HT203167 When I purchased a new iPad it asked me to create a iTunes account I did so by mistake not realizing that you can only  have one iTunes account. All my music is on my original account so I want to stay with that account.

I have opened a second iTunes account when I purchased my iPad and downloaded movies and books to it that I have purchased on that account. All my music is on my original iTunes account so I was told at the apple store to keep that account only or I will loose all my music purchases. Is there a way to take my movies and books and apps I paid for to be put on my old iTunes account so I can close the new iTunes account I am not using?

1) authorize iTunes on the new machine for your iTunes store account(s)
2) connect your device and right-click or control-click it in the iTunes Source list, then choose transfer purchases from the shortcut menu that appears.
3) sync the device
iTunes will wipe the iPhone but, since you transferred your purchases in the previous step, your content will be in your library and you can re-populate the iPhone with it.

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    Probably caused by the Ask Toolbar extension in Firefox 3.6.13+ versions, disable that extension or un-install it.

  • HT201342 What happens when I purchase a new iPad? How Will my music, photos and information transfer? Does iCloud hold all of that, if so how do I access it?

    What happens when I purchase a new iPad? How Will my music, photos and information transfer? Does iCloud hold all of that, if so how do I access it?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    When you set up iCloud on a new device, you will get photos from Photo Stream (you will have to transfer them to the device), your contacts, calendars, notes, reminders and your iCloud mail address. All of this will be done automatically by iCloud when you log in iCloud on your device.
    To transfer your purchased music, see > Also, if you have the music on your computer, just connect the iPad to the computer and sync it with iTunes to get your apps, movies, music...

  • Does it happen that we find a SIM card when we purchase a new iPad from Apple store?!!

    Does it happen that we find a SIM card when we purchase a new iPad from Apple store?!!

    Dear All,
    No bossy has replied me.
    Just to clarify my question. I bought mini iPad from Apple store located in NYC, when I open it, I found US SIM card in it.
    Is that normal whe you purchase?!
    Thank you and waiting for you kind reply.

  • My new ipad didnt ask me register to my apple account

    my new ipad didnt ask me register to my apple account on apple. can someone help         

    It's done automatically when you type your Apple ID on your iPad during the initial setup.
    However, if you want to check if it is registered, open and log in with your Apple ID. Your iPad should be listed. If not, press Add Product and type your iPad's serial number >

  • When my hard drive died I lost my itunes library and now I'm being told that I can't synch my ipod with new songs unless I delete all existing because I can only have one library at a time

    when my hard drive died I lost my itunes library and now I'm being told that I can't synch my ipod with new songs unless I delete all existing because I can only have one library at a time

    Copy all the content on your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes. Then go ahead and sync the iPod with your new library.
    See this older post from another forum member Zevoneer covering the different methods and software available to assist you with the task of copying content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.

  • My iPod screen broke and I bought a new one, how do I get iTunes to un-recognize the old one (i heard you can only have 5 devices).

    I have  new iPod Nano.  I want to set it up w/ the same name as my old one.  I heard you can only hve 5 devices, so since I'll never use the original one again, how do I get iTunes to know that it is no longer?

    You do not need to do anyhting.
    You can sync as many devices as you like.

  • Apple IDI am trying to update my IPAD and it gives me a message when I put my email address in:The apple ID is already being used?? I set my Iphone up yeasterday and I only have one email address and one account how do I use it for all my devices?

    I need some help I set my IPhone up yesterday and now I am trying to set up my IPad but I only have one Itunes account and one email but the IPad error message states "The apple ID is already being used" I dont know how to get passed this and my family and I only have one account and we all have IPhones now I dont want them to update if we cant all use the same account. Please help with ideas!!!

    Try here:
    Apple IDs and iCloud)

  • Can I have one Apple ID for personal (music) and one for work (syncing contacts and mail)  on the save device

    Between my husband and I we have 6 devices and we are only allowed to share our Apple ID across 5.  Some of the devices are for music and outlook and some are just for music - can I have a separate Apple ID for my mail and contacts.  ie. Can you use two different Apple ID's on the same device?

    Oh maybe ipads and iphones aren't counted in the five

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    Uninstall the '''''Ask Toolbar'''''. It can cause that problem.
    '''If this reply solves your problem, please click "Solved It" next to this reply when <u>signed-in</u> to the forum.'''
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  • When i plug in my ipod a message says I can only have one ipod per computer, but my last computer broke. How can I make my new computer my actual Itunes library?

    when i plug in my itouch, a message pops up and says my ipod is already registered on another computer (my old computer that broke). How can I make it so that the message won't pop up again and i can freely sync songs from my computer to my itouch and vice versa?

    Copy everything from your old computer, or your backup copy of your old computer, to your new one.

  • I have an image sequence in JPG and when I select open image sequence, select all does not work and I can only highlight one frame at a time.  I want to import these frames into QT7 to make a time lapse clip.  Any suggestions

    I have an image sequence in JPG that I want to import into quitck time 7 for making a time lapse clip.   It has an option to open the image sequence, but when I do, it only lets me highlight one frame at a time.  The select all option seems to do nothing when I click on it trying to highlight all the frames. 
          If QT7 is not designed to perform this function, is there another alternative?   iMovie is non intuitive for this kind of operation and I cannot find a clear tutorial for using it to make time lapse clips from a sequence of still frames.  
           The tutorials Ive found on YouTube are well intended, but they all seem to leave out a vital step that eludes detection.  
      Anyway, any help appreciated. 
       I am new to this forum and I'm not sure I can locate this thread again once I'm out of it.
    <Email Edited by Host>

      Yes, I tried that.   The files were ordered by their original numbers as imported from the camera, but I batched them through Phocoshop to downsize all of them into a more manageable file size.   I opened that destination folder from quick time  from where it said select image sequence.   I clicked on the first one and opened it.   The result was a large image with an arrow indicating a movie was ready to go.   When I pressed the arrow, though, I realized it had only imported that one frame so there was no movie.   The files are Jpgs and are about 450 KB each. 
        To your knowledge are there any links to iMovie tutorials or quick time tutorials that may address this situation?  Maybe there will be one I haven't looked at yet. 

  • HT204053 Can I set up two iCloud accounts on my IPAD3 at the same time? If not how do you sign out of one to sign in to another?

    Can I set up two iCloud accounts on my IPAD3 at the same time? If not how do you sign out of one to sign in to another?

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    You can add more than one account to your iPad, but you can only have one primary account. Secondary accounts which you can add at settings> mail, contacts, calendars do not have all the features of a primary account such as photo stream.

  • HT4847 I recently purchased an ipad2, all my music loaded instantly which was awesome, however I want to delete some songs and videos from this device.  Does anyone know how to do this? #frustrated#OMG

    How do I remove songs and music videos from my Ipad2 iCloud?, as I already don't want everything on this device.

    Hello there MollyTieScout,
    It sounds like you are seeing all of your iTunes in the Cloud audio and video purchases and would like to not see them all. You  can turn off the showing of all your Music or Videos in Settings:
    Download purchased music to your iPhone.
    Your iPhone music library displays all your iTunes Store music purchases, even if you haven't downloaded them. Tap to download again for free.
    Note: To view only music downloaded to iPhone in your library, go to Settings, tap Music, and turn off Show All Music.
    There is a similar option for videos in Settings > Videos.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Take care,

  • The computer that I had my iphone apps synced to has died and I don't know how to get access to my apps on the new computer. I'm using a Windows pc. I understand that I can only have my apps synced to one computer at a time, but the former pc is dead.

    My HP Touchsmart died the other day. My husband works on computers as a hobby and was able to get me up and running on a Dell laptop in no time. I have an iPhone 4s and had all my apps on itunes on my HP. I understand that you can only have your iPhone apps synced to one computer at a time, but what do you do when the computer containing all your info is in unusable condition? I have tried deauthorizing all the computers associated with my account, that did not work. I had this problem once before and finally ( after much blood sweat and tears ) was able to deauthorize the old computer, but it was in working order. Two of the computers that are listed under the iTunes Wi-Fi Sync setting are no longer in use, the HP had my apps synced to it and the other had everything else except my photos, which are on a third computer that is still in use. Please forgive for information overload but am trying to give all the info that I think could be relevant. Your help would be appreciated so much!

    Re: That garbage is unreadable.
    If you really want help, stop messing with the fonts and post so that others can read and offer suggestions.
    Or better yet... try a search, I'm certain you'll find a solution to whatever issue you're experiencing.
    I have found that many times it is the things that make you most angry that push you to action. This was the case here. Thank you for causing me to get so angry that I found the answer myself.

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