HT201412 Ever since my iphone updated to iOS6 a few days ago the majority of my apps are extremely slow and the majority of my game apps do not respond at all. Tarey

Ever since my iPhone 4 automatically updated a few days ago with iOS6 the majority of my phone's apps are either very slow or will not work at all (game apps). Is anyone else having this problem? and is there a fix?

since morning today i have been running the iphone 4 with safari icloud sync turned off. i also left bookmarks sync from itunes off. i unplugged the charger at 100% charge at excatly 10 am. i am on 86% at the moment and its 5.30 pm. however i had to plug in the phone to my macbook for 3g internet access at about 91% which got it charged back to 100%. that was for about 30 minutes. so i guess i would had been at around 75% if i hadn't done that.
so i think people are right about the bookmark causing battery drain thing.
tomorrow i am gonna try with the phone rebooted and charger to 100%, with no location service running in the background, just when the app is running, and with all bookmarks deleted from my iphone. if i have to use 3g off my iphone i would use wifi personal hotspot. usually all this use... a few calls, some internet access, whatsapp, maybe a few pictures, and music for say about 2 hours should still leave me 40-50% battery by night, after 16 hours of use. if that goes well, i might have saved my self restoring the iphone to new.
as for the mac, i figured out a way to use timemachine for a smaller hdd. i will simply 'move' those files i dont want to keep on my ssd anyway, to an external hdd. like podcasts, videos and movies. then take a TM backup when the used space is under 120 gb. and then restore that to the SSD. should work, hopefully.

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