HT4927 Can I merge two iphoto libraries?

Can I merge two iphoto libraries? Somehow when I restored one of my libraries from my time machine backup, I got two libraries instead of one.  Can I combine these?

Not with iPhoto - Aperture can o rthe purchased version of iPhoto library Manager can

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    If you have Aperture 3.3 or later and iPhoto 9.3 or later you can merge libraries with Aperture.
    Otherwise the only way to merge Libraries is with the paid ($20) version of iPhoto Library Manager 
    It's possible to turn off caps lock too.

  • How can I merge two iPhoto libraries stored on an external drive?

    Today I was in a One-to-One at the Apple Store.  I want to merge two i-Photo libraries into one.  One library is on my Air, the other is on my iMac.  Both libraries have been moved to an external drive.  When I try to move one onto the other, they won't go.  Yet I am certain that while at the store today, the person there started to merge them.  He did not need the library manager software in order to do so.  We stopped the merge in order to move on to another issue.  Now that I am home, I can't get the libraries to merge.  What am I failing to do?  Thanks!

    The only way to merge two libraryies is to use  iPhoto Library Manager which will merge two libraries and keep keywords, titles, faces, places, and other metadata intact.
    If one imports one library into another library every image file in the first library, originals, thumbnails, face files, etc,  get imported as an original photo. You will end up with a total mess.  DO NOT IMPORT ONE LIBRARY INTO ANOTHER LIBRARY!
    If you have backup copies of your libraries get them back and use iPhoto Library Manager to merge them.

  • Can I merge two iTunes libraries?

    Can I merge two iTunes libraries, one on a Dell PC, the other on an attached external hard drive? If so, step-by-step instructions would be appreciated. There is too much work involved to allow a mistake! - jazzeas

    Read the post over on the right under the heading, More Like This

  • Can I combine two iPhoto libraries?

    Following on from my previous post - "Missing Photos" - (what an idiot I am).
    I now have two iphoto libraries with approx 10% differing content, ie they have about 90% the same. The largest is around 36GB.
    How do I combine the two libraries?
    One way I guess, would be to dump the smaller into the larger, and then run a program to eliminate the duplicates.
    (iPhoto only rejects duplicates with the same name, many of mine have been renamed.)
    Or is there a better way?

    You can use iPhoto Library Manager and it’s Merge feature.

  • Merging two iPhoto Libraries from two different MACs

    Can I blend together two iPhoto libraries? I have a library on another MAC and would love to move it to my laptop merging with the existing iPhoto. How I can do that? I just afraid to overwrite the original library.

    Welcome to the Apple user to user assistance forums
    Can I blend together two iPhoto libraries? I have a library on another MAC and would love to move it to my laptop merging with the existing iPhoto. How I can do that? I just afraid to overwrite the original library.
    You need iPhoto Library Manager - - to merge iPhoto libraries
    I recommend merging both libraries into a new library so if some problem occurs you do not mess up either original library - this of course requires adequate disk space for all three libraries

  • Any freeware to merge two iPhoto Libraries?

    I saw lots of discussions back in 2007-8 pointing to iPhoto Library Manager... Question is if any freeware came up that can merge two libraries...
    Thanks for helping!

    SilentSifter is not a way to merge to iPhoto Libraries. It's an alternative to apps like Bridge as it's a file browser. It has no processing, especially no lossless processing, no integration with the OS, no books, no slideshows, no emailing etc etc etc

  • Can I merge multiple iPhoto libraries in the new Photo's app. This was not possible in iPhoto but is possible in Aperture.

    Now that iPhoto is 'Photos' on 10.10.3 is it possible to merge multiple iPhoto libraries. It is possible to this this in Aperture but not in iPhoto (I'm using 10.10.2 and can't upgrade until other software I use is qualified for 10.10.3). Here's the deal - I  changed my drive to an SSD and backed up my old hard drive (which had the original iPhoto library on it. I did a clean install with my new drive so iPhoto created a new (blank) library. This upgrade was done a few months ago so now I have 2 different iPhoto libraries. Note that the newer library is connected to iCloud and if I was to 'Switch Libraries' it will delete my current photo stream. There is a way to do this manually - I could switch to the old library and locate the root folders in the 'newer library', move them to a new folder and import. This procedure is awkward and not my preferred route. So if there's anyone using the new 'Photos' app on 10.10.3 please let me know thanks!

    To merge the libraries manually use "File > Export".
    To save the high quality originals, set the export panel like this, with "Kind Original":
    If you have edited versions with added titles, caption, places, etc, use these export settings to save your work:

  • How to merge two iphoto libraries

    How do I merge two Iphoto libraries

    Actually it can be done on the command line.  This will be quite tedious if the library you are transferring is large.
    Log into the computer on which you want the merged library to reside. 
    Then, go to Applications->Utilities, and launch the Terminal.
    At the prompt, cd to the following directory:
    Lydias-MacBook-Pro:~ lydiachet$ cd Pictures/iPhoto\ Library/Auto\ Import
    Now launch an ftp session with the computer where your other library resides:
    Lydias-MacBook-Pro:Auto Import lydiachet$ ftp
    Connected to
    220 FTP server (tnftpd 20080929) ready.
    Name ( carolchet
    331 User carolchet accepted, provide password.
    230 User carolchet logged in.
    Remote system type is UNIX.
    Using binary mode to transfer files.
    On the remote computer, cd to the Masters directory in the iPhoto library:
    ftp> cd Pictures/iPhoto\ Library/Masters
    The directory tree from here down is listed by year, month and date, so actual directories will vary: in the example I'm looking in a directory from July 21, 2012:
    ftp> cd 2012/07/21
    250 CWD command successful.
    ftp> ls
    229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||62595|)
    150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for '/bin/ls'.
    total 0
    drwxr-xr-x  12 carolchet  staff  408 Jul 21 11:29 20120721-112923
    226 Transfer complete.
    Now cd to the only directory found here:
    ftp> cd 20120721-112923
    View the photo files using the ls command:
    ftp> ls
    229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||62596|)
    150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for '/bin/ls'.
    total 5
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  231082 Jul 21 11:04 IMG_0035.JPG
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  249389 Jul 21 11:04 IMG_0036.JPG
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  253379 Jul 21 11:04 IMG_0037.JPG
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  270819 Jul 21 11:05 IMG_0038.JPG
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  253501 Jul 21 11:05 IMG_0039.JPG
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  243288 Jul 21 11:05 IMG_0040.JPG
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  248939 Jul 21 11:05 IMG_0041.JPG
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  287363 Jul 21 11:06 IMG_0042.JPG
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  248358 Jul 21 11:07 IMG_0044.JPG
    -rw-------  1 carolchet  staff  268819 Jul 21 11:08 IMG_0045.JPG
    226 Transfer complete.
    from this point you can copy the files to the local computer using mget
    ftp> mget *.JPG
    If you have lots of pictures this will be tedious as you then need to navigate through the diretory trees until you have copied all the photos. 
    Good news is, next time you launch iPhoto on the local computer, it will automatically import all of the new files.

  • Merging two iPhoto libraries

    I've got a big library of photographs on my G5 and on my iBook.
    I'd like to merge these two. How can I do this without getting duplicates?
    Is there an easy way to do this over the wi-fi network?

    To add to Terence's post, here's how you copy rolls between libraries with iPLM. There's a bug in iPHoto 6 and you may not get a duplicate warning. So choose your files carefully. I got the warning but it went and imported them anyway. You can always use an application like Duplicate Annihilator to cull out those duplicates that got into the destination library.
    I've copied large numbers of files using Airport Extreme and it wasn't too bad. But with iPhoto libraries if there's a loss of signal you could corrupt the receiving library and maybe the sending one as well. I would suggest you connect the two with an ethernet cable to form a mini LAN for the job. If you have the Airport Extreme that's very easy to do as there are a 4 ethernet ports you can use.
    Do you Twango?

  • HT1229 How can i combine two iPhoto libraries together?

    Hi all,
    I am just transferring all my music and photos new a new computer and have photos in two separate libraries. Is there an easy way to combine these?
    One is a folder from pre '08 and the other is a package from post '08.
    Any assistance would be great. Thanks

    fsumax wrote:
    I exported the photos from one library into a folder and imported them into the library I wanted as a default.  Then deleted the library I did not want to keep.  It worked well.
    Not really
    You did not merge libraries - you now have one version of the photos in the old library with some (probably not all) metadata  - the only possible ways to actually merge iPhoto libraries is using Aperture or IPLM - exporting is not an option to merge libraries - it is a way to include a selected version of a photo in another library

  • Merge two iPhoto libraries into an Aperture library for my Macbook Air

    I've searched around a bit for this but can't seem to figure out how to to it.
    I'm trying to manage my ~140GB photo library on my Macbook Air which has 128GB of HDD.  On top of that, you can imagine that most of that 128GB is filled with system stuff.
    My objective is to keep most of my library offline from the Macbook Air, but still keep it all together. 
    I kinda went "all-in" with iPhoto a few years back to organize my photos so gave up on Aperture.  I'd always wanted to move to Aperture or Lighroom but the migration appeared to be a complete disaster.  Now with "transparent" compatibility it seems like a no brainer to get the best of both worlds. 
    I thought that Aperture allowed you store files on external hard drives but still have "thumbnail" access to them even when the drive wasn't connected.  Or did I misread that?  (Is that Lightroom?)
    Anyway with the new update I thought that I could merge my available iPhoto libraries into one Aperture library that I could always have access to, while offloading the actual photos somehow to an external HDD. 
    This would be a real winner for me.  It seems tho that an iPhoto library stays an iPhoto library.  So while merging might be helpful for someone with a big hard drive, it's completely useless for me as if anything, I need to split.  Or create more.  Or some other form of adding complexity.
    Any ideas here? 

    Figured this out on my own. 
    Make a backup of everything - Aperture seems to require rebuilds and stuff and stories abound of "things going a bit wrong." 
    Did you make a backup?  If you don't want to or can't, I wouldn't do this.  After all, it's your photos!
    Setup your Aperture library on a USB drive.
    Update iphoto to the newest version.  Open all your libraries in iPhoto to update them.  This may take awhile depending on library size.
    Import whatever iphoto libraries you have to Aperture.  This make take awhile (hours!) - if your stuff is more than say 25 gigs I'd recommend setting it up for overnight.
    Once everything is in Aperture - check its all working right.  Then go ahead and maybe make another backup
    Then migrate your photos out of the library.  This takes all the originals and stores them elsewhere, called "offline".  Once they're there, you can't move them around, so pick a good spot!!  This also takes forever.
    Once this is done your Aperture library should be smaller and just copy it to your MacbookAir
    I'm still working on this as it looks like something went funky and I have to rebuild my thumbnails, another overnight processing thing. Like I said, keep a backup   But I have a slimmed down Library on my Macbook Air now which is what I wanted.
    This whole thing is kinda a mess and while it's feasible Apple hasn't made it easy.  There's also some crazy stuff Aperture does with thumbnails and "previews" so that they take a bunch of space up (in my case almost as much as my photos), so you might have to work with that. 
    The guy at is a genius. 
    Check out this post for more on slimming your Aperture Library: tml
    Edit:As a side-note I put some HTML in my message and it looks like it isn't used in the forum - why does Apple bother having the formatting tools if they don't work?  Kinda like the close-door button on an elevator?
    Edit2: Haha it shows up in the answer but not in the normal thread.  Strange, eh?

  • Can I merge two photo libraries permanently?

    I am trying to clean up my photo libraries. Wanted to begin by merging my wifes and mine on an external drive.  I figured it will be easier to manage having the main library on a separate HD, deleting all the pictres off of the laptops and as we go along we can continue merging them every once in a while. Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Another question is - is there an efficient way to clean up duplicate pictures quickly. For some reason I have quite a bit of pictures that are triplicates!
    Cheers to all!

    If you have Aperture 3.3 or later and iPhoto 9.3 or later you can merge libraries with Aperture.
    Otherwise the only way to merge Libraries is with the paid ($20) version of iPhoto Library Manager
    Some apps for dealing with duplicates in iPhoto
    iPhoto Library Manager
    Duplicate Annihilator
    iPhoto Duplicate Cleaner
    If you're seeing triplicates, this often happens if you import one Library to another.
    Never import one Library to another. Every version and thumbnail is imported like a distinct photo, you lose all your Albums, Keywords etc., the link between Original and Previews is destroyed, the non-destructive editing feature is ruined and so on. In summary: it's mess.

  • Can I have two iPhoto libraries open simultaneously?

    I have four different iPhoto libraries and one is corrupted.  Parts of it are still intact so I want to clean up the corrupted library and also remove the duplicates among my four libraries.  Is there a way to have two libraries open at the same time?  Thank you! Noreen

    Thanks Terence.  Any suggestion on how I could go about cleaning out the duplicate events?  Is there a way to generate a list of event names that I could then print out?
    I assume that I would not be able to have one library open on the computer and one from an external HD?  (That would be too easy.)
    Thanks for your help! Noreen

  • Can I keep two iPhoto libraries in sync?

    I have an iPhoto library on my MacBook Pro, and I have an iPhoto library on my iMac.  Both are recent models, and both are running up-to-date Lion upgrades. The libraries used to be the same, but they've diverged over the past several months as I've changed the way my iPhone, my iPad, my wife's iPhone, and my wife's iPad sync (mine now sync to the MBPro, her's to the iMac).  Is there a way to make sure that the libraries contain the same photos? How do I make sure I'm subrscibed to her Photo Stream and she to mine?
    Is there a way to figure out what photos are in hers that aren't in mine, and what photos are in mine that aren't in hers?

    What do you mean by "Sync".
    The general term means when two Libraries (A and B) are compared and files in Library A are copied to Library B, while files in Library B are also copied to Library A so that both Libraries are identical.
    This is bi-directional copying and you cannot do this automatically with iPhoto. No Syncing software is capable of parsing the iPhoto Library in this manner. One or both of your Libraries will be damaged if you try this.
    You can have uni-directional copying - files in Library A are copied to Library B - this is essentially backing up. Obviously you can also copy from Library B to Library A.
    The nearest you can get to syncing is to use iPhoto Library Manager to move files/Albums/Events plus associated metadata between Libraries. This process cannot be automated.
    AFAIK you can only log into a single Photostream at a time.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have an iBook G4 that is about 2.5 years old. Just today I started to have problems with my monitor. It's blurry in some spots, clear in others. (I can move a text file around on the screen and see the words go in and out of focus.) It also shakes,

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    I am trying to batch process in Image Processor.  I get an error message: The command "Feather" is not currently available. I don't want to feather, just change the size of a large batch of photos.

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    Can't download enhanced dictation for English (US). I am using Mac pro 13" retina. Can some one help?

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    I see from searching her that there are no proper drivers for the external iSight. (Ok It is a discontinued product so that is perhaps understandable) ad it can be made to function with a generic firewire web-cam driver. what is annoying though is th