HT3775 can't open .mpeg files on new iMac

I just transferred my .mpg files from my old microsoft computer to my imac and am unable to open the files.  I keep getting the following message: The document could not be opened.  The required codec isn't available.

Try downloading the free VLC Application and opening it with that. It is the Swiss Army Knife of codecs.

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  • Can not open .pages file on new iMac Mavericks

    Cannot open a .pages file on 2014 iMac with Mavericks. Pages v 5.2.2  says there is a newer version but I cannot upgrade Pages either. Thoughts?

    Hi katmcg,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    I know that situations that keep you from opening documents can be very frustrating. The new version of Pages that is being referred to is Pages 5.5 and is available with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. 
    Mac App Store - Pages

  • I can't open RAW files from new Sony Alpha a6000 camera in PSE 11 camera raw editor. Is there an update that will allow me to do this or do I need to always use DNG convertor?

    I can't open RAW files from new Sony Alpha a6000 camera in PSE 11 camera raw editor. Is there an update that will allow me to do this or do I need to always use DNG convertor?

    You would need to update to PSE 12, or just keep using the DNG converter. Your camera requires ACR 8.4, which isn't compatible with PSE 11. It's also not compatible with PSE 12 if you are running Vista or XP.

  • How can I open 'MPEG' file on the Mac?

    Hi! I'm a new user of imac. Before now, I used to use PC.
    Most of mac tools are strange for me on the Mac. T^T
    At this time, when I tried to click 'MPEG' files on the mac, the movie could not be opened.
    The window popped up and said,
    'The file is not a movie file.'
    but, When I opened 'MPEG' files on the PC, there were nothing problem to see.
    How can I open and import 'MPEG' files on the Mac? Plz help me

    You may need to purchase Apple's MPEG-2 Playback Component (it's included with FCP and DVD-SP). Also try opening the file with VLC Player or MPEG Streamclip.

  • Can't open RAW files with new camera ?

    I've bought a new camera, a Canon EOS 550D. I use Photoshop Elements 8 and suddenly cannot open RAW files as I did with my EOS 400D
    Help please?

    Many thanks. I'd kind of sussed it was a plug-in issue so downloaded what appeared to be the relevant one from the links - unfortuntely still can't open them.
    PS I'm using a brand new Dell Inspiron 64bit  laptop with Windows 7
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  • Can't open acsm file in new Adobe Digital Editions?

    I have changed pc's since downloading a acsm file and can't open in adobe digital editions even using the same login in Adobe. I get an error message saying it's already licensed...

    Hi Chirgjuneja,
    Thanks for the info. I know it may not be your area but any idea  how I can get deauthorise but can't find how to get to type in the run function as below. Any ideas? I use windows 7
    Windows XP/Vista/7
    Open Adobe Digital Editions. 
    Press Control-Shift-D to De-Authorize Adobe Digital Editions. 
    Select De-authorize. 
    Click Quit. 
    Disclaimer: The following task requires you to modify the Windows registry. The registry contains system-related information that is critical to your computer and applications. Before you modify the registry, make a backup copy of it. Adobe doesn't provide support for problems that arise from improperly modifying the registry. For more information about the Windows registry or the Registry Editor, see the Microsoft Help and Support site at
    Close all applications.
    Choose Start > Run.

  • I can't open pdf files on my imac

    Why can't I open pdf files on my imac

    What happens when you do attempt to open a PDF file?  Which app are you trying to open it with?
    Please detail ALL you have done so far in the way of troubleshooting?   Need this info to avoid the been there done that scenarios. 

  • Can't open .nib files on Intel iMac with IB

    I'm trying to edit .nib files for my lab (have had no trouble until now) and they won't open. I keep getting the "can't open" error.
    This is my first time trying to edit an x86 based .nib file, is there something different, is there a way around this? I have permission to open them (even tried root).

    Interface Builder .nibs aren't actually files but are packages. In the Finder, you can Control-click on them and choose "Show Package Contents" to view inside of them.
    Inside of a .nib file you save from Interface Builder, you'll find the following files (which are actually files):
    objects.nib (Pre-10.2 nib format)
    keyedobjects.nib (10.2 and later nib format)
    The "objects.nib" and "keyedobjects.nib" files are the actual archived objects of your nib, while the "classes.nib" and "info.nib" are secondary files that allow you to open the .nib file in Interface Builder to edit it. Without the "classes.nib" and "info.nib" files inside the .nib, you won't be able to open the .nib in IB, yet the nib will still work properly for the application it's part of. Before releasing an application, some developers will remove the classes.nib and info.nib files from the .nibs in their apps to prevent end users (or their competitors) from being able to open and/or tamper with their nibs in Interface Builder.
    Make sure all the parts are inside the nib files and see if they'll open. Otherwise, you might check the Console to see if anything is reported when you try to open the files.
    Hope this helps.....
    Dual 2.7GHz PowerPC G5 w/ 2.5 GB RAM; 17" MacBook Pro w/ 2 GB RAM -   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

  • Iwork apps won't open any files on new iMac

    just got my new imac. my original iwork purchase was from a CD, so i reinstalled it on the new mac from the original disc, did all the updates, and now can only create new documents. none of the apps will open existing iwork or microsoft documents. it still works on my old computer.
    in numbers, i get the error message "The document - - - could not be opened."
    in pages and keynote, i get the error message "An unexpected error has occurred. Please quit and reopen Keynote."
    since i didn't purchase via the app store, i can't update from there, so i went to apple's site for the latest updates. i believe i'm up to date:
    numbers '09, v 2.3
    pages v 4.3
    keynote v 5.3
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    update :
    after numerous calls and efforts with apple care, i decided to try purchasing the app directly from the app store (which i was reluctant to do since i already owned the iworks '09 disk). and it worked. so i'm out $40 (didn't buy keynote yet). but at least i have something that works. and i didn't need to reinstall the  OS like the apple care people wanted to try...
    hope this helps others in the same boat.

  • Transferred backup file from old to new laptop but can't open backup file in new iTunes

    I've purchased the new iPhone 5, however, it won't allow me to backup from my iTunes from my old laptop (where my 4S's backup was) because iTunes 10.7 can't operate on OSX 10.5.8. So I transferred the backup file onto my new macbook air. When I plugged my new phone into the laptop and opened up iTunes, where can I find the option to set up my phone according to the backup that I transferred to the new macbook?

    The warranty entitles you to complimentary phone support for the first 90 days of ownership.

  • Can't open GB files in new user account

    I created a new user account just to use GarageBand as I've seen recommended here. I gave the new acct. permission to use the GB app.
    I copied the GB folder with all the project files from my Home>Music folder to the new account's Public folder (Finder won't allow me to copy it to the Drop Box in the Public folder). I had to enter my admin password to do this and it took a few minutes to copy all the files.
    Then I log out and open the new account and I move the GB folder from the Public folder to the Home>Music folder. But the projects won't open. I can see the red minus sign next to each file and the error message that comes up says the format is not correct.
    What have I done wrong?

    i used two machines, one for recording (a wee 800Mc iBook with 640MB and a FW drive), and another for mixing and Mastering (a 2.1Gc iMac, at the time).
    the iBook could handle around 12-14 recorded tracks, and when it came to the heavy lifting (mixing/Mastering), the iMac handled a couple of projects that grew to around 54-55 tracks without any problem, so I never found myself in a position where i needed to do anything special to get what i needed to do done.
    the only special thing i did was always log-out/in to the iBook before a recording session so that i was working from a clean slate.

  • Can't locate restored files on new iMac Hard Drive

    My hard drive failed on my iMac (Intel), Apple Store replaced the hard drive, brought it home, hooked up the Time Machine, selected a backup date, restore... it showed the content loading for 4 hours... once complete, the iMac still looks nothing like the old.  Open the Macintosh HD and Info shows that the 230 GB transferred, but I can't find the folders anywhere.  When actually opening the Macintosh HD, its only new folders and the new setup.  Where do I find the restored content?

    Hello, on the Desktop open Macitosh HD,look for the Ysers folder, is another User there?
    Can you log into that othe user?

  • Can't open Excel file with my Imac

    Can someone help me with this one. I keep getting excel files from work but I have an Imac at home and unable to open and make changes

    Purchasing MS Office for Mac is the probable the best choice, however if I could offer another option.
    I have been using Open Office for Mac, it is an open source application and works with all MS Office files, best
    of all it is free.
    I have been using it for about a year now and I have not had any problems exchanging MS Office files.
        This is the screen shot of Open Office.Calc ( Excel )
        It may solve your problem and save you some cash.

  • Some clients Can't open XLSX files in Libraries using template.dotx but can open xlsx files in libraries using template.doc

    If I create a new library using any Excel/Word template - DOC, DOTX, XLS, XLTX and then upload a XLSX document (or docx) then some of my clients experience issues opening the document.  My work around in the past has been to resave the document
    as XLS or DOC.  Interestingly Old Libraries (Libraries using template.doc) don't have a problem with xlsx or docx documents.  (This only works because most of the clients experiencing the problem only open a few documents and we only have to
    resave a few documents.  I don't know why these clients have this problem though.)
    We are now testing a new Terminal Server implementation.  One with OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office.  We can't open xlsx files on new libraries but can on old libraries.  (docx files are not a problem though)  I found a couple of
    work arounds.  One work around is to click on the down arrow by the document name and select "Edit in Excel" which fails, but then clicking on the document name after will then prompt you to Open/save the document.  Clicking on Open
    successfully opens the document in OpenOffice.  (So rather tedious for the users but nothing has to be changed to make it work.)
    The other option is to create a template from one of the libraries that is working and then use it to create a new library and save my documents to the new library.  Then I'm prompted to Open/Save the xlsx documents in the library.  This
    option is less tedious for the user but then I have to go through and recreate any libraries using template.dotx.  Creating a new library using the standard Document Library option and selecting Word or Excel 2003 does not resolve the issue - it has to
    be created from a template created from an existing library that works in the Terminal Server implementation. 
    My boss is opting for the latter option unless I can come of with an alternative that doesn't mean additional steps for the users.  Training is an issue because most of the Terminal Server users are shop floor workers. 
    My question is, is there a patch or fix that addresses this issue or any other work arounds that would be less work? 
    Additional Info:  Our Sharepoint implementation is the Enterprise version is installed but we do not have the Excel related Features activated (and these can't be activated due to licensing).  I'm not sure if that matters or not but it is
    a different configuration from how most SharePoint installations are configured.  SP1 is installed.  I have not installed any recent CU's.  Versions I see in Patch Status screen include 14.0.6029.1 (primarily) with some additional features
    reporting 14.0.6105.5, 14.0.6107.5, 14.0.6112.5 and 14.0.6114.5.
    Nancy Forbes

    We have tried a couple of additional things.
    We uninstalled OpenOffice and are testing LibreOffice.  I also installed CMIS from the SharePoint Administrator's toolkit, added the solution, and deployed it to my sites.  The "Producer" feature is activated on the site I am testing with. 
    I created a new library and posted some docx, doc, and xlsx files to it.  All files can be opened as Read-only from the Library list.  The only way I have found that I can edit the files is to Open the Library with Explorer.   I then deactivated
    the producer feature and tested opening the SharePoint documents from Explorer and it worked the same. 
    So am I misunderstanding what the CMIS Producer feature is for?
    Nancy Forbes

  • Can't open opml files anymore

    All of a sudden i couldn't open opml files in programs like MindNode Pro, Tree (outliner) and Neo (outliner). Though I still can import opml into Neo via the import option, i can't open a opml file directly in the Open dialog. Also in MindNode Pro and Tree the Open dialog does not recognise opml files as a viable file format. The opml files are all grayed out and impossible to get hold. If I try to open a file via file assosiation with Tree in the Finder, the error message informs me tha:
    "The document “Testscrivopml.opml” could not be opened. Tree cannot open files in the “Open Markup Language Document” format."
    Likevise with MindNode Pro (open opml file via Finder):
    "The document “Testscrivopml.opml” could not be opened. MindNode Pro cannot open files in the “Open Markup Language Document” format."
    Everything was fine a week ago. I suspect I have installed a program that have overwritten something at system level or something.
    Both MindNode Pro and Tree are bought in Apples App Store, and I have tried re-installing both. That move didn't sort things out... By the way, I can't open opml files on my iMac anymore either (Snow Leopard), which is more or less a mirror app wise of my Macbook Pro (Lion 10.7.4).
    Ideas or solutions anyone?

    Yes, I have read the FAQs at several of the apps that are not working, not a sentence about my problem there. I have of course also searched the WWW and several forums. I figure something is wrong with the relationship between the .opml file association and some kind of shared library? Or?

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