HT1688 I reset my Iphone and got everything back accept ringtones, how can I get them back?

I recently reset my Iphone 4S 16 GB and I backed it up with Icloud. I got everything back ( apps, music, photos, ETC.) accept for my purchased ringtones. I am trying everything to get them back. I know they are still there because when I tried to purchase one again, it said I already purchased it. How can I get them back and what happened to them?  

I would try deleting these from your Itunes on your PC/Mac but i gather you have these ticked to sink when you plug in your iphone check this first. Then you could try downloading them again from itunes.
You can download anything you have purchased again from I tunes by clicking on the purchased link the right hand side of itunes store link in. I have never had Ringtunes so i would make sure these are availble download before you delete. There are lots of good free apps with ringtunes and ones that enable you to simply cut a short sample from any of the tracks from your itunes list.

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