HT1386 can i sync 20 iphones with the same itunes?

can i sync 20 iphones with the same itunes?

From tt2:
In brief...
You can sync as many devices as you like to a single library.
Up to five computers can be authorized for your account's protected content.
Each device can hold protected content from up to five different accounts.
Managing apps purchased with more than one account is a chore.
A combination of up to 10 iOS devices and computers can be authorized for automatic downloads of your purchases.

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  • The old computer is broken so I bought a new one. I have downloaded itunes but will not sync iphone with the new itunes. What should I do to get all the apps, songs and photos on itunes?

    The old computer is broken so I bought a new one. I have downloaded itunes but will not sync iphone with the new itunes. What should I do to get all the apps, songs and photos on itunes?

    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • Can you sync different iPhones with the same iTunes library on your computer?

    I have two I phones an old 3G and 4S.
    I use the 4S in the US and I planned to unlock the 3G in order to use it in France.
    I have itune on my computer and I would like to know if I can sync my two iphones on the same itune ?
    Thank you for helping me

    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • Can I use 2 iPhones with the same iTunes account? help...

    At the moment I have an iPhone 3G but my wife doesn't. I have a Windows Vista machine at home that has all our music in iTunes and all the apps I have downloaded from the app store. We only have 1 login to our windows vista PC that we share, we don't have individual signons.
    On Friday I will be upgrading to the 3Gs and my wife will also be getting one.
    My question is can we sync both iPhones with the same PC using the same Windows login and the same iTunes account, i.e. share all music and apps with both iPhones?

    A computer can sync a dozen iPods and/or iPhones (just saying).
    However, You can't use more than one computer for that iPhone.

  • Can I sync 2 iPhones with the same iTune library?

    I am currently using an iPhone 3GS and have no problems with it.  I also have an iPod Classic synshed to the same iTunes library with no issues.
    My question is: Can I also synch my old iPhone 3G so that my kids can use it to play some games, videos and music, synched from my library, with SIM card?

    Try it and see what happens. I don't see why it wouldn't work.
    If you DO have problems, put the phone in Airplane Mode. And see if that helps.

  • 2 iphones with the same itunes account...

    Hi All
    Just wondering if anyone has the answer i need! A friend of mine and his wife are using the same itunes account for both their iphones, this is causing issues now as the info on the phones are starting to merge with each other so is it possible to set up a new itunes account for the wifes phone without losing any data?

    Yes - well, not iTunes, but new AppleIDs to use with other Apple services.
    They can keep a common AppleID for iTunes and App store purchased content, but get and use their own different AppleIDs for iCloud and iMessage.  That way their iCloud email, iCloud backups, iCloud sync'd content, and iMessages will be separate.
    To change iCloud accounts on a device, you have to go into the iCloud account settings, delete the account, then log back in with the new AppleID.
    To change iMessage, go to the messages settings, select the appleID, log out, then log in with the new AppleID.
    They can grab free gmail, hotmail, MS Live, AOL or whatever free email they wish if they need a new primary email to create a new AppleID.
    iTunes and App store purchases are permanently tied to the AppleID used when purchasing, so they would not want to change that if they want to share purchased content.

  • I can't sync iPhone with computer because iTunes won't display the device menu option anymore

    The device menu won't appear across the top of iTunes - its as if my iPhone 5 is invisible. This is a sudden surprise after syncing my iPad yesterday. Help?!

    You can only sync to one computer at a time.
    Before attempting to sync-are you logged in as the same user as the old iTunes, can you select transfer purchases when right click on iPhone icon?
    Might also want to look at this:

  • Where does one sync iPhone with the new iTunes? The button to get to iPhone disappears after a few seconds.

    I downloaded the new iTunes tonight (11/30/12) and it is significantly different but there is a problem with the icon for finding the iPhone in order to sync. They have either made this significantly harder or there is a bug. The video tutorial was no help on this point. Thanks.

    try holding ctrl + S. that should pop the side bar up, so you can see your devices.

  • HT1495 If I have an IPHONE with my own Apple ID and my husband has his IPHONE with his Apple ID, can we sync them to the same ITUNES Library on the same PC??


    As long as you have iTunes logged in with your Apple ID, you can just plug your phone in and sync it, and all your music will appear as your Library (e.g. "Nolan's Music"). When your husband plugs his phone in, he'll probably have to log you out and login with his Apple ID, before he syncs his phone.
    The problem is that Apple IDs are accounts. Your phone is linked to your account, and his phone is linked to his account. I don't think you can sync them both while logged in to one of those accounts. Have you sync'd your phones before? What happens when you plug them in?

  • Can I sync it with the Mac (iTunes) and use it as a storage device on Win?

    I have my iPod nano set to sync with my Mac where I have iTunes installed. In the Mac I also set (via iTunes) the iPod to behave as a mass storage device.
    My question is: can I use my iPod to sync music at my home Mac and while at my job connect it to my Winows PC (without iTunes) to use it just as a USB storage device?
    I once tryed to use the nano as a storage device at Windows (without iTunes) and something went wrong. In the end I had to reset nano and reinstall the iPod soft.

    Probably the easiest way to use an iPod on both Mac and Windows computers is to format the iPod (using iPod Updater) using the PC. This will force your iPod to use the Windows file system (FAT32) which both the Mac and PC can read from and write to without the help of additional software. Of course then all your software updates for the iPod will have to be done on Windows.

If you need to use a Mac (HFS+) formatted iPod on a Windows PC, you'll need to install some 3rd party software such as XPlay 2.0 (which you can get from MediaFour Software). This will enable your Windows PC to read a Mac-formatted iPod.

  • Can you sync your ipad & iphone to the same itunes account yet or?

    its been over year now and the iPad 2 is out, its apparently evident that when something goes wrong no one response here with a solution, can you or can you not sync both a iPad and iPhone with the same iTunes account flawlessly yet, because i helped over 4 people to do this and every single method seems to be work arounds.
    has anyone figured out how to sync both devices to the same itunes account with out work arounds after all your apps get scattered outside their folders?

    You have always been able to sync as many devices as you like to one account/library/computer.
    Plug in one device, select what you want to sync, then sync.
    Unplug that device.
    Plug in the other device, select what you want to sync, then sync.

  • Can I authorize two computers withe the same iTunes

    Can I authorize two computers withe the same iTunes

    Yes, you can authorize two computers with the same Itunes Account.

  • Can i sync an iphone 4 and a ipad 2 with the same itunes library?

    can i sync an iphone 4 and a ipad 2 with the same itunes library?

    Open itunes. Plug in ipad.  Select what you want to sync.  Sync.
    iPad 2 User Guide (For iOS 4.3 Software)

  • Hi all, i can't sync over wifi between my iPhone 4 and Windows 7 64 bit, wifi sync works with the same phone and my Windows 8 machine, tried solutions from other threads with no luck, just thought i'd see if anyone else had any ideas, thanks.

    Hi all, i can't sync over wifi between my iPhone 4 and Windows 7 64 bit, wifi sync works with the same phone and my Windows 8 machine so the problem seems confined to Windows 7. I've tried solutions from other threads -
    Making sure everything is allowed through firewall
    Rebooting phone/laptop/router
    Disabling ipv6
    Disabling all networks except the one curently on
    Re-installing iTunes
    Restoring iPhone
    No luck with any of those unfortunately so i just thought i'd see if anyone else is still without wifi sync after trying those as well and if you ever found a fix, thanks.

    I just wanted to leave a note that it's working now. I'm not sure if it was the latest iTunes update that got it working or that i decided to start a new library instead of using the one i had backed up on Windows 8 (it didn't occur to me to check using the old library when i re-installed iTunes). But if anyone is having this problem, it might be worth trying again with a new installation of iTunes to see if the latest update works for you, and if not, try using a fresh library instead of a backup (by fresh library i mean discard your old library completely and start a new library, not just restore as new iPhone, a whole new library).

  • Can you sync 2 iPhones (a 3G & 4) with the same iTunes?

    I would like to use both phones but with different SIM cards and sync them separately with different information.  Can I do this from the 'same' iTunes or do I have to set up two separate iTunes?

    You can sync as many iphones/ipad/ipods as you like to one itunes library/computer.
    Each will only sync what you tell it to sync.

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