HT1296 I already have an itunes account on my laptop but have been setup on a mac and have songs that have not been purchased from the itunes store, I cannot get the songs from my iPhone onto my itunes account on the mac. how can I do this?

I already have an itunes account on my laptop but have been setup on a mac and have songs that have not been purchased from the itunes store, I cannot get the songs from my iPhone onto my itunes account on the mac. how can I do this?

You copy them from your old computer or your backup copy of your old computer.
The iphone is not a backup/storage device.

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  • My daughter and I have an iphone - my messages are appearing on her phone - how can I stop this?

    My daughter and I have an iphone - my messages are appearing on her phone - how can I stop this?

    You are apparently both using the same Apple ID. Change her to a different Apple ID and this will stop.

  • Within Music Library can anyone please explain why when I select the option to sort 'Album by Artist' a number of tracks are being treated as separate albums?  How can I correct this?  I have tried to 'drag and drop' but that doesn't work.

    Within music Library can anyone please explain why after I select the option to sort 'Album by Artist' a number of tracks are being treated as separate albums?  How can I fix this?  I have tried to manually correct by 'drag and drop' individual tracks but that doesn't work.  My music library includes a number of repeat album artwork images simply because not all tracks are being listed under the one album making my library more difficult to use than it should.  Any advise would be appreciated.

    See Grouping tracks into albums.

  • TS3694 I am getting error code 3194 when i try to update my iphone 4S to IOS 6.1.3. How can i resolve this

    I am getting error code 3194 when i try to update my iphone 4S to IOS 6.1.3. How can i resolve this?

    Here you go:

  • HT201210 my Iphone is completely down; error code 2001. How can I fix this?

    My Iphone 5 is completely down; error code 2001. How can I fix this. I updated the last version of ITunes. Before then phone went black the battery run empty very fast. I had a long flight and switched the phone completely off with 30% battery remaining to make sure that I had battery after I landed. However I couldn't get it working anymore. When I push the home and the "off" button at the same time I see a Itunes logo and a USD connection with an arrow.
    Bas Rekvelt

    What is the EXACT error message you're getting?

  • My iphone buzzes every 10 seconds while charging. How can I stop this please?

    I there
    Appreciate your help ...
    My iphone buzzes continuously while charging. How can I stop this please

    I wish mine would sync.  I have iCloud and want to be able to move from device to device and see all my message threads but when people send an imessage to my iphone the thread will not appear on my other devices - ipad or Mac.  Frustrating...

  • The color red is turned to rust in Photoshop CS 5. It looks fine in Windows. How can I fix this?

    Reds turned to rust in CS 5, Reds are accurate in Windows. How can I correct this.

    Good day!
    Reds turned to rust in CS 5, Reds are accurate in Windows.
    The screenshot you provided seems to show Bridge – which is not Photoshop, but an appplication of its own and for which a Forum exists, too.
    Do the images have their Color Profiles embedded?

  • I have partially downloaded the new version of adobe flash player on mozilla through the plugin option. it wont let me open it or watch any videos until i download it completely. how can i fix this?

    i cant figure out how to download the application any other way. everytime i click on it in the downloads box it says application not found.

    Well, after hours of trying to figure it out I gave up and un-installed and re-installed that last verion of Adobe Flash Player and now it seems I can play games again in Messenger. Everything else had been fine just that. I can only figure it was because it was having a hard time updating the first time and took me 3 tries. So even though it said it was installed, apparently it wasn't done correctly.
    Though when I couldn't figure out what was wrong at first I looked and checked to see all the things were enabled that were supposed to be and they were.
    I even tried to go to the Adobe site and download the last version I had and couldn't find it. Kept coming up with the new version. Others said if you download a particular older version it may not have all the security features in it.
    This really gets to be a bit much, especially when you're by yourself and have only a smattering of knowledge of technical things.
    Thanks fore responding to my question.

  • Apple iPhone 4S locked after Upgrade to iOS 7: How can i fix this?

    My Sister got an iPhone with iOS 6 and wanted to upgrade it to iOS 7.  We tried it via iTunes through the USB cable but something went wrong. I think iOS 7 downloaded correctly but, When the phone started up it had the message on the screen and the same one popped up in iTunes:
    My sister had lost her old apple ID's password, so she had made a new one to use for iMessage and downloads from the App Store.  The old one is still linked to the phone.  We took it to our carrier's store and the IT guys said there was nothing they could do...
    My point is this phone is brand new and the only thing wrong with it is the fact that it's locked.  Is there at least a part in the iPhone we could change or something to get it back?  or a factory reset?
    Anything helps!

    You have encountered the anti-theft Activation Lock. You must enter the required information which is the "old"  Apple ID. You will have to try and recover the password here:
    If unable to do so, try to contact Apple Support:
    Click "Other Apple ID Topics". If you are unable to enter the information, you iPhone is a brick.

  • I get a file upload popup when composing an email using Godaddy webmail. How can I prevent this from happening?

    When I try to compose an email from Godaddy's webmail in the Firefox browser. My steps are as follows:
    -Open Firefox.
    -Log in to Godaddy webmail.
    -I hit the compose button.
    -New window pops up. This is the window that I would compose an email in.
    - Right after the compose window loads, I get another window that pops up. This window says "File Upload" in the upper left corner.
    If I exit that window I can then compose my email, and life is good until I want to compose another email. Then the problem repeats. I have contacted Godaddy support and the problem is not on their end. Also the problem DOES NOT happen when using another browser (Internet Explorer).

    The Reset Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information.
    Note: ''This will cause you to lose any Extensions, Open websites, and some Preferences.''
    To Reset Firefox do the following:
    #Go to Firefox > Help > Troubleshooting Information.
    #Click the "Reset Firefox" button.
    #Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is done, it will show a window with the information that is imported. Click Finish.
    #Firefox will open with all factory defaults applied.
    Further information can be found in the [[Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems]] article.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!

  • Iphone 5 sending messages without my knowledge. How can I stop this?

    Iphone 5 is sending messages without my knowledge to numbers that I don't recognize. How do I stop this?

    If you are using the phone on a carrier that doesn't officially support iPhones, the phone will send SMS messages to an activation number. If that's the case, your option is to turn off iMessage.

  • Restoring from Time Machine backup to a smaller drive. Size of backup is more than data on source drive. how can I fix this?

    Hey folks,
    I posted this in the MBP section and realized I posted in the wrong forum so hopefully this is better. Sorry for the x-post.
    Heres the situation:
    I have MBP (a) and MBP (b) and am trying to put the contents of (b) onto (a). The problem is that (b) has a 320gb HD and (a) has a 256gb HD. I have lowered the contents of (b) to around 150gb and tried a timemachine backup but it's saying it's backing up 280gb of content inthe initial backup ((b) doesn't do regular timemachine backups so it's just the one). This causes a problem when trying to load the backup onto (a) because it says there is not enough free space.
    Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

    As long as there is sufficient space on a drive you can restore to any drive. However, be sure the drive is properly partitioned and formatted. In your case you can not fully restore 70 GBs to a 64 GB SSD, but you can restore the operating system and some of your data. That means you cannot do a full restore but will need to pick and choose after you install OS X.
    Drive Preparation
    1. Boot from your OS X Installer Disc. After the installer loads select your language and click on the Continue button. When the menu bar appears select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu.
    2. After DU loads select your hard drive (this is the entry with the mfgr.'s ID and size) from the left side list. Click on the Partition tab in the DU main window.
    3. Under the Volume Scheme heading set the number of partitions from the drop down menu to one. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Options button, set the partition scheme to GUID then click on the OK button. Click on the Partition button and wait until the process has completed.

  • I accidentally merged my husbands iphone contacts with mine through can I fix this? o

    I turned on the contacts in my husbands iphone/icloud options and it merged both of our contacts..His are a mess and there are 5 million of them. Is there a way to keep his contacts and mine seperate even though we share the same apple id? HELP!

    Unfortunately I'm not sure there's much I can do to help.  When your contacts are deleted it's not unusual to still see this when you text or use spotlight search.  The device retains some residual contact information in cache memory even when the contacts are deleted.  However, there's no way to access this directly, or transfer it back to your contacts on your device.  If you have a backup of your device, you may be able to recover them by restoring to the entire backup, however this is not always successful.  If you want to try, and your backup is in iCloud, use this procedure to prevent any recovered contacts from being overwritten by iCloud:
    Ensure the device is connected to your local network.
    Start the restore from iCloud back up.
    Allow the devices settings to restore (watch for the confirmation of completion).
    As the apps begin to restore pull the connection to your router WAN port (the one that goes to the telephone point).
    Wait for the time out confirmation.
    Navigate to settings > iCloud and turn off contact syncing (keep contacts when prompted).
    Reconnect the router to the internet and let the restore process complete.
    Delete the iCloud contacts from on a computer.
    Navigate to settings > iCloud and turn on contact syncing (merge contacts when prompted).

  • My iPhone Mailbox has (2) iCloud can I fix this?

    When I open my mailbox on my Iphone, it showes Two Icloud accounts, its the same account. So every time I get an email I have to look at the same thing twice to clean my messages. Can someone help?

    What are you using the data for?
    Go Settings>Cellular>Use Cellular Data For>Turn off the unwanted apps that use your Data.

  • When using Message Filters on an IMAP account I often get duplicate messages in my local folder where important messages are put. How can I stop this?

    Since switching to IMAP and using message filters, I often get duplicate messages in my local folders. I think this is a bug.
    That is my guess as to what is happening.
    When the IMAP part starts syncing with the server to fill in the inbox, the message filter system starts working before it is done syncing. I appears that the filters runs too quickly because as the filter moves a msg to a local folder, the sync thread think it need to download it again from the server. If the sync with the remote server takes a long time, I could end up with 5 or more copies of the exact same email.
    This has always happened for years now but I figured someone would have noticed it and fix it by now. Now I am wondering it it has something to do with my filters or my settings.
    Has anyone run into this before?

    I was just doing a search to see if anyone else was feeling this way! I am also at a university and I don't really like see thousands of unread messages in mail. (Fortunately, with Leopard you can select the dock icon to show only the messages in your inbox but I still don't like having the public folder in there).
    Please let me know if you find out anything and I will do the same for you. If I have time later I am going to run by our IT office later and ask them.

  • HT1222 I cannot turn on my WIFI on my iphone ever since i updated my ios. How can i fix this?

    The sad part is: the Mac Center in our country cannot do anything about the issue unless the phone is locked to the two major networks here. They only suggested to call apple's hotline or wait for the latest ios update. Unbelievable.

    I have heard rumors that if you are trying to connect to a secured wifi network, and the PSK (pre-Shared Key) is too short, that the iPhone may not let you access your wifi.  Some people have resolved this by setting a longer key on their wifi security settings on their routers.  I have not had this issue, so I can't guarantee that will work, but it might be worth a try...

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