HT2534 Can you have multiple ITunes accounts under a single e-mail address (i.e. separate accounts for my children and myself?)?

Can you have multiple ITunes accounts assigned to a single e-mail address?  i.e. different Apple ID's for my kids and myself, but all assigned to my e-mail address.

No. Each account must have uniquie email address.

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  • Can you have multiple itunes accounts on a single computer?  want to open a separate one for our daughter (but we will manage it).

    just got our daughter a new iTouch, but want to try and keep hers separate from our iPhone stuff.  can you have multiple iTunes accounts on a single computer?

    This is all i know but all you can do is just creat a new one for them both and send all the stuff to the one think u can do that i hope it helps

  • Can you have multiple contact forms in a single Muse site?

    I have a site created in Muse that needs to use multiple contact forms of a sort.  One is a simple contact form.  Two others are sign up forms. In two of the three forms I have to separate the First and Last names.  Also in those there are multiple Custom fields and Message fields.
    The original simple contact form is working fine and has been.  However, I modified one of the pages by adding a second form, the first of the two sign-up forms.  It looked great in Muse, but when uploaded to the site, all of the fields were gone, leaving only the Labels in a single paragraph.
    Does this mean I can't have multiple contact forms in a single site?  If I actually, can, then what might have caused the problem?  And what could you suggest for me to try to fix it?
    Thank you,

    Thank you for the information, but I cannot find anywhere in help where to find the field names (if that is my problem).  I changed all the labels and the corresponding text inside the field (remember, Muse does not give access to code as far as I can tell).  When I preview the page in a browser (using FireFox as default, but also tried with IE), everything looks good.  When I export to html and open the index.html on my computer, everything still looks great.  But when I FTP the page to the website, this is what I get:
    First Name:RequiredRescuer Email:RequiredOrganization (if any):RequiredSubmitting Form...The server encountered an error.Form received.Geographic Areas Covered:RequiredRescuer Cell Phone:RequiredRescuer Home Phone:RequiredRescuer Home Address:
    RequiredRescuer City:RequiredRescuer State:RequiredRescuer Zip code:RequiredRescuer Country:RequiredVeterinarian Name:RequiredVet Address:RequiredVet City & State:RequiredVet Phone:RequiredRequiredServices Offered:RequiredAdditional Info About You:Required Rescuer (available to general public) RequiredVolunteer (available only to Rescuers)RequiredPhoneRequiredEmailRequiredOtherRequiredLast Name:RequiredImage Verification:Required
    How would you prefer to be listed?
    How would you prefer to be contacted?
    However, this is how it looks on the preview:
    So, what is my problem?  And how can I fix it?
    Thank you,

  • Can you have multiple Itunes accounts on one computer?

    I just bought a new IPhone. my husband and I had HTC phones but I wanted to go Apple so i could have my own itunes account. He has a IPod and doesnt desire an IPhone. My computer has my husbands ITunes. How can I use my computer for MY ITunes account?
        "Won't it present problems if the daughter needs to reauthorize the computer for her own use before 90 days,"
    No. The 90 day limit ONLY applies to redownloading purchases from iTunes..
    So if she were to redownload purchases from the father's account then she'd have to wait 90 days to redownload form her own account. and the computer can be authorized for multiple iTunes account (pretty sure it's 5) . You don't need to later reauthorize for first account if you authorize for a different account.
    More discussion on 90 day wait period - - disable automatic downloads so message doesn't appear when using multiple accounts.
    Most people don't see the "re"

  • HT1206 can you have multiple itunes accounts one computer with seperate music library for multiple iphones?

    is it possible to seperate multiple itunes store accounts and music libraries on 1 computer for 2 iphones ?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    You just need to create a second iTunes account on your PC or Mac.
    To do it, open iTunes while holding down the Option (Alt) key (on a Mac) or the Shift key, and press the option to create an iTunes option. You will have to open iTunes with that key when you want to switch libraries

  • Can you have multiple iTunes accounts associated with one email address?

    My current iTunes account is associated with my company email address that I am attempting to change to my personal email address that I share with my husband.The problem is his iTunes account is also associated with this email address. Is there a way to add my account to our joint email address?

    No. Purchases made on each account are permanently tied to a unique email address and cannot be changed, and accounts cannot be merged. I think you can add an alternate email address for correspondence if/when you can no longer access email at the original address. See HE68: Apple ID: Associating and verifying email addresses with your Apple ID for more information.

  • Can I have multiple iChat users under a single Mobile me account?

    I set up iChat with my Mobile Me account. But we have multiple users of iChat in the house, and each have their own MacBook log-in, etc. Can I set up each of the other users using a single Mobile Me account? {does this make sense?}

    Can I set up each of the other users using a single Mobile Me account?
    No. Use an AIM account instead.

  • HT1766 can you have multiple iPhones in the same iTunes account without overwriting each phones content?

    Can you have multiple iPhones in the same iTunes account without overwriting each phones content?

    Hi sandexpress,
    As Ocean20 indicates, you want to make sure that you have automatic syncing turned off. In iTunes Preferences under Devices, make sure you have "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically" checked. Then connect each iPhone, and make sure that "Manually Manage Music and Videos" is checked on the Info page for each of them. Then go into each page for each device, and select what you want to sync to that particular device. (you would do this one device at a time - complete the steps for one of the phones, then connect the next one and do the same thing).
    With this kind of setup, you can modify what will sync at any given time for a particular device once you have connected it to iTunes, but before you click on the Sync button at the bottom of the screen. If you want to change some sync options on a particular device, you would just go into the page you wanted to change (Music, Photos, Apps, etc.), make your changes, and then Sync.
    If you do not have any changes, you can just hook up the phone and click on Sync.
    Hope this helps.

  • Can I have multiple iTunes accounts for the same Ipod?

    Can I have multiple iTunes accounts for the same Ipod? What I mean is can I use multiple iTunes accounts through the same iPod for buying stuff?

    I believe you're limited to syncing DRM'd items from 5 different accounts.

  • Can you have two itunes accounts on the same computer?

    Can you have two itunes accounts on the same computer and if so how do you access them without syncing each others music?

    Yes. Use separate iTunes libraries(launch iTunes with the Shift(Windows) or Option(Mac OS X) key held down as needed), or different user accounts on the computer.

  • Can you have multiple users for one account?

    Can you have multiple users for one account? if so how do you set it up.
    We are using it for our department and it would be great to see who created what form instead of it being all one name.

    Each person should have their own account. You can easily share the forms with other people in your department. You will be able to see who the author of the form is.
    More information on how to share :
    Information on how to copy a forms to a different account :
    Hope this helps

  • Can you have 2 itunes accounts on the same computer?

    can you have 2 itunes account on the same computer?

    Yes, go to your Windows Control Panel and create another user,log into it, run iTunes and it's ready to rock and roll.
    Transfer your content over via USB Key, Dropbox or external drive.
    Heck the best thing would be to File > Backup library to disk with a bunch of DVD-R's, therefore you get a backup in the process!
    Good Luck

  • Can you have several itunes accounts on one computer?

    Can you have several itunes accounts on one computer?

    Yes. iTunes menu: Store > Authorize This Computer. Enter the Apple ID.

  • Can you have 2 iTunes accounts on one MAC Desktop

    I have a MAC Desktop which my husband and I share. We each have our own Itunes accounts, mine which is stored on an old Mac Book Pro with issues. In order for me to use the cloud I need to get my Itunes account onto the desktop. This laptop can not be updated to the icloud becasue of its problems. We can share the contacts and the calendar from the desktop, but we each have our own music. Can you have 2 itunes accounts on one desktop?

    Yes. Use separate Mac OS X user accounts, or launch iTunes with the Option key held down as needed.

  • Can you have multiple (2) iPhones on 1 icloud account?

    can you have multiple (2) iPhones on 1 icloud account?

    My wife and I have shared an icloud account ( before that a mobileme account) for many years with no problem.

Maybe you are looking for

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