HT1660 when deleting music files from iTunes and you select Keep File, where is that file stored and how it is retireved?

when deleting music files from iTunes and you select Keep File, where is that file stored and how it is retrieved?

The file is just left where it was when it was connected to the library. Typically:
     <User>/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/<Artist>/<Album>/## <Name>.<Ext>
If you want to add it back just drag it into iTunes. If you want to cull the files you kept previously add the entire iTunes Media folder back into iTunes (or use one of Doug's scripts that has the same effect), then delete (and don't keep) the recent additions.
Note that warning/prompt is only issued when the files you are removing are located inside the designated iTunes Media folder.

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    elkelawdog wrote:
    I think I had an old itunes id. 
    Either you did or did not.  Do you not remember?
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    Media is not burned to iDevices.  Burning an iDevice would destroy it. 
    Why will iTunes not allow you to sync media to the iDevice?  What happens when trying to sync media to an iDevice?
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    iTunes has nothing to do with putting media on a non-Apple device.

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    Hey GJBY!
    I have an article for you that can help answer that question:
    iTunes: Frequently asked questions about viewing and syncing videos
    What are the requirements for playing video on mobile devices?
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    Thanks for coming to the Apple Support Communities!

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    Are the songs still found in the finder -> Music -> iTunes -> iTunes Media -> Music?
    If so, you might be able to import them again from there, else you can try to move the songs from your trash to an other folder.

  • When using time machine with external hardrive to backup, some music items from iTunes and some photos from iPhoto do not transfer to backup hardrive.  What am I ding wrong?  Using latest version of mountain lion.

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    First, Time Machine doesn't completely back up the iPhoto library while iPhoto is running. Make sure you quit iPhoto after making any changes to allow a backup to take place.
    This simple procedure will clear your Time Machine settings, including both overt and hidden exclusions. If you have a long exclusion list that can't be recreated easily, you may prefer a more complicated procedure that preserves the exclusion list. In that case, ask for instructions. Otherwise, do as follows.
    Triple-click the line below to select it:
    Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select
    Services ▹ Reveal
    from the contextual menu. A Finder window should open with a file selected. Copy it to the Desktop. Then move it (the original, not the copy) to the Trash. You'll be prompted for your administrator password. Reboot, recreate your settings in the Time Machine preference pane, and run a backup to test. If TM now performs as expected, delete the file you copied to the Desktop.

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    This sounds more like a hardware issue, possibly a failing drive if you had mysteriously vanishing files and there are problems writing to your drive..  You could get better support on a forum for your Mac model or at lest one for your operating system version.  Have you verified the disk with Disk Utility to see what it reports?

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    Anyway, is there a way to do what I want, or am I stuck with searching separately, and then deleting them separately? Laborious indeed. Oh, yes, the duplicate function doesn't work here because you can't search both the iPod and iTunes at the same time.
    Thanks in advance to all you smartie-pants out there.

    when you purchas e a tv show from the itunes music store and then sync it to the ipod. there will appear a new name in th evideo subsection of videos on the ipod called tv shows thats where they will be and where you can watch the,.

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    I have been using iTunes for nearly 8 years, and 6 months on current PC - no probs. Since recent upgrade, when fist opening iTunes... the first time you try to delete a file it hangs. After forced close and re-open all ok. Also since update, I see a msg EACH time I close iTunes - iTunes ... despite any devices being correctly un-docked. Have tried un-installing re-installing and repairing.. all no good.

    +the first time you try to delete a file it hangs.+
    Make sure you have the correct windows 7 permissions on your entire music\itunes folder. Full control and ownership, as explained on this web page stedinstaller/
    Make sure to check the subcontainer box for subfolders to get the permissions.

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    I found a link to a walkthru here, but its for an older version of iTunes. I tried doing it anyway, but as the instructions said, connect the iPad, open iTunes, and click on the iPad icon, then on the Summary and check "Manually Manage music and videos." Well that's not an option, all it says is Manually manage Videos. No mention of songs anywhere, not even in the other tabs as far as I can tell.

    I've had a case opened up for at least a month, now.   
    I re-tried my Jay-Z album and it's still borked.

  • How do I delete photo albums from phone and how do I delete pictures from photo library on phone.

    how do I delete photo albums from my phone and how do I delete pictures from library on my phone

    If you sync those album via itunes, then you will need to unsync them via itunes.

  • I deleted a song from iTunes and it deleted all the music from the artist?

    I was deleting a duplicate song from an album of an artist that I have a lot of music from and somehow iTunes deleted all the music from that artist. It's not supposed to do that especially when you're only deleting one song. Has anyone had this happen? It wasn't music that I bought from the iTunes store it was off cds.

    Hello Rabzzy,
    I would be concerned too if I was charged for the same song twice.  I recommend using the steps in the following article to report this issue:
    How to report an issue with your iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, or iBookstore purchase
    Thank you for posting in the Apple Support Communities. 
    Sheila M.

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    My main intention is to, of course, get the download completed.  My secondary intention is to, hopefully, bring to the attention of Apple - iTunes staff, the grossly inadequate, dare I say cryptic, error message descriptions iTunes displays. 
    I can provide the purchase receipt number if it is required.

    Hey SDGardella,
    Thanks for the question. I understand that you are receiving error 499 when attempting to download purchases from the iTunes Store. The following resource outlines this error message:
    iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting
    "Error 499"
    This alert occurs due to security software. Follow iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting security software issues.
    Matt M.

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    "None" should be located right next to where you chose what kind of credit card you are using. You should be able to find it, if you go to your account and click 'Edit Payment Information' Then where it says what kind of card it is it should be right after PayPal. But if you can't find it, can't you just highlight the information and backspace it?

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