HT201209 How can i move a redeemed itunes gift card from one apple id to another?

I accidently redeemed two gifts card on one sons account instead of one on each of their accounts, can I move one of the gift cards to the other account?

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......can I move one of the gift cards to the other account?
Unfortunately not.

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  • How do i change the redeem gift card from one apple id to another?

    i want to move the redeem gift card from one apple id to another one is that possible?

    Only if the Card is complete and has not been used.
    Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • How do I transfer iTune gift card from one iPod/AppleID to another?

    I applied an iTune gift card to my son's acct vs my daughters.  The gift cared was for $25, but when it was first loaded, it said it was only worth $24.01.  No purchase was made.  Is there a 99 cent charge for the gift card??  How do I get the remaining balance transferred to my daughter?  If I can't, can I purchase song on one AppleID and give it to another AppleID?  Thanks

    Contact iTunes and ask
    Apple - Support - iTunes - Contact Us

  • HT2204 how can i transfer the saved content in icloud from one apple ID to another?

    i forget my old apple ID account, and i have created new one
    and now, i want to transfer my old icloud to new one
    how to do in order to keep everything well?
    thanks so much

    Appple's policy states that Apple ID accounts including iCloud cannot be merged >  Frequently asked questions about Apple ID

  • How can I move CC to a new PC, from one I am returning to our asset team?

    I have CC installed on two PCs. So how can I move CC to a new PC, from one I am returning to our asset team?

    You only need to sign out of it on the machine you wish to not use it on anymore.  After that, if you choose to you can uninstall it, but it is not necessary in terms of the software... maybe your asset team has issue with it remaining though.
    To get it on the new machine just install the same way you did for any others... install the Cloud manager, sign in, install the applications.

  • HT5787 How do I transfer an Itunes gift card from one account to another ? I do not remember the password or the security questions.

    How do I transfer an Itunes gift card from one account to another ? I do not remember my password or know my security questions.

    You can't do it yourself. If you've just redeemed it and not spent any of it then you could try contacting iTunes Support and see if they can move it the other account : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption

  • HT2736 How can I transfer a gift balance from one apple id to another?

    I have changed iphones and created a new apple ID.  How can I transfer a gift card balance from one apple ID to another.  I tried using Itune Gift but it requires the use of a credit card not a gift card.  Any ideas?

    You can't currently transfer an account's balance from one account to another, nor can you use it to gift content. You shoudl be able to use your old account on your new phone, it's generally best just to have the one iTunes account

  • Why can't I use my iTunes gift cards in the Apple Store or online to purchase Apple merchandise?

    I have received iTunes gift cards from people who expected that I would use them to buy Apple merchandise.  I understand that there are two different types of gift cards but it just seems intuitive that they would be interchangeable Since it all funnels back to Apple.

    Because this is how Apple has chosen to operate it's business.
    No one here would know why they made that decision and discussing Apple policies and decisions is not permitted here.

  • How can my child use an iTunes gift card to purchase apps instead of using my credit card?

    My daughter (under 13 years of age) just redeemed her iTunes gift card she got for christmas, but there is seems to be no way she can pay with this in App Store. Can this be true? App Store says that her credit is 15 $ but my credit card is used for payments all the time...
    And yes, we use Family Sharing - and yes my credit card works. But it is just no good that my credit card is being used when she has credit of her own (it was actually the point of giving her the gift card...).
    Any solutions would be fantastic!     

    I can't seem to figure out how to redeem it in the iTunes store?
    You can't directly.
    I can't seem to figure out how to use my Apple gift card to buy an itunes gift card.
    Apply it in the online Apple Store to gift card purchases.

  • Can I transfer a itunes gift card from one computer to another?

    My son has a itunes account set up on one computer, but now that computer has issues. We managed to set up another account for him on our main computer, but he wants to transfer the itunes gift card money from the messed up computer to our main one that his new account is set up on.  Can this be done? And how can we do it?

    The iTunes gift card money can't be transferred between iTunes Store accounts. Log into the old iTunes Store account and stop using the new one.

  • How can I move my iPod iTunes Music Folder from C: drive to a New Drive?

    Running out of space on my PC's C: drive, so I tried moving all the folder to my new E: drive ie: (E:\My Music 2\iTunes).
    ALSO set iTunes (Edit/Preferences/Advanced/iTunes Music Folder location to E:\My Music 2\iTunes - but nothing seems to help!)
    All of the files couldn't find the source files, unless I pointed to them one by one.
    Can't move them all back because they are about 7GB+, and I now only have about 5.5 GB on my C: drive.
    And when I just went to open iTunes again, all my libraries don't even show.
    I'm afraid to plug in my ipod for synching until I get this straight, for fear of messing that up too.
    Please advise.
    Compaq Presario Windows XP Notebook.
    Compaq Presario   Windows XP   Notebook.

    To move your iTunes music to an external drive...
    1 Quit iTunes.
    2 Move the entire iTunes folder including music to
    the external drive.
    In point #2 do you mean move the entire Program File folder of iTunes or just the "My Documents" iTunes library folder?
    I have a full laptop, a big iPod and an external HD, I am trying to figure out how to store my library on the HD, but access it as if it were on the laptop.
    I moved my iTunes library to the HD and then in iTunes I used the "add folder to library" function, but it brought all of the song files back onto the laptop.
    How do you iPod gurus configure your setup with comp, HD and iPod? I need some guidance, my methods are not working.
    laptop   Windows XP  



    You can buy gift cards at most any place.....Wal-Mart, Target,etc., without a credit card. Then you can enter this gift card into your iTunes to use. If you mean online within iTunes, then yes, you have to have a credit card just like any other website to purchase a product.
    Hope this helps!

  • Trouble Redeeming iTunes Gift Card from Multi Pack

    I purchased a 3 pack of $10 gift cards. 2 of 3 redeemed. 3rd said invalid. Contacted Support under the redemption section. They responded. Wanted copies of card front and back, reciept, etc. I provided all in a PDF over a week ago. I've been playing tag with an email representative. Last email was on Wednesday, 1/19/2011 saying it had all been forwarded to the redemption people and they would send me an email. 5 days later, no response. I've asked for an update. No response. Who do you contact when CS won't respond?

    The website you provided is the website I used to contact CS. They haven't responded since I provided copies of the card, package and reciept. It has been 5 days since their last response and the card still doesn't work.

  • How do you change an iTunes gift card  from one account to another?

    I Want to know!

    Click here and ask the iTunes Store staff to put the balance back onto the card; they'll only do this if none of it has been spent.
    iTunes Store credit can't be spent on any sort of gift.

  • I've an apple ID used to buy off iTunes and a mobileme account for the calendars and contacts. How can I move the calendars and contacts to the older apple ID and use it for iCloud?

    I've an apple ID used to buy off iTunes and a mobileme account for the calendars and contacts. How can I move the calendars and contacts to the older apple ID and use it for iCloud?

    If you remeber the password to that Apple ID then follow these steps
    1 - Make sure you have an email address that is NOT an Apple ID
    2 - Go to
    3 - Where it reads Manage Apple ID - Sign in
    Once you are signed in want to make sure the email address you are wanting to use is NOT set up as a "Recovery/Rescue" email for this account.
    [To check this - Main page where you see Primary ID - below do you see the email address you want to use listed towards the bottom? Yes - Delete / No - Good ./. If made any adjustments "Save" Next on the left select "Password & Security" - Answer your security questions you set up "if you have any" then scroll towards the bottom and check to see if you see the email address you want to use. Yes - Delete / No - Good] <-> Also you can change your password on this page as well. Any adjustments made "Save"
    Once this is done go back to the main page where you should read "Primary ID" and change the email address that is showing to the new email address youo want. "Save" Done
    I learned this not to long ago and worked for me. Hope this helps you!

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