HT201060 Impossible to create AppleID's for my kids

I want my kids to have their own ID's for their iPad mini's and Macbooks. But it seems this is impossible for us - someone at Apple hasn't really thought this through from end to end.
1. My 13 and 15 year old cannot create AppleID's either due to their age or because they don't have credit cards.
2. I have a valid AppleID with a debit card, which I cannot use to create child accounts. Like many expats I have a credit card from back home, but because it is not from the country I live in now, Apple doesn't allow me to add this credit card. Apple is making me regret changing my country of residence! My debit card is good enough to charge me hundreds of dollars, but not good enough to create a child account? Hmphf!
3. I tried family sharing but that also doesn't work. You need to be signed in to iCloud and you need OSX 10.10 (which hasn't even been released yet!). How in heaven's name do you sign into iCloud with your AppleID which you don't have because your dad is stupidly trying to create an AppleID for you?!
I gave up on Microsoft years ago because they could not deal with people living abroad, and it looks like Apple is going the same way. Somebody with a brain needs to think this through.
Please tell me how the heck I can give my kids their own ID's without resorting to illegally declaring their ages and payment method? This is so frustrating.

Well, I do know that in some countries, the iTunes store will only accept Credit Cards, or any of these other forms of payments:
What payment methods can I use in the iTunes Store
How about putting your Debit Card on a PayPal account and using that? (just a thought....)
Best of luck, and sorry I don't have any other solutions

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    We are a family of 4, each with their own apple device. Is it best for us to set up individual apple ID's for things like ITunes? If we do can the same e-mail address be used for all of them or do we need to create e-mails for the kids?

    1. Yes, it is.
    2. You may be able to use the same address by adding a plussed suffix to it, such as [email protected] If that doesn't work, create separate emails.

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    If you have an existing ID, & you don't want to use a credit card, you'll have to redeem an iTunes gift card. If you don't want to do that, you'll have to create a new ID by following the directions here, EXACTLY:

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    Open the Mail app and navigate back to the top level of the Mailboxes list. Tap Edit. Find the All Inboxes mailbox and tap it to check. Tap done.

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    I want to give my two sons (7 & 9) their own Apple ID so that can each have their own email accounts (restricted of course) but at the same time I only want to buy games, apps, software under my "Master Account".  I have read some of the streams and the opinions are many.  My question is simple:  Does Apple support this or not?  It was there in "MobileMe" but seems to be gone now that the "iCloud" has replaced it.

    Yes, there is no problem having different accounts for iTunes/AppStore purchases and iCloud on the same device. Just sign in to the iTunes & AppStores using your 'master' AppleID and sign in to iCloud using the children's iCloud AppleIDs.

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    Podcasts are by their nature published, and the iTunes Podcasts folder is intended only for podcasts downloaded from the Store. Just import the recordings as if they were music files (set the prefs to convert to AAC) and they will transfer to the iPod, or you may be able to create a new folder and transfer that.

  • HT204053 how do i create an apple id for my kids so i stop getting their silly downloads that need constant updating??? also when i get text msgs and emails on my iphone she recieves them too on her well as visa versa.

    I was told I need to create another account for my kids separate from mine in order to avoid them receiving copies of my emails and txt msgs as well as getting ALL their silly downloaded apps on my iphone..
    now I have read that i can create separate apple ids for everyone and keep them separate from my iphone but linked to my itunes acct...
    thater has GOT to be an easier way...
    what is the best thing to do here? and how do i do it?  because thier itouches are linked to my account and their music that they purchased in also on my acct = can they share it?

    you can go to settings in icloud and turn off app sharing

  • HT204053 I need 2 separate iCloud accounts for my kids on my device

    I need to create iCloud accounts for my kids. 2 of them to be exact so that we can transfer all their games on our iPad to iCloud accounts and free up space. So far all I figured out was that I needed them to have their own apple Ida's, which they now do.  I can't figure out how to get access to creat the iCloud accounts for them.

    An iOS device is designed to be used by one user only - unlike a computer where multiple accounts can be set up.  The device can only have one icloud account defined at a time.  Are you trying to use one device with multiple users?  Otherwise I'm not understanding your question.

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    I have an iPad Air given to me by my high school. I just created an AppleID account for school usage, but every time I try to install apps a little pop-up comes up. The pop-up tells me to log into my AppleID account and then takes me to iTunes. Since my AppleID account is brand new, my account has not been logged into iTunes before. Another pop-up shows up telling me to "review" my account (asking me to agree to the iTunes/App Store agreement, entering my address, credit card info, billing information). I enter everything but the credit card information because since this is my school iPad I will not be purchasing anything so I clicked none for payment. No matter how many times I complete this form, I can not get pass it and a red sentece comes up telling me to contact iTunes support for assistance.

    Have you done as the message tells you and contacted iTunes Support ? If not (these are user-to-user forums) :
    - go to
    - click on your country's flag
    - click on the Contact Support at the bottom of the left-hand column
    - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page
    - then Purchases, Billing & Redemption

  • Once my facilitator account is created for VPP Education, do I need to create appleIDs to distribute apps?

    Regarding VPP for Education;
    1. I have created the Program Manager
    2. I have created my Facilitator
    3. Do I need to create sub account for the people redeeming codes?

    Your research and understanding is correct. If you want to use DPS to target anything other than an iPad you need Professional or Enterprise edition.

  • When trying to update  Apps in iTunes on my computer my old Apple ID appears, which is no longer in use and has no password; even when I try to create a password for this Old ID, Apple won't let me. When I go into see my Account settings My new Apple ID /

    When trying to update  Apps in iTunes on my computer my old Apple ID appears, which is no longer in use and has no password; even when I try to create a password for this Old ID, Apple won't let me. When I go into see my Account settings My new Apple ID / iTunes ID are listed and the passwords are correct obviously so why can't I update my Apps?   Why does my Old apple ID keep appearing and how can I get Apple to change this?

    I have the same problem - it is maddening. I rely on this iPad for work so this is not just an annoyance! The above solutions of changing the appleid on the device or on the website do not work.
    The old email address no longer exists - I haven't used it in a year probably and I no longer have the account.  I logged into the appleid website and there is no trace of the old email address so there is nothing that can be deleted or changed there.  On the iPad there is no trace of the old email address so nothing can be deleted there either. I have updated the iPad software and the same problem comes right back.  Every 2 seconds I am asked to log in using the old non-existent email.  The device is currently useless.
    The only recent change to anything was the addition of an Apple TV device, which was set up using the correct login and password.
    Does anyone have any ideas? The iPad has been backed up to the iCloud so presumably it now won't recognize the current iCloud account? So restoring may notbe an option?

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    Can you please share the logs?
    You can use the Adobe  Log Collector tool (Log Collector Tool) and share the corresponding zip file @ [email protected]

  • Impossible to change Apple id for iCloud

    I have an Apple Id for iTunes on my MB and unfortunatlely I gave another email adress (this means another apple id was created) for iCloud.
    So I have 2 Apple Id, and of course I forgot the pwd of the second one (for iCloud) and it's just impossible to change it because for some unknowable reasons :
    1- the email confirmation to verify this mail address never arrives on my mbox !!!
    2- the asnwer to the private question is wrong !!! Awesome, i think i know my birthday but it seems like iCloud stored a wrong information !!
    So I just can't change neither the pwd of this second Apple Id neither the Id itself to come back to a simplier configuration : only one apple id ...
    Consequences are awesome :
    1- By default, appstore on the iPhone use the iCloud Apple ID --> I can't download anymore apps because i don't have the pwd
    2- It's impossible to change iCloud id on the iPhone to put the first one used for iTunes on my MB
    The most strangest thing is that on the website , I can log on with the iTunes apple Id  ....
    I called the hotline, they can't answer me and of course, there's no contact mail on iCloud website ....
    Please help ...
    Thank you

    From the knowledgeable Roger Wilmut:
    You can't change the primary email address, the one you created when you opened an iCloud account (or if you migrated from MobileMe the address you log in with) other than by opening a completely new account.
    However you can create three 'email aliases' - these are extra addresses, not accounts, which deliver into the same inbox as the main address.
    It's actually quite a good idea to give out an alias address rather than the main one, since these can be easily changed should you get spammed.

  • Impossible to change the Fontsize for a Radiogroup(with Submit).

    Impossible to change the Fontsize for a Radiogroup(with Submit).
    I have a Menue displayed from a Query like (select menue_title, id from lov_tabel)
    and displayed in a Report Region as a Radio group with Submit.
    The problem is, i've not been able to change the font size.
    What i' have tried.
    - Change the color works if i change "+Page Item"-> Element -> HTML Table Celle Attributes+ to
    style="font-size:1.2em; color:#CC00CC" I see the new color but NO change in font-size.
    - If change in Application-> Shared Components-> Templates
    copy the Template "Reports Region" to "MenueReport",
    then change on "MenueReport"->Template
    value to      <table class="t6ReportsRegion" id="#REGION_STATIC_ID#" #REGION_ATTRIBUTES# summary=""
         *style="font-size:1.2em; color:#CC00CC; font-family:Verdana"*>
         <tr><td class="t6Header">#TITLE#</td></tr>
         <tr><td class="t6ButtonHolder">#CLOSE#   #PREVIOUS##NEXT##DELETE##EDIT##CHANGE##CREATE##CREATE2##EXPAND##COPY##HELP#</td></tr>
         <tr><td class="t6Body">#BODY#</td></tr>
         </table>     option style="font-size:1.2em; color:#CC00CC; font-family:Verdana" inserted
         and then change in the template for the report region the Option
         Edit Region->User Interface -> Template to "MenueReport".
         I see a new color but NO font-size will be changed!
    - I have changed the query to     SELECT  ' <font size="4">' || rt_name as x, rt_nr  FROM report_types order by rt_nr     But there is NO change of font size, and the Tag <font size= .. is deprecated.
    Used Version is Apex apex_030200 with Firefox 3.5.5 Windows.
    After all this failed attempts, i have no idea how to change the font for page to a larger size.
    Can anyone help me and explain how to change the font size in Apex for a Radiogroupe?
    Thanks in advanced

    Assign a [static region ID|] to the region containing the radiogroup.
    Place the following code in the HTML Header page property, replacing static-region-id with the ID given to the region:
    <style type="text/css">
    #static-region-id label {
    </style>after that how do we need to call this css
    and does it need to be called within the Region HTML table cell attributes of a region or in the HTML Form Element Attributes of the radio group items
    CSS isn't "called". Learn how [themes, templates|] and CSS are used to control the appearance of APEX applications.

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    Somebody already had a similar problem ?
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    FMN5N made a 1 occurence in table FMIOI  and the the open amount (transaction FMX3) shows is correct (58 819,07)
    In table FMIO, First occurence : Btart 0100 - TRBTR 58 819, 07- TCODE : FMX1
    Second occurence : Btart 0200 -TRBTR - 42 853, 89 - TCODE :  ME23N
    Third occurence : Btart 0200 42 853, 59 -TOCDE : FMN5N
    In KBLP, WTFREE and HWFREE is 15 965,18
    I want to create un purchase order. The system does not accept an purchase ordre of a value of more than 15 965,18.
    The SAP relase is SAP ERP 6.0 / NW7.01 EHP4

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