HT4872 I have not been able to import contacts from google or my android to my new I-phone 5. This article helps to a point until error message "cannot create account" already exist is received. Please help.

I have not been able to import contacts from google or my android to my new I-phone 5. This article helps to a point until error message "cannot create account ... already exist" is received. Please help.

We only have 1 single domain, 1 domain forest, no subdomains, only alias. I had replied to the other post as well. But I am happy to paste it here in case anyone want to read it.
So, after a few months of testing, capture and sending logs back and forth to Apple Engineers, we found out there is a setting in AD, under User Account that prevent us to log into AD from Mountain Lion. If you would go to your AD server, open up a user account properties, then go to Account tab, the "Do not require Kerberos preauthentication" option is checked. As soon as I uncheck that option, immediately I was able to log into AD on the Mac client. Apple engineers copied all my AD settings and setup a test environment on their end and match exact mine AD environment. They was able to reproduce this issue.
The bad part about this is... our environment required the "Do not require Kerberos preauthentication" is checked in AD, in order for our users to login into some of our Unix and Linux services. Which mean that it is impossible for us to remove that check mark because most, if not all of them some way or another require to login into applications that run on Unix and Linux. Apple is working to see if they can come up with a fix. Apparently, no one has report this issue except us. I believe most of you out there don't have that check mark checked in your environment... Anyone out there have any suggestion to by pass or have a work around for this?

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