HT1296 I have been able to sync my contacts & notes on Outlook to my iPhone - but not my calendar entries!  Nothing is going in - what's up?

I set up my iTunes to sync from my Outlook program.
Contacts & Notes went in just fine.  Calendar didn't go in at all and I had it selected the same as the others.  Is there a setting I need to change in Outlook to make this happen?

I had this problem in January - at least that is when I first noticed that items I put in my  calendar in Outlook 2010 version weren't showing up in my iPhone 5 or iPad 2.  Spent much time with Apple Support and technicians.  They found that for some reason, when a reminder of 0 minutes was in the reminder box, it caused problems.  I don't use reminders at all.  However, I believe that because my Outlook is also linked to Plaxo, new contacts with birthdates show up in Outlook and create a 0 minute reminder that may be the cause of my problem.  I went through my past 6 month calendar and through the next year and looked and changes all reminders to None and that fixed the problem.  I believe this problem began occurring after an Apple IOS6 update in December.  Wish there was a way to turn off the reminder block in Outlook.  Hope this helps.

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