HT204407 Will Find Friends app work with multiple phones on one Apple ID?

My family has one apple ID and multiple devices on that account.  Is it possible for my wife and I to use Find Friends this way or does she need another apple ID?  When I put the app on her phone, it thinks it is me.  We want to use the app to locate one another.

Use "find my iphone" for one apple id and "find my friends" for multiple id's.

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    My family has multiple phones on one apple ID. Is there a way of switching it so we each have our own ID without losing everything?

    Hi ndmulderx,
    If I understand correctly, your family has been sharing a single Apple ID and now you want to give everyone an individual Apple ID without losing any content. You can do this with Family Sharing. The article below provides details about the feature which will allow you to share purchases between family members, create shared photo albums and much more.
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    The "notify me" part of the find friends app still doesn't work.

    I'm sorry if it wasn't clear... but I don't have ram issues with the Kingston type...
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    Will 5k runner app work on ipod nano 5th gen?

    What is a 5k runner app? If it is something that runs on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad it will not run n the Nano.

  • TS1347 Syncing contacts with multiple phones on one computer

    how can I sync multiple phones on one computer without deleting or sharing contacts from each phone?

    You'd need a contact application that supported creating contact groups, then you could select what groups/group to sync to each phone.
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  • Will Find my iPhone work with 3G?

    I have an iPhone 4 and a 3G.   With MobileMe, Find My iPhone works perfectly for both phones.    I'm planning to migrate to iCloud.  Will Find my iPhone still work with my 3G phone?   

    I believe this is the answer :

  • Manage iphone 4s with multiple users on one apple id

    I have one apple id for my family and their devices so we can download apps.  How do we make it so each person has separate accounts for icloud, messaging and facetime accounts so we are not receiving each others messages, facetime requests etc...

    Create separate Apple ID's for everyone here: lang=en_US
    Must be verified email addresses. Then use those Apple ID's for iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage, Find My Phone, etc. Everyone can continue to use the same Apple ID for iTunes content, & whoever "owns" the account using that Apple ID for everything.

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    I am a newbie in oracle.
    I want to give access to my oracle database for more users.
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    I'm confused. Please help.
    thank you.

    In the database, set up your data schema with data tables, views, and stored procedures to support your application.
    That schema owner should only be a trusted data administration person.  Let's call that schema APP_DATA.
    Then you set up another schema called APP_DATA_USERS with no privileges and no data.
    Then you create an Oracle ROLE object called APP_DATA_ROLE.
    You grant the app_data_role to the app_data_user account.
    You then grant object permissions in the APP_DATA_ROLE that you want the app_data_user to have for the app_data data objects, like Create SESSION, SELECT on TABLE X. or SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE on TABLE Y.
    Now the APP_DATA_USERS only has specific permissions needed on specific app_data data objects that you control by the app_data_role.
    Then your application only opens connections to Oracle via the single APP_DATA_USERS account
    which is constrained by the APP_DATA_ROLE permissions on what can be done in the data schema APP_DATA.
    in your web or app config you create the connection information for the single app_data_user account.
    Putting the database aside, you now create the application layer with login controls so many users can use the application.
    But when they need data, the application only makes a connection to the single APP_DATA_USERS account
    Oracle ODP.NET auto handles the multiple session connections by the multiple application users to the single APP_DATA_USERS account.
    In summary the multiuser access is controlled by the application
    all making connections (sessions) with a single, limited privilege app_data_user account on the database side.

  • FaceTime with Multiple Devices and one Apple ID

    What happens with FaceTime when I use the same Apple ID for my IPad and my IPhone 5?  What do I need to do to manage which device receives FaceTime messages?

    Create Apple IDs for everyone individually and use that in Settings > Facetime, Settings > Messages, Settings > Game Center but keep the Apple ID used for app and content purchases in Settings > iTunes and App Stores

  • Help with two phones on one Apple ID.

    My step father put his iPhone on my Apple ID.  Now he's getting all my emails and my apps that I download.  It doesn't matter how many times I turn off the settings, it always happens.  Is there a way to permanently fix this?  I don't like the fact that he is seeing what I do.  It is to the point where I just want to create a new Apple ID for me because he refuses to make one.  If I do that, is there a way to keep everything that I've bought?
    Help me please.

    Your father-in-law needs his own Apple ID for iTunes, iMessage, FaceTime & iCloud.
    The Apple ID needs to be a verified email address. Once you have an email address, that can be verified, go here & create the ID:
    Then on his phone, turn off Contacts, Calendars, etc. for iCloud. You'll be prompted to keep the data or delete it from the phone, then turn off iMessage, FaceTime & delete the iCloud account...Settings>iCloud...scroll down...delete account. Then, setup iCloud using the new Apple ID, turn on iMessage & Facetime.
    For the iTunes/App store: Settings>iTunes/App Store...tap your ID, sign out, now sign back in with the new ID.
    He'll be on his own from this point on.

  • Notify no longer working with find friends app!

    On find friends app the notify button no longer works and myself and everyone I'm trying to set the notify button has the latest update "6.1.2". Any one else having the same problem?

    I didn't realize until I went to a class to lecture in front of a couple hundred students that what worked on Friday no longer worked on Monday.  (I upgraded to iOS 5 over the weekend.)  My iPad with lecture slides was plugged in 25 feet away.  I finally recruited a student to tap the iPad screen when I needed the next slide.  A nightmare.  What is usually slick and seamless was a wreck. 
    Here's my deal.  My remote app works fine at home where my iPod Touch and iPad are on the same wifi network.  At school they're on different networks for some reason.  Bluetooth doesn't work anywhere.  So Apple needs to find this bug and fix it.  I can't believe whoever is responsible for this didn't test this out before they released iOS 5.  Sheesh. 

  • Is it possible to have your whole family on one apple id or is it better to have each person have there own? If each has their own does each id have to buy their own music and apps? How does find my iphone work with one apple id or two?

    Is it possible to have your whole family on one apple id or is it better to have each person have there own? If each has their own does each id have to buy their own music and apps? How does find my iphone work with one apple id or two? also I am going to be going off to college soon should I make an itunes id for my self and how will I get all the music from the old id?

    Is it possible to have your whole family on one apple id or is it better to have each person have there own?
    Yes, it is possible. 1 apple ID can be associated with up to 10 devices.
    If each has their own does each id have to buy their own music and apps?
    Yes, all purchases are non-transferable.
    How does find my iphone work with one apple id or two?
    Every device associated with one apple ID through Find my iPhone is tied to that Apple ID; Find my iPhone will work in the same way with up to ten devices associated with one apple ID. You cannot enable Find my iPhone for one device across two apple IDs
    I am going to be going off to college soon should I make an itunes id for my self and how will I get all the music from the old id?
    If you have authorized a computer with the old apple ID, you can transfer old media purchased through the old to other devices via iTunes. This doesn't mean the media purchases through the old apple ID it transferred to the new account. If you plan to make future purchases and don't wish to share them with others, make your own apple ID.

  • I live in an area with poor data reception. Will the Maps app work without internet access?

    I live in an area with poor data reception. Will the Maps app work without internet access?

    Google Maps
    Type in 'Ok maps' (no quotes) in the search and press enter
    It will download the map area shown on the screen for offline use

  • Find Friends app keeps saying "location not available" on iOS7?

    After I updated my 4S to iOS 7, Find Friends will not actually find the person, it just pops up with "location not availble" everytime. I have tried restoring the phone, logging out then back in, and deleting the app then redownloading it and nothing has helped. The person I am trying to find says everything is working well on their end. Help!

    My family has 5 iphone 5s's. Two of my kids and myself just upgraded from iOS6 to iOS7. Now, on my Find Friends app, their locations only say Location Not Available. However my wife and and my other child, still on iOS6, their locations immediately appear.
    In talking with my two kids that are on iOS7, I have 100% confirmed that THE FIND FRIENDS APP MUST BE OPEN in order for their location to be found. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Furthermore, my kids will not leave the Find Friends app open because it drains their batteries at an extremely fast rate. This is a new issue for iOS7.
    By confirm I mean this. On a hunch I called them when their location said not available, and confirmed that their Find Friends app was closed. I asked them to launch their Find Friends app on their phones. I then checked my Find Friends, and suddenly their locations were visible. I then had them close their Find Friend app, and sure enough, my Find Friends immediately showed their location as Not Available.
    THIS BEHAVIOR WAS NEVER PRESENT IN iOS6. NEVER!. I have also 100% confirmed that my wife's phone, beside me as as I type this, has all apps closed, including Find Friends. However her location immediately appears in my Find Friends list.
    I certainly hope that Apple will fix this immediately. I bought the five iPhone 5s's over a year ago, almost exclusively because of the Find Friends app, so I could keep track of my kids. Never once did we have trouble with Find Friends. And the app did not consume much battery, even when it was open.

  • Find friend app won't open

    We have 5 iPhone 6's in our family, 3 of which are plus's.    One of the 6 plus' will not open the find friends app.   once you try to open it has the circle (wait) icon and nothing happens.  We have tried to deleted the app and get the same thing, just sits and does nothing.....    very frustrating.   Have searched for some time now with no luck on finding a solution.   Hoping you guys may know the answer.

    Not a problem at all.  Honestly I can feel her pain there. I know restoring can be a mess. That's exactly why I try to avoid it at all costs myself unless its absolutely necessary.
    I understand this option is out but if she did end up restoring when she pulled in the backup it would pull most of her settings back in so it would cover most of the work (including contacts, messages, reminders, etc) and also give us a clean shot at getting that app reinstalled.
    From experience, whats happened is its not the application itself that is corrupt, necessarily, its most likely something that had happened to disrupt the download process when the app was being pulled back into that particular phone just based on how you are describing it.
    Also one thing I might recommend is trying to sign out of the Apple ID that is signed into her phone and sign back in. A lot of times that will force the App Store to remove the items from the queue, that it seems to be stuck in this case, and should give her the opportunity to download it again.
    I hope some of this helps and if you do have any other questions feel free to ask.  I have a lot of time hands!

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