HT1923 cannot install itunes 64-bit on windows 7

I am having trouble installing the 64 bit itunes download getting error message "not a invalid win 32 application, anyone ?

I found some info that may help you in another discussion.  Two things--
1)  Try this-->
2)  Or read the discussion here-->
Good luck!

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  • ITunes Error 7 (Windows error 127) after installing iTunes 64-bit for Windows

    After installing iTunes 64-bit for Windows (latest build), I get an error pop-up saying:
    iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes
    Error 7 (Windows error 127)
    I've gone thru the uninstall, reboot and reinstall process three or four times now. Still nothing.
    Furthermore, after clicking okay to the error, it continues to pop up on it's own every 45 seconds or so.
    There was one other error I came across after trying to launch iTunes after installation.
    See both error messages here:

    Brilliant. Thanks a lot. I've wasted a couple of hours on this nasty bug, & trying all the other suggestions across various threads again and again.
    I now find I had the same registry entry hanging on, despite uninstalling & wiping everything again and again. Having now deleted this key, (I don't even have an iPod), & iTunes 11.1.14 now opens at long last.
    But WHY is this bug not fixed? Enough people are suffering with this across the forum. WHERE is Apple support on this?
    It should have been added to their page at
    by now, why hasn't it???
    It's not good enough!
    "C:\\Program Files\\iPod\\bin\\iPodService.exe"=dword:80000000
    AHA! This entry for iPodService.exe still exhisted.  So I had no folders on the PC, no installs on the PC and no services running.... BUT this was still in the Registry.
    Step 5 - Delete only the Registry entry above.  NO REBOOT
    Step 6 - Reinstall iTunes64.exe

  • Problems installing itunes 64 bit in windows 7

    I have a new pc windows 7 and can't instal itunes 64 bit.
    When I try to install an error appears: an error ocurred during installation of assembly Microsoft.VC80.CRT, version="8.0.50727.4053" type="win32", publicKeytoken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b", process or Architecture="x86". Please refer help aand support for more info. Hresult: 0x80070002
    Could anybody help me ???

    I cannot download iTunes using Windows 7 64 bit. It gets to 22% then just hangs there. Can anyone help me with this?

  • HT1923 How to uninstall itunes 32 bit and install itunes 64 bit on windows vista 64

    I installed 32 bit version of Itunes by mistake on a Windows Vista 64 bit computer.  I have lots of items in my Itunes library.  Can I uninstall the 32 bit version and install the 64 bit version without loosing my Itunes library?

    Yes you can without losing your music. Here is a link to a good website that helps people install and / or uninstall iTunes properly. It can keep you from going completely nuts if you are running into any problems trying to install, reinstall or uninstall iTunes! You can find step by step instructions there to help you if you can't remove or install iTunes for any reason or if it got corrupted somehow. It also has other reference links that have helped a lot of people from going completely nuts with iTunes problems:

  • Can't install iTunes 64 bit on windows 7

    I reccently attempted to update itunes on both my computers on my Desktop it was done in 10 mins however on my laptop it first gave a intall error 7 and then I searched online for a fix and saw how uninstall all apple components worked for some people and decided to give it a try. Now when I attempt a clean install of itunes i get two errors sometimes it is apple mobile device failed to start and I attempt to start it manually with no sucess and I get an error to verify that I still have acess to a folder, which I have and I have attempted to install itunes now for nearly a week and all my music is on my laptop and documents and my laptop is a 64 bit windows 7 OS so pls help

    Many thanks.
    I think you've got two different types of problem going on at once here. Let's try clearing this second error out of the way first.
    the second is "Error writing to file: C:\ Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support\Webkit.resources\inspector\Images\timelinePillGreen.png. Verify that you still have acess to that directory."
    That one's consistent with disk/file damage. The first thing I'd try with that is running a disk check (chkdsk) over your C drive.
    XP instructions in the following document: How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP
    Vista instructions in the following document: Check your hard disk for errors
    Windows 7 instructions in the following document: How to use CHKDSK (Check Disk)
    Select both Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, or use chkdsk /r (depending on which way you decide to go about doing this). You'll almost certainly have to schedule the chkdsk to run on startup. The scan should take quite a while ... if it quits after a few minutes or seconds, something's interfering with the scan.
    Does the chkdsk find/repair any damage? If so, can you get an install to go through without that particular error message afterwards? (Whether this works or not, we still might have to deal with the system services message.)

  • Cannot install itunes 7.1 in Windows Vista Home Premium

    I am getting this error when I try to install iTunes:
    "iTunes could not be installed because Visual Basic Script (VBScript) is not installed or has been disabled. Make sure VBScript is installed, turn off script blocking in anti-virus and personal firewall software, reregister VBScript, and the install iTunes."
    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please advise.
      Other OS   Windows Vista Home
      Other OS   Windows Vista Home

    Could you please post the link, where you found your answer,... I am having the same problem, and unable to install the itunes, to a new pc, which has vista,...ty.

  • Cannot install iTunes 11.2 in windows 8.1.

    Recently upgraded to Windows 8.1.   Not able to install iTunes 11.2.  Getting a message "There is a problem with the windows installer package.  The DLL required for this install to complete could not be run." Any idea what this is??

    On the surface that suggests a problem with the Windows Installer system rather than the iTunes installer. Make sure Windows is up-to-date.
    For general advice see Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.
    You could try the technique in the section Install missing components to install each component separately. You could also try the Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall Utility.

  • HT1923 cannot install itunes

    i have tried several times to re install itunes on my computer.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.  i still get a error message "cannot access itunes with a number of -3221 any suggestions

    The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.
    Which particular .msi file does the message go on to say cannot be found? (Several different .msi files might be mentioned in this context: itunes.msi, bonjour.msi, AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi, etc.)

  • Windows 7 64-Bit cannot install itunes 32-bit or 64-bit

    Hello, I have a Windows 7 Home premium 64-Bit laptop.  I downloaded the 64-bit version of itunes.  When I attempt to install, I received a message that states that the version of the file is not compatible with the version of windows I'm running.  I then downloaded the 32-bit version of itunes, and received the same message.  Thanks for your help in advance.

    There was a very similar problem earlier this month (, in German), but we never found what caused it or how to fix it.
    If I were to encounter this problem I would try a System Restore to a date when Reader still worked correctly.

  • I cannot install itunes for my original windows 7 64 bit on my computer Windows 7   error msg keeps coming up

    Any help ??

    maybe you can let us know what the error message says. I would say you need to make sure you completely uninstall any previous iTunes installation/component first. Follow this guide:

  • Cannot install iTunes 10.7 on Windows 7. Getting "a program required for this install could not be run"--Apple Software Update is not installed, so updating it is not a possible solution.

    I was following the process of unistalling all Apple software and reinstalling iTunes. But I am getting an error that says "a program required for this install could not be run."
    Other threads recommend updating the Apple Software Update module, but that was uninstalled. So if it's part of the problem, updating it is not a solution.
    Windows 7, 64-bit, SP 1 installed.

    For what it's worth, at the point the installation fails, Bonjour, Apple Application Support, and Apple Mobile Device Support all show as installed on Control Panel. Apple Software Update has a link on the Start Menu but does NOT show as installed on Control Panel. Is there a way to install this separately from iTunes?

  • Cannot install sqldeveloper 64 bits on windows 7

    I am trying to install SQL Developer on windows 7. I unzipped it under C:\program Files\sqldeveloper ok
    I run it as administrator
    it asks for the path to java.exe, so I provided it and I get Cannot Find J2SE SDK installed
    I searched and found that there are 2 common issues:
    1. the JDK is not 64 bits
    2. The path is for JRE and not JDK
    I installed the following 2 files: -> 64 bits SQL Developer
    jdk-6u31-windows-x64.exe -> 64 JDK
    So my question is how can I verify that I have the right files? What file is the SQL Dev looking for so I can search it.
    How can I re-validate that my software (both, SQL Dev and JDK ) are 64 bits besides the name of the installation files.

    If you have searched, possibly you came across this post:
    Re: Unable to start Oracle SQL Developer
    Note that on Windows 7, any installer conforming to Windows rules will install 32-bit software into C:\Program Files (x86)\ and 64-bit software into C:\Program Files\. Since SQL Developer installs via a simple unzip, if you wish to install both versions on a 64-bit Windows OS, it is best to follow that rule also to prevent becoming confused about which one is which.
    SQL Developer Team

  • I can not install itunes for my original windows 7 32 bit on my computer

    i cannot install itunes for my original windows 7 32 bit on my computer

    What happens when try to install iTunes? Error messages?
    You might have better luck posting in the iTunes forum since you do not hav an iPod touch problem.

  • TS3212 I cannot install iTunes 10.6.3 on Windows 7 (64 bit). I redceive the following message - "The installation package could not be opened..." Tried opening in safe mode - no luck. Anybody have a solution?

    I cannot install iTunes 10.6.3 on Windows7 (64 bit). I keep getting the following message: "The installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows installer program." Anybody have a solution?

    I'd first try downloading an installer from the Apple website using a different web browser:
    If you use Firefox instead of IE for the download (or vice versa), do you get a working installer?

  • Cannot install itunes 11.1.3 to my windows vista home premium 32-bit.  After it finishes the download that it verifies the file I get a message saying "this file cannot be downloaded". What could the problem be??? I uninstalled my itunes and tried again

    Cannot install itunes 11.1.3 to my windows vista home premium 32-bit.  After it finishes the download that it verifies the file I get a message saying "this file cannot be downloaded". What could the problem be??? I uninstalled my itunes and tried again and keep getting the same message.  Please help !

    See Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.
    For downloading issues see the further information area and use a different browser and/or the direct links.

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