HT201334 How does one set up profile manager on a completely closed network with no Internet access available or even possible?

I need to set up Profile Manager on a completely closed network that has no Internet access at all. I can sneaker-net files into the network if I need to.
Profile Manager (and Lion Server in general) seems to need outside access to complete setup and I've been unable to find any meaningful answers.
Does anyone any any ideas?
Thanks to all

you could try it without enabling apple push notifications in server
you wont' be able to push out profiles without enabling apple push notification
but users could download them, or you could install manually, e-mail etc

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    mparker402 wrote:
    So, when the other iTunes account needs to be used, I should log out of Windows and have the other user log in under a different Windows account, correct?  
    M Parker, 
    Yes, since you are trying to keep things separate, that is exactly what you would do.

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    You need to reinstall iPhoto. To reinstall iPhoto delete the current application and, on all Macs with Snow Leopard or earlier installed, all files with "iPhoto" in the file name with either a .PKG or .BOM extension that reside in the:
    HD/Library/Receipts folder (10.5 and earlier)
    or from the /var/db/receipts/  folder (10.6) .
    Deleting receipts is not necessary if your Mac came with Lion or later preinstalled.
    Then install iPhoto from the source it came from originally.

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    May be parameters must be set in web.xml in your war

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    You don't "resize" anything in Bridge, nor does it set PPI, pixels per inch—and most certainly NOT "DPI" (Dots [of ink] Per Inch) which is exclusively a feature of the printer.
    Bridge is just a File Browser.  It used to be called simply the Photoshop File Browser".  It doesn't open, edit, manipulate resize or even save anything.
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    My wife and I use the same Airport Extreme station to access the Internet and each other’s machine. Every time one of us wants to connect to the other machine via AFP, a dialog box springs up that has radio buttons, giving the choice of ‘Registered User’ or ‘Guest.’
    Where, on the serving computer, can one set up a ‘registered user’ with a password? Would doing so allow the registered user a wider access than only the ‘Drop Box?’

    "Registered user", in effect, means "OS X user on the machine being shared". So, you could, right now, click on "registered user" and log in to your wife's Mac using her login details (and vice versa). If you log in as a user, as opposed to a guest, you get access to that user's entire home folder. If that user is also an administrator, you get access to the whole system drive.
    Guests actually have access to the "Public" folders in the system (which includes the Drop Box).

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    That's not possible in Adobe Reader - you will need to use a PDF creation or editing program such as Adobe Acrobat.

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    Have you tried going to System Preferences > Users and Groups and set a password for each user on the system?
    Did you setup this MacBook Pro out of the box without any user accounts or passwords?

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    follow the link

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    One of our MSN Hotmail accounts has been hacked, and a friend (who has an Apple .mac account) has suggested that we should be using .mac mail accounts but I cannot find out how to set one up. Do I have to go down to the Apple store to find out or . . . . I must be able to do this online?

    Sign up for iCloud or use a service such as Gmail.

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    I've been trying to set up a simple midi network between my main computer and my laptop. Thus far I can't get anything to work. The instruction are NOT clear at all .. about how to set up a connection .. or at least what one needs to do for both machines. Can some kind soul please suggest what I need to do to make this work.
    Everytime I try it I get "Can't connect" .. even though sessions on both systems are recognized .. so I know the ethernet is working fine .. but I can't get this to work.
    Hope someone can help.

    I used the instructions found here, which worked perfectly. I networked my Powerbook G4 and my iMac and used instruments loaded into RAX on my powerbook"

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    In earlier versions of Firefox, I could set options such that when a download completed successfully, the download entry was automatically removed from the download windows. I don't seem to be able to get this functionality in ver 13.0.1. In this version, i have to right click on each completed download entry, and choose "remove from List". This is very cumbersome.
    I really liked the earlier auto cleanup as it left only pending, current and failed downloads in the Download window - just the stuff I needed to pay attention to. Is there any way to set up ver 13.0.1 to make things work the way they worked so well earlier.
    A related issue may be that in the Privacy tab, the option for Browsing and Download history have been combined (were they separate earlier? - don't remember). I want to keep my browsing history but not my download history. I can still clear them individualy in the "Clear Recent History" settings, so why can't I set the control for keeping either individually? Or can I?

    The download history is part of the regular browsing history, so you would have to disable the history altogether as you've already noticed.
    * Tools > Options > Privacy > History: Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history"
    **"Remember my browsing and download history"
    Firefox manages the downloads in the Downloads folder in the Library.
    * Firefox > History > Show All History > Downloads
    Future Firefox versions won't use the current download manager (pref:; Bug 726444), but use a toolbar button with a drop down list, similar to the Bookmarks Menu button.

  • How does one set the option to pre-compile JSPs on deployment in WL 10.3?

    Outside of manually creating and modifying weblogic.xml, that is.
    There used to be a tool Weblogic Builder that gave a graphical interface to modify weblogic.xml. Has this been replaced in 10.3 or just thrown away?
    Also, can I set the option at all in an app deployed as a war without exploding the war manually.
    Edited by: joeb on Jan 29, 2009 5:26 PM

    You might be able to do this with a deployment plan. If doing this requires adding an element, as opposed to simply modifying the value of an element, then it might not help.
    It would be conceivable to add this capability as part of a build process, as you can use the "xmltask" Ant task library, to automatically modify the file. You'd also have to add in tasks that automatically exploded and reconstruct the WAR file. At least you wouldn't have to do this manually.
    I doubt there's any way to change this in an already deployed app, without redeploying the app.

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    I think the instructions should be all in BTMM with iCloud.
    Instructions are all there.

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    Perhaps this will help
    Logic Pro and MainStage 64-bit mode FAQ - Apple Support

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