HT1515 How can I use Airport Express (1st generation) with OS X Mavricks?

How can I use Airport Express (1st Generation) with OS X Mavericks?

1st Generation AirPort Express will work fine with Mavericks.
Are you sure that you have a 1st Gen Express?
Check the model number on the side of the Express. 1st Gen is A1264.
If you see A1084 or A1088, these are much older versions of the Express that were sold long before Apple began to use the Generation naming with "n" wireless devices in 2007.
Mavericks will not support the A1084 or A1088. Use another Mac running Leopard, Snow Leopard, or a PC if you need to administer the older Express.

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  • Currently use Airport Express -1st Generation-to access internet -purchased 2014 Airport Extreme base station -can I import Express back up configuration to keep current settings . Or is it best to do new Airport Extreme as a new Network .

    Currently use Airport Express -1st Generation-to access internet -purchased 2014 Airport Extreme base station -can I import Express back up configuration to keep current settings . Or is it best to do new Airport Extreme as a new Network .

    Just spoke with Cisco about the router.  They said the router is compatible with the E1500.  They suggested that I contact Apple to see if their default IP address was that same as the router (  They told me I would have to change it if that was the case.  How would I do that?

  • How can I use AirPort Express when traveling?

    How can I use AirPort Express when traveling?

    How can I use AirPort Express when traveling?
    Connect the AirPort Express to the Ethernet port in your be able to create your own private wireless network in your room for multiple devices.
    You will still have to pay the hotel Internet charge for one device, if the hotel charges for Internet access.
    If the hotel only provides wireless service, then a single AirPort Express will not help you.
    However, if you have two AirPort Express devices, then you can use one to "join" the hotel wireless network, then connect the second Express to the first using an Ethernet cable and create your own wireless network for multiple devices in your room.

  • How can I use airport express in India on my ipad

    I have iPad that I want to use in India with airport express. Please help how to.

    Connect the Airport Express via Ethernet cable to the modem you got from your Internet provider. Assuming your PC is using wired Internet now download the Airport utility. Then follow the quick setup guide that came with the AEX.

  • How can I use Airport Express to create a standalone Wi-Fi network without Internet Access so I can browse web pages on the local network? I will be using MAMP as my server (Apache)

    I would like to create my own Wi-Fi standalone network at an upcoming tradeshow where there will be NO internet access.
    Currently, I run and develop sites on my iMac use MAMP to manage my sites locally. Using MAMP, I run my sites as though they are on the internet although everything is local.
    I purchased an Airport Express hoping I could create a standalone network so that the iMac would broadcast its website to whatever device connects to it such as my iPhone, iPad and MacBookPro.
    However, after setting up the network successfully (I have a green light on the Airport Express, and there is NO internet going through it), I  am  not able to go any further by logging into the iMac's websites from the other machines. Form my MacBookPro Finder, I can look at files and folders using afp://, from the Find/Go/Connect to Server utility, but I can't browse the website that is running on the iMac via the Safari browser.
    Can anyone help me configure my MacBookPro (or iPad, or iPhone) to run the website on the iMac when they are all on the same network?
    Thanks so much!!

    1) connecting the TC using a ethernet cable from one of the two modem's LAN ports to the TC's WAN port
    2) create a new Wi-Fi network using the TC ?
    Does someone already create a new Wi-Fi network using its TC connected by Ethernet on a modem/router device ? How do you set up the DHCP (and NAT) ? Which range did you use ?
    This is easy enough to do..
    Plug the TC directly into a computer.. without other connections to do the setup.
    Using the newly installed 5.6 utility.
    Bridge the TC.
    Create a wireless network.
    This is an older screen shot and I would set security to WPA2 Personal only not WPA/WPA2 Personal as shown above.
    I do recommend you use wireless names that are short, no spaces, pure alphanumeric.
    Update the TC..
    Now plug it into the modem router.. it will be a part of the network without doing NAT and DHCP itself.. which you do not want.. that leads to double NAT issues.. but it is a WAP that provides access to devices on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands directly to the main router.

  • Can I use Airport Express (1st gen.) as a wired access point to my wifi Network

    I'm using 10.8.4 with the older 6.3 airport utility. I have a Airport Express A1084 (1st. Gen).
    I'm trying to use it, connected to my wireless network, but have a wired ethernet cable from the Airport Express connected to a device. I tried connecting via wire to another laptop to access the web and it doesn't work.
    Any ideas if I can even do this, or do I just buy a new Express Airport. I just want to extend the network using my wireless to a wired device, but don't want to run a cable, because of the distance.
    Thank you

    Bob, I hope you can help me too.  I have 4th generation (? - the flat, square model that was recently replaced) Time Capsule/Airport that I bought to extend my Verizon DSL dry loop modem/wireless signal througout the house and to the guest house.  I now know that it cannot be achieved due to Apple negligence in informing customers that the capsule will only extend from another apple airport product. 
    My question:
    Should I connect it via ethernet to my DSL modem and create a new network, but use the SAME network name, passcodes, etc?  Will that Strengthen my existing wireless signal or will both machines butt heads and duke it out, so to speak?
    B/C, I did have two separate networks going for about a year, different names for each network, and suddenly, the wireless part of the Verizon DSL modem died, and Verizon replaced the entire modem with the Actiontec modem.  So I am concerned that reconnecting the Time Capsule/Airport may damage teh Verizon modem, if that is why just the wireless part of the previous modem failed. 
    Suffice it to say, am very disappointed in the Time Capsule/Airport.  It replaced an older, bigger Western Digital external hard drive that was so easy to use and reliable; am still using it, but it has no wireless signal boost capability, so I purchased the Time Capsule/Airport. 
    Thank you for your help.

  • How can I use airport express to over-ride TWC wireless ubee?

    I currently pay Time Warner Cable $6 a month for the wireless feature of their regular internet service, administered via a ubee modem. I want to cancel this service and instead run my wifi through an Apple Airport Express. But when I plug it in and try to use it, it flashes amber (I gather I need to disable the TWC wifi first, but don't know how to do this and TWC are reluctant advisors.)
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    It is always a good idea to perform a complete power recycle of your networking equipment any time you make hardware configuration changes.
    Please try the following:
    Power-down the modem, AXn and computers; leave them powered-down for 10-15 minutes. Note: Power-down order is not critical.
    Power-up the modem; wait at least 10-15 minutes to allow it adequate time to initialize.
    Power-up the AXn; wait at least 5-10 minutes. Note: The AXn may continue to flash amber as it may still require some additional configuration changes (like enabling wireless security) before it will go solid green.
    Power-up your computers.
    Wireless clients, connected to the AXn, should now be able to access the Internet. Please post back your results.

  • How can I use Airport Express (2004 version) ethernet port?

    I am using a Time Capsule to access the internet. Now I would like to use my old AE to "root" that internet connection via the ethernet port to my WD HD TV Live (or Notebook w/o wifi).
    I know that it is possible with the newer airport express version coz a friend has it setup. But I could not make it work with the AE 2004.
    The latest available firmware is 6.5.3 while on the AE 2008 it is 7.5.2
    Any suggestions?

    dirk2gently, welcome to the discussion area!
    Unfortunately, your older version of the AirPort Express does not have the capability to "extend a wireless network", so you'll need to use the 802.11n version of the AirPort Express to do what you want to do.

  • Slow speeds using airport express 1st generation

    I am currently using an airport express 802.11n 1st generation. I have a direct link from my modem to the airport express which provides a wireless connection to 4 other devices, my macbook pro (2009), iphone 5, android phone, and a windows computer.
    I have been seeing very variable download speeds when using on both my macbook and iphone. I had just assumed it was my internet provider. However, I tried connecting my macbook directly to my modem using an ethernet cable instead of through the airport express. When I did that I had the full 50 Mb/sec download speed that I am paying for. When I then reconnect the airport express and measure the download speeds through wifi and with all 4 devices connected, I see much slower speeds, anywhere from 4 Mb/sec to 30 Mb/sec, but never the full 50 Mb/sec.
    It seems that when my download speeds are really slow and I reset the airport express by just unplugging it and then plugging it back in, the speeds generally seem to improve, but again they usually average around 15 Mb/sec.
    Another thing, it seems like the download speeds improve if only 2 devices are connected and not all 4. Yet, this seems unlikely, I would expect that the airport express could handle more than 4 devices!
    When I connect with airport utility, the airport express has the latest firmware. I can't think of much else that would cause these slow speeds.
    Any help would greatly be appreciated!

    It is very possible that you may have some form of Wi-Fi interference that appears during these hours that is preventing your 802.11n AirPort Express Base Station (AXn) from providing a clean RF signal.
    I suggest you perform a simple site survey, using utilities like iStumbler, or AirRadar to determine potential areas of interference, and then, try to either eliminate or significantly reduce them where possible.

  • How can I use an Express database build with RAA in Express Objects???

    Hello, everybody!
    I have installed Express Server and Client on my computer. I've build an Express database With Relational Access Manager mapping data from an Oracle database.
    Now I want to use this express database in Oracle Express Objects.
    I understand that an express database build with understand can be used by defining a connection to Express Server and using the option Relational Access Manager Connection.
    But, I didn't understand the settings of this option. I open the settings window and there it is :
    - the MASTER DATABASE Box where I have to write the name of the CUBE from the express database build with understand?
    - the RDC File Box : what do I have to write here? I've read the HELP but I didn't understood. There is no file with the RDC extension in my computer.
    Thank you for your help!
    [email protected]

    you can extend it, very easly, with an Airport Express.
    once you connect the AExpress, on the App Airport Utility, in Wireless tab choose to "Extent a Network", you will be able to select your Network enter your Network Password and it is done
    i have 2 AExpress to extend my signal and also to Airplay to Remote Speakers and works perfectly
    good luck

  • Can I use Airport Express's Airtunes with a non-Apple modem/router?

    I am about to set up a network in our second home, so I am trying to do it as economically as possible. I will have a Verizon modem/router. The Verizon rep says the Verizon equipment is all I need for a computer network (no Airport Extreme Base Station needed). But I would also like to play music on Internet radio stations through iTunes on my Cambridge Soundworks system in a room that is different from the one where the Verizon modem/router will be. Can I purchase an Airport Express with Airtunes to plug in near the music system without also getting an Airport Extreme Base Station to which the Airport Express would be linked? If it is possible to go with just the AE, is it foolish to avoid getting the base station if I would also like to have wireless printing on my network? (I believe I would need the Airport Extreme Base Station for printing because it has the USB port.)

    The Airport Express will do what you want in addition to printing if your printer is compatible as it does have a USB port. Just configure the Express to "join" the wireless network that the Verizon router is creating.
    You will be able to stream AirTunes to the AirPort Express, which in turn will furnish an audio signal to your stereo system.
    If you want to be able to stream any audio source from your computer to the AirPort Express...not just iTunes audio might want to take a look at Airfoil.

  • I currently have a D-Link DI-604 broadband router with windows computers.  How can I add wifi to the network for use with ipad?  Can I use AirPort Express?

    I currently have a D-Link DI-604 broadband router with windows computers.  How can I add wifi to the network for use with ipad?  Can I use AirPort Express?

    Yes. You can directly connect an 802.11n AirPort Express Base Station (AXn) using an Ethernet cable. The AXn would then just need to be configured as a bridge to allow the D-Link to continue to provide both NAT & DHCP services for all network clients connected to either router.
    In this configuration, the AXn would broadcast a wireless network for your wireless network clients to connect to.

  • Cannot configure my AirPort Express (1st generation) anymore. Am using AirPort Utility 5.4.2 Setup Assistant. What do I do wrong?

    I cannot configure my AirPort Express (1st generation) as base Station anymore. I had to reset it because I lost my password.
    I first tried my IPads (IOS 6). These returned the message: Your AirPort Express cannot be configured with this software. Go to for more information.
    As it is an old one, I have downloaded the eldest available AirPort Utility I could find on the Apple site (AirPort utility 5.4.2) to my computer. I ran the AirPort Setup Assistant wireless and the assistant found my AirPort named " Apple Network XXXXX". (I notes that the Assistant also returned the message: If this is not the AirPort Extreme you want to set up ...)
    I clicked <NEXT>
    After trying to connect to Network, I received the message: Cannot connect to network or there are no AirPort base stations on the network.
    To be sure I retried running the Assistant after connecting the computer and the AirPort using an ethernet cable. The error message was the same.
    What do I do wrong?
    Am I using the wrong Utility software? If so, which version do I have to download and from where?
    Is a first generation AirPort anyhow compatible wth 4the generation IPads or shoud I just buy a new AirPort.
    I hope someone can help me...

    Ok, thanks for clarifying that for me. You are correct. Your iOS devices will NOT be able to administer the 802.11g base stations because the version of the AirPort Utility that they use is incompatible.
    For Windows XP, AirPort Utility for Windows v5.5.3 should work. However, v5.4.2 that you have should work as well.
    Your XP computer needs to connect to the AirPort's wireless network BEFORE you can access the AirPort with the AirPort Utility. You may want to try connecting your computer directly to the AirPort using an Ethernet cable.

  • How can i install airport express A 1264 on os x 10.9.2

    How can i install Airport Express A 1264 on os x 10.9.2

    Hello chawich
    All you should need is Airport Utility that is located in the Utilities folder that sits in the Application folder. If you have an iOS device, you can also set it up with that device with Airport Utility or in Wi-Fi section in Settings.
    AirPort Utility software and firmware downloads
    -Norm G.

  • Can I use AirPort Express as booster/extender to LinkSys router signal?

    I have LinkSys N router (which I got free, else would've bought AirPort), its signal isn't strong enough in office room.  Can I use AirPort Express as a booster/extender?  Some sources say Express can only talk to another Express, others say it can communicate with the LinkSys.  Which is it?  I don't want to spend the money for two Expresses unless I have no choice (very limited budget nowadays).
    I've been hassling with this for over a month, and I'm extremely frustrated. 
    Thanks to anybody who can help me with this.

    Most likely no. That is because most non-Apple router's implementation of WDS is not compatible ... and this is true the other way around. It is true that some early Linksys models, mainly the WRT-54 series were compatible, but I have not seen anything since then that is.

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