now getting a web page auto loading in safari this seems to happen at randowm points either opening in a new tab or even open safari when it is closed. The web page is the ebay login page and has some detail of a user unkown to me in the URL.
    I have spoken with apple support and we have tried clearing the cache's, reseting safari, checking the library files and removing the plist but all to no avail. Ideally I would like to uninstall safari and reload but this does not appear to be an option.
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    From the Safari menu bar, select
    Safari ▹ Preferences ▹ Extensions
    Turn all extensions OFF and test. If the problem is resolved, turn extensions back ON and then disable them one or a few at a time until you find the culprit.
    If you wish, you may be able to salvage the malfunctioning extension by uninstalling and reinstalling it. Its settings will revert to their defaults. If the extension still causes a problem, remove it permanently or refer to its developer for support.

  • MupdfPage: an add-on for mupdf for auto-loading/saving page numbers

    I love MuPDF, but it doesn't store page number before you exit as other viewers do. I wrote a new header 'pdfpage.h' under the 'apps' directory and hacked 'pdfapps.c' a bit so that now it auto-saves and loads page numbers. The hack is based on a svn version, which keeps changing and makes patching hard, so I put my hacks in the README.txt.
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    drop 'pdfpage.h' into apps directory, and apply the 4 changes in 'pdfapps.c'.

    Check out llpp and zathura. The former uses mupdf to render PDFs, the latter can (with a plugin). Both are very fast (llpp just FLIES), and have that auto-loading/saving page numbers. And, zathura has genious keybindings.
    But cool project. Thanks.

  • How do I stop last web pages from auto loading in Safari?

    I find the feature of Lion that auto-loads previous web pages (and previous open applications) annoying. I want to stop this function. I see the checked box that asks if I want to re-open applications when logging out but I want the default to be to NOT re-open the apps. I equally dislike the auto-opening of previous web pages in Safari. I know that I can clear my history but what I want is for my homepage to open when I run Safari and not the last page viewed. Any solutions?
    Found this for Safari in the forums...
    Go to terminal and type in the following:
    defaults write com.apple.Safari ApplePersistenceIgnoreState YES
    If you decide that you rather have the new resume behavior, execute the above commands but change YES to NO.
    You can also do the same for Preview:
    defaults write com.apple.Preview ApplePersistenceIgnoreState YES

    iDrifter: The full command is:
    defaults write com.apple.Preview ApplePersistenceIgnoreState YES
    I was having the same problem and this is what I did:
    1) Closed Safari
    2) Changed the setting (mentioned) above in System Preferences
    3) Enter the "defaults write ..." command into Terminal.
    Now whever I launch Safari it does not load any pages.

  • Safari 5.1 strange auto-reloading behavior for tabs in the background

    hi guys.
    I have been encountering this strange behavior recently. I had thought it could be something wrong with my system, until yesterday i upgraded my Safari for Windows to the v.5.1 on a Windows XP laptop, and found the same issue. Now i guess I can be quite certain this is a safari issue.
    System info:
    1. Macbook Pro 17", OSX 10.6.8, 64bit boot (i have 8GB RAM).
    2. Safari (Mac) is the lastest version (as updated by the Auto update), run in the default 64bit mode.
    3. The windows machine is an old Thinkpad T60 with Windows XP Pro SP3. The Safari for windows is Safari 5.1 (7534.50), also updated by auto update.
    4. I have not installed any Safari extensions/plugs that feature an auto-reloading -- as such behavior was never seen before i upgrade to Safari 5.1
    Since i mostly work on mac the mac has been kept most updated. But the windows machine which i use now and then, i don't update everything very frequently. And the earlier Safari 5.0 worked fine without the current issue.
    1. Let's say I have 1 Safari window open with 5 tabs, and I have been working on the 4th tab for a while, and left the other 4 tabs "idling" in the background.
    2. And then i want to switch to another tab: click on that tab, and that tab will come to the foreground while being automatically refreshed.
    3. It looks to me this behavior happens after the inactive tabs have been idling longer than a certain period of time - then if you switch to them, they will be switched to and in the same time auto-reloaded. But I still don't know how long it needs for the "idling" before an auto-reloading "threshold" is triggered.
    4. In the beginning this was just on the Mac Safari (and i hadn't updated safari on the windows). But after I updated safari for WIN yesterday, i found the same behavior today.
    5. I checked all the Preferences settings and didnt find any option that indicates this behaviors.
    Guys. any ideas? anyone have the same trouble? Thanks a lot guys. This is really annoying.

    Carolyn Samit wrote:
    I'm running Safari 5.1 / SL v10.6.8 on one Mac with Glims installed and I never have a problem with tabs auto reloading. You might want to give it a try.
    It's free!
    Once the software is installed you can access the settings from Safari / Preferences - Glims.
    If you don't like the software you can use their uninstaller here.
    Hi Carolyn thanks a lot for the idea.
    The weird thing is... after i tried to uninstall and re-install a few apps the "auto-loading" behavior disappeared ... guess something was interfereing with safari 5.1...
    But thanks for recommending Glims. I took a quick look at the website and it looks great. will do some more research before i start using it. Thanks for the recomm!

  • HP 6100 will not recognize paper in load tray

    hp 6100 printer will not recognize that it has paper in the load tray. have tried from two computers same result...add paper then try again. Tried troubleshooting with HP app and was informed printer was low or out of paper. Printer viewer does not give the add paper prompt but all other apps do. Have restarted printer...no go.

    Hold down the Windows Key and press R.  Into the Run Box type compmgmt.msc and hit enter.  Click Disk Management in the left pane and let the drives load up. 
    Does the 2nd HDD show here?
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  • Auto loading of username and password are taking place on one site and only one site and I do not want this to happen but can"t get it to stop.

    As my question states I don't want auto loading on any site and it only happens on this one site. I have went thru tools and options and there are no sites listed for auto loading. There are no saved passwords. If I go to the site using Internet explorer the problem does not occur.

    Ok, no problem i found this help articles:

  • Cannot load script for execution.

     iam creating  the  sisi package  with in script task . script task   was  build successful .  but when i was executive the ssis packages vs 2012.
     it get  error :Cannot load script for execution..
     the code is 
       Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Script Task
       Write scripts using Microsoft Visual C# 2008.
       The ScriptMain is the entry point class of the script.
    using System;
    using System.Data;
    using Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime;
    using System.Windows.Forms;
    using System.IO;
    namespace ST_8cdbf584a74b48abb384d8f03cf42f4d.csproj
        public partial class ScriptMain : Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.ScriptTask.VSTARTScriptObjectModelBase
            #region VSTA generated code
            enum ScriptResults
                Success = Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.DTSExecResult.Success,
                Failure = Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.DTSExecResult.Failure
    The execution engine calls this method when the task executes.
    To access the object model, use the Dts property. Connections, variables, events,
    and logging features are available as members of the Dts property as shown in the following examples.
    To reference a variable, call Dts.Variables["MyCaseSensitiveVariableName"].Value;
    To post a log entry, call Dts.Log("This is my log text", 999, null);
    To fire an event, call Dts.Events.FireInformation(99, "test", "hit the help message", "", 0, true);
    To use the connections collection use something like the following:
    ConnectionManager cm = Dts.Connections.Add("OLEDB");
    cm.ConnectionString = "Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=AdventureWorks;Provider=SQLNCLI10;Integrated Security=SSPI;Auto Translate=False;";
    Before returning from this method, set the value of Dts.TaskResult to indicate success or failure.
    To open Help, press F1.
            public void Main()
                byte[] dataByte = null; String errInfo = "";
                    String sDirectory = Dts.Variables["User::Directory"].Value.ToString();
                    String CreatePartitionFileXMLA = sDirectory + "\\partitionssales20010701to20010731.XMLA";
                    String ProcessPartitionFileXMLA = sDirectory + "\\partitionssales20010701to20010731.XMLA";
                    // Create XMLA Script
                    Dts.Variables["User::CreatePartitions"].Value = ReadFile(CreatePartitionFileXMLA, errInfo);
                    if (errInfo.Length > 0)
                        Dts.Log("Error while reading XMLA file: " + errInfo, 0, dataByte);
                        Dts.TaskResult = (int)ScriptResults.Failure;
                    //Process XMLA Script
                    Dts.Variables["User::ProcessPartitions"].Value = ReadFile(ProcessPartitionFileXMLA, errInfo);
                    if (errInfo.Length > 0)
                        Dts.Log("Error while reading XMLA file: " + errInfo, 0, dataByte);
                        Dts.TaskResult = (int)ScriptResults.Failure;
                    Dts.TaskResult = (int)ScriptResults.Success;
                catch (Exception ex)
                    Dts.Log("Error Message: " + ex.Message, 0, dataByte);
                    Dts.TaskResult = (int)ScriptResults.Failure;
            public String ReadFile(String FilePath, String ErrInfo)
                String strContents;
                StreamReader sReader;
                    sReader = File.OpenText(FilePath);
                    strContents = sReader.ReadToEnd();
                    return strContents;
                catch (Exception e)
                    ErrInfo = e.Message;
                    return "";
     how to solve this issue
     pleasse help me..

    Hi sheshu0022,
    Based on my research, the issue can be occurred due to something get corrupted in the script task. To fix this issue, please copy the code in the task, then rebuild the script task with the same code to test again.
    The following similar thread is for your reference:
    Katherine Xiong
    Katherine Xiong
    TechNet Community Support

  • PDFmaker addin will not auto-load to Word

    Using Office 2013 and Acrobat Pro 11.0.08. Until this week, the PDFmaker add-In was always enabled in Word. Then there was an error doing a merge to PDF.
    Now every time I start Word, PDFmaker shows as inactive ("load behavior: unloaded") until I go to File | Options | Add-Ins and check the box to load it. Then it works fine until I close Word and have to do it again.
    How do I get it to auto-load?? I can't find a place to set that.

    You can solve this problem by editing the "LoadBehavior" registry entry.  The value needs to be 3 (load at startup).
    With Office 2013, that registry key is at
    One note - the Add-In was loading when I ran as the administrator but not when I just opened a Word doc.  I checked this same registry key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and it was set to 3.  I am guessing that is why it worked when run as administrator.  For some reason the LoadBehavior key had been revised to 0 on my HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key.
    Nevertheless, the fix above will work because I just tried it out on my machine and another here in the office which had the same issue.

  • Tape Auto-loader Recommendations

    I have an Xserve RAID that has grown to about 1 TB of data. Currently I am backing up to single SDLT drive. A full back up, which I do weekly, takes about 4 or 5 tapes. I'm thinking it is time for an auto-loader (tape library). I'm looking at the Exabyte VXA-320 PacketLoader mostly because of its $2,300 price tag.
    Has anyone had any experience with this device? Are there any other devices that I should be looking at?
    Powerbook G4 1.5GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    I'm a little surprised at the media costs of SDLT vs.
    VXA, although I've not spent much time looking at VXA
    so you're undoubtedly correct.
    I was looking at the media prices for SDLT 600 ($100) vs VXA ($60). Currently, we use SDLT 320. I was enticed by the SDLT 600's backwards read compatibly. But the SDLT 600 has the highest tape cost.
    I think I'm going have to flip a coin to choose between the LTO-2 and LTO-3. The LTO-3 tapes cost twice as much as the LTO-2. However the LTO-3's hold twice as much as the LTO-2's, so the tape cost is a wash. The LTO-3 drive is $1000 more than the LTO-2.
    Choices, Choices, Choices...
    Powerbook G4 1.5GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.1)  

  • Auto load of vendors

    Hi every body,
    Can any one help me in solving a problem to auto load of vendors from one organisation to another,
    thank you,

    Hello Sunder,
    What do you mean by auto load from one organization to another? Please provide additional information.
    If you mean that you already created vendor data for one purchase organization and wanted to extend for another pur organization, then there is std LSMW object is available for creating vendor master data. but this is not automatic, you need to provide the data.
    If you mean updates from legacy system to SAP system, in that case also you need to provide the IDoc/flat file which will upload data in SAP system regularly.
    Arif Mansuri

  • Safari will not Auto load username password

    This is very strange,
    All my websites will load my username and Passwords except for my website with Scottrade.com
    I double checked to ensure that my username password is in profile and it certainly is.
    What can I do to fix my username and password auto load for my trading account, please

    I cleared my Cache and did a Safari Reset.
    And I still have the same problem.

  • TMW: auto loading employee list in time data screen

    Hi all,
    Within TMW one can have an employee list.  I'd like to get the employee selection auto loaded in the time data subscreen.  Without double clicking on the employee selection or using the button "copy selected records".
    Anyone have an idea how to do this?
    Please help!

    Thanks for the feedback.  I don't think i was clear enough, sorry.
    The problem i have is in the Time Manager Workplace.  There a user gets an employee selection (we are using the multiple persons view btw).  If the user wants to register absences for his/her crew he still needs to transfer his crew members to the time data screen.
    Standard only the first person of his crew is transfered.  It would be really helpfull if his complete crew was transfered automatically.  So he starts TMW and can immediately start registering absences for his crew.
    BTW thanks for the quick response!

  • 'Load Paper' error message even when paper is loaded in the front load tray

    Load Paper Error message -
    Printer type: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Printer
    (possibly other HP printers as well)
    This 'How-To' article will help you solve a 'Load Paper' error message even though there is paper in the front load tray. You can read this helpful article at http://mikeyates.com/wordpress/?cat=187
    This could also help other HP printers with no easy access to the drop down type rollers located inside the printer.
    Would appreciate any feedback if this worked for you or not.

    This is what I found: printer eventually wants to see color ink after running months without.  Steps I followed were: remove ink cartridges. Remove printer head (raise handle at left) and clean (slosh bottom) in hot water, (did it 3 times) and wipe clean.  Replace with new/full color ink cartridges and black if it's got ink still. Run clean printer head program from panel continuously until you start seeing good solid ink flowing on test paper, may even run alignment program at this point.  Turn off printer, if you get Load paper error, hit OK, allow alignment to run, and if heads have been previously cleaned satisfactorily (all colors show up), alignment will show success, and the next time you start printer, no more load paper error.  Point being, the printer eventually wants to see or will look for color ink and in particular, cyan necessary for the alignment page, and without this the program will aparently project a load paper error and alignment failure.  (which you can get aroung by keep hitting OK and cancelling the alignment)!  This totally cured by problem of load paper and alignment failure.  Good luck and be patient, it may take some time to effective clean, I went through all color ink and will have to purchase more !

Maybe you are looking for