HT201263 While doing the restore the connect to Itunes image is still on my phone and has not shut off?  The Itunes "status" area now says "Processing File" and has said this for 15 mintues with no change. What do I do??? This is the second Restore I've a

While doing the Restore the "connect to Itunes Image is still on my phone and has not shut off or changed since starting the REstore.  Now Itunes status bar says "Processing File" but has not changed or done anything for 15+ minutes.  What do I need to do?  Let it go or is it not working????  FYI, I tried to update to the 6.0.1 (I believe thats this update)

This was the third Restore I've attempted today.... 'm not sure what all I did including unplugging and plugging it back in, and messing with tryign to select my phone vs. my husbands but it starting moving again.  It's now attempting to "back up" from ICloud... we'll see. Thanks

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