HT4847 how can i store ms office files in iCloud?

how can i store ms office files in iCloud?

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To store Office files on iCloud, you need Numbers, Keynote or Pages, depending of the files you want to upload (Word, PowerPoint or Excel).
First, if you haven't done it, open App Store and purchase Keynote, Numbers and/or Pages. Then, if you have OS X Mountain Lion, when you open the app, you will see an iCloud window where you can drag your Office documents to be uploaded to iCloud.
If you don't have OS X Mountain Lion, open, login with your Apple ID, select iWork and drag your Office documents

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    Sounds like your files are playing from the external drive already.  To check go to iTunes - Preferences - Advanced and check the Media Folder Location.  Change it to the external drive if you need to.

  • HT4847 How can I store files on iCloud?

    How can I store files on iCloud?

    Actually, I have found that this is very possible, combining several other tips from around the web, though perhaps not easy.  I am using Moutain Lion.  I am assuming that you have already activated and signed into iCloud previously.  Here are the steps for creating a cloud storage location that you can drage any file into, and access from any of your Macs:
    1) Create a new folder in the directory that is synced with iCloud.  Start by opening a Finder window, and going to the ~/Library/ directory.  Do this by typing Shift-Command-G while the Finder is open, and typing ~/Library in the goto window.  Next, open the directory "Mobile Documents".  Finally, Control-Click inside the Finder and select the "New Folder" option, naming it whatever you like -- I chose "iCloud".
    2) Step two is about creating a shortcut to this iCloud folder in the Finder.  You cannot directly drag the iCloud folder into the Favorites section of the Finder, but you can do this:  Control-Click on your new folder, and select "Make Alias".  Now, drag this alias over to your Favories panel in the finder.  You will be prompted whether you really want to move the Alias out of iCloud: Say "Yes".  Now, delete the Alias -- you don't need the original instance of it any more. (Alternatively, you can skip to the end of step 3 and drag the symbolic link into the Finder Favorites)
    3) Step three is about being able to access this iCloud folder from the Unix command line, and from the Desktop GUI.  Open a Terminal window (Launchpad => Other => Terminal).  By the way, I recommend putting the Terminal into your Taskbar, if it isn't already.  You should be in your home directory ... to verify, type "cd" and press Enter.  Now, create a Unix symbolic link (an Alias won't work for this) to the actual location of the iCloud folder:
    Type "ln -s ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud/ iCloud" and press enter.  The command should be entered precisely, I recommend cut and paste.  The first character is a lower case "L" and there is a space after the backslash between "Mobile" and "Documents".  You should now have a symbolic link to the iCloud folder created.  To view it in the Finder, go to your home directory: Shift-Command-G, and then enter "~/" into the window.  You should see a folder called "iCloud" there, with a little arrow animation in the corner.  You can drag this into the Taskbar to have a permanent clickable shortcut.  You can also access the contents of this folder through the terminal.  From your home directory, just type "cd iCloud" and press Enter.  You are now in the iCloud folder (or more properly, your local version of it), and can use the usual Unix tricks ... "ls" to list contents, "mkdir ABCD" to make a new directory called "ABCD", "mv a.txt b.txt" to rename a file "a.txt" into "b.txt", etc.
    4) Step four is about accessing this folder on other machines.  On a second Mac, repeat all of the steps above *EXCEPT* for creating the New Folder in step 1 ... it already exists, but you can get it into your finder bar, and create sym-links in the same way from there.
    The great thing about this is that when you work, you are editing a *local* copy of the file, so you can work offline if you like.  Then, whenever you have internet access, the *actual remote* cloud copy of any new or modified files is uploaded.  Likewise, updated files are downloaded from the cloud to get your local files into sync.  You have the benefit/safety of a local hard copy, AND the portability (and extra safety) of cloud storage.  It's exactly what I wanted, and it works like a dream.  Plus, time machine can back up your *local* copies, to maintain version history.  I'm not quite sure what happens if you try to simultaneously edit a file from two places, but don't do that.
    Hope that helps you!

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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    All backups made on iCloud overwrite the old one, so you have only the latest backup with your most recent files. If you have a backup of an old device, open Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup > Manage Storage, select the backup and delete that backup

  • Can I store Microsoft Office docs on iCloud?

    Can I post Microsoft Office docs on iCloud without having iWorks?

    What is your Mac OS X version?  If you have Yosemite on all Macs and iOS 8.1.2 on all mobile devices and upgraded to iCloud Drive,  you can store any type of document in iCloud on iCloud Drive and keep it up to date on all devices.  Simply create a folder for your MS documents on iCloud Drive and drag the documents over.  See:  iCloud Drive FAQ
    With Mac OS X 10.9 or earlier, try Winston Churchill's User Tip: 
    See this link:  Using iCloud to sync multiple document types.

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    Settings > General > Usage

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    This article explains options for managing your iCloud space:  For photos, don't rely on iCloud to back these up.  Import them to your computer and then delete them from your phone as explained here:  Doing so will reduce the size of your iCloud backup, thereby reducing the amount of storage it takes in your iCloud account.

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    Login to Amazon then from "your Account" select "your cloud drive" from drop down list.  This will bring the list of file names such as Kindle books or docs, Videos, Pictures, Documents etc.  Click on the Kindle docs then select the item you no longer need and use the "delete" that is listed on the bottom of the screen.  Done.

  • How can I store photos already taken in iCloud?

    Can you only store photos taken after you set a photo stream? Or can I store all of my pictures?

    You would only need extra iCloud space if you need the space for large backups, or backups of multiple iOS devices, or if you save lots of iCloud email with large attachments, or store lots of iWork documents, etc.
    You can store your photos using a different cloud service such as Dropbox, or any of the numerous photo hosting services such as Flikr, Picassa, Smugmug, etc.  Music purchased from sources other than the iTunes store has to be kept in your iTunes library on your computer if you want to be able to access it on your iOS devices.

  • HT4847 How can I see what is in my iCloud backup

    How can I see whatis backed up  on my iCloud

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup > Manage Storage

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    If you take a look at the WebUtil page, there is a demo which can be downloaded. Look carefully at the option to upload to DB. If you want to manipulate the doc you can use OLE. This is also offered as part of the example.
    Be sure to carefully review the included ReadMe file as it includes some minor configuration required to use file upload/download functionality.

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    AFAIK that is not possible.
    It is possible to choose an alternative location but the structure will remain the same.
    * see
    I do not know whether you have discovered it but you cache details may be accessed from Firefox by navigating to ''about:cache'' . About:cache details the three caches.

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