HT204655 How can I add gps information into my pictures?

How can I add gps information into my pictures?
I understand Photos doens't have this feature.
Só how could I do it with an external application. Is it possible? Can I even use iPhoto with the same library (since they share stuff) to do it?

Photos does not support to add location information yet.
Add the GPS before you import the photos to Photos. I hope this will change with the next release.
You could ,for example, first import to iPhoto, add the locations, batch change the titles and captions, do all the things that are not yet supported in the new Photos, then export the photos from iPhoto and import them to Photos.
Or use the free exiftool, if you like the Terminal.
See: es
To install exiftool:
Other convenient apps are Jetphoto Studio, Geotagalog, there are many more ..
I use Jetphoto Studio, but it is not free.

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    No my question is how can I add and remove rows WITH buttons My point was the code is the same. You use the addRow(...) method. Why did you write an addRow(...) method if you aren't going to use it?
    I don't understand your problem. Do you not know how to write an ActionListener?

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    The added benefit of using GeoSetter to copy the information from one photo to another, is that you can see where every already-tagged photo is on a Google map to make sure the location is actually correct.  Sometimes the camera clock is off a few seconds or minutes and you can easily figure how what offset to use by watching where the existing photos show on the map.
    Using the MS Pro Photo Tools to generate a track from the existing S100 photos and then using that track in GeoSetter to assign the rest, with interpolation enabled, seems like the best course of action if the S100 track information is no longer available.
    When using an external program to Geotag images that are already in LR, to be safe you should first save all the metadata to XMP files in the folder you’re going to tag, then exit LR, then geotag the photos, then restart LR and read information from all the XMP files.
    Another benefit of GeoSetter is that you can assign the locality information to the photos that already have just coordinates in them.

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    Element doesn't do pre-anaimted objects, so that would be the limiting factor. Of course it could still be handy for otehr scene elements. On that note, using AtomKraft and exporting the model as an Alembic file with animation might also be something to look into...

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    Try creating a panel using a GridLayout with a single column and add all you JButtons to the panel.

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