HT1199 I needed to restore my Imac (lion) from a Time Machine backup on a peripheral HD.  Everything woirked fine except none of my Pictures showed up and my TM backups were all erased.  Any way to recover??

I need to perform a complete restore of my IMac from a stand-alone HD Time Machine backup.  The restore was to the internal HD in the IMac.  The IMac is a new Intel i5 unit running Lion.  The restore went fine except none of my picture files appeared.  My external HD is partioned into a Time Machine Back Up and a Stoarge partion.  All the TM back ups prior to the restore are gone and the external storage was wiped clean.  3000 photos from our African Safaris are gone.  Any ideas on if they can be recovered from either the external storage drive or the internal HD?
Where did the older TM BUs go?
Thanks for any advise

I don't know what you did, but there must have been some option to clear the external HD.  To my knowledge, restoring from a Time Machine backup will NOT clear the external HD.
Since I was not there, I really cannot speculate on what happened:
In any event, there are third party tools that will attempt to recover data from erased drives (the erase normally deletes pointers, not the actual data).

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  • I accidentally deleted my media files from iTunes and Trash when I was trying to move the files to an external hard drive. Is there a way to restore the media files from a Time Machine backup or from iTunes Match? What are the steps to do this?

    I accidentally deleted my media files from iTunes and Trash when I was trying to move the files to an external hard drive. Is there a way to restore the media files from a Time Machine backup or from iTunes Match? What are the steps to do this?

    If you have been backing up on Timemachine.
    All you need to do is enter time machine... Then the rest is obvious.
    Find the iTunes folder and hit 'Restor'.
    If not the only way to get all your iTunes music back is to enter iTunes Store.
    On the right hand side you should see 'Purchased'.
    Click 'purchased' and there you have it.

  • Trouble with restoring an iPhoto library from a time machine backup.

    I'm having trouble restoring my iPhoto library from a time machine backup.
    I have created a new library in my pictures file.
    When I try to restore the library the restore process is trying to copy it to an external drive that no longer exists - it failed and I had to have it recovered and all the recovery (including backups) data is now on a different external hard drive.
    iPhoto had been using that old external drive location to start. iPhoto is now pointed to the newly created iPhoto library in my pictures file on my MacBook Air.
    Is there a way to have the restoration process point to that new iPhoto library that is now empty and not to the old external drive?

    You might try this with the restored library:
    Starting over from scratch with new library
    Start over with a new library and import the Originals (iPhoto 09 and earlier) or the Masters (iPhoto 11) folder from your original library as follows:
    1. Open the library package like this.
    2. Launch iPhoto with the Option key held down and, when asked, select the option to create a new library.
    3. Drag the subfolders of the Originals (iPhoto 09 and earlier) or the Masters (iPhoto 11) folder from the open iPhoto Library package into the open iPhoto window a few at a time.
    This will create a new library with the same Events (but not necessarily the same Event names) as the original library but will not keep the metadata, albums, books slideshows and other projects.
    Note:  your current library will be left untouched for further attempts at a fix if so desired.

  • I restored a Macbook Pro from a Time Machine backup and now none of my passwords are working (and I know they are the correct passwords).  What can I do?

    I restored a Macbook Pro from a Time Machine backup and now none of my passwords are working (and I know they are the correct passwords).  What can I do?

    First, make sure caps lock is not on.
    Another reason why the password might not be recognized is that the keyboard layout (input source) has been switched without your realizing it. You can select one of the available layouts by choosing from the flag menu in the upper right corner, if it's showing, or cycle through them by pressing the key combination command-space or command-option-space. See also this support article.
    If the user account is associated with an Apple ID, and you know the Apple ID password, then maybe the Apple ID can be used to reset your user account password. In OS X 10.10 and later, this option also works with FileVault, but only if you enabled it when you activated FileVault. It's not retroactive. Otherwise, see below.
    Note: If you've activated FileVault, this procedure doesn't apply. Follow instead these instructions.
    Start up in Recovery mode. When the OS X Utilities window appears, select
              Utilities ▹ Terminal
    from the menu bar at the top of the screen—not from any of the items in the OS X Utilities window.
    In the window that opens, type this:
    Press the tab key. The partial command you typed will automatically be completed to this:
    Press return. A Reset Password window opens. Close the Terminal window to get it out of the way.
    Select the startup volume ("Macintosh HD," unless you gave it a different name) if not already selected. You won't be able to do this if FileVault is active.
    Select your username from the menu labeled Select the user account if not already selected.
    Follow the prompts to reset the password. It's safest to choose a password that includes only the characters a-z, A-Z, and 0-9.
               ▹ Restart
    from the menu bar.
    You should now be able to log in with the new password, but the Keychain will be reset (empty.) If you've forgotten the Keychain password (which is ordinarily the same as the login password), there's no way to recover it.

  • How can I restore my EQ settings from a Time Machine backup?

    I recently reinstalled Mavericks, and restored my user account from a Time Machine backup. In doing so I appeared to have 'lost' my personal EQ settings in iTunes, of which I had perfected quite a few to suit various headphones and speakers I've found myself using over the years.
    I have a pre-reinstallation copy of the file (found in /Users/username/Library/Preferences) that I believe contains my EQ settings; opening it in Textedit I can see references to the EQ settings I created.
    Having tried restoring this particular file from Time Machine and restarting and finding iTunes doesn't recognise the [old] custom file, does anyone know a way I can re-import my old EQ settings, or do I have to try and manually create them again? (gah)
    Thanks for any light you can shed on this!

    Enter your Time Machine backup (via the TM icon in the menu bar) and find this file
    and hit Restore.
    It didn't reflect in iTunes immediately, but after a restart it appears to read the new (old) plist file. You should have your old EQ settings back.
    Let me know if it worked for you...

  • Restoring bookmarks in firefox from a time machine backup

    I've accidentally deleted (fool that I am!) all my bookmarks from my Firefox browser. Can they be restored from a Time Machine backup? If so, how? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Joe, you should be able to, I don't use TM myself, but...
    Have you looked through Pondini's extensive TM help site?
    I can't imagine anything TMwise not covered.

  • Restoring OS X Server from a Time Machine backup

    On this below article on Apple support says:
    Important: When restoring, restore from a local Time Machine backup. If you try to restore from a network-based Time Machine backup, not all settings will be restored correctly
    Is it means that if i were using Time Capsule it will not be restored correctly??
    'All settings' mentioned above is it settings for the OS X or settings in Server App?
    Full article here:
    Please enlight me

    Is it means that if i were using Time Capsule it will not be restored correctly?
    Yes, that's what it means. In my experience, Setup Assistant doesn't properly restore all server data even from a local backup, though perhaps it works for some. You should have at least one mirror (clone) backup of the server as well as Time Machine backups.

  • Bought a new iMac migrated from a time machine backup and it didn't load contacts music etc

    my 4 year old imac died. So we got a new 1Tb intercore i5 imac. Migrated from the time machine backup and it didnt populate itunes or contacts or photos.  Am I missing something? 

    You should have imported the data in Setup Assistant when you first booted the new machine. If you used Migration Assistant instead, you now have another user with all the data from the old machine.

  • Restore files from last Time Machine backup after HD erase and install

    I just had to do an "erase and install" ... trying to restore files from my last Time Machine backup but after completing the Airport Utility setup / configure steps, it says "waiting to restart" for a few minutes and then says it cannot find TIme Capsule after restart (though TC never restarted). I'm pretty desperate to get my files back as it's Sunday night and my business needs to be up and running by morning. Any help would be greatly appreciated ... even if it's saying I need to take TC into a Mac store to have them retrieve my files.

    While in Time Machine, press the key combination shift-command-C. The front window will show all mounted volumes. All snapshots should now be accessible. Select the one you want and navigate to the files you want to restore.

  • I need to reinstall Mountain Lion from a Time Machine backup, but it says that the last backup is 6 months old

    Hi, I need to reinstall Mountain Lion on my MacBook Pro, so I made a backup yesterday and today I tried to reinstall everything from that backup.
    To my surprise, Time Machine says that the last full backup was made on February!
    I've always made regular backups during these months on my Time Machine HD, what can I do to reinstall everything from the backup I made yesterday?
    Thank you very much.

    Most likely, some folders were inadvertently excluded from your backups, and as a result you can't restore your data in Recovery, Setup Assistant, or Migration Assistant.
    Starting from a fresh installation of OS X, set up a new administrator account and log in. Follow the instructions on this page to associate your existing backups with the new installation.
    You should now be able to enter Time Machine and restore your user data from a snapshot.* I suggest you do this in two stages. Quit all applications except the Finder before you begin.
    Restore all the visible items at the top level of your home folder.
    Hold down the option key and select Go ▹ Library from the Finder menu bar. Enter Time Machine and restore all items in the Library folder. Log out and log back in as soon as the restore is complete.
    Any other invisible folders or files at the top level of your home folder that you want to preserve will have to be restored separately. For most users, that isn't necessary.
    You'll have to reinstall all third-party applications from scratch, or restore them from another kind of backup, if you have one.
    *If you don't see any snapshots in Time Machine, exit the time-travel view and then hold down the option key while selecting
    Browse Other Backup Disks...
    from the Time Machine menu, which has an icon that looks like a clock running backwards. Select the backups of your computer by its previous name. If you don't have the Time Machine menu, open the Time Machine preference pane in System Preferences and check the box marked
    Show Time Machine in menu bar

  • Restoring only specific folders from a Time Machine backup

    I am sorry if this is not the right community to ask this question.  I truly was not sure where to post this as it involves the OS, iOS, Time Machine, iTunes...
    I am trying to restore ONLY my photos from a MobileSync folder located on my Time Machine backup. I do not know how to go about restoring just the photos or if this is even possible? Possibly restore the entire Backup folder if needed.  Whatever it takes. I know this sounds odd but my brother passed away and I lost all of the photos on my phone when I upgraded to iOS 7. Some of which have no copies floating around elsewhere. I attempted to retore from backup through iTunes and was informed my previous backup was damaged.  I am currently using the latest version of Mavericks and iTunes 11.1.3.  The backup I would like to recover files from is a Snow Leapord backup dating back to July of 2013 and from an iPhone 4.  I currently have an iPhone 5.
    Any help, guidance or insight would be greatly appreciated as I had hoped to print and frame these photos for family members.
    Thank you.

    You should be able to just restore the photos.
    First though, you might consider making a backup of the drive that has the photos on it. I would get another external HD (anything except WD will do), and use CarbonCopyCloner to clone the drive.
    What you would do to restore the photos is just click on the drive that has the Time Machine backups on it, and navigate to one of the backups or the MobileSync folder. In TM the backups are arranged by date; I'm not sure about MobileSync. Then you just open the backup and navigate to the photos, and drag the folder with the photos to your desktop.
    I am sure the people at your local Apple store would help you.
    Sorry for your loss.

  • Restoring my Maverick OS from a Time Machine backup

    My Seagate hard drive is failing on my Imac27.  I have done a complete time machine backup and am awaiting delivery of the new drive.  After I install it (providing that I am successful in doing so),  is there anything I need besides the time machine backup to get up and running.  Not too computer savy, but stumble onto disc images and boot discs, etc.  From what I have read, it should be as simple as starting the computer up and holding command-R, then selecting backup drive.  That sound correct?

    Considering you are not too computer savvy I  would STRONGLY recommend you have your local Apple Store or AASP install the new drive for you and help you install OS X and restore from your TM backup. It's a straight forward process assuming you know what to do, however I'm getting from your post may not know the process.
    You did not state what version of OS X install discs you have but my guess is they are for Snow Leopard. After formatting the new HD and installing SL  you will need to upgrade to the version of OS X because you probably have a TM backup using a later version of OS X than SL. Because of these nuances as I suggested earlier I'd bite the bullet and have a professional help you through this.

  • How to restore the second volume from a time machine backup?

    Hi guys and gals,
    I have a October 2011 MBP running OSX lion (10.7.2), with 2 internal drives (the main drive is a 120gb SSD, the optic drive has been replaced with the original 750gb HDD that came in the computer). I use the SSD for all of my system files, with the HDD being used for my user account, which has my photo and video libraries on them.
    I use time machine to backup onto a 2tb external drive. In the beggining i was not sure how time machine would handle backing up two volumes, but after doing the first few backups then checking inside the time machine folder on the EHDD I was pleased to find that it was in fact backing up both volumes.
    Now we get to the problem I have. This morning I booted up my MBP, and it took a lot longer than it usually does, then when it finally booted it had a error saying that the user "chris" could not be found. My 750gb drive was not being seen from OSX. I ran disk utility and it was visible, but was not able to be mounted as it had an error. I did the verify permissions which came up OK, then did repair disk and it said that the disk had errors and to backup, format and re-install. As the last backup was done 2 days ago and I haven't done any important work on it since then, i didn't backup as I would prefer to restore to a point before the issue happened.
    I formatted the drive and started a time machine restore, but TM will only allow me to restore the SSD. I cannot see anything anywhere that will allow me to restore the 750gb drive. If i use migration assistant to transfer the files over from the EHDD to the 750gb drive, it won't recognise my EHDD (even though i am looking at it on the desktop and can open it and open files on it). If i try to transfer the files with finder, it says that i dont have permission to do this.
    I have spent the last hour looking for a possible solution or ways of doing what i need, but keep coming up blank.
    Hope someone out there can help me

    Chris W oz wrote:
    when it comes up with the "preparing to copy message" it hits ~24000 files and doesn't go any further.
    That sounds like some sort of directory problem.  Try Repairing the backups, per #A5 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting.
    I tried importing individual folders to reduce the number of files it was transferring in one hit and it doesn't hang. THe problem is after doing my users folder my desktop has changed and there are a lot of things that are not how they should be.
    I'm not sure what you mean. 
    Are you trying to restore to your user home folder while it's in use?  That could be part of the problem, but usually you'll get a message about things being in use, locked, or protected.  
    are there hidden files in the users folder that i am not seeing?
    Probably, but if you restore a folder, any hidden files should be restored, too.  Mostly they're the .DS_Store files where the Finder stores the last position, size, etc., where it displayed the folder, so no big deal even if it's lost.
    There are a few others at the top level of your home folder, but I think they'll be recreated as necessary.
    If i transfer the whole users folder will they transfer over (even though i cannot see them)?? Is there a way to transfer those hidden files??
    Why do you think there are hidden files that are causing a problem?

  • HT201250 Can i restore the entire system from a time machine backup to a new hard drive ?

    If yes... does it restore EVERYTHING like it was before the crash... including Applications, emails, etc. OR i am better with a disk image to restore EVERYTHING ?

    You need to install Lion on the new drive first, and then use Setup assistant.
    After you've chosen a language and your network settings, it will take you into migration assistant, from which you can choose to tranfer information from Time Machine.
    You can choose to migrate all users and apps or just some, according to your preference.

  • Can I restore my mac from a Time Machine backup once I have used BootCamp to partition and set up Windows (without erasing all of the Windows content)?

    A few months ago I partitioned my mac using BootCamp and successfully installed Windows and a few Windows-only programs (games).  I never restored my mac from the Time Machine backup and now I would really like all of my files back on my mac.  I am wondering if I insert the osx install disc and restore from Time Machine backup, will that get rid of the partition I made for Windows?  Will the Windows side of my hard drive stay in tact or will everything on that side get erased when I restore the mac side from the Time Machine backup.  It was a HUUUUUUUGE pain to do the BootCamp partition and get everything Windows set up and I would really like to not have to do that all over again.  I just want to make sure that if I insert the mac osx install disc and restore from Time Machine backup it will only affect the Mac partition, NOT the Windows partition.

    Time Machine does not touch your BootCamp Windows.
    It simply said ignores it completely.
    Nonetheless, I am curious as to why you wanna restore a Time Machine backup.
    Usually during partitioning with the BootCamp Assistant in OSX to make the Windows partition your OSX stays intact.

Maybe you are looking for

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