HT1766 can you have multiple iPhones in the same iTunes account without overwriting each phones content?

Can you have multiple iPhones in the same iTunes account without overwriting each phones content?

Hi sandexpress,
As Ocean20 indicates, you want to make sure that you have automatic syncing turned off. In iTunes Preferences under Devices, make sure you have "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically" checked. Then connect each iPhone, and make sure that "Manually Manage Music and Videos" is checked on the Info page for each of them. Then go into each page for each device, and select what you want to sync to that particular device. (you would do this one device at a time - complete the steps for one of the phones, then connect the next one and do the same thing).
With this kind of setup, you can modify what will sync at any given time for a particular device once you have connected it to iTunes, but before you click on the Sync button at the bottom of the screen. If you want to change some sync options on a particular device, you would just go into the page you wanted to change (Music, Photos, Apps, etc.), make your changes, and then Sync.
If you do not have any changes, you can just hook up the phone and click on Sync.
Hope this helps.

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    can I use multiple iPhones on the same iTunes account? e.g. my wife and I each have iPhones

    Yes, you can have as many devices - iPhones, iPods, iPads - as you like using the same iTunes account.

  • HT1311 can you see which device bought something on iTunes where you have multiple devices on the same iTunes account?

    is there any way to find out which device dowloaded apps when you have multiple devices using the same itunes account? 

    The purchase information does not include the device used, but does include the Apple ID used for the purchase.
    Apps downloaded on one device with the same Apple ID can be downloaded on another device with that Apple ID.

  • CAn You Sync Two iPhones to the same iTunes Account?

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    Yes.. It is a very difficult process.. First, log into 1 computer with your account and Authorize that computer to use the iPhone. then Sync your phone.. Log out and go to the second computer.. login and Authorize then sync your phone.
    It worked for me

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    I asked a simular question. It is confusing indeed.
    Hope it helps.

  • HT4972 Can you have two iPhones to the one iTunes account? I am overseas and using the old iPhone 4 here, but also have a current iPhone 5.

    I have two iPhones, a 5 which I currently use and an old 4 which I use as a second phone as I am overseas. I have connected both to iTunes. Does this cause any problems have two phones on the one iTune account, as far as updates, etc goes?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    It won't cause any problem. Moreover, you will be able to share the purchases between both phones and have the same information by using iCloud, so you don't lose anything

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    I have two iPhones (4 & 3GS). Is it possible to have them using the one iTunes account or do they have to have separate accounts? I had heard that there may be a change in the apple terms so that you cannot do this, but not sure if it's true?

    You can have as many iPhone and other iDevices as you want associated with your iTunes account.

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    Its not possible for the same development object. Only 1 person can access an object at a time and if mutiple users modify an object new TASKs are created under the same TRANSPORT.
    Only after releasing the tr you can create a new tr on the same object.
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  • I have three iPhones using the same iTunes account, can we set something so that we are not all getting everyones txt messages to all phones?

    I have three iPhones using the same iTunes account, can we set something so that all our txt messages are not appearing on all phones?

    Settings > Messages > Receive At...
    Any iPhone that lists the same email will receive the same texts. This has to be changed in order to stop receiving on all devices.

  • Can you sync different iPhones with the same iTunes library on your computer?

    I have two I phones an old 3G and 4S.
    I use the 4S in the US and I planned to unlock the 3G in order to use it in France.
    I have itune on my computer and I would like to know if I can sync my two iphones on the same itune ?
    Thank you for helping me

    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

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    Yes, multiple databases could be placed on the same LUN, but it's not recommended.
    If you have 2 drives fail at the same time (it happens more than you think), then losing 100% of your DBs is a lot worse than losing one of them or some of them depending on where the failures are.
    Here is a similar thread for your reference:
    Multiple databases on the same LUN in Exchange 2010
    Hope this helps!
    Niko Cheng
    TechNet Community Support

  • HT204053 2 iPhone 5's one Apple ID - Can I have 2 linked to the same itunes account?

    My partner and I use the same itunes account. We have both just upgraded to iPhone 5 and have had the odd problem using the same Apple ID. Can anyone tell me if I can or how to get 2 Apple ID's linked to the same itunes account. If we have two have 2 itunes accounts my partner won't have access to all my music etc.
    Can anyone give me the best course of action?

    You can have as many iPhone and other iDevices as you want associated with your iTunes account.

  • Can I use 2 iPhones with the same iTunes account? help...

    At the moment I have an iPhone 3G but my wife doesn't. I have a Windows Vista machine at home that has all our music in iTunes and all the apps I have downloaded from the app store. We only have 1 login to our windows vista PC that we share, we don't have individual signons.
    On Friday I will be upgrading to the 3Gs and my wife will also be getting one.
    My question is can we sync both iPhones with the same PC using the same Windows login and the same iTunes account, i.e. share all music and apps with both iPhones?

    A computer can sync a dozen iPods and/or iPhones (just saying).
    However, You can't use more than one computer for that iPhone.

  • How do you have multiple iPhones, on the same computer, and on the same iTunes log in?

    My wife has the iPhone 4 and rarely syncs (1 time in the last 6 months) to our PC, so I updated her phone when she synced.  I have the iPhone 4S and sync everyday to the same PC and same iTunes account.  She synced her phone to our PC yesterday and all of my info is now showing on her phone (apps, pictures, etc) ... I have researched and do not see a solution on how to fix this?

    First thing to do is make sure each device has a unique name. You can change the name displayed in iTunes by connecting the iPhone to iTunes and double clicking on the name of the device.. Then type a new name. Wife's iPhone and dads iPhone for example.
    Then when you sync a device be sure to carefully select those items you want on that device and deselect those items you don't want. After you have made the selections you want click on Sync or Apply.

  • Can you have 2 iPods on the same iTunes?

    I currently own a 30GB iPod and we purchased an iPod nano for our son for his birthday. We are not sure if we can run both iPods through the same iTunes, or do they need to be on seperate computers?
    Please help...I cannot find any info about this.
    Thank you.
    Sony Vaio PCG-K13   Windows XP  
    Sony Vaio PCG-K13   Windows XP  

    There are actually a number of methods for using more than one iPod on a single computer. Method one is to have two Mac or Windows user accounts which by definition would give you two completely separate libraries. Method two is to set your preferences so each iPod is updated with only certain playlists within one library: How To Use Multiple iPods with One Computer
    If you choose the update option "automatically update selected playlists only" you can create a playlist specifically for each iPod and drag the tracks you want into it. If you tire of the list and want to change it, you just add or remove the songs you don't want. The ones you take out out remain in the library to be used by the other iPod. Make your playlist a Smart playlist and limit the size to just below the advertised capacity of your iPod (For example if using a Mini or Nano that's around 3700MB for a 4G). You can read more about playlists at these links:
    iTunes: Creating playlists of your favorite songs
    How to create a Smart Playlist with iTunes
    Or of course you could set one or both iPods to "manually manage songs and playlists" and drag whatever you like to them.
    For info:
    The iPod offers three ways to transfer music from your computer. You can select one of the following update modes from the iPod Preferences menu in iTunes (Edit=>Preferences=>'iPod' tab):
    1) Automatically update all songs and playlists. This is the default mode, in which your entire music library, including playlists, is automatically synced to your iPod. If the music library on your computer exceeds the iPod storage capacity, you are prompted to select a different update method.
    2) Automatically update selected playlists only. With this option, iTunes automatically copies the playlists you have selected to the iPod when you connect it to the computer.
    3) Manually manage songs and playlists. You can also choose to transfer music to the iPod manually. This allows you to drag and drop individual songs and playlists from iTunes to the iPod.

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