HT1386 I have a brand new Iphone 5, I use Itunes 10.7 I can not get any music on my Iphone,

I have a new Iphone 5
Add a new music cd to the library and then sync music
Also tried manual
TRied on several computers for some hours and evenings
Can not get any music on my Iphone at all
Sometimes I get informed that after copy some are not copied as they have the wrong formet
Also tried with a new CD
No fault during sync, but no music

Three things come to mind:
1.  I think you're implying when you travel away from your home to a more populated area, the cellular coverage improves and your iPhone works well.  Is that right?
2.  Do you have a case or some other obstruction over or near your iPhone's antenna?  Have you tried moving or removing any possible obstructions near the antenna?
3.  AT&T has a (free) app in the App Store called "Mark the Spot".  You can use this app to report voice and/or data issues to AT&T, as well as keep up on progress they may be making in improving coverage in your area.  Your trouble reports are geotagged (if you wish).

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