HT1766 If I have accidently deleted my music files from iTunes on my PC laptop, can I get them back from my iPad which was synced just before I deleted all the files?

I accidently deletes all my music files from iTunes on my PC laptop. Can I get them back using my iPad mini Retina that was synced just before I deleted the files? I am a bit old fashioned, so all of my music has been imported from my CD,s, not purchased from iTunes store. I could re-import, but almost 5,000 songs. Especially when they are sitting there on the iPad.

Yes, if they were purchased from iTunes.  If they were CD's you copied to your iTunes library, then synced to your iPad, you may be forced to redownload the CDs again.
Connect your iPad to your computer via USB and with iTunes open wait for your iPad to recognized on the left side of the iTunes screen.  Right click your iPad once and a dialog box will apear.  Choose Transfer Purchases and the music apps, etc., you purchased will transfer to your iTunes library on your computer.

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    i have an ipod touch.
    i had 300 odd songs on. i do not have the songs on my laptop. i wanted to add the songs without getting rid of the currnet ones.
    without knowing , i just synced my ipod as usuall and my old songs were deleted. is there anyway in the world i could get those songs back ?!
    i am devistated! those songs bought me so many memories ! please help asap !!! x
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    The iPod is not a storage device, all songs should reside on a computer and you can only sync to one machine. However, if these songs were purchased from iTunes you can reload them (see link). If not, and you have no backup, then they are gone.

  • I accidently made my music on my itunes desktop go away, how do I get it back?

    I accidently made my music on my itunes desktop go away, how do I get it back?
    I was just downloading some songs off my Ipod Touch 5th Generation, when my itunes music on my laptop disappeared. I'm pretty sure that I did not delete my music. I can access my music on my Ipod, but no longer my laptop. Please help!

    Go to your Home folder and drag the Downloads folder back to the Dock. Then, right-click on it and set up the options as you'd like.

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    ronylouis wrote:
    i deleted notes fom my old iphone and surprised to see that they have been deleted from my new phone can i get them back ...i dont have any backup??
    Why would you be surprised?  You were syncing your Notes with iCloud or a Mail Account.  Synchronization means when you make a change on one device, it affects all other devices that are synched for the same purpose.  Like when you delete an email (usually) it also disappears from your other devices as well.

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    Hello Rick.
    Press ALT or F10 in your keyboard to make the Menu Bar temporarily visible. If you want it to be permanently visible, go into ''View > Toolbars > Menu Bar'', or right-click the Navigation Toolbar (the Reload button, for example) and select ''Menu Bar''.
    If this doesn't help, right-click the navigation toolbar, select ''Customize...'' and click ''Restore Default Set''. If it doesn't appear right away, try pressing ALT or F10. You can go into ''View > Toolbars > Menu Bar'' to make it permanently visible, or right-click the Navigation Toolbar and select ''Menu Bar''.
    If none of this helps, you may be having a problem with some Firefox add-on that is hindering your Firefox's normal behavior. Try disabling all add-ons (just to check), to see if Firefox goes back to normal.

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    Go here:
    and follow the instructions to report the issue to the iTunes Store.

  • HT4993 How do I get deleted apps back? Can I get them back from icloud?

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    Download past purchases - Support - Apple

  • I have down loaded some screensavers, but I am stuck there. I can't get them opened from the down load.

    i downloaded somefree screensavers from american greeting cards. How do i get them to open to use as screensavers

    You would be better off contacting the site you downloaded the screensavers from. You may need to run a setup file to install the screensavers. The site you downloaded them from should be able to confirm what you need to do.

  • 3 albums of purchased music show on purchased list, but files are only on iphone. How can I get them back onto my computer?

    I have at least 3 albums of music that appear in the "purchased" column on itunes, but the files have gone missing.  I have the files on my iphone, and can listen to them on it, but when I try to play them on my Mac I get the message : The song “XXXX” could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?" but when I try to find the songs in my itunes library the files are not there. I have had to de- and reauthorize my computer to get the apple tv (1) to play old content, and wonder if in doing that, I have somehow wiped out old purchased song files. Is there a way to transfer these songs back onto my desktop Mac? The "transfer purchases from iphone" function doesn't do it, seemingly because the songs were all puchased via the desktop.

    I have no need for it so cannot recommend directly but here are some programs
    TuneJack Windows Only
    iPod2PC Windows Only
    iGadget Windows Only
    iDump Windows Only
    iRepo Mac and Windows
    iPodRip Mac & Windows
    YamiPod Mac and Windows
    Music Rescue Mac & Windows
    iPodCopy Mac and Windows

  • HT204406 I bought iTunes Match enabled it on my ipad now the 1800 songs in my library are gone and all I have is the music my daughter purchased from itunes how can I get them back. for her ipad.

    I have ipad 3 & daughter new ipad mini with RD. She has nano and I have classic. Her nano syncs to her own laptop and mine to my desktop. I bought iTunes Match and authorised both iPads and both iPods. I have now enabled iTunes Match in my ipad and was warned it would replace my library. I pressed "enable" and now the 1800 songs in my library are gone and all I've got is the music my daughter bought from iTunes. What have I done wrong and how can I get my songs back. When I bought iTunes Match I got 1 e-mail confirming subscription and another providing receipt but nothing else no links etc. any assistance would be appreciated.

    You can only upload music from your computer's iTunes, you can't do it from an iOS device - when you subscribe to iTunes Match on your computer it should have scanned your music library on it and matched or uploaded any non-iTunes purchased music to it.
    Do you have copies of those tracks anywhere e.g. on an iOS device or on your backup of your downloads/library ? If they are iTunes purchases then they should be in the cloud. If they were copied from CDs or bought from other sources then if they are only on an iOS device (i.e. you don't have them on a backup) then there are some programs listed half-way down this page which should be able to copy them back :
    Subscribing to iTunes Match :
    Using Match on an iOS device :

  • My computer crashed so I tried to sync all my stuff to another computer and lost 300 songs when I synced my iPod to the other computer how do I get them back I don't have them saved in iCloud and I can't get them back from the other computer

    Is there anyway to get these songs back also I had music that I had downloaded from emusic and installed some from CDs.

    If they are still on the iPod then:
    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device: Apple Support Communities
    Otherwise they are gone and you will have to get them from where you obtained them before.
    You can redownload most iTunes purchases by:
      Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store

  • HT4527 I have a new computer and all of my music from itunes is not showing how can I get it back? My old computer is fried. I had 5 authorazations so I deauthorized all then authorized my new computer. Please help

    I have a new computer and after I downloaded iTunes my music library is empty. I had to deauthorize my last computers since I was at the 5 limit. How do I get my music?

    Copy all of your music from your backup copy of your old computer to your new one.
    If for some reason you have failed to maintain a backup copy, then you can redownload some itunes purchases in some countries.
    Download past purchases - Support - Apple

  • I accidently deleted several windows that had a number of tabs how can i get them back?

    I got into a site that sent out a number of boxes that kept repeating. I was deleting these and accidentally deleted a number of windows with tabs in them that I was using. The windows were roughly separated by category.

    Hi Pat. As this is a public forum, I have requested the moderators to remove your contact info.

  • I have suddenly lost all my reminders in a perticular mail account, how can i get them back on my ipad?


    How did it get disabled?
    Are these apps that you paid for or your school paid for? If they are yours make sure you have entered your AppleID in Settings > iTunes & App Store and download them again. You don't have to pay again.

  • HT1451 I have lost about 500 songs from my i tunes library how can i get them back?

    new pc down loaded itunes connected ipode for new purchases 11/10 to snyth ended up with new songs
    and about 100 ofthe old ones  so lost about 5oo songs .
    do you have support store in the algarve as i am not technical

    Ideally you would have backed up your iTunes library from your old PC so that you could simply migrate the iTunes library into the new one. If you don't have access to the old hard drive or a backup see Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device. Though it is probably too late to recover anything from the nano it should explain how to get anything from the iTunes store that you haven't already gone and has some useful tips should  you ever be in the same position again.

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