HT4211 How to accept friend request in game center?

I am trying to add a friend in game center. I can see the request but when I hit the request the screen goes to my friend list and there is no request present. Alternatively when I try to find him I get the message "Friend request failed. Unable to send friend request". I know he does not have any problem adding friends and this is the first time I have seen this message. Funny thing is it happened right after I did the update to iOS7.1.
Notifications are allowed for game center on my phone, parental settings are off, and I have allowed people to request to be my friend in settings.
Any suggestions??

Nvm I figured it out. Very stupid! Recently changed my password and game center will still run eventhough you didn't change the password for game center as well. Simply restarted my iPhone and everything is fine. Just wish there would have been some sort of notification when I first accessed game center after changing my Apple ID password.
Anyway no worries all good...

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  • I cannot send/accept  freind requests from Game Center.

    I cannot send/accept freind requests from Game Center.
    I am able to sign in and everything works except the Freinds tab. It just shows loading??

    What setting did you change?
    Is the Restrictions that prevents adding friends set in Settings>General>Restrictions?

  • I am not getting any friend request on game center ??

    I bought an iPod touch 4g from the apple website and it was working well. But then the power button and the volume wasnt working so i exchanged it with a new one from the apple store.
    Now the problem i am having is that I am not getting any friend request. I added few people and they said they didnt get anything. I told them to add me, but when they do i dont get anything.
    Please someone answer this question for me on how to fix this problem. I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you

    Hi there,
    Be sure that you have set up your account correctly, and be sure that you have a decent Wi-Fi conection and make sure that your adding the right person!
    If the problem still persists, then it might be a software issue, restore your ipod to factory settings and then try, if nothing has changed, put you iPod into recovery mode (DFU mode) and then restore. If nothing has changed, ask a Genius at the Genius bar at your local Apple store.
    P.S. Ensure that your iPod is running at the most recent iOS (4.3.2)
    Hope this helps!

  • Auto-accept friend requests

    Hello, is there any way to auto-accept friend requests? Or at least change a setting on my account so people won't need my authorization eveytime someone adds me to their contact list?
    Go to Solution.

    We have no gaurantees that every friend request that arrives is sent by someone we really know.  Verifying the authenticity of each contact/friend request is a key security feature.  So, I would not foresee the folks at Skype adding any kind of auto-acceptance procedure. 
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    Trustworthy information: Brian Krebs: 3 Basic Rules for Online Safety and Consumer Reports: Guide to Internet Security Online Safety Tip: Change your passwords often!

  • How do I sign out of Game Center iOS7 iPhone 5S

    I can not sign out of Game Center on my iPhone 5S, iOS7. I have searched for a solution, and chatted with AppleCare. No results at all.
    In Game Center: Tapping on anything on the home page will not result in an option to sign out.
    In Settings: I can "sign out", but that only works for 2 seconds. As soon as I close Settings, I'm signed in again. I hoped it was a setting that cause automatic sign in. AppleCare Chat could not say that is was.
    Live Chat Jan. 28, 2014: Solution 1: (Doesn't work)
    "When the Game Center screen appears, you should be able to tap on your account name and choose the option to Sign Out. If you are signed out, your friends will not be able to see what you are doing. Also, you can go to Settings > Notification Center and change everything for Game Center to Off."
    Solution 2: (Doesn't work, I am NEVER asked to sign in, I am ALWAYS signed in)
    "Sign out the Game Center in Settings. Later, when asked to sign in, choose Cancel. Exit the game, then start the game again. Do this two more times and the final attempt will ask if you want to disable Game Center. Choose Yes. Be aware that you will get automatically signed in if you make a purchase in the iTunes Store or the App Store."
         My reply: I am NEVER asked to sign in. It's just automatically signed in as soon as I close Settings.
    AppleCare: "If that is the case, something is not being done correctly, because signing out is completely possible. You can also open the Game Center application from the Home Screen and choose to Sign Out from there."
         My Reply: No, I can't.
    AppleCare: "Why is that?"
         Me: Nothing I tap on in Game Center brings up a Sign Out option.
    AppleCare: "The Sign Out option is one of the only things to be done in the Game Center application. Does your Apple ID appear there?"
         Me: No. My Apple ID is my email and it's not showing in Game Center, just in settings, then Game Center.
    AppleCare: "These are the way to sign out of the Game Center. If your phone doesn’t give you these options, there’s not much left to do."
         Me: These are NOT the way to sign out of the Game Center!
    AppleCare: "I am happy to listen to how to sign out of the Game Center, if you have found another method. Using the Settings > Game Center method is the official Apple method to sign out."
         Me: I appreciate, but it still won't sign out for me.
    AppleCare: "The one last thing I have here for you is that you can turn on Airplane Mode" (to be invisible, while signed in to Game Center)
         Me: What is wrong? Is my phone defective?
    AppleCare: "It is a software issue. You can restore the software through iTunes, but that is an awfully drastic thing to do to your phone for this issue."
         Me: Will it be fixed?
    AppleCare: If Apple deems it to be an issue happening to enough people to be addressed.
         Me: So, are you telling me, Odds are, Apple won't ever satisfy my request to be able to log out of Game Center on my new phone?
    AppleCare: "You can logout by going to Settings > Game Center. Because it isn’t working right now does not mean the ability is not in place for you to sign out".
         Me: Not getting this, I can but I can't?
    AppleCare: "The ability to sign out is there. Maybe it will work tomorrow or in five minutes."
         Me: .... do you mean it might be fixed tomorrow??...(I don't intend to use airplane mode)
    AppleCare: "If that is the case, then I’m sorry none of my suggestions are to your satisfaction. The Airplane Mode trick will satisfy your purposes and it is up to you if you want to have friends see you or not, when the Airplane Mode trick will fulfill your needs."
         Me: Where to I submit an issue?
    AppleCare: "" "Yes, the support communities are not quite as formal as the feedback URL I gave you....That is truly where to submit your opinions, complaints and suggestions. Everything does get read and made a note of. Same goes for when people chat in with issues, the issue gets seen by more people..."

    I used this method yesterday and everything was done:
    On your iOS device, open Settings menu then choose the Game Center menu.
    Tap on the Apple ID (yellow line in the above image) menu then choose Sign Out.
    You have done.

  • HT1326 How to change to a different Game Center account

    How to Change to a different Game Center account

    It will only effect GameCenter. It will not effect other apps and things on the iPod.
    You can change the account you are signed into by:
    iOS: Tap Settings > Game Center.
    OS X: Click the Me tab in the Game Center app and click on your Account.
    Note: Please note each Apple ID has its own associated scores, achievements, and friends.

  • HT4314 I am unable to add friends to my game center . Can you help?

    I am unable to add friends to my game center account. Dragonvale support says its game centers fault. Can you helo?

    If you are having issues using OTA (over the air) to update...
    Do the Update using iTunes on your Computer.
    See the Using iTunes Section Here...
    How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    Make sure you have the Current Version of iTunes Installed on your computer
    iTunes free download from

  • How to return a profile in Game Center. where you want to enter the old nikneim?

    How to return a profile in Game Center. where you want to enter the old nikneim?

    It's not actually round.  It is slight flattened vertically.
    I have an Action that places guides at 50% (50pc) vertically and horizontally to give me the exact center of an image file, or you place them manually with View > New Guide.
    After doing that I would place the circular select from that center point using Shift and Alt (Opt) and get it more or less where I wanted it.  Then change the selection into a work path.
    You can use Free Transform to reshape and position that work path by selecting it in the Paths panel.
    Then place your text, and if you still need to fine tune, use Free Transform again, but on the Type layer.
    You could also use Free Transform to reshape the BG graphic to make it round.

  • When I upgraded to ios 5, it asked me a for a new game center name.  How do I use my old game center name, since it makes me start some games over without it?

    When I upgraded to ios 5, it asked me a for a new game center name.  How do I use my old game center name, since it makes me start some games over without it?

    Carefully follow steps 1-9 outlined by wjosten in this post:  This will not, however, avoid wiping any non-purchased media from your phone (ripped CDs, etc.) as this is only synced one way: from your computer to your phone.  You will have to either rebuild your iTunes library with this content and sync again to restore it to your phone, or purchase 3rd party software to copy it from your phone to iTunes prior to syncing (such as Touch Copy).

  • How do I create a new game center id for my own games

    My kids have many games on my phone (4s) how do I create a new Game center id and load some of the same games as my own?

    You can change the account by tapping or clicking Account and then signing out of the current account and into the new one(Apple ID).

  • My two iPads share an Apple ID.  How can I create a separate Game Center account so they can play each other?

    My two iPads share an Apple ID.  How can I create a separate Game Center account so they can play each other?

    1. This is a year old post.  Things have changed, the answer is no longer accurate due to how the OS functions now.
    2.  You can't have a second Gamecenter account tied to the same Apple ID, because the Apple ID is the game center account.  They are not separate things.
    3. The OP said they had 2 iPads, which means they can use a different Apple ID for Gamecenter on the second iPad.
    4. You can still creare Apple ID's specifically for game center without changing them for the other services on the other devices.
    ronjack wrote:
    I have the same issue.  Young children who cannot get Apple ID's but we all want separate Gamecenter accounts.
    You need to get Apple ID's for them.  They aren't getting them, you are. You can manage these new ID{s yourself. You can even make sure they have no credit card and are not associated with any other service on the device. So essentially they are Apple ID's for GameCente only.

  • HT4314 What does the recent tab mean in the friends tab on Game Center?

    What does the recent tab in the friends tab of Game Center mean? Thank you

    It is possible that there is a problem with the files sessionstore.js and sessionstore.bak in the Firefox Profile Folder.
    Delete the files sessionstore.js and sessionstore.bak in the Firefox Profile Folder.
    * Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Open Containing Folder
    If you see files sessionstore-##.js with a number in the left part of the name like sessionstore-1.js then delete those as well.<br />
    Deleting sessionstore.js will cause App Tabs and Tab Groups and all open tabs to get lost, so you will have to create them again (make a note or bookmark them).

  • When I press the add friend button on game center the screen turns black.

    When I press the add friend button on game center the screen turns black and the
    application froze. 

    Does that keyboard have a '''Fn''' ''(Function)'' key? <br />
    If so, hold the Fn key when you hit the F11 or F12 keys.

  • How do i make a new game center account

    how do i make a new game center account

    If you are logged into your old game center account on your device, follow these steps:
    1.) go to settings
    2.) scroll all the way down until you see the game center tab and click on it
    3.) you should see an option to change your profile name; click inside the box
    4.) type in your desired profile name and then it should either give you an option to save or if you exit out it should save by itself. To check, just repeat the steps up until #3 but don't click the box. You should see your new game center name.
         Hope I helped!

  • How can I retrieve a forgotten Game Center account?

    I have a Clash of Clans account and I'm playing it for about 2 years. It was level 97 and it's currently in town hall 9. I'm afraid that I will lost my game if my phone gets broken. That's why I want my account to be linked to a different device, but I can't do it because it's asking me to log in first to my Game Center account. How can I retrieve my Game Center account? I just changed my Apple I.D. when Apple updated it's IOS to IOS 8, because it required me to do so. But when I wanted to log in my Game Center account it asks me to log in in my game, but it kept on saying that my game is already attached in another Game Center account. What am I suppose to do? Please help me. I don't want to lost my game that I played for years now.

    Howdy kanereyes,
    In order to use the Game Center settings and progress from that game, you will need to log in to the Game Center account you have been using with it. You can change Game Center accounts on any device using the steps in this article -
    Using Game Center on your Mac or iOS device - Apple Support
    Specifically -
    Sign in to Game Center
    Open Game Center and sign in using your Apple ID. If you don't have an Apple ID, select Create New Apple ID. If you need to sign in with a different Apple ID, follow these steps:
    iOS: Go to Settings and tap Game Center > Apple ID > Sign Out. 
    OS X: Go to the Me tab and click Account > Sign Out. 
    When you sign in with a different Apple ID, you'll see different scores, achievements, and friends.
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

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