HT201317 I just changed my I phone I  got all my photos from 2012 but I can't find my latest photo that I had in my old phone could some one give me an advise ?

I changed my I phone 4 . For some how I can't find my latest photos from my iCloud the only pictures I that I got is from 2012
Could some one give me an advise where to find them from as they were saved in stream photo

Photo stream only saves you photos from the last 30 days.  Older photos are deleted from photo stream even though they will remain on your device.  However, if you connect a new device to your photo stream, then will only receive the photos from the last 30 days as they others have been removed.
If you still have your old phone and the photos are in the camera roll, import them to your computer (see, then sync them to your new phone.

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