HT4972 Help I upgraded my iPad my apps are on my computer but I don't see restore  How can I get my apps back

Can anyone help? I upgraded my iPad to 5.1 sent my apps to iTunes I see the apps but can restore them I don't see restore anywhere HELP thanks to all who canhelp

If you were upgrading from below 5 to 5.1.1, you likely disconnected the iPad from your computer and iTunes before the full upgrade completed. It's actually a lengthy process to rebuild your app library on the cloud and then replicate them fully on your iPad. 
So, connect your iPad to your computer and in iTunes, when your iPad is found on the left side of the iTunes screen, click your iPad's name once to open it in iTunes.  Then, click on Apps and choose the apps (either all Apps or just those you want with a check mark).  Click apply on the lower right hand side of the iTunes screen then Sync to build a backup.

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