HT4623 i was updating my iphone 4 and lost all of my contacts, photo's, apps, etc.  How do I restore this info?

i was updating my iphone 4 and lost all of my contacts, photo's, apps, etc.  How do I restore this info?

From backups you made to iCloud and/or iTunes, and items you synced from iTunes originally. 

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  • HT5262 What if I updated my iphone and lost all of my contact and pictures is there a way to get them back?  Please help I lost all of my babies pictures!!!

    If anybody can help me????

    If the content was important, why was it not backed up prior to the update?
    If the content was not backed up, there is no way to recover it.

  • I was trying to update my Iphone and lost all my music on the PC how do I get it back on my Phone?

    I was trying to update my Iphone and lost all my music on the PC how do I get the music back on my phone?

    Connect in recovery mode and restore, as described in this article:
    If you can't update or restore your iOS device

  • I recently updated my iphone and lost all my media and contacts as my computer did not save them how do i get them back

    i recently updated my iphone and lost all my media as my computer did not have enough memory to restore and an error occured. How do i get them back.

    Media and contacts are NOT part of the iPhone backup. Media should already be in your iTunes library and contacts should be in whatever address book or cloud service you were syncing them to. Just re-sync them to the phone.

  • I updated my iphone and lost all my notes there is lots of important notes, how can i get em back especially that on itunes when i sync my iphone a note appear that there is no back up on icloud,and i cannot restore?

    i updated my iphone and lost all my notes there is lots of important notes, how can i get em back especially that on itunes when i sync my iphone a note appear that there is no back up on icloud,and i cannot restore?

    Without a backup on iCloud, there needs to be another device using the same @icloud address that is syncing to the notes.  Without that, there is no way to go back in time to create a backup before performing a major update.

  • HT1688 when I updated my iphone, I lost all of my contacts.  What should I do?

    When I updated my iphone, I lost all of my contacts.  What should I do?

    You should sync them back to the iphone form your computer or cloud service - wherever you store them

  • Updated my iPhone and lost all of my pictures and contacts how do I retrieve them

    Updated my iPhone and lost contacts and picture. How do I retrieve them ?

    Hi NicoleTosi,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If your iPhone is not syncing after upgrading, you may want to try setting up syncing in iTunes again by following the steps in the article below. If you're syncing music, try un-checking and then re-checking the "Sync music" checkbox in iTunes.
    iTunes 11 for Windows: Set up syncing for iPod, iPhone, or iPad

  • HT4528 My iphone just lost all of my contacts seemingly out of nowhere, how did this happen?  How can I fix it?

    My iphone just lost all of my contacts.  How did this happen and how can i get them back??

    If they're gone from, then they aren't in iCloud.  You could try waiting a while to see if this was caused by a server glitch and they will reappear.  You could also try contacting Apple support to see if there is anything they can do at their end:
    Otherwise, you may be able to restore them by restoring your last iCloud backup.  Doing this is a bit tricky, as you have to interrupt the restore process as soon as your phone restarts while restoring, either by putting it in airplane mode or pulling the internet connection to your router.  If you don't, iCloud will overwrite and erase any restored calendars.  Then you can disable iCloud calendar syncing and save the calendars to your phone, re-enable your wifi connection and let the restore process proceed, delete any existing calendars from icloud, and turn on icloud syncing on your phone again to upload the recover calendars to iCloud.  This process is explained in this user tip from Winston Churchill:  While this was written for contacts, just replace calendars for contacts and for the same instructions.

  • I updated my iPhone and lost all photos, videos and e-mail accounts. How do I get them back?

    I updated my iPhone yesterday (simply to get rid of the reminder that was bugging me).  The last time I updated the phone everything went fine, my settings, ringtones, messages photos etc all backed up perfectly.  This time around all my photos are gone, my videos have disappeared, ringtones are back at factory settings and my e-mail accounts are all gone.  I've also lost all my messages which is a real bummer because there were contact details in some of them.  I've tried restoring the phone from iTunes and going back to a previous backup but no joy.  Can anyone help?
    Failing that can anyone tell how best to complain to Apple??? (Would anyone give a "s h one t" anyway!)  Aaaaggghhhh!

    John Hanniffy wrote:
    I have lost all my photos and videos in iTunes as well.  I don't understand how all my music transferred over but not those? 
    Pictures were never in iTunes.  iTunes is not a photo management program.  It is merely a tool that allows syncing of a specified folder to an iDevice.  Was the folder that was being synced copied from the old computer to the new computer?
    John Hanniffy wrote:
    Another weird thing is that some of my Apps 'changed' in the upgrade and now don't work (e.g. Group Text App reverted to the 'free' Ad bearing version whereas I previously had the 'paid' No-Ad version installed).
    That leads me to believe they were not in the Apps folder in iTunes... maybe they were never transfered to the computer.  These can be downloaded again via iTunes or directly on the device.
    Downloading past purchases from iTunes
    John Hanniffy wrote:
    As I said in my initial post the thing that really bugs me is the loss of my SMS texts.  I don't see any way of backing those up on iTunes and when I previously upgraded the iPhone software they, along with all my settings, transferred over seamlessly.
    SMS/MMS/iMessage is included in the backup of the device done via iTunes.  Restoring of that backup will put all the content back.  This should also restore the email account setup
    About iOS Backups

  • Since I updated my iphone I lost all my data, contacts emails etc.

    So just a while ago, itunes recommended to update my iphone.
    While living in this era everything seems to be in need of updates, apparantly nobody can make a normal functional wokring program at once anymore.
    Anyway of course i accepted and voila, it was downloading and so on.
    Then when it was all ready it introduced itselve as if i just had bought a new iphone :S
    which is akward while i have this one since2,5 years.
    I found out that it just completly resetted everything, and so i don't have any past data on my phone...
    o o, fortunalty Apple provides with the back up oppertunity, but unfortunatly for me i get errors and this part doenst work.
    Costing me a lot of time and money and i am quit furious about this problem...
    As a freelancer this is one of the things which is not nice to overcome, to say it in a polite way.
    does anybody have any experience whith these circumstances?

    So true, so i tried to restore and it gave me quit a lot of errors at first...
    which after an hour of doings makes you quit frightfull that you lost everything.
    Fortunatly after a couple of times  (between 3 and 5) it eventually worked...
    although i lost all my whatsapp contents, which is still really a pitty, but the rest is working..
    guesse thats better then to loose everything, but at first i was really shocked aswell as after the updating it looks like apple shows you new stuf in a way that you just bought a new phone which could be a bit more clear...
    anyway its working and i can continue with my work so thats good.

  • HT4623 I was updating my iphone and an error occurred which has caused it to it to get stuck on itunes

    My iphone got stuck on itunes with a usb plug with an arror pointing?

    Connect your phone to iTunes.  You will probably get a pop-up telling your it detected your phone in recovery mode and that it needs to be restored.

  • I downloaded the software update to my iphone and lost all of my contacts?  Where did they go?

    I updated the software on my iphone 4.  In the final stages, it asked me if I wanted to merge my contacts to ICloud?  I said yes and it finished the sync.  Now I have no contacts on my phone.  Where did they go?
    I am lost without my contacts?

    check will ask you to enter your apple id password..and then into contacts in there you should find your contacts

  • HT4623 I was updating my iPhone 4S to the newest version 6.0.1, now it asks me to restore to factory setting, the cable picture to iTune is still there how can I restore it?

    After, updting my iPhone 4S to the newest version. I get the picture of the cable to iTunes.  Plugged in the phone to the computer, it asks me to restore it to its factory setting.  The picture is still on my phone.  How can I fix it?

    Reset, hold both home and power buttons until the iPhone begins to start. If still problem, Restore with iTunes on computer. If still problem Restore with DFU Mode with iTunes on computer.

  • Partners iphone information was mistakenly transferred thru itunes to my iphone. and now all my data (contacts,photos)have all dissapeared.can the information be retrieved

    partners iphone information was mistakenly transferred thru itunes to my all my data is gone.can it be retrieved?

    See the following redownloading stuff:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    If you are in the USA and have the latest iTunes, you can redownload music via the iCloud beta.
    When you do an update, the first step is making a backup.  However, the backup does not include the apps themselves or music or some other things.  Those get synced back to the iPod from your iTunes library at the end of the update.  If those items are not in your library they can't be synced to your iPod.
    You should be able to get the contacts and similar stuff back since those are in backup if you have a backup made at the first stage of the update or earlier.  Go to Preferences in iTunes, and go to the Devices tab and see the date of the backup(s). If the backup contains the data you want, restore the iPodfrom backup.

  • I just upgraded the software on my iPhone and LOST all of my contact information!

    Help!  What can I do to recover my contacts????

    The iTunes icon and cable means that it's gone into recovery mode - you will need to connect the phone to your computer's iTunes and you should be able to use that to reset the phone, and you can then restore/resync your content to it

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