HT2736 Is it not possible to 'gift' an app you've already bought?

I own Monopoly for iPad and was trying to gift it to my dad for his new iPad but that link option doesn't show up in iTunes ... the GIFT link shows up fine on apps I haven't already bought for myself ...

That is an interesting question...there appears to be no way to gift an app you've already purchased...maybe to avoid confusion about people thinking they can gift things they have purchased for free? There was a lengthy discussion about a similar issue on iOS devices here:
A workaround might be to log out of your Apple ID, then navigate to the app in iTunes, click the 'Gift This App' button and then sign in when prompted.

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  • I want to gift a season that I have purchased. When I select the season I am not given the gift option, only "you have already purchased this season" Help....I'm trying to give Apple money here!

    I want to gift a season that I have purchased. When I select the season I am not given the gift option, only "you have already purchased this season" Help....I'm trying to give Apple money here!

    Another poster said that if you sign out of your iTunes Store account, go to the item you wish to gift, and select "gift" and go through the purchase process, it will then ask you for your account information and send the gift. I haven't tried this myself, but it's worth a go.

  • Why is it not possible to install apple remote desktop (from appstore bought earlier) on my new imac 21?

    why is it not possible to install apple remote desktop (from appstore bought earlier) on my new imac 21?

    hello Dahveed, thanks for your reply, i solved it with the help of the migration assistant from another mac - now it works (but before as more info: for my new imac it was not possible to install apple remote desktop from appstore (the install-button not available, the same as installed already...) - and i don't know why...? - is it possible that the reason is the number of owned macs?)

  • HT1399 Why cant I create a playlist for my music/song videos? Continuous play is also not possible in the video app on the phone!!!! previously, prior to IOS 6, it was possible to have both music videos & songs mixed in the same playlist in the music app

    Why cant I create a playlist for my music/song videos? Continuous play is also not possible in the video app on the phone!!!! previously, prior to IOS 6, it was possible to have both music videos & songs mixed in the same playlist in the music app

    I am back with an update. I turned off Match on both the ipad and the iphone 5. By doing so I was able to sync my Iphone and ipad to itunes and store the music on my devices rather than the slow streaming.  So far this has fixed my problems with the iphone I have all my music, playlist, most of the album art and so on.  But the ipad is a different story.  I have the music and artist but not one playlist  I am sure Apple will have an upgrade soon that will address these issues they are usually very good about this. 
    Now have any of you experienced another problem that has existed as long as I have used faces in Aperture.
    I have over 200 faces and they are organized a-z problem is I have this going on A-Z folowed by a few that start over A-Z followed by another few A-Z and again a 4th time A-Z.  Imagine how difficult it is while I am showing someone the great features of my iphone, ipad and imac.  Which I do talk highly of all the time.  But how do I explain that even though their name starts with a or b or what ever they are not important enough to me to be in the first list of A-Z or even the 2nd or 3rd list of A-Z someohow they are in the 4th section of the list!!!!
    I have managed to get the Imac to fix this but for some reason the IOS devices do not.   Any ideas?
    Thanks Al

  • I was gifted an app that I already own. Options?

    I was gifted an app that I already have.  What are my options?  (it's a rather expensive app.)

    Did you redeem the code already? If not, I recommend having the purchaser contact iTunes Store Customer Support via They may be able to arrange a refund for them.

  • HT4059 I bought the my life as a book on the I book store and it is not in my library and when I try to buy it again it says you have already bought this item to download it go to purchased and tap download and there is no place to tap download so how do

    I bought the my life as a book on the I book store and it is not in my library and when I went to go buy it again it said you have already bought it and to down load it go to purchased and tap download and there is no where to tap download so Ihow do I get it in my library and how do I download it

    Try going into store then entring apple ID along the bottom...there's a tap for hidden downloads, slide finger across to unhidden then it should come bak into your library.  Hope it works it did for me .

  • Its not possible to install more app on my N8

    Hello I have N8 and here is my problem ...
    When I am going to install new app from OVI WiFi or from my Notepad shows msg that's not possible... I Upgrade the store and I install 5-7 app and again the same problem,now I upgrade the phone to news version Anna  and again I was able to install about 10 app and the phone stop to install programs... Please help me,I don't know what to do any more.
    Thank you, 
    Marin Enchev

    Hi mncazzaro,
    Furthering on from Ztuka, this limit is set for paid applications. You can re-download it up to 10 times by signing into Nokia Store and accessing My Stuff. In case you have lost any purchased content items in your My Stuff, for example because the item has been unpublished and removed from Nokia Store, please contact Nokia Care for further assistance ( and choose Contact Us). Give a short problem description, your Nokia account username and the name of the content item you wish to re-download.
    Note that your new device must be compatible with your previous downloads. 
    If you have further issues with this, try the following:
    Check your settings in application manager and make sure that  "Software Installation" should be set to "All" and "Online Certificate check" to "off ".
    Alternatively, you could try a workaround by downloading the apps on your computer and syncing it through data cable.
    Hope this helps and please report back with your outcome.
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  • Why I can't gift an app that I already have on my iOs devices?

    That's it, I want to know:
    Why I can't gift an app thru the iTunes store for an  that I already have on my iOs devices?
    I have an account fully authorized complete with a credit card, so it is puzzling or a blip in Apples system!

    Is it hidden via an app age rating in Settings > General > Restrictions ? If not then you could try a reset and see if it shows after the iPad has restarted : press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.

  • How can I gift an app that I already purchased?

    I'm trying to gift an app that I have already purchased for myself.  But I do not see a way to doing so.  Since I have already purchased the app, when I am in the Appstore it just shows "Install" instead of the price of the app. 

    Gifting an app needs to be done prior to purchase.
    You can gift an app using an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Launch the App Store and find the app you want to send as a gift. Once you have found the app and are viewing all of the details, scroll down to the bottom. There you will find a Gift This App button. Tap on it.
    (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Cipriani)
    You will be provided with a summary of the app; press Next after you have confirmed it is the app you would like to send.
    (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Cipriani)
    Enter your name followed by the recipient's name and e-mail address. You can also scroll down and enter a note to be sent with the app if you'd like. Press Next when you're done.
    (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Cipriani)
    On the last screen you will see an order summary. Verify that the name, e-mail address, and app are all correct. Once you are satisfied, tap on Buy Gift. The recipient will then be sent an e-mail to alert him or her of your gift.

  • How can I gift an app that I already have installed on iphone and/or ipad?

    Once the app is purchased, I cannot figure out how to gift it again, since the gift option seems to disappear once the app is purchased?
    Any advice would be appreciated - thank you

    Hmm, I guess that's something to put in the suggestion box. If you really insist, just mybe you can contact iTS to refund you. Then you can purchase the gift, and then you can buy it for yourself after?
    iTunes Store Support
    Explain what happened in detail to them.

  • BB Maps icon missing. Not possible to re-install app

    Hello everyone.
    I have a small problem that a lot of users seem to have with BB 8900. A Blackberry Maps application has been installed on my device (version 4.6.1), but the icon to start it up is missing. I have seen some posts regarding that problem but none of the proposed solutions seem to work, including reinstallation of the app (upon trying I get a message that Blackberry Maps is not compatible with the software I have installed). I have recently updated OS to (platform so my soft is definately up-to date. I am clueless as to what to do now. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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  • How do you create folders in my email account using a pop server. If not possible is there an app that makes it possible or does the new iOS5 make it possible?

    Organizing emails with a POP server

    Russell D wrote:
    This is very disappointing, and i find it hard to believe that Apple would do this intentionally. It worked on previous versions of email application. Apple please don't dishonor the image of Steve Jobs this way. Fix this right away. I can't think of anything more basic than being able to organize the email that you download into folders. This absolutely ***** ... What a stinker.....
    I can't think of anything more idiotic than invoking the memory of Jobs here. Are you truly unaware that the iPad and iOS is pretty much exactly the way he wanted it to be, just like about everything else Apple?
    As to your claim of "previous email applications", certainly none in iOS ever did that, and the only folders you can create and manipulate in POP accounts are those local to only that single machine or platform, not particularly helpful or desirable in today's environments.

  • IOS 5 Update - Not possible to recover Purchased apps after having changed the country of origin

    I am currently struggling to restore my apps that I have purchased on my iPhone 4. I can see my purchase history but here is the problem: The majority of the apps were purchased when my iTunes account was still linked to my German bank account/Region. I have changed the region and payment details when in relocated to the UK. The question is now how can I restore my apps made while my account was linked to my German details? I already tried to restore my payment information and region but no luck so far.
    Can anybody assist me with this problem? Any input would be much appreciated.

    @shadow221, unfortunately that method only retured my previously backedup photos and nothing else. After attempting restoring it back to a few Backups with failed attempts, I just gave up. 
    Some users mentioned doing a complete restore to factory setting and do a backup but it just screwed with my ipod and no music back.  So i just let it be.  I reloaded my old tracks from iTunes, my Apps, unfortunately iTunes doesnt give me any option to reload any of my videos FML.
    I did the above and wasted a good day and a half of my life reloading (on my pc) 300 songs, now I only have 1,200+ more to download to match my previous library contents.  Thanks Apple.
    PS: i called Apple a week before the iOS 5 release and an associate explained that it will NOT delete my library if I do the update---thanks much for the warning!!!

  • I can not use iTunes gift in app store

    I have 10 $ in App Store when I want to use it the App Store they said I can not use it please visit apple support

    Click here and request assistance.

  • HT5622 why not download and update my apps i have already sign in apple id again and again massage come could not be download this time

    I m using I phone 4 .previous 1 weak i m facing the problem related to download and update my apps. when try to download or update my apps then massage is come again and again can't be download or update apps this time..
    so tell me reason behind this problem.............

    Have you clicked on the link directly?
    It should say 'Verify Now>'
    Try again.

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