HT3258 I was on Snow Leopard and it allowed me to get into my hospital computer system and applications. I went to Mountain Lion on my Macbook and now I cannot access any of the applications. I need Java which is installed. It is called I 3 system and is

I was on Snow Leopard with no issues accessing my Windows and Java based hospital computer system . I swithced to Mountain Lion and now I have NO access to any of the hospital applications remotely. Is there a way I can get back to Snow Leopard or manipulate Mountain Lion to allow me to access my hospital system?

davidmarr wrote:
Is there a way I can get back to Snow Leopard or manipulate Mountain Lion to allow me to access my hospital system?
Restore the Snow Leopard bootable backup/clone or the Time Machine backup. As for making ML work, I've not a clue since I don't do windoze or access things remotely. You'll have to wait for one of those gurus to pop in or just post what's happening when you try at the ML forums.

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