HT201335 I want to watch an iTunes rental video on my MacBook Pro but stream the sound to my Airport Express linked speakers.  However re Airplay icon doesn't show up in iTunes when playing the rental video.  Is there a way around that?

I want to watch an iTunes rental video on my MacBook Pro but AirPlay the audio to my AirPort Express linked speakers.  However the AirPlay icon isn't available when arching the rental video in iTunes.   Is there another way?  Do I need to but an AppleTV?  I don't own a TV, hence why I want to watch on my MacBook Pro.

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With or without an Apple TV you can't send video to one device and audio to another using AirPlay.

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  • HT1212 So my phone is messed up and you can't do anything with the order for me to sink it to back up i have to enter the passcode because it had a lock on it...and i can't due to it being messed there any way around this...

    So my phone is messed up and you can't do anything with the order for me to sink it to back up i have to enter the passcode because it had a lock on it...and i can't due to it being messed there any way around this...

    See Here  >
    You may need to try this More than Once...  Be sure to Follow ALL the Steps...
    Take your time... Pay particular attention to Steps 3 and 4.
    Make sure you have the Current Version of iTunes Installed on your computer
    iTunes free download from
    After you have Recovered your Device...
    Re-Sync your Content or Restore from the most recent Backup...
    Restore from Backup  >

  • HT204291 Airplay icon does not show up in itunes after upgrade to

    I upgraded my itunes to and my airplay icon no longer shows up in itunes on my windows PC. it works from all of my other airplay devices ipad, iphone, and ipod.  I can't output to my apple tv from my PC. I have restarted my apple TV, my PC and itunes several times. 

    I'd try updating to version
    If you're already at version (or the update didn't help with the recognition trouble), try the procedure in Cerbu's post:
    Re: sync problem
    ... or try section 5 from the following document:
    TS1538: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows.

  • I have one ipod shuffle synced on my computer but it won't let me sync a second one. Device isn't recognized and device icon doesn't show up in itunes

    I have one ipod shuffle synced in itunes on my computer but it won't even recognize a second ipod

    Is the second iPod also a shuffle, or is it a "big" iPod?  If they are both shuffles, what are the two shuffle types?  This document shows the four types of shuffles.

  • So I'm trying to connect all of my music and apps to iTunes on my brand new MacBook Pro, but I don't seem to know how to. Help please?

    Please help! I really need to know, thanks

    Rachel Delia wrote:
    Wow you're actually stupid
    Really? As opposed to you?
    My music is located on my iMac Desktop at another house.
    I have already signed into my iTunes account on my MacBook Pro and nothing had happened
    Then you wrote,
    Also, I never had an old computer.
    An iMac is computer. DUH!
    Michael gave the correct answer.
    Too bad you are just to stuck on yourself to appreciate others giving their free time to help those less fortunate (you).
    The world's becoming a sad place to live in with people like you around.

  • I want to erase all my files on my old MacBook Pro but not lose the applications.

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro Retina.  I was to erase all my files off my old MacBook Pro and give it to my cousin.  However, I don't want to lose the programs, like Microsoft Office, because I don't have the disks to reinstall them.  Anyone know how to erase everything but not lose the applications? Or do I just go manually through each file and delete?

    What i would do is wipe the computer by going into recovery mode, then erasing the HD and formating it to Mac osx extended(journaled) then reinstall the operating system. After this is complete, just download a trial of office and enter your product key so you won't need the disk. But if you don't have the product key either then you would have to manually delete everything.

  • Want to upgrade to 10.0.3 with my MacBook Pro but don't want to lose songs.

    I have a MacBook Pro with GB '11 and want to upgrade to the new version 10.0.3 and am afraid of losing the songs I have recorded. Should I be concerned about upgrading? Any tips? Thanks

    You're welcome
    Where do I find the Garage Band songs on the Macintosh HD? Which folder? Thanks.
    Where you stored them.  By default, GarageBand will store them in the folder Music > GarageBand in your Home folder, when you do not select a different folder in the File Chooser dialog panel, when you save the project.
    If you cannot find your projects, open a Finder window and type .band into the search field. Then select "Kind GarageBand.project" from the drop-down menu.

  • Got a new MacBook pro but for some reason I can't connect to my schools wireless. It doesn't have a problem connecting to any other wifi. My schools network is unsecured all you do is login with your username and password but the window never loads

    I jus got a MacBook pro and Im having trouble connecting to my schools network. It is not secured and only requires to login with school id. A Window pops up to sign in but it never loads anyone know why I'm having this problem? Doesn't have a problem connecting to any other wifi

    "This is a flaw in OS X Lion. It does not want to connect to open WiFi that has a login page that open in a browser."
    Nonsense, no problems logging in at sites that you mention. I use OpenDNS servers. For the OP try:
    System Preferences>Network>Advanced>DNS. In the left side column click on the + sign and insert the following:
    Then click OK, then click Apply.

  • I'm getting an error (-50) message when trying to do anything in itunes store on my new macbook pro but everything works fine on my odl macbook

    I cannot log in itunes on my new macbook.  I have authorized the computer

    Maybe a more appropriate place to post
    And if you want to discuss your MBP:
    MacBook Pro

  • Trying to print coupons for Target store requires the site to install a plug-in but is only compatible with firefox 2.X is there a way around that or is there an archive of the older versions i can download the 2. version? I am currently running 9.0.1

    version of firefox 9.0.1
    OS is Mac OS X 10.5

    Firefox 2 was released in Oct '''2006''', over 5 years ago. It isn't supported by Mozilla any longer and isn't safe to use, as it is missing over 3 years of security updates that newer version of Firefox have.
    My advice is to contact Target and ask them to provide a plugin for current versions of Firefox - not one for a 5 year old browser.

  • Hello,I'm trying to buy my MacBook pro, but since I am a foreign exchange student I need a international billing address, and I don't have this choose in the website. Someone know what to do?

    Hello, I am a foreign exchange student and I'm trying to buy my macbook, but in the website don't have a choose for international billing address. Someone know what's to do?

    An option is to call the Apple Store. Maybe these guys can help you.
    You can find the telephone number here:

  • ITunes 7.6 No Audio When Playing a Music Video or Movie

    I just installed iTunes (It was released today).
    There is no audio when playing a music video or a movie that I've purchased. Movie trailers and music videos in the iTunes store have no audio either. Videos from iTunes University that I've downloaded (such as an MIT lecture) play fine w/ audio.
    Music audio (such as tracks I've purchased or tracks on the iTunes store) play fine.
    QuickTime videos, such as a QT video on my desktop play fine. Windows Media Player works fine too.
    So, why don't music videos and movies play (w/audio) on iTunes 7.6??

    I'm experiencing what appears to be the exact same issue. I just installed iTunes 7.6.
    Video but no audio:
    Purchased iTunes TV episodes
    Streamed video trailers in the iTunes Store
    Works fine:
    All music files, including protected files purchased through iTunes
    The standalone Quicktime player performs normally with MOV files. Windows Media Player still performs normally.
    I found an old support doc complaining of a similar issue with a previous iTunes release and tried the suggested fix: Uninstalling Quicktime and reinstalling it using the standalone installer (Quicktime 7.4). I also reinstalled iTunes. Neither solved the issue.
    I'm very disappointed that I can no longer access the files I've purchased. I hope this is fixed very soon.

  • I have a Belgian Apple ID, but want to use the UK i-tunes store.  I get a dialogue box saying "The Apple ID is only valid for purchases in The Belgian iTunes store".  Is there any way around this?  Thanks, Jackie

    I have a Belgian Apple ID, but want to use the UK i-tunes store.  I get a dialogue box saying "This Apple ID is only valid for purchases in the Belgian itune store".  Is there any way around this?  Thanks, Jackie and Manuel

    When you move to Portugal (very nice, I've just come back from visiting Cascais/Sintra/Sines ) I think you'll just get re-directed to Portuguese iTunes. When I moved to France from the UK  I got re-directed to the French store.
    To view UK programmes in France I used to subscribe to a VPN server through (there are others, but very pleased with their service). The catch-up channels (iPlayer, etc) think you're in the UK so you can watch the programmes online. Wouldn't work with iTunes UK store though .

  • HT201667 I rented a movie through itunes on my ipad and wanted to watch it with friends on a digital projector, but it wouldn't allow me to do it.  Is there any way around this?

    I  rented a movie through itunes on my ipad and wanted to watch it with friends on a digital projector, but it wouldn't allow me to do it.  Is there any way around this?

    The issue was that a dialogue box came up which said that I couldn't play this movie on another device.  I tried playing the same movie on an Tv with an HDMI connection attached to an adapter to the IPad and that worked.  I wonder if the problem is that the digital projector has a VGA connection.

  • PC died and in turn my main iTunes library. iPhone was synced to it. Now when I try to connect to another library it tells me the phone must be wiped clean before I can manage music with new library. Any way around that? Don't want to lose music.

    My PC died and in turn so did my main iTunes library.  My iPhone was synced to the library that is gone.  Now when I try to connect to another library, it tells me the phone must be wiped clean before I can manage music with new library.  Any way around that?  I don't want to lose the music that is on my phone.  I am looking for a way to tell the phone to "forget" the old library and let me start working with a new library. 

    It has always been very basic to always maintain a backup copy of your computer for just such an occasion.
    Use your backup copy of your computer to put everything on the new one.
    It sounds like you have failed to do this, which is not good at all.
    You will have to transfer your itunes purchases from your iphone.  Authorize your computer for your itunes account 
    About iTunes Store authorization and deauthorization
    Open itunes, plug in iphone, do NOT sync, click File>Transfer Purchases
    When you do sync you will lose your pics ( photo library - synced from your old computer), your itunes content ( music, apps, videos,etc) , your contacts and your calendars.  So do NOT sync yet.  This is why a backup copy is so important.
    Enter one unique contact and calendar entry on your computer.
    When you first sync, you should get the option to merger the data.  Choose it.
    If you want your pics, then you will need to e-mail them to yourself before you sync.  They will not be of the original quality as they are reduced when synced to iphone.
    When all is as goos as it can be, then backup your computer, and always maintain the backup.

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    Hi, there's more problems after I downloaded the new iTunes. I can't authorize my computer. They say I can't connect to iTunes. Everything on my phone is gone. There's this error code (-42408), they say they can't authorize it.

  • Transporting modified data target to production which has data?

    Hi, I have a cube for which i had added two more fields and changed the data model accordingly! Now, i have a question: In production this cube is filled daliy and now it has some data records in thousands! what happenes if i transport this data mode

  • Windows Installer 3.0 and ZFD 3.2

    We just got an application that uses, and requires, Windows Installer 3.0 upon deployment. None of our Windows 2000 or Windows XP computers has that version of installer, yet... What issues are there with installing the installer and this application

  • Syntax error in Update Routine

    Dear All, While trying to update infoobject /BIC/ZGROSSPRI in an ODS in BI through an update routine, a syntax error is thrown when I am defining a variable of type  tys_TG_1-/BIC/ZGROSSPRI. For instance, DATA: VALUE TYPE tys_TG_1-/BIC/ZGROSSPRI. The