HT1407 ipod shuffle 2nd generation not recoganise in windows7 why i solve this issue

ipod shuffle 2nd generation1GB(2005-2006made) not recoganise in windows7 why i solve this issue,hlp me,...

What have you tried so far in terms of troubleshooting this issue?  Are you plugging the iPod into a high powered USB 2.0 port on the back of your PC?
What happens if you try to reset the device with it still connected to the PC?
How to reset iPod
Have you carefully worked through each and every single suggestion in this Apple support document?
iPod not recognized in 'My Computer' and in iTunes for Windows

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  • IPod Shuffle 2nd generation not recognized by Mac Book Pro

    iPod Shuffle 2nd generation not appearing in Mac Book Pro device window. USB checked and OK as I can charge iPod by connecting to power outlet. Reset iPod and no change. Kindly advise on what to do next.

    Hi SultanAshraf,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    It sounds like there is an issue with your iPod shuffle being recognized by iTunes on your Mac. Try the suggestions in the in the troubleshooting assistant below, they will resolve most issues like the one you described.
    iPod shuffle (2nd generation) Troubleshooting Assistant
    I hope this helps.

  • Ipod shuffle 2nd generation not showing up in itunes

    ipod shuffle 2nd generation not showing up in itunes and when in its dock blinking orange.

    I believe blinking orange means the iPod shuffle is in use by the computer (in some way).  That's actually good, because it means it is at least recognized as being connected to USB.
    If you have not already, be sure to try shutting down the computer completely (power off), with the iPod NOT connected.  Also, follow this procedure to reset the iPod shuffle.
    Turn on your computer.  Run iTunes.  Connect the iPod shuffle. 

  • Ipod shuffle 2nd generation not recognized

    Just aquired an ipod 2nd generation shuffle at a yard sale. Plugged it in and I get flashing lights (sorry, color blind and I can't tell if they are green or orange).
    Shuffle is not recognized by computer with either disk mode or in iTunes. Downloaded the restore program and it says waiting on ipod.
    I followed directions to reset shuffle to no avail. iPhones and iPads work fine. Tried different USB ports to no avail. Restarted computer, etc. The only think I haven't tried is a new charging/computer cable. I don't have a spare for the shuffle.
    Any suggestions?

    Well, this has been a real puzzle and I appreciate your advice.  I tried everything you suggested, everything I could find in other posts, everything I could read on Apple support and troubleshooting pages and nothing made a difference.  I pretty much gave up and decided to leave it alone for a few days and I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden things changed when I tried again.  My Mac was on, the Ipod was off, I plugged it into the Mac (and the yellow light started blinking but no iPod showed up on the desktop or in iTunes), then shut the Mac down for a few minutes and left the iPod off and plugged in.  When I turned the Mac back on I noticed that the only items in the dock that were "on" or "active" were the Finder and iTunes so I double clicked on iTunes and watched in amazement as it welcomed me to my "new iPod."  I followed the on-screen directions and the iPod appeared on the desktop and in iTunes at long last and I was able to download two audiobooks successfully.   I don't get it but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth.  I'm writing all this here in case some other poor soul is struggling with the same problem and has not yet tried all the steps described in these 9 posts.  Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

  • HT1407 Ipod Shuffle 2nd generation

    The status light on my second generation ipod has stopped working.  I can't tell whether it is charged or not, has anyone else had this problem?  Is there a solution?

    What have you tried so far in terms of troubleshooting this issue?  Are you plugging the iPod into a high powered USB 2.0 port on the back of your PC?
    What happens if you try to reset the device with it still connected to the PC?
    How to reset iPod
    Have you carefully worked through each and every single suggestion in this Apple support document?
    iPod not recognized in 'My Computer' and in iTunes for Windows

  • TS1369 Hello! I have an Ipod Shuffle 2nd Generation and it is not recognized by my Windows 8 based laptop. An error message of 'USB device not recognized' is shown. I have the latest ITunes version installed, and tested the dock in other pc's.

    I have a problem connecting my Ipod Shuffle 2nd generation to my Windows 8 based laptop. The computer doesn't recognize the Ipod and issues an error message saying 'USB device not recognized'. I tried uninstaling ITunes(latest version) and all other Apple software and reinstaling it back again, checked my USB hubs in the 'Device Manager' section of the Control Panel, you name it.
    I could really use some help solving this.
    I've turned to the troubleshooting section in Apple Support but it has nothing concerning situations in wich the device isn't even shown in the 'My Computer' folder.
    Help a brother out, will you???

    Found a solution in another forum (a few posts down).
    It was for an IPOD so you can see those details in the link.
    Found how to reset a shuffle and inserted it into these instructions - did not have to follow his last steps.
    - Turn off computer.
    - Plug Shuffle into usb.
    - Then you must reset your shuffle
    To reset iPod shuffle:
    Disconnect iPod shuffle from the computer (if connected).
    Move the switch on the iPod shuffle to the OFF position. Note that when iPod shuffle is off, the green stripe by the switch is not visible
    Disconnect iPod shuffle from the computer (if connected).
    Move the switch on the iPod shuffle to the OFF position. Note that when iPod shuffle is off, the green stripe by the switch is not visible.
    - Start computer and it should install the usb driver for the ipod automatically.
    - Your i pod will say do not unplug so don't. then open itunes and it will be there.
    I did not have to do these thing below – did not get error message and shuffle was displayed in Itunes. / LMc
    Just remember to not only eject ipod from itunes but stop usb.
    Go to the program icons near the clock and right click the usb icon and "safely remove hardware" will appear and click it.
    Stop it and select "apple ipod".

  • HT1481 ipod shuffle 2nd generation, does not show up in window when plugged into itunes. Also, does not charge(no light comes on).

    I have a ipod shuffle (2nd generation) that won't light up when plugged in to the power adapter. I have only used it a few times since I purchased it years ago. Also, when I plug it into my computer with itunes running, it isn't recognized at all, as in nothing happens when I plug the usb cable with ipod attached and on to it. Any help would be much appreciated.

    but there is another unspecified error.
    What is that error?
    Are you sure she has a Shuffle? You mentioned a Sad Face.. that would indicate that the iPod has a display, which a Shuffle does not.

  • I've had my ipod shuffle (2nd generation) for a long time now and after a year and a bit of not being in use it doesn't work. When I connect it to the computer it doesn't come up. Can my ipod be charged or fixed?

    I've had my ipod shuffle (2nd generation) for a long time now and after a year and a bit of not being in use it doesn't work. When I connect it to the computer it doesn't come up. Can my ipod be charged or fixed? Please help!

    That is about normal. You can maximize battery life by changing some settings. See:
    Apple - Batteries - iPod
    Apple will exchange your iPod for a refurbished one for with a new battery for $79. They do not fix yours.
    Apple - iPod Repair price                       
    A third-party place like the following will replace your battery for less. Google for more.
    iPhone Repair, Service & Parts: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro Screens
    Replace the battery yourself if you are up to it. You can purchase a replacment for about $10
    iPod Touch Repair – iFixit                  

  • My ipod shuffle 2nd generation is charging but not starting.

    My Ipod shuffle 2nd generation 4 yrs old is charging when i connect it to the computer it blinks orange light then when i eject it, it shows green light. But afterwards when i start it nothing happens. It used to work very nicely before but now Its doesnt respond at all. I have reset it several times. Ipod software version is 1.0.4 and i use it in latest itunes. Please help.

    That most likely problem is that the iPod's battery is worn out and not able to hold a charge anymore.  So, it appears to charge while connect to USB for power, but a few seconds after it is disconnected, it goes dead.

  • I have an ipod shuffle 2nd generation.  It is not showing up in itunes -tried restart, software updated   What can I do

    So frustrated,  I have 4 ipod shuffles 2nd generations and I can't get itunes to recognize any of them.   My software is 10.6.3   I have restarted.  Plugged in the ipod usb first, then docked and turned off, then turned on.  Changed USB ports, made sure the software is updated.  HELP! 

    A couple of things that worked for me.
    1. Download and run Apple's iPod Reset Utility:
    2. If this gets the Shuffle visible in iTunes, go into the Settings for the iPod and enable Disk Usage.

  • IPod Shuffle 2nd Gen not turning on what ever I do. Help!

    Hi guys,
    My mum brought a iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation from Apple Store when it was top of its model. I use the apple charger that comes with it.
    Some reason I have found it in a pile o' stuff and it doesnt show up on the Desktop or iTunes. I tried iPod Reset Utillity (it doesnt show up either),
    and I installed iPod support off my old OS X install disc. I did the Reboot,Reset,Retry etc... but it doesnt work. I dont want to buy anything else.
    Is there anything I could do?
    My OS is: Mac OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion
    iPod Shuffle: iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation (unknown year)

    The Genius Bar at an Apple Store does not charge you, unless they do some repair work, and they won't do work on a 2nd gen shuffle at this point, only help with troubleshooting. 
    For example, in your case, the problem seems to be no connection, for power or data.  That could be a problem on the USB port, on the USB cable, or on the shuffle itself.  I think you've ruled out a bad USB port by trying multiple computers.  You can't rule out a bad USB cable unless you have another shuffle to try with your cable, or you have another (known-good) cable to try with your shuffle.  The Genius Bar probably has a cable they know is good.  If your shuffle works with that cable, you have a bad cable.  If it does not, then the problem is likely to be something in the shuffle, such as a bad headphones jack or logic board or something else.
    NOTE:  The short USB cable that is for the 3rd and 4th gen shuffle will fit on a 2nd gen shuffle, but it will not work.  The connector is different.  But there are similar looking third-party cables that are made for the 2nd gen shuffle.

  • IPod shuffle 2nd gen not recognized in Mac either Finder or iTunes (but is detected and works perfectly fine on Windows)... i tried using iPod Reset Utility, but no luck...

    i've been working on this for the past few days, and still no luck... iPod Shuffle 2nd generation (i know it's old).... not detected in my home MacBook... but works perfectly fine on Windows....
    i tried using iPod Reset Utility, soooo many times... and i only had twice the luck of having it formatted... but even though it is formatted, it still isn't recognized in iTunes or even in Finder.... other than the 2 times of having it formatted using iPod Reset Utility, i had seen all the reuslts, like: Error ressetting the ipod blah blah: iPod has been reset, keep plugged in, until reset is completed blah blah: iPod has been reset, unplug and replug your iPod blah blah... etc, i have seen all the possible effects of iPod Reset Utility, but still no luck getting it recognized in iTunes or Finder....
    and then , i tried connecting it to a windows computer (but i didn't restore it from there, and just ejected it from windows iTunes), after ejecting it from windows, and then connecting it to Mac, it worked miraculuosly.... perfectly synced and able to put music and listen to them... ejected iPod... after a few minutes, i wanted to add some other music, but when i connected it again, Bam!!!! not working again... even after connecting to windows, it didn't work anymore... guess the magic trick has been doomed...
    i badly need help... puhlease...  (^_^)

    Hey, I hear ya and can sympathize. I have the same
    issue. The difference is that my computer can "see"
    my ipod but it refuses to show up in itunes itself;
    therefore, I can't put anything on the ipod (from the
    computer) and vice-versa. Apple support is clueless.
    This is very frustrating to say the least. Itunes
    keeps telling me that my ipod is synced to a
    "different" computer, which isn't true. It's the
    same computer. The difference is that when I first
    got the 'pod and used it with this computer (and
    everything worked fine), I was running XP. I
    installed Vista and after that, all the problems
    started. If I ever get this resolved, believe me,
    I'll post something here.
    I'm guessing that somehow, itunes "sees" what
    computer it's hooked to by "looking" at something in
    the OS. Change the OS and it "thinks" it's seeing a
    "different" computer.
    Try reformatting it.

  • IPod Shuffle 1st Generation not recognised on only one of my computers

    The iPod can be recognised on my netbook running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and my desktop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. However, on one desktop which is running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, it does not recognise the iPod in iTunes. In device manager, I can see 'Apple iPod USB Device' and 'Unknown Device'. This 'Unknown Device' only occurs when I plug in the iPod. 'My Computer' can't see it either. I had a look in 'Disk Management' and I saw 'Removable Disk' and 'No media'. I reinstalled iTunes and the drivers many times but nothing changes. I even tried an alternative to iTunes but that didn't work either. I also tried switching USB ports to no avail. I am very confused why it only doesn't work with one computer.

    Sorry I just realised it's an iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation. I'm terribly sorry for not realising it earlier. Could someone possibly move this to the right forum?
    Anyway, when I said the computer doesn't recognise the iPod, if I wait a long time, iTunes will eventually see it and say it is 'corrupted' and suggests restoring it. It still works fine on my other two computers. I tried restoring it as it suggested but it just gets stuck on 'Restoring iPod' for hours and nothing happens.

  • IPod Shuffle 2nd generation HELP NEEDED !!!

    I have an iPod shuffle 2nd generation, the years suppoort is up and apple have done their best to drop me when all I really need is some technical know how not a huge overhaul of my iPod shuffle! And so here I am my last resort to try and sort this very frustrating issue out.
    Basically I loaded my suffle with songs and gave it to my girlfriend as a gift. We plugged it into the car  (via usb) worked fine also the HD ready TV via the usb docking bay it comes with no problem!!! Sounds lovely so far, but alas the gadget was loved but not the music.
    So we plugged it into my girlfriends laptop, loaded with music in iTunes (latest version). Synced it with this pc and reloaded the music from her laptop. Sounds easy so far but from then on it wont play in the car via usb or the TV!!!! This is so annoying and frustrating so typical of apple in my opinion! I have reset and restored the device umpteen times via iTunes even downloaded the restore software and ran it as an XP proggy as apple hasnt updated it to later versions of windows and still it wont work. The car says its an empty USB yet it plays fine in the car via the 3.5 jack but of coarse we loose all the functionality of the built in car audio control on the wheel etc! And using the device by taking eyes of the road could be disatrous for the misses! The TV shows iTunes folder, Music folder even 3 extra folders F0,0 F01 and F02 but all are empty according to it! But in iTunes obviously the shuffle is full and loaded and it plays fine via the jack plug!
    And so can anyone help shed light why it worked fine through the USB bay supplied with the iPod in the car and the TV until we reassociated with another PC with latest version of iTunes installed. Can this be fixed! Or is it yet another Apple annomoly never to be fixed and brushed under the carpet of rotten cores!
    We both run latest version of windows 7 ultimate with latest version download from apple of iTunes.

    hi MissErin!
    the best place to start with that message is here:
    iTunes for Windows: "Disk is locked" or "iTunes folder cannot be found" when installing or opening iTunes
    but if you run into the complication where TweakUI doesn't show My Music as an option, try:
    Nigel Carpenter: re: Itunes problem
    love, b

  • Ipod Shuffle 2nd generation OneClick Problems

    I have an ipod shuffle (2nd generation) and have downloaded the OneClickDigital media manager from the App store.
    This has allowed me to check out audiobooks from my library... and they download to this program and I can play them there....that much is working.
    The problem is that when I "download/transfer" the audiobook I get an error message that I can't seem to resolve. It says "iPod music is not manually managed....Please check the "Manually manage music and videos" option for your device in iTunes....IMPORTANT: All existing content on the device could be deleted by iTunes by checking this option".
    Now here's the problem. There seems to be no "summary" tab for the ipod shuffle (2nd generation). The response I got from OneClickdigital says "Unfortunately, we are not aware of another way to manually sync music for specific devices other than the Summary tab Options settings.  We do recommend that you contact Apple support directly in regards to questions specific to your device."
    Any ideas?

    I have the same problem with my ipod.
    It doesn't flash any lights and ive tried all of these ways too.
    Ive had it for less than a year and I won my ipod so I dont really know if i can go to the apple store and they'll fix it for me.
    **Also would they do it or would I have to pay, and have the box, and papers?**
    Because I don't have the cover box, but i have the clear plastic box w/ the white plastic holding that but not the cover box(i dont even remeber if there was a box over the white palstic thing).And i dont have a receipt because i won it, but i have all the other papers that were in the clear box itself even the stickers and everything.

Maybe you are looking for

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