HT201317 apple tv photo stream

i just bought apple tv and am trying to view photo stream. It asks me to visit

Do you already have photo stream setup on another device.

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  • HT204053 apple tv photo stream no longer works

    After updating the apple tv software I can no longer access my photo stream.  No matter how many times I log in I am directed to  Can any one tell me what I did wrong?

    You're not alone coabra. There seems to be some problem regarding this in the latest software version of the Apple TV. Read more about it here.

  • HT201317 Two iPhones-separate Apple IDs & Photo Stream to one Mac Book Pro

    My wife and I have two iPhones with separate Apple IDs and would like to have the photos we take on the iPhone sent to our Mac Book Pro via Photo Stream. Is that possible with just one user account set up on the Mac Book Pro?

    Hey ekrebs66,
    Thanks for the question, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    It is possible to play music from iTunes on multiple speakers, which can include AirPlay to multiple Apple TVs. At this time, the multiple speakers option is compatible with music playback only. For more information, see this article:
    iTunes 11 for Mac: Choose which speakers to use
    Matt M.

  • HT201317 View shared photo streams on Apple TV

    I have an appletv but cannot see Shared Photo Streams that I am subscribed to. Is there a setting in the Apple TV itself or in the photo stream sharing that must be enabled in order to view the shared photos? How are they supposed to show up?

    On this page
    it says
    Make your photos a big deal with Apple TV.
    With Photo Stream and Apple TV, you can view your recent photos and Shared Photo Streams on your HDTV for some truly entertaining reality television.2 And the Photo Streams your friends and family share with you appear on your Apple TV automatically, so you can check out their latest pictures, view comments, and even “like” photos with a click of your Apple TV remote.
    So unless the marketing team jumped ahead of the Apple TV dev team, I think it is supposed to be supported.

  • How can I fix Apple TV photo stream from limiting the number of photos available?

    "My photo stream " on Apple TV only shows a small portion of the photos available in the same photo stream on my other devices. Since these photos are the center piece of our home through Apple TV's screen saver this is the one place I want them ALL to show up. Please help!

    I got the ATV hooked up to the WiFi after manually inputting the DHCP settings.
    The ATV will not see iTunes from a PC on the same iTune network.  I guess you need an Apple computer for iTunes to connect to the ATV.
    The biggest problem is that the iTunes store on the ATV is nonexistent I imagine because of competition/ monopolies in the UAE.  If I was in Lao, Burma, Thailand, Mozambique no problem.  40 Countries are listed and non of them are from the Middle East.  When I logon to the iTunes store on my PC it too does not allow for me to buy any movies or TV shows.  I am not sure why. 
    As for the iPad OS6, iTunes has an icon and when you click it you get iTune U or Podcast, no video content.  The App store works fine and they are always happy to take your money but no video content. 
    To top it all off YouTube is no longer licensed under OS6.0 and although I can get it on Google Chrome it is by no means as quick (for reasons unknown).
    As I said before if I choose United States as my country the ATV hooks up and lets me browse TV and movies and watch trailers but not able to purchase (obviously).
    So my conclusion is that ATV will not hook up to the iTune store in the UAE?  If this is incorrect please clue me in.

  • HT201317 i cloud photo stream

    i have lost my iphone but my pictures where streamed to i cloud, does anybody no how i can view them on my pc? the file name given in FAQ's isnt on my pc? thanks

    To enable Photo Stream on a PC, you need to download and install the iCloud control panel.
    iCloud control panel:

  • HT201317 Video on photo stream

    Can you share or view videos between devices or share with friends using photo stream or something else?

    You can't currently share videos using iCloud but Apple announced that you will be able to share videos in iOS 7, to be released this fall.  In the mean time, you can use other cloud services such as Dropbox to share them, or share them with iMessage (if they're short enough).

  • HT201317 Fill my Photo-stream

    My photo stream is only showing me the last months worth of photos. I want to know if there is a way to get all of the photos from my photo stream (I have about 450).

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    Photo Stream isn't a photo storage service, and photos are deleted a month after adding them to Photo Stream, so you have lost them. To know more about limitations, read >

  • HT201317 Help with photo stream?

    I have photo stream turned on at my mac and at my Iphone. In Iphoto, I clicked on an album to share to my photo stream, but it won't show up on my phone. Help?

    Hi teacheryo,
    If you are having issues getting Photo Stream to behave as expected, you may want to take a look at the following article:
    iCloud: Photo Stream troubleshooting
    - Brenden

  • HT201317 i had photo stream on my 4s running 5.0 after updating to ios 6 i seem to have lost them how can i get them back if they are not in my photo appnow?

    im not even sure they are on icloud and if they are i do not know how to access them please help

    Photo stream only keeps photos for 30 days.  After that, they are removed from photo stream but will remain on your device.   However, if you update your phone then reconnect to your photo stream, you will only get the photos from the last 30 days as the others are no longer there.
    Always back up your photos to your computer while they are in the camera roll, as explained here:

  • Apple TV3 photo stream not displaying newest to oldest

    This has been really frustrating me.  My Apple TV 3 photo stream is configured correctly.  I can see my photos.  There are 628 photos in the stream.  The first four photos have a title at the bottom that says "Photos From Last Week."  Then when I scroll right, the text says "Photos Older than Two Weeks."  However, instead of letting me scroll through them newest to oldest, the first photos are the OLDEST photos, so if I want to see photos from the last month, I have to scroll all the way through hundreds of photo stream photos to get to the newest photos.  Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
    Thank you,

    First make sure iCloud and Photo Stream are installed on your PC. Connect the iPad (or iPhone) to your PC with the USB cable and start iTunes on your PC. Once your iPad/iPhone shows up under "Devices" in the sidebar (which you may have to enable), click it. Then click "Photos" at the top of the iTunes screen on your PC. Check the "Sync Photos from" box, and then under that, click "Selected folders." (Ignore the pulldown menu to the right of "Sync Photos from" -- the important thing is to tick "Selected folders.")  A pane should open up below that with a list of folders including "Photo Stream." Choose that and then at the bottom of the screen click Sync. This worked for my Windows 7 box.

  • TS3989 Apple TV photo stream login issues

    Can anyone tell me how to access photo stream on my Apple TV I am using the correct username and password details but it still replies with a message that my details are incorrect

    The subject refers to photo stream, but your post is dealing with home sharing.
    If it is home sharing, as your post indicates, then both need to be on the same network (same location) as well as have the same ID

  • Apple TV, Photo Streaming and iCloud

    I just got an Apple TV and am trying to set up Photo Streaming but whenever I try to open it it tells me that the Terms and Conditions of iCloud have changed. System Preferences>iCloud do not show updated Terms. Help?

    Welcome to the  Discussion Forums.
    Unfortunately no-one here knows why  do the things they do and one can only give one's opinion.
    Yes you used to be able to stream photos from the primary library but it was rather inconvenient and I suspect the change was made as a result of customer feedback. Also don't forget that photos aren't handled by itunes (unlike everything else), so there will be inherent difficulties in trying the handle the photo content in exactly the same way as all the other content.
    I forget how many photos I have on mine but it runs into 000's and only takes up 5GB, which isn't an abhorrent amount of space especially considering audio content id likely the easiest of all content to stream if it becomes necessary.
    (Please excuse my unsupported nomenclature)

  • Refresh apple tv photo stream

    What is the process to refresh the Apple Tv Photostream for the Screen Saver option. I have updated my MacBook Pro to remove the pic, but they still show on the Apple TV.

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Simply go to the screensaver settings and choose the photo stream album as your screensaver again.

  • HT4759 apple tv photo stream

    please help with iphone, tried to download os 6 and froze up iphone while trying to fix photo stream on apple tv. iphone showing usb plug qnd itunes symble. 

    If you are seeing the image below you'll have to connect your phone to iTunes.  You will probably get a pop-up message telling you it's in recovery mode and needs to be restored.

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