HT3529 iMessage appearing in 2 different iPhones with distinct phone numbers but using same apple ID

I and my friend both use same apple ID. When someone sends me an iMessage to my iPhone, it goes to his iPhone with separate phone number also. When I send someone an iMessage from my iPhone, the message will appear as sent from his iPhone also. But the receiving person will get only one iMessage (from my number).
Both of us have ios 6 and separate phone numbers but same apple ID.
How is this possible?
When I checked setting on iMessage on my phone, send and receive shows my phone number and email address only.
Has my iPhone been hacked by him?
Please help

cheonweb wrote:
iMessage is linked to a phone number AND an email (Apple ID) address.
Sorry for bugging cheonweb but I just want to be clarified:
1) If the phone numbers are different but the Apple ID is same, he would still get iMessages sent from/to my Phone number?
2) Why is it not vice versa? Why do I not get messages sent from/to his iPhone?
Thanks in advance

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