HT1296 how do i sync contacts from iphone to itunes

Attempting to reset iphone, I need to save contacts to itunes account

You do not save them to iTunes. They are either saved as part of the backup, or they are synced to a supported application on the computer or to iCloud. Also, a reset on the phone will not affect data. You would not need to worry about saving anything, unless you are doing a restore, which will delete content from the phone.

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  • How do you Sync Contacts from iPhone to MacBook?

    How do you Sync Contacts from iPhone to MacBook?
    Hi,  Does anyone know how to do this without the need for me to upgrade to Lion on my MAcBook Pro and use the iCloud?
    I put all my contacts into my iPhone and I'd like them now on my MAcBook Pro.

    Click on your iDevice on the sidebar of iTunes and then go to the info tab at the top. check the box shown here:
    This will put the contacts from an iDevice to the computer. You can then check the same box on the (let's say iPad) that doens't have any contacts and they will go from your comp to your iPad.

  • HT1296 how do i sync photos from iphone to pc

    how do i sync photos from iphone to pc

    I have the same issue. I've already read the iPhone user guide which didn't help.
    The user guide explains how to turn on Photo Sync in iTunes but no specifics of where the imported photos will be. I tried syncing a few times and I cannot find the photos on my PC.iTunes transferred all my PC photos *to* the phone, but not the other way around.
    I'd imagine they should be in the folder that is specified in iTunes.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  • How do I sync contacts from iPhone to macbook pro OSX 10.9.4?

    I wish to transfer my contacts from my iPhone to my macbook pro. I use system 10.9.4. Apparently I have to use iCloud.

    You can sync contacts from between your iPhone and Mac using iCloud.
    Setup instructions >  Apple - iCloud - Learn how to set up iCloud on all your devices.
    Apple gives you 5GB's of free storage.
    You can also sync Safari bookmarks, photos, calendars, and more >  iCloud: iCloud storage and backup overview

  • How do I sync music from iphone to itunes?

    I lost all titles from itunes when I upgraded to the new itunes. Apple allowed me to download them again (thanks Apple). However, there is music on my phone from CDs uploaded prior to the loss of the titles. They exist on my phone but not in the pc. How do I sync music from the phone to the pc?  I miss the drag/drop method!

    You would have to use 3rd party programs. Try youtube, they would give you tutorials and the name of the program. There was one program I used but it deleted after I got all my music out my iphone.

  • How can i sync podcasts from iphone to itunes?

    Here's my situation:
    I have an iPhone 5c that I have always synced with iTunes on a laptop that belonged to my workplace. But I have left that job now, and with it, I have left the laptop. I now want to sync that same iPhone 5c on my iMac at home. This iMac has an iTunes that has NO podcasts on it ...
    But when I prepare to sync the phone in iTunes and I click the podcasts tab and check the "Sync Podcasts" checkbox, it asks if I want to delete all the podcasts on the iPhone. I definitely *don't* want to do this ... I want those podcasts on the iPhone to be part of my backup on the computer. Many of these podcasts are older and no longer available for download from their original sources.
    Is there any way that I can achieve this? It's not like I paid for any of these podcasts -- it's all free content, so I'm not breaking any copyright issues here.
    Thanks for any help....

    Hello marckb,
    After reviewing your post, I have located some articles that can help in this situation. They contain a number of troubleshooting steps and helpful advice concerning syncing to a new computer, and accessing purchased content:
    This article will help you access your purchased content:
    Download past purchases
    This article will advise your on syncing media with a new computer:
    iOS: How to transfer or sync content to your computer
    Thank you for contributing to Apple Support Communities.

  • How do I sync voicememo from IPhone to itune?

    It works the first time..but I don't know what I did wrong. I was deleting something because it kept transfering the old voicememo from itune to my IPhone. Now it doesn't sync any voicememos recorded on my IPhone or even the old ones I have to Itune. I already clicked "include voice memo", and it shows in playlist, but it doesn't show anything on voicemmo page. It doesn't show "voice memo" as playlist on music page either.
    I would like to sync only the new voicememo recorded in my IPhone to Itune. Thanks

    I know exactly what you're going through. I may win the prize for having the most number of photos on my iPhone (2,397) that couldn't get downloaded. I have never been able to export photos from my iPhone to any of my Macs using iPhoto or Image Capture. (And yes, all OS and apps are the latest revisions). Nor have any of the popular apps like Picasa2, Adobe Photoshop Elements, or Windows native Camera & Scanner Wizard been able to do it on my Windows machines. BUT, the only 3rd party app that I had any success with was the Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo program. It downloaded 884 photos from my iPhone before that app stopped working, for some reason. It cost $20USD and works on Windows only. You may have better luck than I downloading all your photos.

  • Need help - How do I sync contacts from iPhone TO my computer (Windows XP)?

    I have manually entered my contacts into my iPhone for a year now and would like to transfer the information from my iPhone to my computer. My default email account on the iPhone is my Yahoo! account. I am afraid to try it on my own because I don't want to lose my info. Advice, please?!

    Firstly, ensure you're using iTunes 7.7. In iTunes, select your iPhone and then go to the info menu. The first selection will be contacts. Tick the box that says "Sync Address Book contacts". You can then select all contacts. Click the Apply button (bottom right corner) and sync. Contacts should appear on the computer. It syncs between the not delete. As for yahoo email account, you can try, nothing will be lost.

  • How do I sync contacts from iphone to ipad3 on windows vista? When I sync ipad to computer I do not get contacts or calendar to ipad.

    same as above title

    This is a little confusing.  What is the end result you are looking for?
    1. What Iphone and IOS do you have?
    2. What Ipad and IOS do you have?
    3.  What "syncing " are you talking about?  iTunes or iCloud
    4.  What Vista version are you running - does it include Service Pack 2?

  • How do I sync apps FROM iPhone TO iTunes?

    I don't want to lose all the folders with apps I have on my iPhone when synching to iTunes. The playlists, movies, etc. I can create without much headache.
    I have right-clicked on my device and selected "transfer purchases," but when I checkmark "sync apps," I still get that annoying "are you sure you want to sync apps? ..." warning.
    I'm running on iTunes now because the upgrade to iTunes 10.4 locked me out of the iTunes Store and Apple couldn't figure out why

    are you positive,
    No.  I'm lying to you.
    Of course i'm positive.  I, and countless others download apps to their phones all the time that end up syncing back to their iTunes library on the computer.

  • How Can I sync contacts FROM my iPhone TO my AOL E-mail?

    How can I sync contacts FROM my iPhone TO my AOL E-mail? In other words, I want to keep all of my iPhone contact information intact and make AOL "mirror" it (and not wipe it out when I sync thru iTunes).

    The iPhone supports syncing contacts with Outlook 2003 or 2007, or with Windows Contacts with Windows, and with the Address Book or with the Entourage address book on a Mac.
    If you aren't currently using one of the supported applications on your computer for contact info - the supported address book application on your computer is empty, before syncing contacts enter one contact in the supported application on your computer. Make this contact up if needed, which can be deleted later. This will provide a merge prompt with the first sync for this data with the supported application on your computer, which you want to select.
    After this, you can export the contacts from the supported application on your computer that is supported for import by your AOL online address book - if AOL includes such an option.

  • HT204150 how can i sync contacts from icloud to my iphone from pc

    how can i sync contacts from icloud to my iphone from pc

    I just went to icloud-contacts- OFF.  It asks if I want to keep my contacts on the phone and I said yes.
    Thanks so much.  Saved me a ton of time.
    One thing I noticed though is for my name, it used to have an image of a person.  That is gone now on my phone but on my computer.  Is that only in iCloud?

  • How to sync contacts from iPhone back to ipad

    How to sync contacts from iPhone back to ipad.

    Using iCloud may be the easiest and in the long run will help keep them in synch.

  • How to copy all contacts from iphone 3gs to google nexus 5 ?

    how to copy all contacts from iphone 3gs to google nexus 5 ?

    Copy the contacts to a supported application on the computer to sync to the Nexus, or you can sync the contacts to a Google account, which you will have with the Nexus and then sync them to the Nexus.

  • How do i import contacts from iPhone to address book?

    how do i import contacts from iphone to address book?

    Ok, I knew it was a long shot.  The merge prompt normally is only available when you first sync your device.  I'm not sure how things got out of sync in the first place, but you may have to manually delete the contacts from your phone that you don't want there at this point.  I would try adding a new contact on your phone followed by sync to confirm that it's picking up new contacts though.
    Unfortunately I need to go now, so if you're still having problems I suggest your start a new post in the forum to see if someone else can help.  Good luck!

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